Lionesse Flat Iron | 1940’s Curls With a Flat Iron Tutorial
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1940’s Curls With a Flat Iron Tutorial

1940’s Curls With a Flat Iron Tutorial

Lionesse is proud to bring you this fabulous article on obtaining 1940’s curls using your flat iron. We weren’t sure if the look could actually be done with a flat iron and achieve the true vintage look and style, but we brought beauty blogger Sarah McCormick on board from All Things Beauty, and she showed us that it truly can be done – and look very retro and very true to life.

We are excited to present you with this tutorial Sarah wrote up, complete with pictures and step by step instructions, so that you too can get this super simple and easy look yourself. It doesn’t require much time – about 20-30 minutes at best, and will leave your hair looking beautiful and stylish, in a real to life style that goes with anything. We’re going to pass the post over to Sarah so that she can tell you how it’s done!


Hello, ladies!

I am super excited to be here today to bring you one of the most simple to attain styles I’ve showed to you yet, inspired by 1940’s vintage hairtsyles. Not only will this look take less time than nearly any other style I’ve brought you in times past, but it will look great with any outfit you choose to wear, and look very retro and beautiful. This look would be great from anything such as work, to a night out – even to attending a wedding. Here’s what you’ll need to get the look:

  • Flat iron – preheat it on the highest setting possible
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair Clips to pin curls up after creating them
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Bobby pins


Here’s how you can get this simple, easy to do, beautiful look:




Step 1: Begin with about 1-2” sections of hair, and begin curling with your flat iron. Simply put the piece of hair into the flat iron near the root, clamp it on, twist the flat iron 180 degrees, and wrap the remaining hair around the flat iron, twisting it around the iron. Pull the flat iron down gently, and release at the bottom. Take the curled hair, and roll it up in a roll and pin to the head. Repeat on the remaining hair. Make sure to pin the curls in the same uniform direction.


Step 2: When all the curls have been completed and cooled completely, unpin all of the hair and run the fingers through the hair to loosen the curl.



Step 3: Gather the hair on the front side of the head, and twist backwards. From there, push the twist forward a little bit and secure to the head with bobby pins. Complete on the other side of the hair.


Step 4: Brush through the curls gently with the boar bristle brush, and spray the hair to finish.

The Finished Look - 1940s Curls

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! The only thing you really need to do is be patient throughout the style, but overall, it’s a very easy style to achieve that anyone can complete. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 1940’s curls look and have found it to be easy and beautiful, and liked it as much as I have.

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