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2016 Prom Hairstyles

2016 Prom Hairstyles

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Prom is undoubtedly the most magical day of a high school girl’s life. Months of planning get dedicated to finding the perfect dress, the right shoes and best clutch. The boys spend weeks planning the best and most Instagram-worthy promposals. The days leading up to the dance are filled with both excitement and stress. Picking out the perfect nail color can seem detrimental, and deciding whether to go with dark, smoky eye makeup or a nude and natural palette can be nerve-racking. But it seems that one of the hardest prom-related decisions is picking out the perfect prom hairstyle.

The pictures taken on prom day will be posted on every social media outlet, and printed to be framed by every family member. These pictures will be seen by loved ones for years to come – so it really is no wonder young ladies stress over every little thing. Fortunately, we are able to make this exciting day a tad bit less stressful by putting together a list of the top 2016 prom hairstyles and giving a quick overview of how to easily create the looks.

Classic Bump (Half Up, Half Down)
Start by using a comb to sleek back a front section of your hair. Pull your hair straight back and secure it with a glam barrette. Finish the look by applying some strong, high-quality hairspray so you can dance the night away!

Mermaid curls hairstyle

Mermaid Curls (Half Up, Half Down)
This half up, half down hairstyle is perfect for girls who are drawn toward a more simple style. You will begin this look as soon as you step out of the shower by applying a texturizing gel, mousse or pomade. Using a diffuser (or the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer) dry your hair with low heat to create a natural look with an even texture. Once dry, use a small amount of hair styling wax on your fingertips pull your hair to one side. On that same side grab a three-inch section of hair (starting at your ear) and twist it upward. Hold the twist in place with bobby pins that match your hair color. Finally, loosen out the rest of your hair by brushing it with a boar bristle brush. Apply some high-shine spray and you’re ready to own the dance floor.

Princess-Approved Messy Bun (All Up) 
Get your hair off your neck and out of your face with this chic messy bun. Start with towel dried hair, using your fingers, apply straightening/heat protectant serum throughout your locks. Using low to medium heat, blow dry your hair in sections with a paddle brush. Once it’s dry, pull it back into a loose ponytail and secure it with a neutral colored hair elastic. Twist your hair into a messy bun and secure the ends by looping them through the same original elastic. Use your fingers to add texture to the front of your hair by loosening a bit. Finish the look with a glam headband that matches your dress. As always, apply a layer of strong-hold hairspray!

Back twist hairstyle

Sassy Back Twist (All Up) 
To create this look you’ll want to start by blow-drying your hair straight and creating a side part. Split your hair into two pigtails, then, starting temples, twist each pigtail. Work the twists down to your neck, then make the twists tighter until they begin to twist against themselves forming coils. Keep twisting until the coils are against your scalp. Now secure the coils with hair pins, being sure to follow up with some high-quality, strong-hold hairspray!

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