Lionesse Flat Iron | 5 Ways to Style Short Hair
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5 Ways to Style Short Hair

Women with short hair

5 Ways to Style Short Hair

Women with short hair

Okay, you’ve made it: you’ve jumped the great divide into short hair territory. You’ve done the Big Chop. But now, a few months in, you might be kind of bored with your new short hairstyle. Don’t worry—there are just as many ways to have fun with your new short hair as there are reasons to cut it! We compiled a list of our favorite looks.

Braided Bangs
Regardless of whether or not you actually have bangs, this look is one of the easiest and fuss-free styles for short hair. To do this, simply take a quarter of the hair around your hairline (either where your bangs are, or where your bangs would be), and French braid across your head, following your hairline. The end effect will be like having a built-in braided headband: super cute, and you won’t have to worry about your hair falling into your face all day.

Half-Top Knot
We know, we know, it sucks not being able to do a traditional bun. However, the newest trend in short hair style takes a cue from samurais and your yoga teacher: take up only half of your hair and tie it into a cute top-knot with the same technique you’d use on long hair. You’ll have the benefit of looking “done”, but with pretty much zero effort.

Get Crazy with Bobby Pins
One of our favorite trends right now is playing around with bobby pins, especially chevron patterns. To do, take two bobby pins and make a “V”. Stack them all along one side of your hairline (where you used to put barrettes in elementary school) for a minimalist, beauty-blogger vibe. Try a half-up style with a bobby pin triangle in the back for some geometric love, or make some “X”s for an edgier look.

If you want more than just a plain bobby pin, try some bobby pin DIYs: if you’re going for a mermaid vibe, pick up some shells from your local beach; if you’re more of a classic girl, grab some craft store pearls; and if want an old-world Mexico vibe, ceramic roses look beautiful on a bobby pin. Simply grab some hot glue, your object of choice, and a bobby pin: viola, a brand new, unique hair accessory.

Retro Roll
Take a cue from the 50s and try a pinup-style front roll. To do this, simply part your hair deeply to one side, then take the front quarter and twist it. Bobby pin it across your hairline, then gently pull some pieces out (don’t take them out of the actual twist: you just want to give it volume). Finish with some hairspray and you’re good to go!

One of the easiest parts about styling short hair is the number of hair accessories that can suit even the shortest pixie cut. For a Rosie-the-Riveter vibe, try a folded polka dot hair scarf in place of a regular headband. If you’re more bohemian, try peacock feather extensions for some gypsy flair. If you’re a classicist, you know it’s impossible to go wrong with a simple tortoiseshell headband (just make sure to pick up a faux one: we love our turtles).

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