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80’s Hair Accessories to Wear Now

Woman with a romantic hairstyle wearing a barrette.

80’s Hair Accessories to Wear Now

There are many hair accessories from the 80’s which seem to be getting a lot of attention. Today, Lionesse wants to highlight some of those accessories and help you to be fashion-forward and stay on top of looking your best with today’s trends.

Stylish woman wearing a black headband

Headbands, as you all know, are very much in trend and come in a variety of styles, colors and looks. From cloth headbands that wrap completely around the head, to lace headbands which are worn the same, to thin elastic headbands, and even floral printed stationary headbands, these are all great choices when opting for a modern 80’s vibe.

Woman wearing a hair bow.

Bows were another big hair staple in the 80’s. The bigger the bow, the better was the motto. Like headbands, these also came in as many varieties, styles, and colors as are under the rainbow. Some were adorned with jewels, while others had ribbons and trinkets which would dangle from them. Nowadays, tiny hair bows are very trendy, and can usually be found at nearly any store. You can choose to opt for solid colors, or get floral prints – either one would work fine.

Hair Combs
Hair combs are yet again making a comeback. These hair accessories were a fun way to dress up any hairstyle during the 80s, and are yet again back to help you to make a hair and fashion statement. Choose colors you love – but whatever you do, don’t go neon! Many hair combs can look exquisite and elegant, depending on the material used and design crafted into them. Look around for some you really like, and insert them into an updo style for a perfect accessory piece.

Woman wearing a barette

Barrettes never really went away after the 80’s, although for quite a while, many girls did away with their use. Now, it’s time to bring them back. Barrettes can work fabulously to hold up a half-up half-down hairstyle, or to keep falling hair in place when in an updo. They can also be used to accent ponytails, or to pin one side of the hair up behind the ear. Whatever look you want, they will provide a great accent.

Woman wearing a scrunchy

Some of you may balk at the idea of using scrunchies again, but these clever, soft hair accessories will give you style and comfort in a minute. They are easy on the hair as there is no exposed elastic, ensuring you don’t cause any unnecessary or undue damage to your follicles – and they come in many colors and sizes as well. Pair one with a ponytail look, a pair of boyfriend skinnies, and a tank for a cute summery look that screams 80’s.

We know there is a fine line between 80’s style and 80’s faux pas, and that’s why we are offering you the best hair care advice possible to not cross that line. If you want to give one of these 80’s inspired accessories a go – have at it, and have fun!

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