Lionesse Flat Iron | 90s Grunge Tips: How to Rock a Beanie
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90s Grunge Tips: How to Rock a Beanie

Woman wearing a beanie

90s Grunge Tips: How to Rock a Beanie

Woman wearing a beanie

If you’ve been following style trends, you know the 90s have come back in a big way recently. One of our favorite trends? Grunge hair accessories!

90s-era grunge was fun, punky, androgynous, and effortless: the less time it looked like you took to get ready, the better you fit the image. Courtney Love and Kate Moss epitomized grunge with their messy makeup, delicate lingerie over ripped fishnets and flannel shirts, and general don’t-give-a-what attitude. In an age of plasticized celebrities, ultra-smooth makeup, and a constant drive to be perfect, it’s refreshing to see the carefree attitude of 90s grunge come back into style.

One of the quintessential elements of 90s grunge style is messy, bedhead hair: instead of the super feminine, hairspray-to-heaven looks of the 80s, 90s grunge girls preferred an unwashed, sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. And the best news is, this style is back in (we can hear your sighs of relief from here: you can now officially get 15 more minutes of sleep in the morning!).

The best pairing with sexy, carefree hair? A beanie! Of course, beanies made a huge statement in the 90s grunge scene, and for good reason: there’s no easier way to hide some second-day hair and look put-together at the same time. West coast grunge girls rocked brown and black beanies in the 90s, while East coast 90s grungers had fun with neon colors and stripes. For a modern take on the grunge beanie, the simpler the better: black and dark gray beanies are the best way to add some grunge to your style without going over into costume territory. And underneath that beanie, make sure you have some equally rocking grunge hair! Read on for some of the best ways to style your hair underneath a 90s style grunge beanie.

Beanie and braids

Fishtails, pigtail braids, cornrows, loose, messy braids: these all look absolutely fabulous underneath a beanie. To get the look, simply add some volumizing sea salt spray to your locks, put your beanie on, and braid accordingly.

While a 90s grunge girl may have cringed at the sight of a straightener and reached for a crimping iron instead, pin-straight locks look totally gorgeous under a grunge-style beanie, and provide a nice modern contrast to the retro 90s style hat. To get the look, start with dry hair, and apply a heat-protecting shine serum all over your strands, focusing on your ends where your hair is the most vulnerable to heat. Run all the way through with a straightening iron, making sure to run the iron quickly through to avoid burning your hair. Finish with a shine serum hairspray, pop on your beanie, and you’re all set!

Beanie and wavy hair

Wavy and Fresh
The most popular look for under-beanie style is a wavy, naturally textured model-off-duty style. Like 90s grunge style in general, this look is effortless and easy: simply take your damp hair, run your fingers through with a texturizing paste, then mist with a sea salt spray. Tousle and scrunch your hair for extra volume, add your beanie, and voila! Instant 90s grunge chic.


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