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Best Hairstyles for Pisces Girls

Best Hairstyles for Pisces Girls

Pisces woman with pretty wavey hair

From fashion and clothing, to make up and hairstyles, Pisces women possess a unique sense of style. Particular elements of their personality traits and spiritual energy blend well with certain color hues and accessories. When it comes to hair, Pisces women can pull off virtually any look they want and make it work with their features; however, there are specific hair styles that truly bring out the best features in Pisces women. In this article from Lionesse, you will find some of the most popular and recommended hair styles that can add individuality and uniqueness to the look of any Pisces woman.

Hairstyle Tips For Pisces Women


Pisces women tend to have sensitivity to style trends, and they are also sensitive when it comes to “fitting in.” The Pisces zodiac sign is a super feminine one, and they have a preference for ultra long hair (inspired by the mermaid). Pisces women desire for their distinct look to be effortless and they need it to feel “right” on them.  A Pisces woman can be prone to easy influence both by friends who mean well and/or by a certain hairstyle that they find appealing. As a Pisces woman though, trying a new hair style can sometimes by tricky. If the end result turns out something they feel does not suit them, they are capable of becoming very upset over the issue.

An extra hair styling tip for Pisces women:

As a Pisces, woman, if you regularly use a blow dryer on your hair, whenever it’s possible, it can be a good idea to give your hair a break from it, and towel dry it instead. This can be somewhat of a “good luck” ritual and help to increase the amount of positivity you encounter throughout your day.

Pisces’ Women’s Hairstyle Can Accentuate and Enhance Their Best Features

Women of the Pisces zodiac sign are sensitive, and they are very ethereal beauties. Their eyes are full of soul and are one of their most standout features. Therefore, it can be important for any Pisces woman to have a hairstyle that truly brings out that feature. The hair of Pisces woman should also appeal to their other features, such as the somewhat childlike, youthful round face shapes that many Pisces women tend to have.

Pisces women can also tend to be a bit shy and reserved at times, therefore, both the make up and the hairstyles that most appeal to these particular traits are the ones that come across as more modest and understated looks, as opposed to the more bold and brash ones. The hairstyle of a Pisces woman should complement their unfathomable beauty.

Pisces are considered to be the “daydreamers of the zodiac.” Other traits of the Pisces sign include their dreaminess and, mysticism. A Pisces woman is the “mermaid woman” and her style can evolve and change, based on her feelings and/or moods. Her hairstyle can appeal to her “watery goddess” personality traits. Her complexion tends to be clear and soft and complement her deep, tantalizing eyes, and just like a mermaid, some of the best hairstyle looks for a Pisces woman involve long flowing waves, curls, or even tight locks in their hair that accentuate the dimples she often has in her cheeks.

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