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Woman beside the pool

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine And Salt Water

Woman beside the pool

Summer time, summer time! It’s going to be here before we know it, and with the start of summer comes the start in being outdoors and in water more often. The outdoors, and water is really a few of the amazing parts about the summer season. While they’re enjoyable and relaxing to spend time in, they’re not exactly relaxing for your hair. Unfortunately, the summer time is great on our state-of-mind but our hair doesn’t feel the same way. Before you worry you can’t enjoy the water this summer, we’ve got you covered with a few tips to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water. Happy swimming!

Get Your Hair Wet, First
Sounds odd, huh? Experts suggest getting your hair wet with fresh water before you jump into salt water, or water that’s filled with chlorine. It’s said that when your hair is already wet from fresh water it doesn’t absorb the salt/chlorine as much as dry hair does since it’s already wet. While it doesn’t keep your hair from completely absorbing these elements, it definitely helps to add some level of protection to your hair.

woman applying conditioner

Apply A Leave-In Conditioner, After
Once you get out of the water, you’re going to want to add some moisture to your hair. Both salt and chlorine tend to cause hair to become dry when left on the hair for an extended period of time. Experts suggest that a way to fight that without needing to take a shower right away (because we know you want to enjoy the beach/pool/etc), you can add instant moisture into your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner once you get out of the water, for protection benefits. You’ll get bonus points if you opt for a leave-in conditioner that has SPF built in! Adding moisture to your hair right after you get out of the water helps to keep your hair from becoming too dry and damaged from the salt or chlorine.

Rinse As Soon As Possible
The leave-in conditioner is essential if you’re not able to rinse/shower shortly after you get out of the chlorine/salt water. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to want to rinse your hair as soon as possible. The leave-in conditioner helps to add moisture, but you still want to be sure that you’re rinsing your hair and getting all the chlorine/salt out of your hair as soon as you’re able to. This helps to get those elements out of your hair and prevent them from causing any additional dryness to your hair.

Drink A Lot of Water
Sounds irrelevant, right? Unfortunately, many people tend to slip on their water intake when they’re swimming and outdoors. Remember just because you’re IN water doesn’t mean your body is getting enough water internally. Drinking a lot of water (more than your average day, since you’re outside) is going to help keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and healthy. When we skip water our hair is lacking hydration, and not able to protect itself naturally as well.

woman with wavy hair

Hairstyles That Work For Fine Hair

woman with wavy hair

Do you have fine hair? Regardless of your hair type, it can sometimes feel like your hair is difficult to work with. In general, we know that ladies with fine hair tend to desire to find hair styles that add a bit of volume to their hair. Working with fine hair doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve discovered some great hairstyles that work for fine hair and, as always, we want to share them with you to give you some inspiration.

Texturized Waves
One of the best ways to create a hair style that adds just enough natural volume to your fine hair is by creating texturized waves. There’s something about adding some great texture to hair that’s always a win. Before you think this hair style is difficult to accomplish, we promise it really isn’t! Get yourself some dry shampoo and/or texturizing product to have on hand. Dry your hair as straight as possible using a round brush to get a little added boost of volume. After your hair is dry use a small flat iron or curling iron and go through your hair creating very loose waves/curls. The key here is to use the dry shampoo/texturizing product BEFORE adding the waves into your hair. These products help to add natural texture and volume to your hair really easily.

straight hair

Pin Straight
If you have fine hair, you’re a pretty lucky lady if you enjoy straight hair. Straight hair styles tend to hold much better on those with fine hair. Create a modernized version of the straight hair look by really emphasizing on the super, pin straight look with your flat iron. Much like any other hair style the key is really in the prep before actually straightening your hair with the flat iron. Get your hair as straight as possible with your hair dryer, and be sure to use straightening products in your hair to protect the hair and keep it straight. Straighten your hair in sections starting from the bottom and work your way up. This allows you to have more control over your hair and really get it straight.

Half Up ‘Do
Those days when you don’t want to wear all of your hair down, the half up ‘do is perfect for ladies with fine hair. You’re able to really work with your hair type easily with a half up hair style. It works great with texturized waves and straight hair, once you create the texture you want in your hair begin teasing the crown of your head a bit to add some volume. After you’ve added some natural volume just pull your hair back into a half up style. Leave a few pieces down to frame your face, if you like! Or if you want to have a little extra fun add a small braid into the pieces of hair you’re pulling back to add some of the braided look to your hair. The braid will stay really well since you’re securing the rest of your hair along with it.

woman drying hair

Get Voluminous Hair Even When You Air-Dry

woman drying hair

Cutting back on using heat to style your hair can be a really powerful consideration. Even when we practice safe heat habits when using heat to style our hair, it can do a number on our hair when we use it too often. Air drying hair can be a great way to cut back on using the heat that you normally do when styling your hair. However, many women tend to be afraid to use the air=drying method too often because it can feel like it’s nearly impossible to get natural volume in our hair when doing so. We found some tips to help you get voluminous hair even when you air dry.

Use a Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Hair
When it comes to air drying, and drying your hair in general the items that you use to help dry your hair and get rid of some of the water is going to play a major role. Bath towels tend to cause the hair to become pretty rough and damaged because of the fibers that are in the towels. Instead, experts suggest using microfiber towels (or t-shirts) to squeeze some of the water out of your hair without causing any damage. When using a traditional towel, since it’s been found to cause damage to the hair follicle and cause frizz to occur; using a microfiber towel helps to avoid that and helps your hair to have more natural volume as a result.

woman applying leave-in conditioner

Apply a Leave-In Conditioner After Washing
After washing your hair, one of the best things you can do to help get volume and keep your hair really healthy when air drying is to apply a leave-in conditioner. When our hair doesn’t have a lot of natural hydration and moisture it’s hard to get that healthy, voluminous look in our hair even when using a hair dryer. So using a leave-in conditioner helps to really lock in a lot of the natural moisture and hydration to our hair, and add a bit as well. This helps to keep the hair healthier, and healthier is much more likely to have more volume than dry, brittle hair.

Add a Bit of Volumizing Product to Your Hair
We know that you want to keep your hair healthy and happy when air drying, but you also want that gorgeous voluminous look too. Spritzing in a bit of a volumizing product to your hair, especially focusing on the roots, is going to be a great way to get that extra volumizing boost to your hair when you’re air drying. It’s common for women to feel like their hair appears flat when air drying, so adding in a lightweight volumizing product when your hair is going through the air drying process is going to do wonders for getting that volume you want to your hair.

Truthfully, getting voluminous hair when air drying doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Adding in a few of these key steps is sure to give you that volume boost you’re looking for.

Woman checking hair

Say No To Curly, Heat-Damaged Tresses

Woman checking hair

Curly, heat-damaged tresses are never a fun thing to deal with. Heat damage, regardless of your hair type, can be incredibly frustrating when you’re styling your hair. We know that our curly hair ladies don’t always get the focus on hair care tips so we decided to focus on you ladies today. Say no to curly, heat damaged tresses with some of these tips we’ve discovered for you. If you’re someone with curly hair and have noticed that your hair is heat damaged or you just want to be prepared in case it happens–this one’s for you.

Get a Trim
Once you notice that you have significant heat damage to your curly locks one of the first things you’re going to want to do is get a trim. Scheduling an appointment with your hair stylist for a typical trim haircut appointment is going to help you remove some of the heat damage that may be at the ends of your hair. Additionally, many experts stress the importance of getting rid of any split, dry ends caused by heat damage, because doing so can prevent them from spreading and becoming worse. Leaving dry, split ends on their hair often leads to those split ends becoming bigger and worse over time. So instead of just trying to let it all grow out itself, schedule an appointment with your hairstylist to get a fresher starter to your hair after you’ve developed some heat damage.

woman using hair serum

Make Moisturizing a Priority
Heat damaged hair is often lacking a lot of natural moisture in the hair, that being said you’re going to need to make it more of a priority to really start staying no to heat damaged tresses. Using hair care products that are formulated to add more moisture into the hair is going to be necessary to really get your hair on a healthier track. In addition, many experts stress the importance of using a deep conditioning mask on a weekly basis. These types of masks are great for getting a really great dose of conditioning/moisture into the hair when it’s really needing it.

Cut Back on the Heat
The last thing heat damaged hair needs is more heat, that means cutting back on using heat to style your hair as much as possible. We’re not going to tell you to not use heat at all, but we are telling you to avoid using heat as much as possible. When possible to NOT use heat, take it. When think of heated hair styling make sure you’re really understanding how much heat you’re using to style your hair, between hair dryers to flat irons and curling irons there are a lot of tools that use heat to style your hair. Really take note of how much heat you’re using to style your hair so you can have a better idea as to how you can start cutting back on the heat throughout the week.

perfect hair outdoors

Make Every Day A Great Hair Day

perfect hair outdoors

Bad hair days–need we say more? Sometimes it seems like there are more bad hair days than good, doesn’t it? Of course, we always have those great hair days on the days we don’t really see anyone–don’t you love when that happens. But what if there was a way to make everyday a great hair day? Would you believe us? Well the truth is it’s much easier to make everyday a great hair day than you think. There are a few key tips and tricks to adapt into your hair care routine that can help you flip the ratio of great hair days and bad hair days.

Use the Right Products

Choosing shampoo and conditioning products may seem like something that won’t make much of a different in your hair’s appearance, but it really sets the tone for your hair’s health and overall appearance. Instead of just picking up whatever shampoo and conditioner you come across, make a conscious decision to choose these types of products based on your hair type. Much like choosing skin care products, choosing hair care products that are designed to suit our hair’s type makes a major difference. When using shampoos and conditioners that aren’t formulated for your hair’s type, you can do more damage to your hair than good. If you’re not quite sure what your hair type is, ask your hair stylist the next time you’re at the salon. When you’re using shampoo and conditioning products that are formulated for your hair’s type, your hair is going to be much healthier and, in turn, resulting in a lot more great hair days.

Woman washing hair

Don’t Make This Common Mistake
The common mistake many people make with their hair? Washing it every day! Regardless of what your parents told you growing up, you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day. When washing your hair, you’re stripping it of its natural oils. So when washing your hair every single day you’re constantly stripping your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become damaged and lacking a lot of natural moisture. While it may seem like you need to wash your hair daily in order to have a great hair day, it’s actually the opposite! The best way to get your hair looking like it’s been washed on those days you haven’t is to use dry shampoo. So many hair experts stress the power of dry shampoo when styling your hair. In fact, many believe that hair is much easier to style when it isn’t freshly washed-making those hair days much more consistent when you’re not washing it daily. If you’re currently washing your hair every day, it’s time to re-evaluate and space those hair washing days out to give your hair a break and let more great hair days roll in.

Applying these steps into your hair care routine really can make a massive difference in helping you to have more great hair days, more consistently. Do these tips surprise you at all?

Henna hair dye

Try Henna Dyes for Strong, Shiny Hair

Henna hair dye

Dyeing your hair is typically something that consists of going to a salon and using traditional chemical based hair dyes. That is, until henna dyes became a thing. Yes, if you’ve been looking for a more natural way to color your hair-henna dyes could be the answer you’ve been searching for. While henna has grown in popularity for an alternative to chemically based hair dyes, it’s not just known to help color your hair. Nope, it’s loaded with some pretty amazing benefits that users are finding to be great benefits as well. After reading this, you may want to try henna dyes for strong, shiny hair.

Henna As A Powerful Hair Conditioner
While many hair dyes are known to take moisture and hydration out of the hair because of the chemicals, henna dyes have been found to be powerful conditioners to hair. Talk about a total shift from the traditional hair dyes, right? Essentially, henna hair dyes have been found to create a protective barrier on the hair strands to lock in the natural moisture and hydration helping to condition it along the way. As if that wasn’t enough, experts suggest that henna actually helps to close and smooth out the cuticle of the hair. When our hair cuticles aren’t closed, they’re much more likely to become damaged and lose a lot of natural moisture/hydration. Since the henna dyes do act as powerful conditioners and help heal the cuticles it helps the hair to become much stronger. When our hair is dry, brittle and lacking a lot of that natural moisture it’s much more vulnerable to damage.


Henna Helps Give You Shiny Locks
Similar to what we mentioned before, henna is loaded with powerful conditioning elements. When our hair is lacking hydration/moisture and isn’t well conditioned it tends to appear dull and dry. Which is what many traditional hair dyes tend to cause hair to result in. That being said, henna dyes and their ability to help heal and hydrate the hair strands it also helps to create hair that’s much shinier in appearance. It’s often suggested that henna dyes are combined with other natural ingredients that are also known to help create healthy, strong and shiny hair.

Sounds like a total win, right? It’s no surprise that henna dyes are gaining a lot of popularity among the hair dye population of the world. They’re a great, healthy alternative to traditional chemical based hair dyes that tend to be pretty harsh on the hair. Of course, just like with any treatment just because henna dyes are natural it’s important to make sure you read up on the instructions and tips before trying it for yourself at home. One of the downsides according to many, is that henna dyes tend to be pretty messy to apply. Having the proper tools and techniques understood is going to help you make sure that you’re able to get the benefits from henna dyes without having to deal with a lot of the cons associated.


Hairstyles That Will Hold Up To Your Fiercest Workout


No matter how hard you try, no matter how many bobby pins are used, it often seems like there’s no hair style that can actually hold up during a workout. Are you with us on this one? Working out isn’t always the most glamorous activity, you are there to sweat after all. But does that mean you can’t rock a hair style that can hold up throughout a tough workout? We were determined to find hairstyles that will hold up to your fiercest workout, because we knew there had to be a few options! Fortunately, we found some and we’re sharing them with you to try out for your next workout.

French Braids
There’s something about braids, isn’t there? Ah, they’re just great! Well it turns out French braids aren’t just cute and trendy, they’re also one of the most functional workout hair styles. The great thing about French braids is you’re able to style them in a way that gets all of your hair up out of your face. Additionally, since the hair is braided together it’s much more unlikely that your hair will come flying out of the hair style. Think about it, you can sleep and do almost anything with braids and they still maintain their shape. Try a traditional French braid, or pigtail French braids to get all of your hair up and out of your face into a braid. You’ll be surprised at how great it holds up to a fierce workout.

braided topknot

Braided Topknot
We’ve already established that braids are pretty great for workout hair styles, and top knots are just as functional! We realize that sometimes traditional top knots can still come loose fairly easily and be difficult to really keep the hair that’s in your top knot held down. The solution? Pull your hair back into a ponytail (whatever height works for you), once you’ve secured the ponytail well create a braid in the ponytail portion of the hair style. You CAN leave the hair in a ponytail braid, but if you really want a functional hair style wrap the braid around in a top knot style. It’s a great way to take the top knot hair style up a notch and really make sure it stays in place.

Bubble Braid
Braids are great, but we know you may not want to rock a braided hair style every time you head to the gym. Another great hair style alternative that’s sure to hold up to the toughest workouts is the bubble braid. It’s incredibly easy to create, too! Start by pulling the top of your hair back as if you’re creating a half up hair style. Secure the hair with a rubber band. Once you’ve done that work your way down a bit and pull another section of hair back and secure with a rubber band. It’s going to give you a look similar to a traditional French braid but instead of the braiding you’re securing your hair at different sections with a rubber band.

Lionesse Secrets To Thicker-Looking Hair

Secrets To Thicker-Looking Hair

Woman with thick hair

So you want thicker looking hair? It’s a common hair aspiration for so many of us. There’s just something about thicker looking hair that’s so stunning. For many, it can seem like it’s impossible to achieve thicker looking hair. Like no matter how you style or cut your hair it doesn’t seem to have any thicker appearance to it. Before you chalk it up as a loss, keep reading as we share some of the secrets to thicker looking hair that we’ve come across. Yep, we’ve got the secrets and we’re sharing them with you right now!

Take Care of Your Scalp
The truth is, thicker looking hair is a result of your hair being healthy. And healthy hair really starts at the scalp of your hair. That being said, it’s time to make scalp care a larger priority for yourself. Experts suggest that starting by massaging and stimulating your scalp can be a massive help with this. When you massage your scalp it helps to get the blood circulating and boosting the growth/health of your hair. In addition, when you’re using hair care products it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the conditioning and moisturizing elements into your scalp as well!

Evaluate Your Hair Care Products
Another secret to thicker looking hair? Going sulfate free! Experts continue to reference how sulfates can cause buildup on your hair and scalp, leading to your hair being weighed down and not helping it to look thicker. Instead, when you go sulfate free it’s said to help you hair be relieved from that and have more natural volume because the sulfates aren’t weighing down your hair.

Woman with great hair

Back off on Too Much Heat
We’re all about using heated styling tools to achieve fun hair styles on a consistent basis, however there’s such a thing as using heat too often. Even if you practice healthy and safe heat practices, your hair needs a break. Heat causes the hair to be put under stress (even in the healthiest habits), when your hair becomes too stressed it can become brittle and dry-which is not going to help you achieve that thicker looking hair, it does the exact opposite. Make it a point to give your hair a break as often as possible from the heat. Use heat with caution, not every day and make sure that when you are using heated styling tools you’re keeping up with the healthy practices when doing so.

Focus on Moisture and Hydration
To have thicker looking hair, you need healthy hair and healthy hair is hair that’s well moisturized and hydrated. When our hair is lacking in this area it becomes fragile, brittle and dry looking (not exactly what thicker looking hair is made of). Which is why it’s so important to focus on making sure that your hair is consistently being conditioned, moisturized and hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, using a quality conditioning treatment and adding in a deep conditioning treatment weekly are all going to help you achieve this.

Lionesse Drug-Free Methods To Minimize Hair Loss woman

Drug-Free Methods To Minimize Hair Loss

Woman with beautiful hair

Losing your hair, and showing signs of hair loss can be a major stress factor for many people. Both men and women alike can and have experienced hair loss. There are quite a few different treatment options available for hair loss now though, fortunately. However, with so many treatment options available a lot of them tend to include some form of drug or prescription use to achieve the results promised. If you’re like us, you’re all about trying things the more natural route (at least in the beginning). Sound like you? We’ve discovered a few drug-free methods to minimize hair loss, and you may be surprised at just how simple they are!

Ok, we know this sounds so much easier than it is to really do. But one of the most common causes of hair loss is stress. Our bodies work in mysterious ways when it comes to how we handle stress. If you’ve found that you’ve been experiencing some hair loss take a look at your lifestyle and how much stress you have on a daily basis and try to find ways to incorporate more relaxation into it. Your hair line will thank you!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much
We all grew up being told to wash our hair every day to keep clean. While we want you to be clean, washing your hair every day isn’t going to help you minimize hair loss. In fact, washing your hair too often can cause the reverse to happen.

Woman washing hair

When we wash our hair we strip it of its natural oils, doing that too often causes your hair to become dry and brittle because it’s lacking so much moisture. Break up how often you’re washing your hair to keep as much natural moisture in the hair.

Be Easy with the Chemicals
Chemical treatments of all kinds can do a number on your hair, especially once you begin to notice any hair loss. If you’re really serious about trying to minimize the hair loss for yourself, it’s time to take a step back from the chemicals. Yes, that means coloring, perming, etc. with the hair. They all wreak havoc on your hair and can take a lot of natural moisture out. Talk to your hair stylist about what options you have to cut back on the chemical treatments.

Don’t Be Too Rough on Your Hair When It’s Wet
We get it…we’re all in a hurry, especially when it comes to doing our hair. But when we wash our hair and it’s wet it’s in its most vulnerable state. Wet hair needs to be treated gently. When we’re rough on our hair while it’s wet, like rubbing too harshly or brushing it while wet, we can cause it to become brittle and have a lot of damage leading to more hair loss resulting. Instead, make sure that you’re being as gentle as possible with your wet hair. Use a wide toothed comb and avoid scrubbing your hair with a towel.

Lionesse Tips For Expertly Drying Your Hair

Tips For Expertly Drying Your Hair

Lionesse Tips For Expertly Drying Your Hair

Dry your hair often? Of course you do! Drying your hair is an obvious step in the hair care routine. Even if you just stick to the basics when taking care of your hair, drying your hair is likely a part of that process in one way or another. Most of us develop certain habits and routines with the hair drying process, but they’re not always the most effective habits. Since hair drying is something that we all do, and have to continue doing, we decided we would share some of the tips for expertly drying your hair that we’ve come across to share with you.

Use the Right Hair Dryer
Do you think that a hair dryer is a hair dryer? Like they’re all pretty much going to do the same thing? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just like any other heated hair styling tool hair dryers are a tool that you need to make sure you’re purchasing with some intention behind it. There are a lot of different hair dryers to choose from, which can make it difficult as a consumer. The key things to really look for when purchasing a hair dryer is the wattage, experts suggest that you want a higher wattage rating since this is said to help prevent frizz from occurring in the hair when using it. Another factor to consider when purchasing a hair dryer is the setting options, experts suggest that you want a hair dryer that has a range of different speed and heat settings to allow you to adjust as needed when drying your hair and adjusting for your hair type.

Use the Right Brushes
Just like the hair dryer, all brushes aren’t created equally. It’s important to make sure that the brushes that you’re using are really what you need from a hair brush. There are different shapes, and knowing what shape will help you accomplish different goals is crucial. For example, if you’re looking to add a little curl to your hair along with volume you’re going to want to use a round brush. If you want to have a straight and flat hair look you’ll need a paddle brush. The tools you’re using to help dry your hair play a major role in helping you to have an expert like hair drying result.

Prep Your Hair
Before you start with the heat at all, it’s important to make sure that you’ve used a heat protectant product in your hair to keep it protected and help your hair to hold its natural moisture. Whatever type of heat protectant product you use, the biggest key is that it’s been formulated to work with your hair type. Once you’ve prepped your hair, experts swear by sectioning the hair to divide and conquer. Instead of trying to dry all of your hair at once, sectioning your hair into smaller sections allows you to have more control over the drying process and achieve the hair drying results you’re trying to achieve.