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woman pixie cut

The Right Pixie Cut For Your Face Shape

woman pixie cut

Pixie cuts are incredibly chic, which is probably why they’re a growing trend right now. While celebs have been stepping out left and right with pixie cuts it’s easy for the rest of us to feel a bit intimidated by pixie cuts. They’re a pretty dramatic haircut, and a major change. If you’ve been thinking about making a change to your hair and giving a pixie cut a shot you’re in the right place. We’re sharing tips on how to get the right pixie cut for your face. To be honest, it’s all about flattering your face shape with a pixie cut.

Round face? Many ladies with round faces feel like they’re limited with pixie cuts but it doesn’t have to be that way. Experts suggest that the best way to add a pixie cut for your face is to have the pixie cut in a way that adds angles and sharper shapes to the look. The structured elements of angles help to counterbalance the roundness of your face, helping to flatter your face rather than fight it. One way to do this is to add side swept bangs to the pixie cut.

Square face shapes need something opposite of those with round faces. Since you already have structure in your face shape, it’s about balancing the natural shape you have. Experts suggest that adding texture and definition to the TOP of the pixie cut, wearing the pixie cut where it’s styled a bit away from your face, helps to balance the naturally strong jawline you have to create that great balance. This helps to enhance and shine light on your face shape rather than working against it.

Heart face shapes need balance, too! It’s suggested that one of the best ways to choose the right pixie cut for your face is to add bangs to the mix. Adding bangs, even side swept bangs, to a pixie cut helps to bring focus to your eye area and really enhance the natural shape of your face. It’s also said that those with a heart shape can opt for shorter length throughout the rest of the hair style to flatter their face shape as well.

Long face shapes need something that’s quite different than the above mentioned faces. Most experts suggest that if you have a long face you want to keep your pixie cut on the longer side. Going too short when you have a long face shape can be a bit too much with your face shape and instead of enhance it, counterbalance it. Keep the sides and front, especially the areas around your face on the longer side to essentially mimic the shape of your natural face.

Anytime you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut it’s essential that you go to a professional who has experience with short hair styles. Pixie cuts, when cut properly, can be incredibly flattering but it’s all about having a style that flatters your face shape!

woman drying hair

Take A Heat Hiatus

woman drying hair

As summer continues to wind down, many of us begin to notice the toll the heat took on our hair. Between the heat from the sun and any heat you may have used when styling your hair it can put a lot of stress on your hair! We’re not saying you shouldn’t have fun with heated styling tools-we certainly do! But sometimes you do need to take a heat hiatus. We often discuss the benefits to cutting back on how often you use heat when styling your hair and cutting back entirely for a dedicated amount of time can be incredible for your hair’s health. That being said, you may be wondering how exactly you’re supposed to style your hair without heat-right? Just for you we’ve gathered up a few ideas to help you take a heat hiatus successfully.

Braid Your Hair
Admittedly, one of our favorite ways to style hair without using heat is by adding braids. You’ve probably noticed the gorgeous wavy texture our hair adapts after we’ve worn braids in our hair. Now that you’re going to take a heat hiatus it’s all about using that texture to your benefit! After you wash your hair and let it dry a decent amount (you don’t want your hair completely soaking wet), simply style your hair in braids before heading to bed. Where or how you style the braids depends on where you want the wavy texture in your hair the next day. Just remember the smaller the braid the smaller the waves.

Foam Curlers
If you’re someone who likes having curls in your hair, we still have options for you! Curling irons aren’t the only way to add curls to your hair. We love using foam curlers overnight to create a gorgeously curled hair style. There are quite a few different options available for foam curlers the key is to choose a foam curler because it’s much more comfortable to sleep on and delicate on your hair for an extended period of time. Similar to choosing a curling iron you’re going to want to choose curlers that are equivalent to the size curls you want in your hair. Apply them to your hair when it’s MOSTLY dry, and to the areas you want the curls to be placed. Simply remove them when you wake up and you’re done!

Add a Headband
Similar to the above mentioned styles, you want to begin with your hair being somewhat dry before starting this. Another easy way to style your hair without heat is by using a headband. Yes, we said a headband. Apply a soft headband to where it’s placed across your forehead, over your hair and placed a little below ear level on the back of your head. After the headband is in place begin grabbing small pieces of the hair that was left under and wrapping them around the headband. This helps to create that effortless beachy wave. Just remove the headband and run your fingers through in the morning and voila.

bridal hair

Popular Hairstyles For Brides

bridal hair

Wedding bells ringing? Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. But we don’t need to tell you that, you’re living it! Among many things, choosing the way you have your hair styled for your special day is a big decision. Every bride wants to feel her best on her wedding day but where should you even start with choosing a hair style? We thought it would be fun to share some of the popular hairstyles for brides to give you a starting place with inspiration as you start this journey towards your big day!

Curly Half-up 
Most brides incorporate a veil into their bridal look, so choosing a hairstyle to accommodate the veil is important. One of the most popular hair styles for brides that’s chic, timeless and also accommodating to a veil is the curly half up hair style. It’s a classic hair style that’s flattering for every face shape and can be worn with a range of different hair lengths. It’s simplistic but not boring, which is probably why it’s such a popular hair style. Some brides and their stylists add more detail into the look like adding a braid to the hair that’s pulled back to create the half up style, but the overall look is the consistency we’ve noticed.

Curly Bun
All the popular bridal hair styles incorporate curls in some way or another. Another popular hair style for brides is the curly hair that’s pinned back to create a bun-like hair style, most hair stylists will know this. The curls are emphasized quite a bit with this particular hair trend and the hair is loosely pinned back so the bun portion doesn’t look like a traditional bun but rather gives the illusion of all the curls grouped together strategically. This is another hair style that’s quite versatile allowing for the addition of hair accessories like pins or flowers, as well as a veil.

One Side Pinned Back
Lately we’ve noticed some brides keeping their hair style simple and incorporating a retro vibe to their look. The hair is curled (again) and styled in a deep side part to create a retro-type of feel with the side bang portion. Instead of just leaving the hair down one side of the hair is pinned back with a pin or decorative clip. Again, it’s a simplistic look but adds enough drama and detail that the bride is still the main focal point. This is a hair style that we’ve also noticed has been applied to many bride’s and their varying hair lengths/textures.

While these are some of the popular hairstyles for brides, we encourage you to seek out a lot of inspirational images using websites like Pinterest to bring into your hair stylist. Trends in hair are great to reference but remember that this is YOUR special day and you should choose a hair style that helps you to feel your best-you deserve to shine!

woman with tangled hair

Uncombable Hair Syndrome

woman with tangled hair

Uncombable hair syndrome is a REAL thing. It may seem odd if you’ve never heard of this particular syndrome, but it’s much like exactly what it sounds like. It’s been gaining some insight around the internet lately, which is why we wanted to be sure we provide you with some insight and education around the topic in case you’ve been eager to find out more. So often we think of feeling frustrated about our hair, but if you’ve felt like your hair is uncombable it might actually be. Ok, enough chatter let’s get into some of the details about uncombable hair syndrome.

Many people who experience uncombable hair syndrome literally struggle to actually put a comb through their hair. Many experts on this particular syndrome suggest that if you’ve had experience(s) where you tried to do something as simple as comb your hair and either couldn’t get the comb through your hair or even broken the comb you may be dealing with uncombable hair syndrome. While detangling hair can be a struggle for many, this is an extreme case. Like we said, breaking combs is not uncommon for those that have this syndrome.

Interestingly, uncombable hair syndrome is particular common in children with very light hair colors. Many of the pictures that are floating around online are children with this syndrome. Light hair colors are colors like blonde, or even a silver type of hue. What really sets those with this hair syndrome apart is that the hair is often dry and frizzy. Some explain the hair texture to appear or feel a bit wiry or coarse in a sense as well. Unfortunately because this is a syndrome found in young children, it can be tricky for parents to find ways to really cope with styling their children’s hair. However, many parents have taken to embracing the natural hair texture instead of fighting it leaving parents and children much happier than continuing to try to comb the hair.

As far as another twist with this hair syndrome, it’s said that most that have it experience a shift in their hair texture as they get older. It’s a rather fascinating syndrome, and unfortunately there is no known cure as of now. However, as uncombable hair syndrome becomes more well-known we’re confident that researchers are going to work on finding out more about this syndrome, where it comes  from and developing a cure to make uncombable hair more, well…combable.

If you feel your child may have developed this hair syndrome, the important thing to consider is using the right hair care products and establishing healthy hair habits. Since the hair is often dry and frizzy already, applying healthy and consistent hair habits with your child will help you to do the best you can with preventing any damage from occurring as time goes on. And of course, work with your child on embracing and enjoying their hair as much as possible!

hair color

The Right Way To Go From Light To Dark

hair color

Currently have light hair color? Something about the summer months has us all desiring to have light hair color, but now that we’re in the last few weeks of summer most of us are starting to get the itch to color our hair a darker hue. The truth is a right and wrong way to go about this hair color transition and if you want to keep your hair healthy throughout the process, you’re going to want to apply the right way to go from light to dark.

Choosing the Initial Tone
Light hair color can’t just be easily transformed into a darker hair color. Experts stress that anytime you’re looking to go from light to dark your hair needs to be given a tone before the actual desired dark hair color is applied. When the tone isn’t applied to hair before the darker hue, it’s common to end up with an ashy hair color finish. The toning step helps to provide a fill or, tone really to your hair so that the darker hue is able to be placed and applied in a way that will give you the results you’re hoping for. Most often gold/yellow or red tones are used prior to the darker hair color, it really depends upon your desired hair color option to determine the initial toning color.

Go to an Expert
As much progress that’s been made in at home hair coloring options, they simply don’t replace heading into the salon. We know, it can seem like a time saver to just do it at home when you’re doing other things but when you’re making a transition that’s as drastic as going from light to dark your best bet is to go to the experts. Experts are able to help you go through the process and take the necessary precautions to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Of course this does determine on whether or not you’ve truly chosen an expert for this process. We suggest doing your research and asking for referrals when choosing your colorist. Most colorists should offer a complimentary consultation to help you ensure that you’re comfortable with the colorist prior to booking.

It Takes a Few Appointments
Depending upon how light your hair is and how dark you want it to be will determine how many appointments you need to get from point A to point B. More often than not, you’re going to need more than one appointment to color your hair in stages to slowly progress from the light color to become darker. When hair is colored too drastically different in a short period of time (like in one appointment/treatment) it can be incredibly damaging to your hair. We know you want to keep your hair healthy throughout the process, so have a conversation with your colorist to determine the number of treatments that’s going to be required to help you get your desired hair color while maintaining healthy hair.

woman bob hair

Favorite Bob Looks Of The Summer

woman bob hair

Bob hair styles have been everything and more this season. Have you noticed it seems like every celeb has rocked a bob at one point or another this summer? We sure have! In fact, we started looking at some pictures of celebs and their bobs and thought we would take the honors of sharing our favorite bob looks of the summer 2017. If nothing else, the summer of 2017 will definitely be known as a summer that brought the bob hair style back and on trend watch. Let’s get into a few of our favorites, shall we?

Kendall Jenner
Ok, we know that Kendall is a super model and it’s pretty much impossible for her NOT to look good in anything but she definitely showed us just how cool bob looks are this summer. Kendall has really shown the versatility that bob hair styles provide throughout the summer. Most of us generally think that bob hair styles mean we’re limited in the ways we’re able to actually style it, but Kendall proved us all wrong! Between wearing the bob pin straight, to beachy waves and even adding a half up bun she kept us guessing all summer long. And she look stunning the entire season!

Selena Gomez
Selena has been known for her long, stunning hair since she burst onto the scene years ago. This summer she surprised us all by changing her look completely and chopped her signature long hair off into a bob look. Selena is another celeb that really showed us how trendy and versatile bob looks can be. She work the bob with bangs, styled pin straight and with edgy texture added to it. No matter how she styled her bob, it’s safe to say she has to make the list as one of our favorites because of the massive hair transformation she showed us by chopping her long locks.

Katie Holmes
Another celeb that’s been known for her long hair shocked us all with her bob hair style this summer. Katie really changed things up with her bob by adding blunt bangs to the mix. Katie opted for the more traditional bob hair style, while the others mentioned were a mix between the bob/lob. Of course it doesn’t come as any surprise that Katie inspired us to see just how modern the classic bob hair style really looks today. Her bob was giving an asymmetrical style with the front pieces being a bit longer than the back, adding a modern twist to the old classic.

To be honest with you, there were so many gorgeous ladies that rocked bobs this summer it was hard to choose just a few to mention. But, we managed and hope this gives you a little inspiration of your own if you’ve been considering changing up your hair style as we change seasons.

Do you have a favorite bob look you’ve seen this summer?

woman dying hair

Consequences Of Using Home Dyes Incorrectly

woman dying hair

Hair coloring is one of the many luxuries of life. It’s such a great way to change up your look, feel inspired and express your personal style. Fortunately, we live in a world where we have access to different hair coloring methods. Of course heading in to your salon is one of the most widely known methods, but if you’re a DIY type of person or just don’t want to make the time in your schedule home dyes are another great option. At home hair dyes have come a long way over the years but it’s important to know the consequences of using home dyes incorrectly.

Choosing Your Color Incorrectly
One of the common mistakes people use with home dyes is choosing the wrong color. Something you may not realize about home dyes is choosing your color based on the picture that’s displayed on the box is the wrong way to choose the color. If you really want to use home dyes correctly, and not end up with a color you didn’t have planned it’s essential that you choose a color and dye according to your current hair color, as well as how often you color your hair.

Staining Your Skin
Another common consequence we notice people making when using home dyes incorrectly is not protecting their skin from the hair color. Before you apply any of the dye to your hair, we suggest making it a point to keep your skin and hairline well protected from the hair dye. Let’s face it, hair dye that bled onto your skin isn’t cute and is a sure fire sign that you did the hair color yourself. Most experts suggest using old towels to keep your clothes/neck/etc. protected from the hair dye and to use Vaseline applied to your hairline and forehead to keep the hair dye from staining your skin on that area of your body.

Getting Color That’s Too Dark
We highly suggest that you follow the instructions that are displayed on the box of the home dyes, but also keep your desired outcome in mind. Understand that the longer you keep the color on your hair, the darker the color will be when you complete the process. Additionally, when you color your hair more often it tends to absorb color much deeper than thicker hair that’s not colored often. While you should follow the instructions, keeping these factors in mind when it comes down to how long you keep the hair dye on your hair is going to have a massive impact on the color your end up with. One of the big consequences of applying these factors incorrectly is you’ll likely end up with a color that’s significantly darker than what you originally planned.

Dry, damaged hair
The thing about home dyes is they’re great for their ease of use, as well as providing a budget friendly option to changing your look. However, understanding that they still consist of chemicals that are being applied to your hair is something that many users forget and tend to misuse. Not applying conditioning products to your hair promptly after washing the color out is a huge mistake, that tends to lead to a lot of damaged hair.

woman hairstyle

Fuller Effects For Thin Hair

woman hairstyle

Do you have thin hair? To be honest, regardless of your hair type we all want what we don’t have-that seems to ring to be even truer with our hair. Those with thick hair want less of it, and those with thin hair want more of it. The good news is there are some ways to apply fuller effects for thin hair. Not sure what we’re talking about? Well, we’re giving you some ideas on how to make your thin hair appear thicker. Music to your ears? Ours too, to be honest! Enough chatter though, let’s get started:

Opt For Shorter Length
We know you may love long hair, but one of the secrets that many forget about thin hair is a natural way to give it a fuller effect is to chop the length! When your hair is shorter it doesn’t have the weight of long hair to bring the volume down, so it has this way of giving thin hair this instant boost of fullness to it. Bobs and lobs are some of the best hair styles for those with thin hair for this exact reason. Just take a look at some of the celebs who generally rock shorter hair, they likely have thin hair! (Of course, not ALL of them do)

Use The Right Products
We often discuss how essential it is to use the right type of hair care products for your hair, this rings true when you’re looking to add fullness to thin hair. Instead of using cream or liquid based hair care products, we suggest trying something like a mousse! Mousse is great because it’s very lightweight, so similar to the hair length it won’t weigh your hair down but will instead allow you to create fullness and volume to your hair. You may have noticed one of the keys to adding fullness to thin hair is avoiding anything that will add too much weight to your hair, hair care products included. If mousse isn’t your thing, just be sure to focus on products that are lightweight.

Change Your Part
Most of us tend to get into the habit of wearing our hair parted in the same way every day, at least for the most part. One of the easiest ways to add a fuller effect to thin hair is simply changing your hair part! We know it almost seems TOO easy, but try it out for yourself you’re going to be shocked at how much volume it adds. Since our hair tends to get used to being parted in the same way every day, our hair can lose some of its natural volume at the roots. This is exactly why when changing your part you get this instant boost of volume to the root area of your hair.

Stick with layers
While we mentioned bobs and lobs above, another hair style tip to adding more fullness to thin hair is having layers added to your hair. Layers create the illusion of volume by breaking up the length of your hair. Regardless of your hair length, ask your stylist for layers!


Time Matters When You Blow Dry Your Hair

woman blow drying hair in front of mirror

Blow drying your hair. It’s a step in everyone’s hair care routine, whether we like it or not. After washing your hair the next natural step for most of us is to get started with our trusty hair dryer. If you’ve ever felt like some ladies are able to get a much better look after blow drying their hair than you do it could be because of one seemingly simple factor. To be honest, time matters when you blow dry your hair. Yes, we said time. As much as we’re big on saving time and making your beauty/hair care routine as simple and easy as possible you may want to evaluate how much time you’re spending drying your hair.

You’re probably wondering why TIME matters when you blow dry your hair so much, right? With the rise in popularity of blow dry salons and ladies heading into the salon just for a blow dry it got us wondering what we’re doing at home that’s so different and experts suggest it’s the difference in time. Think about it, when heading into the salon for a blow dry appointment it’s not a 10-minute appointment. Quite the opposite, blow dry appointments can be anywhere from 30-40 minutes on average. While you may only spend around 10 minutes at home, the time difference is really what experts suggest makes such a huge difference in the outcome of blow drying your hair. When most of us are taking the time to blow dry our hair at home our goal is really to get our hair dry as quickly as possible. We’re right there with you! Time is of the essence after all. However, that goal of finishing the process as quickly as possible is why you’re not getting that same outcome.

When heading into the salon for a blow dry appointment the stylists take the time to section the hair and dry the hair section by section-which takes a lot more time than simply drying all the hair at once. However, the method to that technique proves to be worth the time investment because the results are much different. The point is, if you want to create a blow out look in the comfort of your own home you’re going to need to invest a little more time than you normally do. Truly taking the time to section your hair and dry the hair in small sections at a time is much more effective. While it’s not going to get you out of the house in a hurry, we’re going to bet that you’re going to be much happier with the results you achieve. We know, this may seem like a rather simple point but we realize that blow drying our hair is something that we all do so often and tend to get frustrated with when we don’t obtain the results that salons do. Who knew that TIME was the real secret?

woman getting in shower

Look Great With Wash-and-Go Hair

woman getting in shower

Does the thought of washing your hair and being able to head out the door promptly after sound good to you? Us too, us too. If we’re really honest, most of us spend a lot more time than we’d like to admit styling our hair after washing it. Between drying it, adding any texture (straightening, curling, etc.), and creating a hair style we’re happy with it’s quite the process. But what if we told you that you could look great with wash-and-go hair? Lucky for you, it’s 100% possible and we’re sharing some of our favorite wash-and-go hair styles to prove it to you!

Long Layers
While wash-and-go hair styles may have you thinking you’re only choice is chopping your hair to a short length, think again! The truth is that long hair with long layers is much more wash and go friendly than we really realize. Adding long layers to long length is an easy way to add depth, style and help bring out the natural texture of your hair. When the layers are added to a length that flatters your hair’s natural texture it’s easy to wash your hair, use a towel or t-shirt to take any excess water out of your hair and be on the go. The layers will take a lot of the bulk out of your hair and give you a nice, natural look.

Bob Length
This one may seem like a surprise, but if you have fine hair bob length hair styles are the perfect wash and go option for you. When you have fine hair, the bob cut allows you to literally wash your hair and head out of the door. Bob styles are all one length, and with fine hair your hair is easily suited to this type of cut without requiring any additional styling (unless you have days where you want to style a little more). Plus, the less length you have the less drying time required so it’s perfect to wake up and head to work without a lot of styling time.

Pixie Cut
If you’re up for it, the pixie cut is another great wash and go hair style. Needless to say, there’s very minimal hair to deal with when your hair is cut in a pixie length. Similar to the bob cut, the less hair you have to deal with the less styling required. The key is to ensure that your pixie cut has been styled in a way that works with your hair type and texture to really make the most of the wash and go capabilities with this cut.

If we’ve perked your interested in adapting a wash and go hair style, we suggest heading in to see your hair stylist. Working with a properly trained hair stylist, they’ll be able to help you decide upon a hair style that’s going to flatter your facial features as well as meet your styling preferences to help determine the best wash and go cut for you.