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woman with wavy curls

Timeless Hairstyles We Love

woman with wavy curls

Hairstyles come and go, sometimes it seems like they move like the wind.  It can leave a girl wondering if there’s even such a thing as a timeless hairstyle.  Well, if you’re one of those girls…there is!  We’re sharing some of the timeless hairstyles we love to give you a little inspiration if you’re interested in trying out a hairstyle that’s timeless in style.

The Bob
Bob hairstyles are one of those hairstyles that always seem to feel updated and chic.  The great thing about bob hairstyles is that you’re able to cater it to fit your facial shape and really highlight whatever features you want to feature.  Whether it’s a long bob, or the traditional just under the chin bob you can count on bob hairstyles to be timeless.  The way you style the bob and how you wear any sort of bang(s) is going to be a way for you to create that updated bob feeling.  They’ve been timeless for years already, we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!

Blunt Bangs 
Another go-to for so many women and it holds its strength in timelessness is the blunt bang.  Typically a blunt bang is a thicker bang that’s cut in (obviously) a blunt cut.  The great part about this hairstyle is you’re really able to style the rest of your hair however you like to emphasize your face shape in the way you want.  Blunt bangs look great with short hair (even bobs!) and long hair, it’s really up to you and what you like.  Regardless, it’s a hairstyle that continues to be and feel timeless.  Anytime we see a celeb step out in a blunt bang she looks timeless and stunning.

woman with center part

The Center Part
The way we part our hair has definitely changed and evolved over the years, from deep side parts to zig-zags and everything in between.  But one of the parted hairstyles that continues to hold its own in the trends/timelessness area is the center part.  Regardless of the year a center part always look chic and timeless.  Looking back in history the center part has been around for a while, and we definitely don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Beachy Waves 
Admit it, you’ve worn or wanted to wear beachy waves in your hair at least a few times throughout your life.  It’s one of those hairstyles that seems so effortless (even if it isn’t), and continues to be a sought after hairstyle by women everywhere.  So many of our favorite celebs rock the beachy waves with ease and it always looks gorgeous. Beachy waves had to make our list of timeless hairstyles, because we all have that little beachy side to us.

woman with long hair

Long Layers
Our final timeless hairstyle has got to be the long layered hairstyle.  It’s a hairstyle that can be styled so many different ways, which is likely why it’s timeless and liked by so many women.  It’s a flattering hairstyle on so many and had to make our list!

Do you have a favorite timeless hairstyle?

woman distressed

Do You Have Dull, Thinning Hair?

woman distressed

Our hair is something that so many of us feel is almost a safety blanket, of sorts.  We love being able to style it and color it different ways to suit our style as we go through our lives.  Unfortunately, one of the major downsides of aging can be developing dull, thinning hair.  Bummer, right?  Although age isn’t the only factor that can cause your hair to become dull and/or thin – pregnancy, stress, and even certain medications can also play a role in your hair changing in this way.  If you’ve been experiencing dull, thinning hair you’re probably feeling frustrated and ready for it to go away.  We’re going to share a few things that you can do to help get your hair back on track.

Keeping up with healthy hair habits
One of the most important things when you experience any sort of change that you don’t necessarily like with your hair is to keep on with very healthy hair habits…or if you don’t have healthy hair habits now is the time to start adopting them.  Don’t wash your hair daily, use hair products that are designed to help your hair type, and give yourself a scalp massage regularly.  These are just a few of the healthy hair habits that are suggested by the experts when it comes to keeping your hair in a healthier state.  Sometimes when we get frustrated with our hair like it becoming dull or thin, we feel like ‘what’s the point?’ but now is NOT the time to stop doing anything for your hair.

Do a self-check on yourself
Experts suggest that you can actually do a little self-check to determine if your hair is actually thinning.  All you do is gently pull at your hair around the scalp area.  It’s suggested that if you have more than 6 strands of hair that come out in this process you do in fact have a problem with your hair thinning.  If you find you are experiencing some thinning problems then it’s time to take some more serious action for your hair care routine.  Adding a haircare product that’s known to promote shine AND volume to hair is going to be a really great addition to help your hair in this more vulnerable state.  Of course there are also some over-the-counter hair growth products available to add to your routine, as well as some chatter about using essential oils as well.

If it gets more serious
If you try the first suggestions and notice that your hair isn’t getting any better with the thinning or dullness it’s time to take it to the professionals.  Going to a doctor, it’s suggested that you ask for a blood test to test different health conditions that can result in hair loss.  Because hair loss can be serious, it’s not something you want to take lightly if you notice it’s not getting any better.  Seek the help of a doctor to find out more information about what could be going on.

Have you struggled with dull, thinning hair?  What worked for you?

woman having hair straightened

How Often Should You Replace Your Irons

woman having hair straightened

So you style your hair on a regular basis, right?  If you do, you’re likely using some sort of iron whether it’s a flat iron or curling iron chances are you’re using something to help style your hair the way that you want.  We often hear about cleaning and replacing things related to our makeup, but not often is it we hear of experts talking about replacing hair irons or how to clean them or care for them.  If you’re like us, you were a little confused or just thought those steps weren’t necessary with these types of items.  Well, we’re sharing how often you should replace your irons so you’re fully informed moving forward.

First things first, the most common factor that comes into play with replacing your irons is how often you actually use them.  If you’ve had an iron for a couple years but just used it a couple times you’re not necessarily going to need to replace it just because you’ve had it for a while.  There are different factors that play into damaging your irons and causing you to need to replace them.  How often you use them is the first thing, but also if you dye or color your hair – that can play a role in damaging your irons as well, in addition if you use your irons while your hair is wet vs. dry that can also factor into damage.  Essentially, your actual hair and how often you use your irons play major roles in how damaged your irons can become leading you to need to replace them.

If you’re not sure if you need to replace your irons, there are some things to look for that can show that the irons have damage to them.  The first thing to notice is how quickly your iron(s) take to actually heat up.  If they start to take a long time to heat (more than before) it can be an indication that your iron has damage to it.  In addition, if you find you have to continue to rise the temperature setting of your iron(s) that’s another sign of damage a lot of times.  Finally, if you find that your iron(s) aren’t giving you the look that you want (straight or curly) without needing to continuously run the iron through your hair over and over that’s often another sign that iron has damage to it.

If you find that your irons have some of these indications, it’s suggested that you start to look for another iron replacement.  When you continue to use an iron that has damage, it can then start to cause damage to your hair.  Since we know you don’t want that, it’s best to get that replacement on deck.  So really, there’s no hard answer when it comes to how often you should replace your irons, it depends on a lot of factors that are pretty personal and dependent upon the use/user.

Do you find you have to replace your irons every so often?

woman with crimped hair outdoors

You Can Crimp Like Ariana

woman with crimped hair outdoors

Ariana Grande has jumped onto the pop scene and brought the crimped hair look back!  If you remember the early 2000’s crimping was pretty popular thanks to the celebs that were up and coming then.  It’s fun to see it making an appearance again, it’s such a fun and funky hair look and really isn’t that difficult to achieve.  Crimped hairstyles often look like they’re difficult or may even seem like it’s impossible to actually have done on your own hair.  Since Ariana is making crimping fun again, we’re going to share how you can crimp like Ariana.

Prepping your hair
Just like with any hair styling that you do to your hair, you’re going to want to make sure you prep your hair properly.  Prepping your hair helps to ensure that you keep its health a top priority and allows you to minimize damage done to the hair.  Washing your hair with a quality shampoo and conditioner is a great place to start, and of course be gentle on your damp hair as it’s in a very sensitive state while wet.  Once you’ve done that, applying a heat protection product is going to really keep your hair safe and healthy moving forward to the crimping style.  You’re going to want to start with dry hair, since crimping does require a bit of heated hair styling letting your hair air dry as much as possible can be a great way to keep it healthy as well as using a cooler setting on your hair dryer.

Choose your crimping technique
As you may have guessed, there’s more than one way to achieve crimped hair.  Naturally, you can purchase an actual crimping iron – they’re similar to a straightener but have a different surface that goes against your hair to create the crimps.  Additionally, using a very small straightener and holding it in place for a few seconds on the hair and moving it in a back and forth motion is another way to create crimps.  But if you’re not really about either of those options, there’s actually a way for your to achieve crimped hair without any additional heated hair styling.  Curious?  Braids are the answer!  You know how whenever you wear your hair in braids and take them out to go to bed you have those gorgeous crimped locks?  Well, how about doing it on purpose!  The great part of using braids to achieve crimped hair is you’re able to create a completely customized look, depending on how loose or tight you want the crimping done.  If you want very tight crimps you’ll put a bunch of small braids in your hair, if you want something a little looser try doing two pigtail French braids.  It’s really up to you.  Another bonus is you can actually do the braids right after you prep your hair, and head to bed with them in – wake up to crimped hair!

What do you think of the crimped hairstyle?  Will you be giving it a try this season?

hair updo with pin

Using Vintage Accessories To Style Your Hair

hair updo with pin

Styling your hair can be one of those things that you get into a rut with, let’s face it we can lose a little inspiration at times.  Ever feel like you wear your hair the same way all the time?  We’ve all been there, girl!  But with the start of a new season approaching us we were feeling antsy and eager to find some new ideas to styling hair, and wanted to share them with you of course!  Using vintage accessories to style your hair is a fun and unique way to switch things up, and have a hairstyle that looks completely different from everyone else.

One of our favorites (and probably easiest to work with) is vintage hair pins, it seems to be one of those hair accessories that was popular among  many different cultures and time periods so there’s a LOT of variety.  The great part about pins, is you’re really able to use them in countless ways with your hair.  Styling your hair back in a messy bun and adding a vintage hair pin to the side is an instant change and/or update.  It doesn’t have to be a really complicated hairstyle, because the pin is going to do a lot of the work as far as switching up your hair’s vibe.  Another fun and easy idea for styling your hair with vintage hair pins is simply pinning your hair back in a half up style, again the pin is going to add the unique element and help you feel like you’ve created an entirely different look.

Another easy and user friendly hair accessory that’s pretty popular among the vintage options available.  Headbands have ranged from the traditional headband look, to more scarf like headbands.  Regardless of the style headband, most of them have a ton of amazing details to them and allow you to easily style your hair using them to create a completely unique look.  Personally, we love keeping hair simple with headbands with hair down straight or curly and letting the headband slip in easily to create an effortless look that’s gorgeous.  If you want something a little different adding a headband to a low messy bun hairstyle is another fan favorite, and talk about easy styling.

Our favorite part of using hair accessories, especially when they’re vintage is the fact that they’re super easy to use.  You don’t need to have a complicated hairstyle, but they still add a look that makes the hairstyle look complicated – fun little hair hack for ya!  Looking online for inspiration, you’ll likely find that many hairstyles that are represented styling vintage hair accessories are done so on pretty easy and timeless hairstyles.  It’s not about creating a very extravagant hairstyle but rather just switching up your typical hairstyles by adding a fun hair accessory.  When the hair accessories are vintage they add an even more unique element to your look because they’re just so different than the hair accessories that we have available today.


woman standing by suitcase

Caring For Your Irons While You Travel

woman standing by suitcaseTraveling is one of the fun adventures in life, but it definitely comes with a unique set of obstacles in terms of packing your things.  Whether you’re a regular traveler or not, packing tends to be one of the biggest stressors when it comes to traveling.  Figuring out how to fit as much as you can into  a bag, and also packing in a way that all of your belongings stay in tip top shape is no easy task – especially when it comes to your hair care items.  Typically the most expensive hair care items we have in our collection are our irons, logically we want to make sure we care for them properly when we travel.  Since there isn’t a lot of information on caring for your irons while you travel, we thought we would share some of our favorite tips to help you out!

Consider the size 
The great thing about the world we live in today is there’s no shortage of options, especially when it comes to irons and beauty products.  There are a TON of different sizes in all sorts of irons now, even a bunch that are made specifically for traveling.  When you are traveling, we suggest considering the size of the irons that you’re taking with you in relation to the space that you have in your suitcase.  Trying to cram a large sized curling iron or straightener into a tiny carry-on might not be the best use of space, and it can lead to your irons breaking potentially.  Instead of trying to cram one of your irons in your bag, look for irons that you still like to use and find work well with your hair but won’t leave you stuffing your bag to make the room.  Even if it’s not necessarily a travel sized iron, there are so many different sizes you’re sure to find something that works.

Protect your flat iron 
Once you have your decision of what iron you want to travel with, we also suggest you think about protecting it.  Since there is a major chance that your bags will get thrown around and you’re probably shoving as much into your bag as possible your iron can get caught on things and really be put through the ringer.  We love getting some sort of cover for our irons to travel with, and don’t worry you have options.  Many companies make actual covers and things for you to store irons in, which are great because they’ve been made specifically for protecting and covering irons.  Regardless of what you decide to use to protect and cover your iron(s) make sure it’s something that will truly protect them and ease the blow as your bags make their way with you to your destination.

In addition to those tips, we suggest cleaning your irons before and after a trip – this way you don’t have to worry about doing it on your trip and can use them knowing they’re not going to cause any damage to your hair from being dirty.

What tips to you swear by when it comes to caring for your irons while you travel?

Girl frustrated with hair

No More Tress Stress


It’s no secret, many of us put a LOT of stress on our hair from day-to-day.  It’s not that we do it on purpose, it’s just a matter of what our daily hair habits tend to consist of.  If you really think about it between coloring hair and styling it with heated hair styling tools regularly our tresses are really put to the test.  If you’re in a place with your hair where you feel like it’s been put through the ringer as far as stress is concerned, we’re sharing some tips to help get you on track and accomplish no more tress stress.

Get into Healthier Hair Habits
Ok, let’s be honest here… we’re not all following those healthy hair tips we hear about so often.  But when you reach a point with your hair where it’s really not that healthy, it’s time to take them more seriously.  One of the main suggestions from the experts with hair habits is NOT washing your hair daily.  This holds especially true if your hair is under a lot of stress.  Instead of washing your hair daily, it’s said that you should aim for every other day at the most.  This allows your hair to go through a healing process and not be stripped of the natural oils on the daily.  It’s not just about minimizing your hair washing, but also actually adding in hair masks and special repairing treatments to your routine.  So many of us just skip over those products thinking they’re not really that important, but they can do wonders for repairing and keeping your hair healthy.  Use them to your advantage!

Style Your Hair with Caution
We get it, you’re in a hurry to do your hair and don’t really want to take more time doing it than you have to.  But the thing is, when we get into too much of a hurry, we put safe hairstyling practices on the backburner.  Minimizing the amount of days a week you actually use heated hairstyling tools is going to be a big one for easing up on the stress of your tresses.  Not just cutting back with how often, but also easing up on the temperature levels.  Using heat protection products is going to be another life saver here, because heated hairstyling can do some serious damage to your hair.  In addition to taking note of how often and how you’re actually using heated styling tools, start to take note of how and when you’re brushing your hair.  Brushing your hair when it’s damp or wet can wreak havoc on it.  Step away from the brushes and stick with a wide toothed comb for wet hair, and even then remember that your hair is in an extremely vulnerable state when it’s wet so be cautious and handle with care.

As the Pros
We’re all about saving money how and where you can, but unfortunately trying to do hair color and other serious hair changes to your hair at home can cause a lot of damage.  Instead, head to get the help of a professional who will be sure to use products and techniques that are going to save your hair from any additional stress.

Girl with shining hair outdoors

Boosting The Shine in Dry, Brittle Hair

Girl with shining hair outdoors

As the summer months wind down, you may be noticing your hair took a bigger toll than you thought and realize your hair is looking a little dry.  Regardless of the reason, having dry, brittle hair isn’t fun for anyone.  But knowing the steps to take to get the shine back into your hair can be intimidating.  Naturally, since we’re all about making things easier for you we’re sharing some tips on boosting the shine for dry, brittle hair to help you get those gorgeous locks you’ve been wanting forever.

  • Get the right products – If you’re dealing with very dry and brittle hair you’re going to need to enlist the help of professional products.  Using products like deep conditioning treatments or masks can do wonders for situations like these.  In addition, many experts suggest using leave-in conditioners as well.  Regardless of your product of choice, it’s advised that you do choose at least one route to help you get your hair shiny.  Since your hair is dry and brittle, part of getting the shine back is going to mean repairing your hair AND getting some hydration back in.  Both of which can be helped by using special hair care products – so why not use them!  This also means using special hair care products when you style your hair with heat, they’ll protect your hair and boost the shine.
  • Stick with it – It’s easy to get into a routine with hair care products, but find yourself drifting off and letting it slip through the cracks.  But if you really want to get your hair from dry and brittle to shiny and luscious you’re going to need to stick with it and maintain consistency.  The more consistent and routine, you are about applying deep conditioning products and using high quality products, the better chance your hair will have to repair itself and get to a place where it’s going to be shiny for a longer term.
  • Leave it to the pros – It’s been found that while there are a ton of at home hair color products available now, because at-home users don’t have the formula education many women deal with dry hair as a result of use.  Instead of trying to go the at-home route with your hair color, leave it to the professionals and go to a trusted professional to get your hair color done.  The pros have all the techniques and products necessary to make sure your hair is maintaining (or getting) its shine and not causing any more dryness of the hair.

In addition to all these tips, it’s important that you stick with healthy hair habits.  This means avoiding washing your hair everyday – this is especially important when you have dry brittle hair.  So limit the amount you’re washing your hair as it strips it of its natural oils and can have a negative effect on your hair.  And of course try not to overdo it with the heated hair styling, even when you’re cautious it’s best to use as minimally as possible.

Woman looking in her cell phone while eating in a restaurant

What to Eat for Beautiful Hair

Woman looking in her cell phone while eating in a restaurant

Lately, it seems like the saying ‘you are what you eat’ is becoming more and more realistic.  Experts keep talking about how much of a relationship there is between our diets and skin, nails, and hair.  It’s pretty safe to say that most women (and men) want to have beautiful hair.  So many of us spend hundreds, and thousands of dollars every year on hair care products and getting our hair done to try to achieve beautiful hair.  But what if we told you, you could eat certain foods that could have a major impact on your hair’s appearance?  Well, believe it!

Protein for Hair?!
We always hear about eating more protein if you’re looking to change your body’s appearance, but you probably didn’t think it also had an impact on your hair’s appearance!  Experts have discovered that incorporating more lean sources of protein into your diet can help prevent your hair from becoming brittle and dealing with a lot of hair breakage.  Well, you know protein is great for helping to build strong muscles in the body?  Basically, it helps build strong hair.  Bingo!  One of the biggest attributes to having gorgeous hair is maintaining its strength and preventing any damage from occurring, which is why protein is so beneficial to getting beautiful hair you desire.

Woman having a salad

Green Foods 
You’ve probably heard some of your friends or acquaintances talking about green smoothies and eating/drinking green foods.  Well, it’s not just a trend it’s actually got some serious benefits to it.  Experts have found that incorporating more green foods into your diet can have a huge benefit to creating healthy hair.  Green foods like broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens are full of incredible vitamins that do wonders for the hair.  The good news is these foods are easy to incorporate and have benefits for more than just your hair – go get you some greens into your diet and watch your hair soar in health!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
In recent years, there’s been more and more evidence to show the benefits of incorporating more omega-3’s into your diet from heart health to…scalp health?!  Yep!  Omega-3’s have been found to be incredibly beneficial to creating a healthy scalp.  In case you’re not sure how this relates to beautiful hair, experts always say that your scalp’s health has a DIRECT impact on your hair’s health.  So basically if you don’t have a healthy scalp it’s going to be really difficult to have healthy, beautiful hair.  They just go hand in hand.

There are some other suggested foods to eat to achieve beautiful hair, but we wanted to start you off with the basics that are locked and loaded with some powerful benefits for your hair.  There’s a lot more of a relationship between your hair’s health and appearance and what you eat than you may realize.  Try incorporating some of these foods into your diet and take note on what changes you start to see occurring in your hair’s beauty.

Have you experienced beautiful hair after incorporating certain foods?

Beautiful women with voluminous hair.

Rules For Choosing & Styling A Half Wig

Beautiful women with voluminous hair.

The use of extensions and wigs has quickly grown to become more accepted and considered by women in recent years.  Prior adding faux hair to your natural hair wasn’t something that was as openly discussed or accepted for that matter.  We don’t know about you, but we love that so many women are openly embracing the use of wigs and extensions – hey, why not?!  Even more recently there’s been some rising popularity around half wigs.  Naturally, there are a few rules for choosing and styling half wigs if you’re considering adapting this hair trend.

If you’re not familiar with what a half wig is, they’re created to give wearers more volume and/or length to their hair in a really quick way.  Typically they’re made with heat –resistant faux hair that allows you to style the hair freely without having to worry about damaging your own hair.  Additionally, they’re great if you’ve dealt with any hair loss and want/need to give your natural hair a bit of a break.  There are countless different options when it comes to half wigs when it comes to choosing a half wig that’s right for you. It’s important to consider what you plan on doing with the wig in terms of any hair styling and of course the color options.  Since it is a wig, you want to either get as close as you can to your natural hair or color it yourself/by a professional if you can’t get the perfect match.

When it comes to styling your half wig, before inserting it into your hair it’s suggested that you blow dry your hair and it is COMPLETELY dry.  Adding a little volumizing product is advised in this process.  Once you’ve done that, it’s time to actually insert the half wig.  Experts suggest applying the half wig in a zig-zag type of pattern to make sure it’s really locked into your natural hair.  Essentially, you insert it similar to a headband accept going from the back of your head forward instead of the opposite.

Now to create a more natural look with your half wig, it’s important to create a more blended look between your natural hair and the wig.  To do this, teasing your hair at the roots and near where the half wig has been placed is a huge key step.  Bringing a small amount of your natural hair over the comb portion of the half wig is also a great trick to masking that area of the wig and creating a more blended look.  Adding little hair accessories like a headband can also be an easy way to detract from the half wig comb until you get used to the technique of applying the wig to look natural.

All in all, it does take a bit of practice and patience when it comes to choosing and styling a half wig.  The good news is, they’re one of the easiest faux hairstyles to try out and totally doable for the average at-home user!

Have you ever tried a half wig?  If not, would you?