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Split ends

Reduce the Fray

Split ends

Fray (also known as split ends) are something none of us like dealing with.  Let’s face it, we try to maximize our time between haircuts as much as possible.  One way to do that is to reduce the fray that pops up between our haircuts.  But how do we reduce split ends from happening?  We’re glad you asked!  We’re sharing some of our favorite ways we’ve discovered you can reduce the fray from happening in your hair so you can elongate your haircuts and enjoy your hair more!

Minimize Styling
While we naturally want to wash and style our hair every day, hair experts continue to suggest over and over that it’s just not the best choice.  Even if you can just do every other day, it can make a huge difference.  The reason being, is when we wash and style our hair it gets put under some stress (no matter how careful and cautious we are), and it doesn’t give it a chance to repair itself when we do it every single day.  Allow your hair to repair itself and replace any nutrients stripped away by giving it a break.  Additionally, try not to use heated styling tools EVERY day – even when you’re safe it can promote split ends from occurring.

Caution Wet Hair
When our hair is wet it’s in its most vulnerable state, which means we need to be EXTRA careful when it’s wet.  That means from the comb/brush to the towel you use need to be thought out.  First of all, NEVER brush wet hair with a hair brush.  Instead, use a wide toothed comb to get any knots out and make sure you’re as gentle as possible when eliminating any knots.  In regards to your towel, don’t scrub or rub your hair when it’s wet.  Similar to using a brush it can cause a lot of breakage and really promote split ends from popping up.  Instead, be gentle and squeeze your hair with the towel.  Even better if you can use more of a microfiber towel to dry your hair with, they’re much more gentle on your wet locks.

Clean Your Hair Tools
You probably don’t clean your hair tools as often as you should (we’re not judging!), but the truth is when you DON’T clean your hair tools they can end up with a lot of buildup that can lead to them snagging your hair and ultimately resulting in more fray.  Get in the habit of cleaning your tools on a regular basis and make sure you’re using them the correct way.  This will help ensure there’s nothing from the tools alone that are causing you to have split ends.

Your hair is vulnerable and delicate, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re taking these little steps and applying them to your haircare routine.  Making these “little” changes can make a huge difference when it comes to reducing the fray in your hair.

Have you found a certain habit or trick helps with reducing fray in your hair?

Hair tools

Cleaning Your Hair Tools

Hair tools

You probably use your hair tools every day, or almost every day.   You go about your business doing your hair and making it look great.  But do you think about actually cleaning those hair tools?  It’s ok, we didn’t before either.  It’s not something you hear about very often, let alone THINK about.  Since we know it’s something that you don’t hear about very often, we wanted to go through some of the things you need to know about cleaning your hair tools so you can start creating a routine for cleaning your own and keeping them working as they should.  We’re sharing how to clean the most common hair tools.

Your Blowdryer
Have you ever even stopped to think that you NEED to clean your blow dryer?  Highly unlikely, and that’s ok – we’re not here to judge.  However, the back vent of your hair dryer is a gold mind for germs.  So basically… you want to clean it out.  Experts suggest cleaning the back vent of your blow dryer on a fairly regular basis to eliminate the germs.  To do this either take a microfiber cloth or use the small nozzle of a vacuum to go over the back vent part.  Most blow dryers have a place where the back vent pops out making it even easier.

Combs and Brushes
You’ve probably noticed that your brush can get built up with hair.  It’s really important to get in the habit of removing that hair regularly, as it can cause you to get knots if you continue to use it with too much hair build up.  Now while this might not happen with your combs, your combs can get a buildup on them that you’ll want to remove.  With both hair tools, experts suggest cleansing them in water and shampoo to remove any buildup, but also keep your combs and brushes in a healthy state.

Curling Irons & Flat Irons 
Another set of hair tools you probably didn’t realize needs cleaning, but the thing is both can get a lot of buildup on them from your hair and any products that you use.  Now you’re going to want to make sure these tools are completely cooled before going about any sort of cleaning process.  Some experts suggest using a microfiber cloth to remove any buildup, while others have said using simple soap and water, or rubbing alcohol can typically get rid of most the buildup on the tools.  Try getting in the habit of cleaning them fairly regularly so you can avoid dealing with major build up.

It’s so important to clean your hair styling tools because when we don’t it can prevent them from really working the way they’re supposed to and can cause damage to our hair.  If you haven’t been cleaning your hair tools, take some time to do a thorough cleaning and once you’ve done that make it part of your routine to do every so often.  It won’t be as difficult to clean once you get in the habit.

Do you have any hair tool cleaning tips?

pin-up hairstyle

Achieving the Perfect Pin-Up

pin-up hairstyle

There’s something about the classic pin up look that just never gets old. Regardless of how much times has passed since rockabilly first came about anytime a woman wears the classic pin up look, she looks timeless and classic. To really achieve the perfect pin up look it comes down to some very important details, if you’ve been wanting to create the pin-up look for a while but just not quite sure how – you’re in the right place! We’re sharing what you need to know in order to achieve the perfect pin up.

Hair is Crucial
The thing about the perfect pin up look is it’s always made up of the perfect hairstyle that’s sleek and classic. First, decide what hairstyle you like the most and are easiest to achieve with your own hair. There are a lot of different classic pin up hairstyles. Luckily, the hairstyles really aren’t that hard to achieve with your own hair. It just takes knowing what hairstyle you’re looking to achieve and having the right tools to create it. In general, the pins up hairstyles are sleek and fairly simple – sometimes with an accessory added.

Pin-up style

Red Lips for the Win
There are few things more timeless than a bold red lip, and they’re just synonymous with the pin up look. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect pin up look, adding a red lip to your makeup is a must. Pin-up makeup is always classic but glamorous; the red lip really helps to add that added boost of glam. But in addition to the red lip, adding a bold liner like a cat eye, contoured cheekbones and defined brows are necessary to really encapsulate the pin up look with your makeup. The classic makeup is really a huge part of creating the perfect pin up, anytime you cruise through an online search for pin-up looks you’ll notice the glamorous vibe of the makeup is consistent.

Don’t Forget About the Wardrobe
While hair and makeup are musts when achieving the perfect pin up look, it’s also just as important to take time focusing on the wardrobe elements for the look. The pin-up looks is always very distinct with the wardrobe choices. Typically, they’re known for the va-va-voom vibe outfits. With dresses or tops that are snuggly fit to the body almost in a corset form, high waisted skirts/pants or very defined waist in a dress, and a gorgeous high heel. There’s usually a lot of polka dot and/or use of red in creating a really timeless pin-up look. Minimal accessories, however, the use of belts is always popular. It’s really all about wearing clothes that fit tightly to the body, showing off your shape, and done so in bold colors or silhouettes.

Just like creating any type of look, really achieving the perfect pin up is about incorporating the elements of pin up through the hair, makeup AND wardrobe. Really you need them all to work together in order to have one cohesive, gorgeous look.

What’s your favorite element of the pin-up look?

Victory rolls hairstyle

Rockabilly Hairstyles

There’s something about vintage, rockabilly inspired hair that’s cool no matter what year it is.  It was a big year for fashion and hair that’s held strong still to this day.  There are some incredibly fun, funky hairstyles from the rockabilly time.  Since they always feel fun and somehow fresh, we thought it fit in great to our hairstyling tips theme of the week.  While the hairstyles may look difficult to achieve, they’re actually fairly simple to accomplish at home – really!   Let’s take a walk down rockabilly lane and chat the hairstyles from that time, that you may want to revisit in 2016!

Victory rolls hairstyle

Victory Rolls
The victory rolls hairstyle is a major rockabilly look, you know the look… typically they’re the ultra-glamorous, big curls at the top of the head that are typically lead into pinned back hair or flowers.  While it looks like a really complicated look to create, it’s a lot easier than you think!  To create the look you want to start with clean hair that you’ve placed the product in, and create your part.  Once you’ve done that you want to grab the sections you’re creating the rolls with and tease them, once they’re teased smooth out the hair with a round brush and begin ROLLING the hair around 2-3 fingers starting at the end of your hair and working your way towards the scalp.  Once you get to the scalp, remove your fingers and secure the newly created roll with bobby pins.  Did you realize that’s all it took?!

Perky Ponytail
One of our other favorite rockabilly hairstyles was the perky ponytail, while we see ponytails all the time still, the retro vibe comes in with the ponytails being on the high side and typically slicked back but tight curls in the ponytail.  If you have bangs, generally they’re given a big voluminous look or victory curl type of vibe to add the extra rockabilly touch.  It’s another super easy hairstyle to create, but doesn’t lack any rockabilly inspiration!

Bandana updo

Bandana Updo
One of the other major trends that held consistent in the rockabilly hairstyles is the use of bandanas in the hair as an accessory.  Even now, adding a bandana and tying it at the top of the head gives it that instant retro, rockabilly vibe.  The great thing about the use of bandanas is you’re able to keep the rest of the hair fairly low key and simple, the bandana adds all the flair.  Most of the time you’ll see rockabilly hairstyles with bandanas worn with a bun high up and the bandana worn large taking over the hair from just below the bun to the nape of the neck and tied at the top of the head.  Generally, bangs are/were tied back under the bandana or curled and worn in a way that almost looked like a victory curl or bun as well.

The use of curls, rolls and accessories were huge in the rockabilly hairstyle trends.  Luckily, they’re easy ways for us to still incorporate the vintage vibe.

Will you give any of these rockabilly hairstyles a try?

Woman holding hair spray

Hair Serums, Gels, Mousses and Sprays

Woman  holding hair spray

Hair experts are always talking about the importance of applying hair care products to our hair, but how exactly do we use them?  And can we apply too much?  Logical questions, since we get that it’s important to utilize these products we want to make sure we’re using them effectively.  It can be overwhelming trying to purchase hair care products because they don’t really give us all the details we want or need as far as the application process goes.  Ok, we’re going to share some of the tips we’ve discovered so you don’t have to wonder anymore!

Can You Wear Them All Together?
Since we hear about applying enough product to our hair, you’re probably wondering if you can wear the different types of products together (like we were).  What we found most hair experts suggest is sticking to one – two different haircare products.  It seems that if you go much more than that you run the risk of applying too much product to your hair and it can weigh your hair down tremendously and cause the products to make your hair crunchy, flat, and just not looking right.  So instead, just stick to one or two of your must-haves.

Product Use
Experts suggest really looking at the formula and labeled benefits to choose what 1-2 products you’re going to use in your hair.  When it comes to mousses and serums, it’s suggested to apply them when your hair is damp to get the full benefits out of the products.  On the other hand, gels and sprays are to be used after your hair is dry and styled.  From our research, it seems to be suggested to choose either a serum OR mousse and a gel OR spray to get your 1-2 products into your hair without overdoing it.  This is also because of when you’re supposed to apply the products and is said to help eliminate overdoing it with product.  When it comes to how to use them, the products you purchase SHOULD label exactly how much product is suggested to use each time.  However if you’re in question or feel like your hair isn’t quite right when using the product there are some great charts on Pinterest that label exactly how much product you can/should use by hair product type.

When choosing and working with any type of hair care product you need to first consider your hair type.  Your hair type is going to play a huge role in how you apply the products (or how much) and how certain products may work with your hair.  So when you’re looking into purchasing some haircare products, if you have doubts or questions doing a little research based on your hair type OR ask your hairstylist what things they suggest you look for in a haircare product(s).  Even if you use an incredible haircare product, if it’s not formulated to work with your hair type you won’t get the best results.

What’s your favorite haircare product combination to use?


Tips for Air Drying Hair

Woman walking on the street

If you’re like most women, the less ‘work’ you have to do with your hair the better.  Let’s face it getting ready, doing your hair, getting dressed, etc. can all be incredibly exhausting and sometimes we just want to be able to sit back and let it air dry.  Drying your hair can be a whole task in itself, and if we can air dry in a way that’s functional (i.e. not resulting in frizzy hair) it’s a great thing!  If you’ve tried letting your hair air dry but always end up with it looking a bit of a mess – we’re dishing on some of our favorite tips for air drying hair functionally.

Use a Comb
Experts have said that when our hair is wet it’s in a more vulnerable state, meaning it can become damaged fairly easily.  This means it’s important not to use a brush when your hair is wet, but instead use a wide-toothed comb to get any tangles out of your hair.  It’s still really important that you’re gentle when using the comb, avoid just ripping through your hair and any tangles.   Doing so can cause a lot of breakage and even cause you to frizz as your hair dries.

Be Cautious of Your Towel
The towel you use to dry your hair can have a huge impact on how your hair actually dries.  Some towels that are too rough won’t absorb enough water and can also cause breakage in your hair.  Instead, look for using towels that are microfiber and absorb water really well.  Typically traditional cotton towels don’t absorb water as well as a microfiber option, and aren’t as gentle on the hair.  Remember your hair is in a more vulnerable state when wet so the towel used is really crucial.


Use Your Hands
Since your hair needs to be treated gently, and you’re avoiding using heated styling tools and brushes your hands are going to be the best tools you have when air drying.  Using your fingers at the roots to kind of ‘fluff’ your hair a bit is a great way to get a little volume if you want.  If you have curly hair, you’re likely prone to frizz so instead of combing through your hair too much use your fingers to twist the curls as your hair dries to enhance the natural curls in your hair.  It will help your hair dry in a natural, curly way and also help you eliminate frizz from appearing.

Use Products Lightly
Air drying doesn’t mean you can get out of using hair care products altogether, you’ll still need to apply some product to your hair but make sure you’re light-handed about it.  When our hair is wet we have a tendency of over applying product, start with a little and you can always add more as you feel like you need to.

In addition, make sure you’re considering your hair type when air drying and focusing on what your hair needs. What do you find works for you to eliminate frizz while air drying?

Woman with ice blonde hair

Ice Blonde Like Fairytale Queens

Woman with ice blonde hair

Ice blonde, platinum blonde…whatever you want to call it.  It’s definitely become an iconic hairstyle with fairytale queens.  But it doesn’t have to be limited just to fairytale queens, in fact, this ultra-blonde hair color has become pretty popular among girls and women everywhere.  Maybe it’s because deep down a lot of us want to feel like our own fairytale queen, or maybe it’s just because it’s a fun color to have in your hair.  Regardless, it’s not necessarily the easiest hair color to achieve.  So we’re going through a few of the steps to getting this ice blonde hair color, in a healthy way.

Treat Your Hair Beforehand
Many hair experts suggest using at home hair treatments before initially coloring your hair the ice blonde color.  Doing so will help give you hair some extra protective coating and add additional oils to the hair to help with protection as well.  Since putting your hair through a major hair color change can put a lot of stress on your hair, treating it as much beforehand will help with keeping your hair healthy.

Go to a Professional
Since you’re looking to go for the ice blonde look, bleaching is involved.  It’s really important that you go to a professional, who can make sure the products that are being used and the treatment being done isn’t going to do any major damage to your hair.  Since bleaching isn’t a super easy process for your hair, going to a professional will help make sure your hair’s health is at the forefront of importance.  Additionally, you’re going to want to talk to your professional about how many treatments it may take to get you to your end result goal.  While it is said that those that are naturally blonde can achieve the ice blonde much easier, it’s not to say that those with brown or red hair can’t.  Often times it just may take a couple of extra treatments.  Keep in mind it may be a process to get you to the actual ice blonde look.  Many hair colorists may not want to do it all in one, to keep your hair’s health on point.

Use Post Treatment Products
Luckily, there are now a lot of really great treatment type of products that are designed to help maintain bleached hair both with its color and health.  It’s important to invest in these because bleaching tends to strip your hair of all its natural oils and other features, so you want to try to build those back up when possible.  Asking your hair professional what suggested products they recommend is going to help make sure you get the right products for your hair color and type.

While achieving the ice blonde hair isn’t the simplest process, it’s definitely achievable.  As long as you have the right pre and post care plan in place you’re sure to be able to maintain it and keep your hair healthy throughout the coloring process.

Have you gone ice blonde?  What did you find helped keep the color?

Stylish woman with long hair

Big Hair Makes Me Happy

Stylish woman with long hair

Ok ladies… big hair is officially back!  We’ve had a lot of the smoother, sleeker hair for a little while now but the big voluminous hair is back in action.  If you’re anything like us, you’re excited!  The only downside to big hair is actually achieving it in a gorgeous, voluminous way.  If you love big hair but you struggle styling it and actually get the big hair, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips to help you get big hair anytime you want.

Don’t Overdo It with Products
Since you’re trying to get big hair, you want to avoid your hair being weighed down too much by anything, product included.  So be light handed when applying hair product to your hair, and if possible use products that are naturally lightweight so you’re avoiding adding too much weight to your hair.  This doesn’t mean you’re going to want to avoid using product altogether, though.  In fact, there are some great products that can help you get the big hair you want.  Products like mousse and other items are even made with specific formulas to help give you a little added volume.

Dry Your Hair Strategically
If you’re more of an air drying type of girl, get a little added volume by using a claw clip to poof up your roots and the front of your hair while it air dries.  If you like using a hairdryer make sure that you don’t dry your hair straight down or pull your hair down too much while drying it.  Additionally, another way to get a little extra volume boost is to flip your hair upside down and dry your hair that way.  It will give you an extra little boost while you’re drying your hair.

Don’t Brush Too Much
One of the easiest and quickest ways to flatten out your hair from volume is to brush it, so avoid brushing too much while your hair is drying.  Most experts suggest not brushing your hair at all when it’s wet and you’re trying to achieve big hair.  Many say that using your hands and fingers to dry your hair with a hairdryer is best, and waiting until your hair has cooled off after drying before you actually use a brush.

Emphasize the Roots
Big hair is really accomplished by focusing on the roots of your hair.  There are a few ways to really get an extra boost of volume at the roots.  Using rollers at the roots or large curling irons are two really common and easy ways to get an extra volume boost.  So basically, use whichever one you’re more comfortable with.

Set it in Place
Finally, you’ve gone through all the work to get the volume in your hair so you’re certainly going to want to keep it that way.  Using hairspray and dry shampoo are the most popular, and according to expert’s best, products to keep your volume and big hair in place.

What tips do you have for big hair?

Woman with short hair

Adding a Little Bit of Drama

Woman with short hair

When it comes to our hair, women take it seriously.  It can be difficult deciding to go for the big chop with your hairstyle, but it can also be exactly what you need to revive your whole look.  Going for the big chop is a great way to add a little bit of drama to your hair and style.  If you’ve been considering going for the big chop, but can’t quite get yourself to go through with it, we’re sharing a few things to consider!

Consider the Maintenance Involved
Before going through with chopping your hair it’s really important for you to consider what maintenance might be involved with your desired chopped hairstyle.   Is the maintenance doable and realistic for you?  Since the chopped hairstyle is dramatic, it’s really important that you make sure you choose something that you will be able to maintain on a regular basis.  If it’s not something you think you can keep up with, consider another hairstyle that won’t be as out of your box and talk with your hairstylist.

Trust Your Hairstylist
Whenever you’re going with a dramatic hairstyle change it’s incredibly important that you go to a hairstylist that gets you, what you’re looking to achieve, and you feel comfortable with.  Since it is a dramatic cut, ensuring that your hairstylist fits the bill will help make sure you’re left with a result that you’re happy with.  Additionally, you want someone you’re comfortable asking questions to and really talking through the decision to go for the big chop.  A good hairstylist will advise of any adjustments they feel should be done, and styling tips to help make sure that you feel confident with your new hairstyle.

Think About Your Hairstyling Habits
If you’re someone who likes to tie your hair back in a ponytail or bun (or something similar) often, it may be worth thinking about how to make your big chop hairstyle work to fit those habits.  However, if you’re open to other ways of pulling your hair back with your new hairstyle it’s worth asking your hairstylist what he/she suggests as some ways to style your new chopped do.

Consider Your Hair Type and Face Shape
When choosing a chopped hairstyle and going for such a dramatic look, it’s really important that you’re considering your personal hair type and face shape.  While we all want to look like our favorite celebs and their chopped hairstyle, we don’t look exactly like them or have the same hair type.  So while it’s great to look for inspiration, make sure you’re remembering your personal features and willing to work with your hairstylist to come up with a chopped hairstyle that fits the look you love but also will work with your hair and face shape to best flatter YOU.

Ultimately, if you’ve been going back and forth with going for the big chop – go for it, girl!  Remember at the end of the day it’s hair, and it WILL grow back.

Will you be going for the big chop anytime soon?


Hairstyles Inspired by Broadway

Woman looking in the mirror

Broadway has always been known for its glitz and glam.  Going to Broadway on a trip to New York City is a must.  There’s something so fun and timeless about Broadway and going to the show.  Whether you go on a regular basis or not, attendees leave feeling a little more glamorous than they did upon arriving.  Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Broadway star in their daily lives?  Well so many women do, we’ve noticed some gorgeous hairstyles we think have been inspired by Broadway and we’re going to share what they are so you can get a little dose of Broadway in your life even when you’re not there!

Long Luscious Locks
After we cruised through countless images of Broadway shows we quickly realized many of the women on Broadway have long, curly hair while on stage.  Curls from tight to loose, but curls nonetheless.  We realized in hair trends, in general, it’s all about the long, curly hair this season (and the past couple).  Additionally, we noticed a lot of the women on Broadway have their long curly hair parted to the side – another common trend among the rest of women outside of Broadway.  While on Broadway it’s more about exaggerated hairstyles that can be seen from a distance, curls tend to be a really commonly used hairstyle.  If we’re honest, whenever we curl our hair we feel a little more glamorous.  So if you’re looking for a way to get a little Broadway-inspired hairstyle, add some curls!

Woman with a bob hairstyle

Blunt Bangs and Hair
Another common theme we noticed among some of the most popular Broadway shows like Hairspray and Chicago was the use of blunt bangs and haircuts.  Ironically (or not so ironically), there’s been a rise in the blunt bang and bob look making its way onto the scene the past couple of months.  There’s something so retro and chic about blunt straight across bangs and/or a blunt cut, that totally gives off the Broadway vibe even if you’re not actually on Broadway.  Even if you’re not ready to go with a full blunt bob haircut, you can get a little Broadway influence in your hair with a blunt bang.  We’ve been rocking the layered, textured side bangs and cuts for so long it’s refreshing to see a little more of a blunt style hitting the hair of ladies everywhere.  Plus, it’s a fun way to get a little Broadway vibe into your look.

Broadway is always a fun thing to attend, and while it always feels glamorous to go there’s also something very timeless about the musicals playing.  If you notice, the hairstyles inspired by Broadway really are timeless as well.  Curls and blunt cuts are always effortlessly chic, but find a way to feel updated at the same time.  Much like Broadway!  Although some of the shows on Broadway aren’t brand new, they always feel updated and glamorous no matter how long they’ve been around.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle you’ve seen in a Broadway show?