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Flight Attendant Beauty Secrets

Flight attendant

Let’s face it, we’ve all thought and wondered how flight attendants keep their skin healthy when they travel all the time.  Those of us that don’t travel often, quickly face the struggles of extreme dryness that seem to attach our skin as we’re mid-air.  So how do these flight attendants do it?  We knew they all had to be following some sort of beauty secrets only flight attendants know about so we went on a search to find out what they are.  Sure enough, we found some great info on flight attendant beauty secrets and naturally we’re sharing them with you!

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture
Since we all know flying in airplanes is incredibly dry, it seems like no matter how much you drink on the plane you feel super dry.  Your skin, hair, etc. all feels instantly dry upon take off.  Well since flight attendants are in the area ALL the time, they’ve likely had to come up with ways to fight the extreme dryness.  Naturally, moisturizing is a HUGE part of their beauty routine.  They don’t leave anything out when it comes to moisturizing either, from hair to face to hands no space is left without moisture.  This is important because not only does being consistent with really great moisturizing products help your skin, but it will help avoid your makeup from flaking off throughout the day.

Woman wearing red lipstick

Red Lips are an Instant Game Changer
Another consistency we noticed in our research was the mention of red lips.  If you notice when you’re flying most flight attendants do tend to keep their makeup looks natural, but they add the pop of the red lip.  The great thing about a bold lip, like the classic red lip, is that you can just have mascara and a little bronzer/blush on and when paired with a red lip you look instantly pulled together and gorgeous!  It’s a great way to keep your makeup look easy and quick, but not lack in professionalism or beauty.

Don’t Be Stingy with Water
As we said, flying tends to increase the feeling of dryness in your skin and body overall.  In addition, we’re all exposed to different elements and bacteria when traveling.  Flight attendants suggest and live by drinking a LOT of water.  It’s great to not only keep you from feeling extremely dry, but also giving your body what it needs to help keep it as healthy as possible.  Many things that we found with flight attendants talking about water is making sure not only that you’re just drinking during the flights but before and after as well.

Woman getting an exfoliation treatment

Exfoliate, Everything
Again, since your skin is exposed to different elements in the air flight attendants have found that exfoliating is a huge part in keeping the skin all over looking and feeling healthy.  Since flight attendants use their hands often, they’re sure not to skip exfoliating their hands.  It’s really all about making exfoliating an important factor in your beauty routine, don’t skip it!

So many of the beauty secrets of flight attendants are things we need to be doing on a regular basis.  What’s your must-know beauty secret?

Beautiful woman

Controlling Your Short Summer Hair

Beautiful woman

While most of us love the summer weather, our hair doesn’t always love it as much as we do.  You ladies know what we’re talking about…those days when your hair just seems to frizz or flop no matter how much time you spend doing it in the morning.  It’s frustrating, to say the very least.  Most of us get to the point where we don’t even bother trying to do anything with our hair during the summer because it just seems pointless.  However, we’ve come up with a few key tips to consider in controlling your short summer hair to help eliminate the frustration and help you enjoy your hair even in the summer!

Use Styling Product
If most of us are honest, we get a little lazy in the summer months and that laziness goes into our hair routine too.  We’re probably not applying our hair styling products because we feel like there’s no point.  However, during these months it’s especially important that we take the time to apply some hair product to our hair.  Especially if you want to prevent your hair from frizzing in the heat and humidity, you’ll want to look for a frizz-fighting type of serum or lotion to keep the frizz away.  Additionally, since you’re likely going to be outside more your hair is going to be exposed to the sun and heat more during the summer months.  So basically what we’re saying is don’t skip your hair product in the summer time, it’s SUPER important to help you control your hair and keep it healthy.

Make Sure You’re Conditioning
Like we said, you’re going to likely be in the heat and sun more often during the summer which can mean your hair can lose some of its natural oils and dry out quickly.  So to avoid that from happening it’s important that you add moisturizing and conditioning products to your hair consistently.  It will help keep your hair healthy and avoid damage.  A lot of times when your hair feels unruly it’s because it’s damaged and lacking moisture.  Adding in a conditioning mask on a fairly regular basis and not skipping the conditioner in the shower are great ways to help with this.

Be Gentle
We all have a tendency of being a little too rough on our hair, especially when we’re in and out of water during the summer.  But when our hair is wet it’s in a more vulnerable state, and more likely to be exposed to breakage and damage.  If you find yourself getting knots in your hair when you’re in and out of the pool or lake, instead of being rough and just brushing your hair use a wide toothed comb.  Remember not to just rip on your hair either, be gentle and work the knots out gentle to avoid causing damage.  The combination of water/chlorine and the sun/heat your hair is going through a lot already, use some conditioning or detangling products to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

What do you find works best for you and your hair in the summer months?

Woman brushing hair

The Real Deal About Hair Brushing

Woman brushing hair

OK, so we all grew up with our moms telling us to brush our hair all the time and we did it but as we got older we likely decreased the amount we actually sit down to brush our hair.  We do so many other things in regards to styling our hair and using different products and tools, but actually just brushing our hair tends to get lost in terms of its importance to our hair’s health.  We’re going to share some of the real deal tips on brushing your hair every day!  This is because, like anything else, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t Forget Your Scalp
While brushing your hair is really important to your hair’s health, many hair experts suggest that massaging and brushing your scalp is just (if not more) important.  This is because massaging your scalp is great for stimulating hair growth, getting your hair follicles healthier, and amping up the blood flow in the scalp area.  These are all really important factors when it comes to your hair’s health.  So don’t just brush your actual hair, but also make sure you’re getting the scalp of your head too.

Don’t Over-Brush
You’ve probably heard about the old hair tip that you should be brushing your hair at least 100 times per day.  While most hair experts say that’s not true, because it’s actually too much, it is important to brush your hair a decent amount.  The big thing to consider is to make sure you’re not brushing your hair too much.  Doing so can cause damage to your hair, instead of the health that you’re looking to achieve.  So keep it at a happy medium place with brushing your hair – not too little but not too much.

Woman brushing wet hair

Don’t Brush Your Hair Wet
You may have heard this hair tip before, because it’s SUPER important to follow.  Brushing your hair when it’s wet can cause a lot of hair damage.  Because our hair is in a delicate state when it’s wet it’s easily affected by certain elements that can cause damage.  While we get you want to get any knots out with your hair freshly conditioned instead of using a brush, use a wide toothed comb to get any knots out and gently distribute the conditioner through your hair even more.  However, even with a comb, you want to make sure you’re being gentle on your hair and not just ripping through your wet hair with the comb.

The biggest thing hair experts suggest when brushing your hair is to make sure you’re being gentle.  We all have a tendency of getting a little too rough on our hair because we get in a rush and want to speed through as quickly as possible.  However, being too rough on our hair can cause damage that can take years for us to recover from.  So make sure you’re paying attention to how you’re brushing your hair, how often, and the state your hair is in when doing so.

What hair brushing tips have you realized work over the years?

Woman buying shampoo

Should You Switch It Up?

Woman buying shampoo

When it comes to hair care there are so many different products, tools, techniques, and more at our access today.  With all the different options and strategies it can be difficult knowing what’s true and what’s fiction.  There’s been a lot of chatter about the idea of switching your shampoo every now and then, the benefits it could have for your hair’s health and appearance.  All the chit chat has left us wondering if we really do need to be switching up our shampoo, so we did some research to find out.  What we found is experts suggest it is important to switch your shampoo on a fairly regular basis, but not because your hair is getting used to the formula you’re using (what most people state as the reason).  There are actually a lot of other reasons behind it and we’re sharing them with you now!

Your Hair Changed 
While for years women have said and believed we need to switch our shampoo because our hair gets used to the products, it’s actually because your hair changes.  So in other words, it’s not the shampoo it’s us!  But it’s a natural thing for our hair to change over time.

Seasonal Changes
Another reason switching shampoo is important is because of the changes in weather that happen throughout the year.  Just like our skin has different needs from summer to winter, our hair does too!  During the winter the weather tends to be more dry, so opting for a shampoo that’s big on moisturizing can be really helpful to your hair.  While on the flip side, during the summer we’re exposed to more humidity so a frizz control shampoo can be more beneficial during those months.  Consider the weather and choose a shampoo accordingly, note how your hair tends to react during those months of weather and adapt.

Health Changes
If you’ve gone through any sort of recent health change (either positively or negatively) it’s likely your hair has undergone some transition.  You know how they say, ‘you are what you eat’?  It’s because our diet and health can have a huge impact on our hair’s health (and skin’s health for that matter).  So if you’ve recently cleaned up your diet, you might notice your hair acting differently with your shampoo which could mean it’s time for a switch.  Additionally, if you’ve experienced any sort of hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause it could also be having an effect on your hair and its reaction to your shampoo – so it’s time for a switch.

There are so many reasons why your hair could need a switch up in the shampoo department.  But the point is, it is important to switch you shampoo on a fairly regular basis.  Even the experts have said it’s true – so we better listen!  If you get to a point where you feel like your hair isn’t adapting to the shampoo quite like it was when you first got it, it could be a sign you have some hair changes going on and it’s time to switch it up!

Woman with short hair

You Need to go Shorter

Woman with short hair

A woman’s hair is a big part of her style and image.  It’s something that can boost her confidence, or cause it to feel negative.  Basically… we’re very influenced by the state of our hair.  And so many women get into a routine with their hair, once you find something that works you stick with it for years and years at a time.  It can be difficult to want to change it at all, because we also get so used to seeing ourselves look a certain way with our hair.  But switching things up can be really amazing, it can feel refreshing and exciting to make a change.  There’s always a debate among women whether shorter or longer hair is better, while it’s totally personal preference there are a ton of benefits to going shorter with your hair.  If you’ve been thinking about going shorter with your hair, we’re going to share some of the best benefits to it!

Less Maintenance
Let’s face it, the less hair you have the less time it takes styling it.  It’s much more practical than having super long hair because of its ease with styling.  And less time doing your hair leaves more time for you to do things you actually enjoy!

It Shows YOU
One really powerful thing about shorter hair is it puts more focus on you, we suddenly see YOU a little more than with longer hair.  Take ladies like Demi Moore who went ultra-short with her hair back in the day.  We always knew she was gorgeous but when she cut her hair shorter we all really took note at just how gorgeous she is.  With long hair, it’s easy to kind of hide behind it, and let the hair wear us.  But with short hair, it really shows off our facial features and just overall brings more attention to our face.

It Can Be Liberating
So many celebs that have cut their hair short after having long hair for so long, have said that they literally feel liberated after cutting their hair.  There’s something about cutting off a decent amount of length in your hair that leaves us feeling like we’re refreshed and we’re suddenly left feeling so much more empowered.  Even though it’s just a length change, it’s like we’re letting go of what was and moving forward to the next chapter in life.  This is probably why many women will cut their hair shorter after going through a life change of some kind.  It’s like a fresh start!

So many hair experts and women in general who have cut their hair shorter all say every woman needs to go short at least once in their lives.  It’s likely because of how empowering it truly can feel to go shorter with your hair.  And also because it’s worth experiencing at least one time, to see yourself with shorter hair just to see how you like it.

What do you think, will you be going shorter?

Woman with beautiful hair

Maintaining Light Hairlights

Woman with beautiful hair

There’s something about the summertime that makes so many of us want to lighten our hair color, for those of us that aren’t quite up to doing a full blonde look highlights are a nice and subtle way to lighten your hair color without it being too drastic of a change.  However, maintaining your hair color after you’ve colored it can be a challenge all in itself.  Naturally, whenever we color our hair we want to maintain it as long as possible so we’re not feeling like we need to head back to the salon every other week.  We’re going to share some of our must-know tips to maintaining your light hair color highlights this summer season.

Protect It from the Sun
The sun’s UV rays have a tendency of fading color, and that goes for light hair color as well.  Not only does the sun tend to fade your hair color, but it dries your hair which can lead to hair breakage and other factors that can cause your hair color not to last as long as you’d like.  So protecting your hair from the sun as much as possible is going to be key to maintaining the color you’ve chosen, especially in the summer months.  Doing things like wearing a hat or scarf over your hair when you’re outside can be really helpful, additionally, there are now even UV protection hair care products that can help you get some extra protection on your hair.

Woman holding hair care products

Use Proper Hair Care Products
Using the right hair care products can be a crucial element to your hair color lasting.  Ask your stylist/colorist what products they suggest using for your chosen hair color, and actually use them!  Most hair experts suggest deep conditioning your hair regularly and using toning shampoos to help you maintain your hair’s health and color for an extended period of time.  Additionally, avoiding washing your hair every single day can also be a huge factor in maintaining your hair color.  Washing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils, and lead to the hair color fading quicker.  Instead, try a dry shampoo for between actual hair washes.  When you have a light hair color, make sure you use a dry shampoo that isn’t designed for darker hair!

Give Your Hair a Break
It can be easy for us to fall into the habit of using heated hair styling products daily, but it can also be really harsh on our hair.  Instead of using them every single day, find ways to minimize your hair being exposed to heat with heated styling tools and the sun.  It will help maintain your hair color and keep your hair from getting too much damage.

Maintaining your light hair color highlights is like so many other hair care tips in general, using the right products and making sure you’re taking the time to apply proper hair care techniques to your daily life.  If you want your light color highlights to last longer, make sure you apply these tips to your routine!

hair station

Organizing Your Hair Station

hair station

Getting ready in the morning, or before heading out for the night can take a while – especially if your area isn’t really organized.  We can all admit that when we’re more organized we can find things easier, quicker and ultimately spend less time trying to get things done.  Since getting ready takes us long enough, it’s probably time we put a little extra time and effort into organizing our hair stations to allow us to have more of a streamlined process to doing our hair.  We found a few fun and easy ways to organize your hair station to help you streamline your hair doing processes.

Heated Styling Tools
Finding a way to organize your heated hair styling tools can be tricky, we want to have them easily accessible so we’re not trying to unbury them just to use them but also don’t want them taking up a ton of counter space.  There are tons of different ways to get them organized without taking up a lot of space.  Some of the popular ways we found ladies are organizing these hair styling tools are by using bins to hang them on a wall or door, using hooks to hook them on a wall, door, or inside of a cabinet, and using little stands to place them in on top of your counter or under a cabinet.  Whatever option you choose, it’s important to try to find a way to group them together in a way that makes them easy to reach for and won’t have them or the cords tangled up.  Consider the space you’re working with when it comes to your hair station and plan accordingly.

Hair Accessories
Most of us are guilty of having hair ties and bobby pins scattered throughout our hair stations and bathrooms, leaving us forced to search every time we actually need to use one.  Instead of throwing your hair accessories wherever in your hair station they happen to land, set up an organization system for them.  Find little tins, boxes, whatever works for you to designate for every type of hair accessory.  Label them and place them somewhere where they’re easy to reach.  Keeping everything together will make it much easier for you to actually find them when you need them, and spending less time searching.

Keep it Together
Wherever you do your hair, is likely also where you do your makeup.  To keep you on an organized system it’s important to make sure everything is separate.  In other words, keep your hair tools and products together but separate from your makeup tools and products.  This will make it much easier to find what you need and not have to dig through unnecessary items in order to just get to what you’re actually looking for.  Utilizing labels, and different sections of space is an easy way to keep everything together, but separate.

There are so many fun and easy DIY ways to organize your hair station on sites like Pinterest.  It’s all about finding a system that works for YOU.  What ways have you found work well for organizing your hair station?

Woman with beachy waves

Pinterest Pics: 2016 Summer Hair

Ever since Pinterest came on the scene, we’ve had countless inspiration pictures to scroll through. If we’re honest, we’ve probably spent more time than we care to admit scrolling through Pinterest for hair and makeup ideas to try for ourselves. The platform has made it easy for us to search for what we’re looking for and, well… spend a lot of time trying to make a decision. Since we adore Pinterest so much, we thought we would share some of our favorite, and the most popular, summer hair trends scrolling through Pinterest for this summer season. If you’re looking for some inspiration but you don’t want to spend… hours trying to find it we’ve got you covered!

Bob hairstyle

The Lob
Some of our favorite celebs like Khloe Kardashian have been stepping on the scene in the lob (long bob) hairstyle for a few months. So it’s probably only natural that ladies all over are starting to try out the hairstyle. Scrolling through summer hair pictures on Pinterest, there was a HUGE amount of ‘lob’ looks. It’s actually pretty near impossible to miss them! It’s such a gorgeous look because ladies are able to get a shorter hair look for the warmer months, but not too short like the traditional bob that can be a little too short for those of us that have been rocking the long hair. It’s a great happy medium!

Highlights for Days
The ombre hair trend has been holding strong for a couple years now, and this summer season is no different. As we were scrolling through summer hair ideas on Pinterest there was no mistaking the popularity of highlights. There are a lot of different ways ladies are highlighting their hair from full on ombre to more subtle balayage and everything in between. It makes sense too, since we all typically want to lighten up our hair for the warmer weather. It’s all about highlights this season, it’s really up to you to decide how subtle or dramatic you want to be with them.

Woman with beachy waves

Beachy Waves
Naturally, it’s all about the gorgeous beachy waves this summer season. Just typing in summer hair beachy waves were nearly every picture on Pinterest. Whether you’re opting for the popular lob hairstyle, sticking with your long locks, or even going to the traditional bob beachy waves are gracing every length hairstyle. It’s a great way to get a gorgeous textured hairstyle that feels as casual as we all feeling during the summer months. Plus, it’s a great hairstyle to take from your daytime life to any more formal occasion. There’s no mistaking that beachy waves of all shapes, sizes and lengths are everywhere this summer season. So get your favorite curling products ready, ladies!

Between these three Pinterest summer hair trends, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you! The great thing about summer is we’re all seeking to make our hair and makeup as low maintenance as possible, and these hair looks really allow us to do that. Which of these do you think you’re going to give a try this summer?

Woman conditioning hair

Daily Conditioning Strengthens Hair

Woman conditioning hair

We spend so much time styling our hair with heated styling tools, sitting outside, and being overall a little rough on our hair.  With all the stress we put our hair under, it’s necessary to take some steps to help in gain and maintain strength.  While it can sometimes feel like we do so much to get ourselves ready, keeping our hair strong and healthy is important if we want to maintain our hair throughout the rest of our lives.  There are quite a few different ways to strengthen your hair, between daily conditioning and deep conditioning.  We’re going to break down a few of the reasons you may want to consider daily conditioning to strengthen your hair.

It’s Well… Daily!
The great thing about daily conditioners is that they’re applied regularly, either daily or every time you shower.  These conditioners are typically paired with shampoos and formulated to work together.  Since we do put our hair under a great deal of stress on a daily basis, it’s a great feature to be able to use a conditioner that’s safe to use daily and give your hair that extra boost in protection and health that it needs.

Packed with Great Benefits
Daily hair conditioners are generally designed to focus on conditioning your hair’s cuticle, minimizing/reducing frizz in your hair, boosting your hair’s shine, and encouraging/helping it to lie smooth.  Since these are all benefits we all want to take advantage of, it’s safe to say it’s worth adding into your hair care routine.  Daily conditioners are designed to condition the hair for enough time between hair washes, but not quite as long or deep of a conditioning experience as a deep conditioner.

Many hair experts suggest that we all use a daily conditioning product following shampoo to help the hair get that boost of conditioning it needs.  It’s also worth noting that it’s recommended to read the specifics about each daily conditioning product you use, to make sure it is truly formulated to be used daily.  Since there is a wide range of different conditioning products it can get overwhelming to determine what kind of conditioner you actually need.  Adding a daily conditioning product to your daily hair care routine is a great wait to maintain and build stronger hair.  It’s similar to keeping a moisturizer in your daily skin care routine, we all need it to maintain our skin’s health.  It’s really now a matter of finding a daily conditioner that best suits your hair and its needs.  Like with many beauty products, it’s likely to take a little trial and error to figure out which formulations you like best for your own hair.

Please do realize that while daily conditioning is essential to strengthening your hair, it doesn’t replace a deep conditioning product.  Hair experts still suggest adding a deep conditioning product into your hair care routine on a somewhat regular basis.  If you’re not sure how often you should be deep conditioning, ask your haircare professional.

Pastel hair

Pretty Pastel Hair Colors

The hair trends are all about colors this season, more so than ever before.  If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest you’ve seen tons of pictures of bright, bold, and rainbow color hair.  It’s fun to see ladies (and men!) taking their hair to a whole different side by embracing bold colors.  The interesting thing about pastel hair colors is that although it’s a bold hair color choice, the pastel tones are a more subtle route.  As opposed to really bright hues.  With so many different color hair trends happening, we’re breaking down a few of our favorite ways to adapt the pretty pastel hair colors into your own hair this season.

Pastel hair

All One Color
If you’re feeling bold, one way to adapt the pastel hair color is to do one pastel color all over your hair.  While it’s totally up to you and your personal preferences, the most popular pastel colors for this trend seems to be pink, purple and blue.  Doing the color all over is sure to make a splash of color, and it’s definitely going to take your everyday hairstyles up a notch.  Just make sure you see a professional colorist since getting your hair to a pastel shade all over can be a task and a strain on your hair’s health.

Highlight Effect
One of the other popular options for pastel hair is coloring the hair all over in the pastel shade, but breaking it up with white/almost white highlights throughout.  It’s a great way to add definition to the hair – and definitely takes your typical hairstyles to a whole other level.  Plus, it breaks up the color a bit adding a little softness to your hairstyle.

Ombre hair

Go Ombre
Another option for adapting the pastel hair trend is to adapt to more of an ombre effect.  Either adding the pastel color to the bottom of your natural color hair, or another popular route is to actually lighten up the top of your hair bringing it to almost a white shade and fading into your chosen pastel shade(s).  Whichever option you choose, it’s a fun way to spice up your hairstyle with an unexpected shade of color!

Multiple Colors
One of the final popular ways ladies are adapting the pastel hair colors into their own is by incorporating multiples shades of pastel throughout their hair.  This is being done with primarily the ombre technique to have the colors fade together throughout the hair.  When creating a multiple color ombre hairstyle, it’s likely something you want to seek an expert colorist for to make sure the result comes out like you want and protects your hair.

There are so many different ways for you to incorporate the pastel hair trend into your own hair this season.  The options really are limitless.  If you’ve been craving a pop of color with your hair, now’s the time to do it!  What do you think of the pretty pastel hair color trend?  Will you be giving it a try?