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Shades of black hair

Shades of Black

Shades of black hair

Black hair has been a popular trend in hair for a while now, we really have the Kardashian clan to thank for the rise in black hair.  There’s something that feels so exotic and gorgeous about a woman with black hair.  It’s a severe color that requires different makeup than lighter hair.  While there are many people with naturally black hair, there are also many that get it colored.  We thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the ways to incorporate the black hair craze if you’re considering it.

All Black
One of the popular hair shades, again made popular by the Kardashians, is the all black hair look.  This is dying the entire head of hair completely black.  Katy Perry is another celeb that dons this all-black hair look.  While it can be a strong look, it looks best when some shine is added to the hair.  If you’re considering going all black, make sure you add a shine serum to your hair to bring out the natural shine and really help your hair pop and look healthy.  If you do choose to go with the all black hair look you have so many fun ways to mix up your look with different haircuts and styles.  Don’t feel limited just because your hair would be one solid color, mixing up different layers, bangs,  parts, etc.

Dark, Dark Brown
Another way to go if you’re not quite wanting the ALL black look is going with a dark, dark brown that almost looks black but isn’t quite black.  It’s the natural hair color of many different ethnicities and gorgeous at that.  The fun thing about this particular hair color is often there are flecks of brown tones throughout the hair since it isn’t completely black.

Add Highlights
If you love the black look but don’t want your entire head of hair completely dark, another way to embrace this hair trend is to add some highlights to your black hair.  While most of your hair would be black, adding some strategically placed highlights throughout can be a great way to add dimension and warm up your hair and look.  You’ll definitely want to chat with your hair professional on the placement of the highlights, choosing an area that will still give you the dark hair look but just soften it a bit is typically the goal with this particular shade of black hairstyle.

If you’re considering going with a shade of black hairstyle, make sure that you seek a professional who will maintain the health of your hair.  Because going with such a dark color takes different steps to achieve the look, you’ll want to make sure you understand what necessary hair treatments and/or care is needed to maintain your hair’s health.  Even though if we’re honest, regardless of the hair color you’re going for it’s important that you seek the help of a trained professional so you don’t end up with a look completely different than what you were hoping for.

What do you think of the shades of black hair trend?  Will you, or have you, try it?

Woman with long hair

Caring for Super Long Hair

Woman with long hair

So you’re a long-haired beauty, huh?  Every hair style and type seems to have its own set of care guidelines according to experts.  It can be confusing as to which guidelines you should follow, believe, etc.  Since long hair is always on trend, we thought we would share some of our must-know hair care tips for the long-locked ladies so you can maintain those gorgeous strands as long as your heart desires.

Massage Your Scalp
Massaging your scalp is an incredible way to stimulate blow flow and circulation.  Many experts have said scalp massages are one of the best ways to help soothe and maintain your hair’s health.  Many of us forget that our scalp plays a major role in our hair’s health.  Since it is such an important part of hair care, it’s important you take the time to give it some care as well.   So massaging your scalp regularly can help with all of this.  It’s suggested to massage your scalp with oil, either lavender oil or coconut oil are found to be great for hair health and growth.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily
Often when we wash our hair we’re stripping it of its natural oils, which can be detrimental to your hair’s health.  Instead of washing daily try to stick to washing your hair two to three times per week at maximum, this will help your hair stay hydrated, clean and allow it to repair itself between washes.  Since shampoo has really been designed to get rid of product and dirt build up, spreading out your washes will allow the shampoo to truly do its job.  With long hair, you have more hair to take care of so it’s especially important that you maintain your hair’s health and allow it to naturally heal and build itself as much as possible.

Give Your Hair a Break
Long hair tends to be more susceptible to hair breakage and split ends, so in order to avoid that as much as possible try not to use heated styling products every day.  Using heated hair styling tools too often can contribute to hair breakage and split ends.  Not to mention, it’s good to give your hair a break when you can.  Avoid using these tools every day.  In addition, many experts suggest that long hair ladies get a trim more often since they’re more prone to split ends.  Even if it’s just a small trim it can help with the promotion of healthy hair growth and eliminate split ends as much as possible.

Switch to Silk
Most people have cotton pillow cases, which are actually not that great for your hair (or skin!).  So if you’re still using a cotton pillow case, experts suggest switching over to silk.  Because silk is softer it helps avoid causing tangles and keeps your hair smoother and silkier.  Cotton has often been found to actually cause hair to tangle because of the friction caused between your hair and the pillowcase.  Ready to switch yet?

Woman with coarse hair

Straightening Coarse Hair

Woman with coarse hair

Achieving that perfectly straight hair, regardless of your hair type, often feels like it’s near impossible.  Thankfully, with so many beauty bloggers and experts so willing to share their tips and tricks, we have more access to experts than ever before.  If you’re someone who has naturally course hair, it can be extra tricky to get that straight hair.  But we found some great tips and tricks and of course we had to share them with you to try for yourself!

Before you even get started with straightening it’s important to get hair completely untangled.  Using a detangling product is often essential for making sure any and all tangles are out of your hair.  The reason this is important is because straightening hair that has tangles can cause a HUGE mess for your hair, not to mention a lot of damage.  So make it a habit of using a detangling product and using a wide-toothed comb to get your hair completely tangle-free.

Dry in Sections
This trick is key for all hair types and really important for our course hair beauties.   After you’ve detangled your hair (preferably right after you shower), it’s time to start the drying process.  Dry your hair in sections.  This will help so that you’re able to get your hair completely dry and not cause more tangles trying to dry all your hair at once.  Start at the bottom with the hair closest to the nape of your neck, pinning up the rest, dry it and move up section by section.  Dry from root to tip using a round brush.  With course hair, it’s important to do smaller sections at a time so you’re really able to get the hair straight.

Protect Your Hair
Use products like heat protectant sprays and serums, this is especially important when going through the process of straightening hair because it is a lot of heat styling.  It will help ensure the health of your hair and avoid any heat related damage done.

Straighten Hot and Slow
Because you have course hair you’re going to want to take your time when straightening your hair.  Using a hair straightener that’s on a hot temperature is going to help lock in the straight style.  Additionally, while using it you’re going to want to take your time and slowly use the hair straightener.  Of course, you want to go slow, but not so slow that you cause heat damage to your hair.  This is also why it’s important you invest in a good heat protectant product.  Many experts say that for course hair the higher the heat the straighter the hair will style and the longer it will stay straight.

It seems a large focus from experts on straightening course hair is to take your time with it.  We all have that “I want it now” mentality and that definitely goes for our hair too, but sometimes we have to take a step back and take our time to achieve the results we want.

Japanese woman

Vintage Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese woman

Since we’re focused on celebrating Japanese culture and beauty this week, it was natural that we take a look back at some of the vintage beauty.  The Japanese culture has always been known for their beauty and hair trends throughout time, and it’s really no different as we look back at the vintage hairstyles.  Ready to take a step back in time with us?  Let’s chat about vintage Japanese hairstyles!

Pulled Back Hair
Looking through older pictures of women in Japan, you’ll see a theme of hair being pulled back off the face.  Often worn in a rolled back way, pinned to create multiple large curls or rolls, while it was a rather simple hairstyle it didn’t lack style.  Most of the time these hairstyles were worn with the hair accessories, combs and/or pins specifically, strategically placed throughout the hairstyle.  This created a unique hairstyle that took the otherwise simple hair look to a whole new level, which is likely why hair accessories hold such an important place in vintage Japanese hairstyles.  Even in our culture today, we know that using accessories is an easy way to take our hair up a notch without the need of actually having to create an elaborate hairstyle.


Hair Accessories
The use of hair accessories plays a huge role in vintage Japanese hairstyles.  Between gorgeous elaborate hair combs and sticks, they really added a unique look to any woman’s hair.  Many of the vintage hair accessories found include some elements of flowers to their design.  Even just looking through an internet search of vintage Japanese hair you’ll quickly see the prevalence of hair accessories in Japanese hairstyles over the years.  It seems that the most popular hair accessories were decorative hair combs, that were likely handmade.

Long Hair
Because of the way the hair was rolled and styled throughout Japanese history, it’s likely that most of the Japanese women had long hair that was all one length.  Since having layers can add difficulty to achieving an otherwise simple, symmetrical hairstyle it’s easiest when trying to achieve this type of hairstyle that your hair is long and one length.  In fact, there are even some rare photos of women before their hair is styled showing that they indeed had very long hair that was all one length.

It’s interesting that as we look back on vintage Japanese hairstyles, there are some similarities in hairstyles that are popular in today’s Japanese culture.  The idea of keeping things simple, but bold hold true throughout the years of Japanese culture with the use of simple haircuts and the addition of hair accessories.  It’s always fun to take a step back into vintage beauty trends, especially in a culture as incredible as the Japanese culture.  It’s really no surprise that even in the past Japanese beauty trends were bold and unique, just as they are today.  Guess it’s true what they say, some things never change.

What do you think of vintage Japanese hairstyles?

Kawaii hairstyle

Kawaii Hairstyles

Kawaii hairstyle

There’s been a huge social media rise in the popularity of the Kawaii and Japanese influenced hairstyles.  There are countless YouTube videos and blogs talking about how to get these types of hairstyles, easily.  The fun thing about the Kawaii and/or Japanese influenced hairstyles is that they’re not overly complicated to achieve, but have such a cute outcome.  If you’re new to the Kawaii hairstyle trend, we’re sharing some of our favorite Kawaii hair attributes with you so you can start incorporating the Kawaii hairstyles today!

One of the biggest influences in the Kawaii hairstyles is the addition of hair accessories.  Headbands and bows are commonly used and added to the hair.  A hairstyle as simple as a ponytail is suddenly given a fun Kawaii twist by adding a bold bow to it.  Additionally, wearing your hair straight can suddenly be given a Kawaiian boost with a headband.  They’re little touches that give that fun Kawaii/Japanese vibe to your hairstyle and are super easy ways to add the element to your hair without much extra effort or time investment.

Blunt Cuts
Another big influence of Kawaii hairstyles is the blunt haircuts.  Between a straight, blunt layered cut and blunt bangs the lines of this hairstyle influence are strong.  Much of this goes back to the Japanese influence of the Kawaii culture and beauty trends.  If you look up images of Kawaii hairstyles the first few images that pop up will be blunt hairstyles.  That being said, blunt bangs are super common throughout Kawaii and Japanese hairstyles.  Much like accessorizing adding blunt bangs is an effortless way to adapt the vibe of the trend without needing much styling or time to achieve the look.

Pops of Color
Another fun hairstyle that’s been making waves in the Kawaii hairstyle realm is the pop of color in your hair.  Many Kawaii hairstyle ladies are coloring their hair in bright, bold colors.  Most of the pictures you’ll see are shades of pink and purple, and they’re actually in more of a pastel shade of the colors.  While a lot of hairstyle colors have been about vibrant colors, the Kawaii colors are bold and vibrant but in a lighter color tone.  Adding to the fun, easy, girly vibe of the Kawaii and Japanese influence, when these colors are worn with a simple blunt haircut they’re effortless but make a statement easily.

These are some of our favorite Kawaii and Japanese influenced hairstyles happening right now.  As you can tell it seems to be about making a statement with simple, but strong features.  Between the blunt cuts and pops of color, they aren’t difficult hairstyles to achieve, but are sure to make a bold statement.  Now that you know some of the popular attributes of these types of hairstyles what do you think is your favorite one?  Would you try implementing any of them into your hairstyle?

Tiered ponytail

The Perfect Pony for Summer Sports

Since the weather is heating up it’s likely you’re going to be spending more and more time outside.  If you’re an outdoorsy girl and love playing summer sports you’re probably faced with the dilemma of how to tie your hair back in a way that will actually stay, but also look cute.  Well, we’ve got you covered on some fun tips to give you the perfect ponytail look that will look cute and give you the function you need to play your favorite summer sports.

Side braid to ponytail

Side Braid to Ponytail 
One of the most frustrating aspects of ponytails, when you’re playing a sport, is that the shorter layers in your hair tend to fall down on your face.  If that’s a common struggle for you, we’ve got a great solution!  Add a French braid to the front portion of your hair and bring it into a ponytail.  This is great because it pulls back all the layers in your hair and will really keep them off your face.  Additionally, it’s a great way to secure your hair since you’re able to make a braid a bit tighter than just your regular ponytail.  Plus- it looks cute!

Multiple Braids
If you’re wanting something with a little more personality to it than just a single braid, add more than one!  The great thing about braids is they always look great and you can make them as small or big as you like.  Play around with different braids that lead into a ponytail, and switch things up!   Remember, you don’t have to keep the braids to the top portion of your hair.  If the hair underneath your ponytail tends to fall down often – braid the bottom portion of your hair under your ponytail.  That’s a great way to add a different look to your hair that provides awesome function.

Tiered ponytail

Tiered Ponytail
If you’re tired of rocking the braided ponytail another way to get secured hair in a different way is a tiered ponytail.  A tiered ponytail is when you created ponytails at different heights throughout your hair.  Generally, you would start where you typically place a half-up hairstyle and as you move down you grab hair from the sides and place rubber bands throughout until you get to the bottom.  This is another great hairstyle that doesn’t require bobby pins (that tend to fall out during physical activity) and hold even the smaller layers in your hair back so they won’t fall into your face.

Since you’re not going to want to be dealing with your hair constantly falling out of place when you’re playing your favorite summer sports, think about ways to keep your hair intact as much as possible that don’t require a lot of additional pieces.  Typically the more things you have to add to your hair, like bobby pins and ribbons, the more likely they are to fall out of your hair once you start getting into any physical activity.  Try these ponytail tips to keep you hair out of your face so you’re able to focus on your favorite sports!

Beautiful teenage girl taking care of her hair

Teens & Changing Hair Texture

Beautiful teenage girl taking care of her hair

Teens are dealing with a lot of changes during these years, bodies are changing, moods are changing, and even your hair may be changing.  A lot of these changes are due to puberty and the massive change happening in your body.  If you’re a teen and noticed your hair and the texture of your hair making some changes, you’re not alone!  We’re going to go through why you may be experiencing some hair texture changes in your teen years.

There have been a few specific hormones (like thyroxine and insulin, to name a couple) that have been found to be directly related to the change in a person’s hair.  A lot of this change happens because during the puberty years these specific hormones start to activate, or kick in, to a new level and begin impacting your hair’s texture and/or growth.

What to Do
If you’re experiencing a texture change in your hair one of the first things experts suggest you do is to switch your shampoo and conditioner.  Your hair can get used to certain hair products when you use them for an extended period of time so it’s a great time to make a switch.  Also, start adapting really healthy hair habits like combing your hair when it’s damp, trying different hair care products, and avoiding heat as much as possible.  These are all things everyone can benefit from adapting into their hair care routine, but they’re especially important when you’ve started to experience some hair texture changing.

Be Patient
Since the texture change is hormone related, there’s really not much you can do about it but work with it.  Stay patient and try different products and styles to see what your new hair texture is going to adapt/like the best.  It’s easy to get frustrated because it’s a change, especially when you’re a teen and already dealing with so many changes with your body.  But try to stay patient and remember you’re not alone.  Experimenting is a fun way to try new things and make the most of your hair.

Be Specific
Ok so if your hair is changing in texture it’s important to notice HOW it’s changing.  Is it thicker? Straighter?  Curlier?  Finer?  What changes have happened?  This will help you be able to better select the best hair care products for your changing hair texture.  Getting clear and having an understanding of how your hair is actually changing to can eliminate a lot more confusion.  While it may be hard to tell at first, take a moment to really focus on what’s actually happening with your hair.  You’re not able to adjust if you don’t know what you’re adjusting to, right?

While it can be frustrating to have a hair texture change, it’s important to realize it’s just part of life.  With puberty and our changing hormones, our bodies change in many ways during our teen years.  Just know you’re not alone and you can always make the necessary adjustments as your hair changes.

Side bun

Styling Long Hair and Side Bangs

If you have long hair, you know there are limitless options when it comes to different ways to style your hair.  However, just because there are limitless options doesn’t mean you’re necessarily applying them.  It’s likely you’re stuck in wearing your hair the same couple ways, right?  Well if you are, we’re going to go through some of our favorite hairstyles for ladies with long hair and side bangs to get you thinking about hairstyles in a different way.

Side bun

Sideswept Styles
Whether you’re a braid or bun girl, there’s something so effortless and chic about a side swept low bun and/ or braid.  They’re both super easy to achieve, taking barely any time, but with long hair and the little side bang touch, it’s a great way to change things up.  The bonus is these easy looks are even perfect for a more formal night out.  Leave a few little face-framing pieces out and you’ve got an effortless look that took only minutes to achieve.

Half Up Do
One of the great go-to hairstyles for long hair and side bang ladies is the half up hairstyle.  Now if you’re already working the half up hairstyle, one way to switch things up a bit is to change the part between a deep side part or a strong middle part the shift can make it feel like a completely different hairstyle.  In addition, change up the placement of where you pin the hair back.  A great relaxed look is pinning the hair back to the middle of your head.  In turn, if you want something a little different bring the pinning up a bit higher on the head.

braided headband hairstyle

Braided Headband
The great thing about side bangs is that they’re long enough to pull back on the days you just feel like them being out of your face.  One great, easy hairstyle to get your bangs off your face for the day is pulling them back into a braid.  It’s chic and a fun way to incorporate something different into your usual hair rotation.

Mix Up the Part and Texture
The great thing about this haircut style is the versatility, even making simple switches like changing your part from the side to the middle is an easy way to change your hair.  Additionally, it’s likely you have layers which are great for creating the appearance of texture in your hair.  Spritz your hair with some texturizing product to create great texture in your hair.  While you’re in the mindset of switching things up – try different style/ sized curls.  This hairstyle is great for all different curl types, everything from loose beachy waves to tighter ringlet curls are gorgeous on long hair.

As with any hairstyle, just experiment!  The great thing about playing around with different hairstyles is it isn’t permanent.  So just try pinning your hair back in different ways, or adding little braids strategically throughout your hair.  You may just find a new hairstyle you love!

Woman using a flat iron

Creating Curls and Waves

Woman using a flat iron

When you think of using a flat iron, you probably don’t think of creating a curly/ wavy hairstyle.  Hence the name of the tool: flat iron.  We typically think of flat irons as tools to achieve a flat, straight hair look.  However, there are more uses for flat irons than we generally think of.  It’s actually completely possible to create curls and waves in your hair using you guessed it…a flat iron.  To walk you through the process of doing so, we’re sharing some of our must-know tips for doing this!

Getting Started
Like the start of any heated hair styling, it’s important to begin with clean, dry hair.  Additionally, before you do anything else spritz your hair with your favorite heat protectant product.  This will help give you hair added protection and since you’re going to be using a heated hairstyling tool, it’s necessary to use.

Create Sections
Many experts and bloggers recommend breaking hair up into sections to make it more manageable.  It tends to be easiest when you work your way from the bottom up, so leaving a small section of hair at the nape of the neck down and pinning up the rest.  You know the drill!

Start Curling
Using your flat iron as a curling iron is simple!  All you need to do is grab a small section of hair (about 1” or so) clamp down on the hair with the flat iron and twist it around just like you do with a curling iron.  Since the flat iron is a bit…flatter than a curling iron most users suggest not curling to the very ends of your hair to avoid the ends developing a kink from the straightener. Rotate the direction you twist the hair/flat iron as you curl your hair to give the look a nice beachy type of look

Break it Up
Once you’ve curled/created waves over all your hair with the flat iron the curls may be a tad stiff looking, so to break those up simply run your fingers through your hair to loosen the hair and create a more natural curled/waved look.  Once you’ve done that if you want to further streamline the ends of your hair you can gently run over your flat iron over just the ends again (using it in the traditional straightener way).  Once that’s complete just spritz over some hairspray over all your hair so it’s sure to hold its place and you’re done!

You probably didn’t think using a flat iron to create curls would be so easy, huh?  Well, now you know!  Like every other hairstyle, it’s giving you a break when you try it for the first time it may take some getting used to and a little practice.  Have fun with it and experiment with rotating the flat iron in different directions, using different sized sections of hair, etc.

What do you think of creating curls/waves with a flat iron?  Will you/have you give it a try?

Woman touching her hair

Strengthening Weak Hair

Woman touching her hair

Weak hair can be the result of many different factors, between hair coloring, heat styling, etc.  While it can be the result of many different things, it’s also just plain frustrating!  As women, our hair tends to be a big factor in our overall image and appearance so dealing with weak hair can cause us to feel less confident.  But if you’re dealing with weak hair, don’t worry any longer because we’ve got you covered on helping you to strengthen your hair.

Ease Up on the Heat 
If your hair is weak it’s important to give it a little breathing room and a chance to recover, this means it’s important to give your hair as much of a break from heat styling as possible.  If you use heat styling products often try to cut back a bit so your hair isn’t put under so much stress.  In addition, you’re going to want to start incorporating heat protectant products to prevent further damage.

Careful on the Chemicals
Just like heat styling can put your hair under stress, so can chemical treatments like hair coloring.  Try to avoid over-doing it on the chemical treatments to allow your hair to take a breather.  In addition, it’s not a bad idea to do a deep conditioning mask on your hair at least once a week to help your hair heal.  If you’re not sure what type of product to use for this ask your hairstylist for suggestions.

Get Some Variety
If you tend to wear your hair in the same hairstyle often, try switching things up.  Whether you wear your hair down or up all the time, both can have their negative effects on your hair.  So instead of wearing the same hairstyle day after day, rotate between different hairstyles to keep your hair from getting weak from too much consistency.

Woman having a smoothie

Consider Your Diet
Just like your diet and what you eat has an effect on your skin, it can also affect your hair’s health.  Drinking enough water, eating enough protein, and of course, getting the necessary vitamins and minerals are all major factors in your hair and scalp’s health.  If you find your hair is feeling weak, take a look at your diet and how much water you’re drinking.  See what areas you can adjust and start incorporating them into your day-to-day routine.

Use Proper Products
Many women skip using hair care products altogether, but hair care products can be crucial to your hair’s health.  Much like we need to use the right skin care products for our skin, we need to do the same with our hair care products.  So either ask your hairstylist or research what products are best fit for your hair type, and hair’s needs.

Weak hair isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s definitely something that can be turned around with a few switches in your daily routine.  If you’re struggling with weak hair apply some of these tips, and let us know how it goes!