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woman using hair dryer

What You Can Do To Avoid Hair Breakage and Loss

woman using hair dryer

If you’ve dealt with hair breakage or hair loss, you know the frustration that comes along with it.  You can be left wondering how exactly you can avoid dealing with it moving forward.  Hair care isn’t something we’re taught in school, so there’s often no way for us to know until we’re stuck dealing with it and have to find a way to avoid it moving forward.  But since we always want to make sure we keep you as informed as possible when it comes to hair and skincare, we’re sharing what you can do to avoid hair breakage and loss.

Be Easy With The Heat
You know that washing your hair daily can put a lot of stress on your hair, and so can the use of heated styling tools.  Try to avoid using heated styling tools on a daily basis, as the heat on a daily basis can put a lot of stress on your hair that can lead to breakage and loss.  In fact, if and when possible experts suggest air drying your hair as often as you can.  Skipping a hair dryer can be a really powerful part in keeping your hair healthy and free of hair loss and breakage.  In addition, keep your other heated styling tools to a minimum when you can, to give your hair a break.

Don’t Wash Every Day
While you probably grew up being told to wash your hair daily, it’s actually one habit that can cause damage (i.e.) breakage to occur in your hair.  When we wash our hair to often we’re actually stripping it of its natural oils, this can then cause your hair to become dry and brittle.  When our hair becomes too dry and brittle it’s more prone to breakage and can even result in hair loss.  Giving your hair a break between washes has been found to be incredibly helpful, and recommended by experts.  Most experts suggest getting on a 2-3 day wash cycle, instead of washing every day.

woman brushing wet hair

Be Careful With Wet Hair
When our hair is wet, it’s said to be in its most vulnerable state.  In fact, some experts suggest a lot of breakage and hair loss is because of how we treat our hair when it’s wet.  So be careful with your hair when it’s wet.  Instead of combing your hair roughly just to get it over with when it’s wet, be delicate and take your time as this is a major factor with breakage.  Also, be gentle when you’re drying your hair with a towel and use something that will be gentle.

Keep Up With Haircuts
One of the essential things to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding hair breakage and loss is you need to keep your hair as healthy as possible, this means being consistent with the upkeep of your hair.  In other words, make sure you’re getting your hair trimmed regularly.  Getting your hair trimmed can eliminate hair breakage as it happens and avoid it accelerating too much.

Woman holding a flat iron

How to Properly Coil Hot Tool Cords

Woman holding a flat iron

Let’s face it, using hot tools means dealing with their cords.  If most of us are honest we let the cords get twisted around other cords, and end up in a bit of a mess most of the time.  The truth is, if you want to elongate the lifespan of your hot tools and their cords you’re going to need to get serious about how you coil them.  Many experts have said that properly coiling and storing the cords to electronic devices like hot tools can really make a difference in how they work and how long they last you.  We know you invest quite a bit in your hot tools, so we want to make sure you’re keeping them in tip top shape.  We’re sharing tips on how to properly coil hot tools cords.

One of the best techniques to properly coiling a hot tool cord is by using a method where you start with the outlet in your hand and begin to essentially fold the cord to create a figure 8 shape.  Continue to do this until you’ve created the figure 8 shape with the cord throughout the entire cord and have all of the cord wrapped up into this figure 8 shape (or basically when you run out of cord).  For the best care of your hot tool cord, keep the cord in place by using a twist tie or small piece of Velcro to tie the cord in place.  This method is referred to as the ‘hanking’ method, and found to be the best option when it comes to coiling cords that are smaller and thinner.  You’re really able to get a good handle on the cord using this process and keep the cord in place in a streamlined way.

When it comes to properly coiling hot tool cords, it’s important that you’re making sure to store them in the coiled manner when you’re not using the tools themselves.  As we let them get twisted and tied up, we put a lot of stress on the cords and this is where we can start to negatively impact the lifespan of the hot tools and their cords.  Coiling the cords after you use them is going to ensure that you’re taking proper care of your hot tools and won’t be faced with any issues with the cords down the line.

If you haven’t been storing and coiling your hot tool cords this way, it’s ok!  You can start now.  Just make sure that you have the necessary items, either using twist ties or Velcro to hold the cords in place.  While you’re going through coiling your hot tools, it makes it easier to just go through and re-coil all of your tools at once to start everything on the right track moving forward from here.  The good news is this is NOT a long process and something you can do very quickly once you have the Velcro/twist ties.

Do you properly coil your hot tool cords?  If not, will you be starting?

woman on beach with top knot

Hairstyles That Help You Travel With Confidence

woman on beach with top knot

If you have any trips coming up in the near future, or if you’re a frequent traveler you know that creating a hairstyle that accommodates traveling can be difficult to accomplish.  Sometimes it can feel like your hair ends up ‘eh’ and just not leaving you feeling like your best when you arrive at your destination.  Since we’re always all about looking and feeling your best, we discovered some hairstyles that help you travel with confidence.  Say goodbye to just dealing with hair that you’re not happy with after you travel, and hello to confidence when upon your arrival!

The Always Chic, Topknot
Topknots have really become a thing in the past couple of years, whether you’re headed to the gym or out on the town, it’s one of those hairstyles that you can transition to accommodate what you need it to.  Well, the good news is it’s also one of the most perfect hairstyles for traveling.  Think about it, your hair is up and out of your face so you don’t have to deal with it getting gross throughout your travels but it’s also incredibly chic.

woman with braid on beach

Braid It!
Another popular hairstyle that’s perfect for traveling is a braid.  Now braids can be worn so many different ways, it’s kind of up to you with how extravagant you want to get with your travel braids.  Honestly, even just braiding back your bangs into a small braid and pinning it back can be a great look that’s effortless, doesn’t take a lot of time, and will have you looking great when you arrive at your destination.  If you don’t really want to leave the rest of your hair down from the little braid, even pulling it back into a low ponytail braid will give you the same versatility and look.

Add Accessories
Into topknots and leaving your hair down, but feel like it’s still a little ‘eh?’  You’re in luck because hair accessories can truly transform an entire hairstyle with ease.  Adding a headband, or even a scarf to any simple hairstyle can help you feel better about your hairstyle but still keep it easy and functional for traveling.  Really want to keep it easy?  Add a hat to your hairstyle, that’s about as easy as you can get!  The great part about accessories in your hair is they have a way of making hairstyles look much more intricate than they actually are, so if you have an event of function to attend right after you arrive somewhere this is perfect for you!

When it comes to creating hairstyles that are perfect for traveling, it’s really about keeping things easy but not slacking on the style.  We know we want to feel great when we arrive to our destination, so we know you do too.  It’s important to not make it TOO complicated, so you can actually enjoy your travels and not feel like you have to worry about your hair throughout the trip!

Do you have a favorite hairstyle that helps you travel with confidence?

girl with bun smiling

Twisting Short Hair Into a Bun

girl with bun smiling

If you’re a short haired beauty you’ve probably spent a decent amount of time (probably more than you’d like to admit) trying to pin your hair back into a bun.  When you have short hair pinning your hair back can definitely get tricky, especially having it actually STAY back.  We know when you have short hair it can feel limiting when it comes to styling your hair and since buns are so popular, we didn’t want you to feel left out.  We’re sharing some of our favorite tips to twisting short hair into a bun to get you all the details you need to know!

Work In Sections
Since you have shorter hair to work with, one of the best ways to really twist your hair into a bun is going to be working in sections.  Depending on whether you’re creating a high bun or low bun will determine how you break up the sections of hair.  It’s important to realize that you don’t have to twist all your hair back  in one big  swoop to get it into a bun, divide your hair so that it’s easier to manage and work with.  This way you will also be able to have more control, pinning back sections with bobby pins if they fall a bit, etc.

It’s All About The Products
Here’s the thing, when it comes to styling hair in general using the right hair care products can make or break achieving the hairstyle.  This holds especially true when a short haired lady is looking to achieve a bun hairstyle.  Using products like texturizing sprays/mousse and volumizing products can really help you to create a gorgeous hairstyle, especially when you’re looking to create a bun.  These two types of products tend to work really well for short haired buns because they create the illusion of having more hair and give your hair some extra holding power.

Add Actual Twists
When working with shorter hair it can be the fly away pieces and shorter layers that can cause problems when trying to pin it back into a bun.  If you find this is a struggle for you, try actually incorporating twisted pieces of hair into the bun hairstyle.  The twists can wrap the layers around one another to keep them locked down a bit easier and allow you to actually keep your hair back, without trying to use a can of hair spray to do so.

We also think it’s worth noting that some of the most gorgeous bun hairstyles are the ones that aren’t ‘perfect.’  Having little fly away pieces around your face and the more effortless look is often more interesting than a bun that’s that perfect slicked back style, especially right now!  In addition, remember that before you get frustrated it can take a bit of practice to get used to twisting your hair back into a bun.  If you have some free time on the weekend or in the evenings use it to practice so you’re not trying to style your hair differently as you’re running out the door.

woman with side braid and jewels

Everyday Hairstyles That Look Better With Bling

woman with side braid and jewels

Do you ever feel like you just wear your hair the same way every day?  We all get in a bit of a rut, because sometimes it can seem like it’s an awfully lot of extra work to put your hair up in some complicated hairstyle.  And really…who has time (or wants the time) to be creating these crazy hairstyles before heading out the door in the morning?   We’re with you on that one, 100%!  The good news is you don’t have to create intricate hairstyles to have gorgeous hair, we’ve actually discovered some everyday hairstyles that look BETTER with bling.  That means you can wear your hair in the easy, everyday hairstyles you love and spruce it up with some bling.

Loose Waves
We know you love the loose waves hairstyle as much as we do, there’s something so effortless and easy about wearing your hair down in gorgeous waves.  But if you want to actually take it up a notch, try pinning your front bangs/pieces back with a blinged out bobby pin or clip.  Seriously, it can be THAT easy.  Pinning a few pieces back with a blingy clip is a way to keep your hairstyle super simple and easy, but look even better with the accessory added.

messy bun with jewels

Messy Bun
You probably throw your hair up in the traditional messy bun as often as we do, let’s face it – it’s super easy and gets your hair out of your face when you just don’t feel like dealing with it.  While we’re all about the casual feel of the messy bun, we think it looks even better when you add some bling.  Adding a bling headband or even pin to your hair when it’s back in a messy bun is a way to take it from typical everyday hair to WOW everyday hair.  You can have a lot of fun with this everyday hairstyle by adding bling, there are so many different fun bling hair clip, pins and headbands that you can try adding them strategically in different places throughout your hair to create a totally different look every  time.  The good news is, it will literally take seconds to actually transition this look.

Low Side Braid
Braids are EVERYTHING right now, and many of us make the low side braid hairstyle a go-to on second day hair (hello, it’s SO easy).  Sure the braids look great on their own, but if you want it to look even better tray adding a bling headband to the hairstyle.  It can truly turn this easy hairstyle into something that feels like you could take it to a more formal event if you wanted to.

The thing we love most about adding bling to everyday hairstyles is that you can wear these everyday hairstyles to work during the day, or even to a more formal event at night.  Wherever you wear them, you’ll stand out from the crowd because you’ve taken an everyday hairstyle up a notch like a true professional.

woman touching hair

Stimulating Natural Oil Production

woman touching hair

We all have hair, but we don’t all necessarily have hair that we love.  One major factor that plays into you having the gorgeous hair you desire is keeping your hair moisturized.  While we all know this, sometimes we don’t want to necessarily want to apply a bunch of ‘stuff’ to our hair and skin in order to achieve it.  There’s been a lot of discovery around stimulating natural oil production to moisturize your hair.  The great news is you can do this naturally, which means avoiding adding any additional chemicals and ‘stuff’ to your body.

Give Yourself A Scalp Massage
That’s right, experts have found that by giving yourself a scalp massage you’re able to stimulate the blood flow in the scalp.  When your scalp’s blood flow is stimulated, your scalp naturally produces oil in the way that it’s supposed to.  There’s been a lot of discovery around this, and the incredible benefits that come from scalp massages.  It’s actually suggested that you massage your scalp as often as possible.  You don’t need to spend an hour doing it, but just gently massaging the scalp can make the world of difference.  If it means natural oil production and more gorgeous hair…we’re in – how about you?!

Deep Condition Your Hair
We get it, going through a deep conditioning process can seem like a hassle sometimes.  However, many experts suggest that doing a deep conditioning treatment on your hair on a regular basis allows your hair to become more moisturized and healed, allowing it to naturally produce oil.  When your hair is in a healthier state, it’s able to function more properly, giving you the opportunity to naturally stimulate oil production.

woman curling hair

Avoid Too Much Heat
Look, we like hot showers just as much as anyone else…and we use heated hair styling products too.  But the thing is, when we have too much heat placed on our hair, it tends to become drier.  When our scalp and hair is put under a lot of stress, especially with heat, the dryness prevents your hair from producing a lot of the natural oils.  This means, in order to stimulate natural oil production in your hair, it’s wise to back off on some of the heat.  We’re not saying you have to avoid it altogether, but try not to over-do-it.  Back off on taking extremely hot showers, and try not to style your hair with heated styling tools every single day.  Give your hair a break from the heat, to give it a chance to produce oil naturally instead of getting too dried out.

Don’t Wash Your Hair, Too Much
Here’s the thing, when we shower we’re actually stripping our hair of its natural oils.  Since we’re taking out a lot of the natural oils by washing our hair too often, it doesn’t give you hair a chance to produce more naturally.  It’s suggested that you don’t wash your hair daily and instead get into a 2-3 day hair washing routine to allow your hair to get in the habit of naturally producing oil more regularly.

Have you found a way to stimulate natural oil production in your hair?

woman spraying hair in mirror

Protect Every Strand Of Your Hair

woman spraying hair in mirror

Ok, listen, we’re not here to judge you or scold you…but we know you’re not protecting your hair as best you could when you’re styling it.  We get it, it can feel like extra steps and extra time to get yourself out the door in the morning when chances are you’re already running late.  But here’s the deal, if you want to keep your hair healthy or get your hair healthier, you’ve GOT to start taking your hair protection seriously.  You don’t skip moisturizing your skin, so why skip important steps in your hair care routine?  We believe you should protect every strand of your hair, so we’re discussing how to help you do just that.

Most women use some sort of heated styling tools to style their hair on a daily basis, and while we’re all about you doing the same thing we also want to make sure you’re keeping your hair healthy in the process.  One of the most crucial steps to help you protect every strand of your hair is by utilizing a heat protectant product on your hair.  If you thought they were just an optional product before, you’ve got to switch that mindset!  Many hair experts have said that heat protectant products are NECESSARY anytime you plan on using heated styling tools.  Heat protectant sprays are designed to, well…protect your hair against the heat.  Even if you’re using the heated styling tools the proper way, you want to make sure your maintaining as much protection as possible and the best way to do that is with the use of product.

The best way to use heat protectant sprays it to simply apply it to damp hair.  Applying to wet/damp hair will allow the product to be absorbed by your hair, so you’re able to reap the benefits of the product.  In addition, make sure you read the directions.  We get it, sometimes the directions on hair care products seem silly and we all think we don’t need to actually read the directions.  But the thing is, some products are formulated in a specific way and for you to really get the benefits from using them you’re going to need to make sure you read the directions and FOLLOW them.  This way you won’t miss any important factors that need to come into play as you use these products.  There are a ton of different heat protectant products available so it’s really about finding what you like best, and works with your hair type.

The great thing about using a heat protectant is that by doing so, you’re able to create a protection barrier between your hair and the heat.  Which is why they’re so great at truly protecting your hair – obviously.  If you’re ready to take your haircare to the next level, maintain your hair’s health, and get it back to a healthier state, it’s time to incorporate a heat protectant into your haircare routine.  We know you won’t regret it!

Do you use a heat protectant?

Updo with bobby pins

Tricks For Creating Pretty HairStyles

Updo with bobby pins

If you’re like every other woman in the world, you get fed up with trying to create pretty hairstyles quite a bit.  It’s ok, we’ve all been there trust us.  While it can sometimes feel like it’s impossible to do unless you went to cosmetology school, it’s NOT!  You heard us!  We’ve discovered some pretty amazing tricks for creating pretty hairstyles that you’re going to LOVE because they’re not hard to use, either.  We’re all about helping you find easier, more efficient ways of creating the beauty looks you want and hairstyles are no different.  Ok, ok enough rambling we’ll get right to them!

The Bobby Pin Trick
Women everywhere…we’ve been using bobby pins WRONG this whole time!  Yep, you read that correctly.  If you’ve ever used bobby pins you probably placed them into your hair and assumed they would stay put, but they may have/probably slid out of your hair.  It turns out if you want to use bobby pins the correct way, you have to actually apply them to your hair with the wavy side of the pin facing towards your head.  The wavy part will grip more to your head, keeping it in place!

woman with headband

Use Headbands In A Whole New Way
You’re probably no stranger to headbands, they’re pretty self-explanatory, but you’ve probably been wearing them in the traditional way with your hair down and the headband placed in your hair.  Well, if you’re looking for an easy way to create a pretty hairstyle look no further!  Placing your headband on your head, over your hair (think boho-hippie style here), you can simply curl up the rest of your hair into the headband.  It’s an easy way to create an up-do that doesn’t even require any bobby pins!  Hello easiest up-do of all time!

Cover Your Elastic Bands, Easily
If you’re looking to create a chic, pulled back hairstyle, it sometimes feels like it’s ruined by the chunky elastic band showing.  Well, if you’re tired of that happening, you can create a gorgeous, streamlined look wrapping your hair around the elastic band.  All you do is leave a small section of hair loose after you’ve pulled it back.  Once you’ve secured the rest of your hair how you want just wrap the little section around the elastic band to hide it and secure with a pin.  It’s really that easy!

Bring The Beach To You
Doesn’t it seem like you get the best hair when you’re at the beach?  Salt water just does wonders for the hair, and creates those gorgeous beachy waves we all love and try to recreate.  Well the good news is you can bring the beach to you now, by creating your own salt water spray.  Yep, all you do is mix seltzer water with sea salt and spray away!  It’s a super simple way to create salt water spray that gives you that gorgeous texture you only get from salt water.  Spritz it on your hair to get some texture and enjoy beachy waves you’ll love.

What tricks for creating pretty hairstyles do you live by?

woman with wavy curls

Timeless Hairstyles We Love

woman with wavy curls

Hairstyles come and go, sometimes it seems like they move like the wind.  It can leave a girl wondering if there’s even such a thing as a timeless hairstyle.  Well, if you’re one of those girls…there is!  We’re sharing some of the timeless hairstyles we love to give you a little inspiration if you’re interested in trying out a hairstyle that’s timeless in style.

The Bob
Bob hairstyles are one of those hairstyles that always seem to feel updated and chic.  The great thing about bob hairstyles is that you’re able to cater it to fit your facial shape and really highlight whatever features you want to feature.  Whether it’s a long bob, or the traditional just under the chin bob you can count on bob hairstyles to be timeless.  The way you style the bob and how you wear any sort of bang(s) is going to be a way for you to create that updated bob feeling.  They’ve been timeless for years already, we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon!

Blunt Bangs 
Another go-to for so many women and it holds its strength in timelessness is the blunt bang.  Typically a blunt bang is a thicker bang that’s cut in (obviously) a blunt cut.  The great part about this hairstyle is you’re really able to style the rest of your hair however you like to emphasize your face shape in the way you want.  Blunt bangs look great with short hair (even bobs!) and long hair, it’s really up to you and what you like.  Regardless, it’s a hairstyle that continues to be and feel timeless.  Anytime we see a celeb step out in a blunt bang she looks timeless and stunning.

woman with center part

The Center Part
The way we part our hair has definitely changed and evolved over the years, from deep side parts to zig-zags and everything in between.  But one of the parted hairstyles that continues to hold its own in the trends/timelessness area is the center part.  Regardless of the year a center part always look chic and timeless.  Looking back in history the center part has been around for a while, and we definitely don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Beachy Waves 
Admit it, you’ve worn or wanted to wear beachy waves in your hair at least a few times throughout your life.  It’s one of those hairstyles that seems so effortless (even if it isn’t), and continues to be a sought after hairstyle by women everywhere.  So many of our favorite celebs rock the beachy waves with ease and it always looks gorgeous. Beachy waves had to make our list of timeless hairstyles, because we all have that little beachy side to us.

woman with long hair

Long Layers
Our final timeless hairstyle has got to be the long layered hairstyle.  It’s a hairstyle that can be styled so many different ways, which is likely why it’s timeless and liked by so many women.  It’s a flattering hairstyle on so many and had to make our list!

Do you have a favorite timeless hairstyle?

woman distressed

Do You Have Dull, Thinning Hair?

woman distressed

Our hair is something that so many of us feel is almost a safety blanket, of sorts.  We love being able to style it and color it different ways to suit our style as we go through our lives.  Unfortunately, one of the major downsides of aging can be developing dull, thinning hair.  Bummer, right?  Although age isn’t the only factor that can cause your hair to become dull and/or thin – pregnancy, stress, and even certain medications can also play a role in your hair changing in this way.  If you’ve been experiencing dull, thinning hair you’re probably feeling frustrated and ready for it to go away.  We’re going to share a few things that you can do to help get your hair back on track.

Keeping up with healthy hair habits
One of the most important things when you experience any sort of change that you don’t necessarily like with your hair is to keep on with very healthy hair habits…or if you don’t have healthy hair habits now is the time to start adopting them.  Don’t wash your hair daily, use hair products that are designed to help your hair type, and give yourself a scalp massage regularly.  These are just a few of the healthy hair habits that are suggested by the experts when it comes to keeping your hair in a healthier state.  Sometimes when we get frustrated with our hair like it becoming dull or thin, we feel like ‘what’s the point?’ but now is NOT the time to stop doing anything for your hair.

Do a self-check on yourself
Experts suggest that you can actually do a little self-check to determine if your hair is actually thinning.  All you do is gently pull at your hair around the scalp area.  It’s suggested that if you have more than 6 strands of hair that come out in this process you do in fact have a problem with your hair thinning.  If you find you are experiencing some thinning problems then it’s time to take some more serious action for your hair care routine.  Adding a haircare product that’s known to promote shine AND volume to hair is going to be a really great addition to help your hair in this more vulnerable state.  Of course there are also some over-the-counter hair growth products available to add to your routine, as well as some chatter about using essential oils as well.

If it gets more serious
If you try the first suggestions and notice that your hair isn’t getting any better with the thinning or dullness it’s time to take it to the professionals.  Going to a doctor, it’s suggested that you ask for a blood test to test different health conditions that can result in hair loss.  Because hair loss can be serious, it’s not something you want to take lightly if you notice it’s not getting any better.  Seek the help of a doctor to find out more information about what could be going on.

Have you struggled with dull, thinning hair?  What worked for you?