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Michelle Rodriguez

Almost Country Girls

We all know country girls aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, and do what needs to be done!  It’s no surprise there are similarities between action star actresses and country girls.  After all, country girls are into action.  It’s all about country girls and being the tough chicks they are, and it’s is a huge common trait action actresses have so we decided to round up a list of a few action actresses that have serious country girl skills.

Michelle Rodriguez

Denis Makarenko /

Michelle Rodriguez
Is any Hollywood action actress list complete without a mention of Michelle?  She’s been in a handful of action films and never disappoints.  It’s clear Michelle isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and probably why she’s been known to play the tough girl role more than once.  Instead of playing the ‘pretty’ Hollywood roles, Michelle goes for the parts that will most likely require her to get dirty and not be afraid to work with what she’s got.

Angelina Jolie

DFree /

Angelina Jolie 
Again, we couldn’t include an action actress list without mentioning Jolie.  Angelina is also known for playing action-packed roles that require her to get real (in terms of little glam involved), sweat, and not stay clean.  Angelina definitely shows country girl skills by embracing who she is and taking the action roles in strides.  In true country girl fashion, she worries less about getting a role that has a lot of glam and more about a role that will require her to get really involved.

Uma Thurman

Andrea Raffin /

Uma Thurman 
Another iconic action-packed actress.  Uma brought herself into Hollywood royalty with her roles in action movies like Kill Bill.  She shows off her country girl skills by doing things in the movies that may not typically be “girly” activities.  But she owns them and shows the powerhouse she is.  Uma is also trained in martial arts and swordsmanship – talk about a tough chick, huh?!

There are a lot of common characteristics among these action actresses and country girls.  They’re not afraid to get dirty, put a little elbow grease into anything, and do things that may not necessarily be the “girl” thing to do.  But they do them all regardless and take everything in strides.  Country girls know how to make an impact on people, and it’s clear so do these incredibly talented action actresses.  Next time you watch an action movie, you probably won’t look at it the same.  Who knows, maybe some of these action actresses even got some inspiration from country girls!  We may never know for sure, but regardless we can enjoy the fact that they have great similarities that all of the women in the world can embrace a bit of.

What do you think of the relationship between action actresses and country girls?  Do you see the similarities?  Can you think of any other almost country girls we missed?

Voluminous hair

Purposefully Big Hair

Voluminous hair

There’s something about big hair that women just love, but it’s not always the easiest look to achieve.  However, just like any other hairstyle, there are a few secret tricks that can help you achieve your desired look easily!  If you’re ready to have purposefully big hair without the frustration that can generally come along with it, we’re breaking down a few of the ways to achieve it!

Quality over Quantity
When you’re looking to create voluminous hair you want to use products strategically.  Often times if you wear too many hair products it can actually weigh your hair down, and when you’re going to big hair you don’t want your hair to be too heavy!  Using minimal, quality products is much more beneficial to achieving the look you desire.  Look for products specifically made to create volume, there’s everything from serums and mousse to shampoos that have extra volume boosters in them for you.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools
If you’re looking to achieve this look by using a hairdryer make sure you’re using a high-quality hairdryer.  Investing in quality tools will give you a huge payoff when trying to create a big hair look.

Don’t Brush Your Hair Down
Since you’re looking to create a voluminous look, you want to keep as much natural volume as you can.  So when your hair is wet you don’t want to brush down your hair.  Additionally, when you’re using the hairdryer use your fingers to dry the majority of your hair.  When you’re about halfway dry create more volume by flipping your hair so you hair (and head) is upside down.  This will definitely give you an extra volume boost.  When you’re upside down use the hairdryer closer to your roots to dry that portion of your hair.

Don’t Forget this Trick
When your hair is dry, flip your hair back so you’re facing up again.  Hold up the top layers of your hair and continue to blow-dry like this at the roots.  While doing this you’ll be holding the so the air is blowing upwards towards your hand/the ceiling.  This will give you even more of a boost.

Woman using a hairdryer

Let Your Hair Cool Before You Brush 
The key to keeping the volume in your hair is letting your hair dry after using the hairdryer before you brush it.  If you want even more volume, use a clip to lift your hair at the roots while your hair cools.

Curl the Roots
You can use hot rollers or large barreled curling irons to add an extra volume boost to your hair.  These tools are best used after drying your hair and will help create a most streamlined finish.

Dry Shampoo 
Dry shampoo is actually a great product to add extra volume to your hair, and no your hair doesn’t have to be dirty to use it.  It’s a quick easy way to get a little extra bounce to your look.

Next time you’re looking to get big hair, consider trying these tips to help you achieve it!

Woman looking in the mirror

Do You Have a Signature Hairstyle?

Woman looking in the mirror

Few things in life are constant, but there are many women who found a hairstyle they loved so much they kept it through much of their life.  If you look through old family photos you may even find that you have family members that have a signature hairstyle they’ve kept through the years.  Creating a signature hairstyle has been something celebs like Anna Wintour, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Barry have taken to heart and rolled with.

While many women love constantly changing up their hairstyle and color, a lot can be said for having a signature hairstyle.

The #1 takeaway from developing a signature hairstyle is it’s yours!  It’s kind of fun to have a hairstyle that you’re known for.  It’s something that can become a constant in your life.  While so much in our lives aren’t constant, creating a style that is a signature for you can be a fun way to create something that’s consistent in your life.  Not only is it constant for you, but other people can even find comfort knowing that they always know what to expect with your hair.  Additionally, it’s a great way to celebrate your individuality instead of trying to constantly chase the trends.

If you haven’t found your signature hairstyle and you want to here are a few things to consider.

That’s right!  In order to find a signature hairstyle that you love, you have to experiment to find what you like best.  So play around with changing the layers, the length and even the color.  You’ll eventually land upon a hairstyle that just feels right and you will most likely find you want to stick with it.

Forget the Trends
When you’re looking to create a signature style it’s not about keeping up with the trends.  While we all want to be up-to-date creating a signature style is about finding a hairstyle that represents you, not the latest and greatest trend.

Try Different Stylists
It may sound odd but try out different hairstylists when you’re looking to create your signature hairstyle.  It may be something as simple as a different haircutting technique that sets apart your signature hairstyle from the prior way your hair was cut.

Take Your Time
Creating a signature hairstyle isn’t something that’s going to be accomplished overnight.  So don’t rush it!  Each time you get your haircut take some time to look in the mirror, look at photos and analyze how you feel in the hair.  It may sound silly but if you’re looking to create a signature you want to be sure it’s something that’s been thought out and makes you feel like yourself.  So take some time to think about these things, if it doesn’t feel right you know the next time you can make some adjustments and communicate them to your stylist.

Creating a signature hairstyle can definitely be a process, but a process that’s worthwhile to many.  What do you think of creating a signature style?  Will you, or have you done it?

Woman with layered hair

Undercuts for Mid-Length Hair

The undercutting hair trend has been one that has been on the rise for a while now.  But up to this point, most of the undercutting hairstyles have been geared towards short hair.  We’re now seeing undercutting hairstyles make their way to longer, mid-length hair.  If you’re not familiar with undercutting it basically means that the layers of hair closer to your scalp are shorter than the outer layers of your hair.  It’s a trend that can be as minimal or drastic as you desire, much like many hairstyle trends you can make it what you want.  Let’s break down a few of the popular undercut hairstyles for mid-length hair.

Woman with layered hair

Layered Hair
The great thing about this trend is you can make it as natural or dramatic as you want.  For the mid-length beauties, you can keep your longer layers on top and just ask for a small section at the nape of your neck to be cut short.  So essentially you wouldn’t see the undercut part of your hair unless you’re wearing it up.  Keeping the layers fun, textured, and loosely curled is a fun modern way to add this trend into your hair.

Side Sweep
If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, undercut (or shave) one side of your hair above your ear.  This will create a natural part in your hair, when you leave the rest mid-length.  You’ll achieve a fun, edgy side swept look having one side shaved short and the other left long.  Leaving you to have fun with the longer side of your hair, having the option to curl, straighten, or even braid the long hair.

Woman with bob haircut

Bob it Out
Want a fun way to freshen up your bob?  Add an undercut touch to it!  Whatever length you choose to rock your bob, you can add a touch of the undercut to the nape of your neck.  The blunt cut of the bob with the undercut touch can be a fun way to add a unique twist to your more traditional bob.

Get Fancy
There’s also been a big trend of adding design to the undercut portion of the hair at the nape of the neck.  This is a fun way to add a unique twist when wearing your hair up.  When you have mid-length hair often the undercut portion will be hidden until you wear your hair up.  So it’s a fun way to add a twist that many won’t expect.  Throw your hair up in a ponytail or bun and suddenly you’ve taken simple hairstyles to a whole new level with your designed undercut.

The undercutting trend is really limitless, depending on how drastic of a look you’re looking to achieve it can be subtle or more prominent.  If you’re considering trying out the undercutting trend think about some of these options and what feels like it would be the most enjoyable for you, and most fun for you to style.  Hair is a great way to express yourself, so have fun with it!

Will you (or have you) try any of these undercutting hair styles?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hair Color History

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t afraid to switch things up when it comes to her hair.  She’s consistently, and daring enough to always be changing the style and color of her hair.  While Jennifer is probably best known for her blonde locks, she’s gone through quite a transformation throughout the years and has been almost every common hair color since she’s stepped onto the Hollywood scene.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane with Jennifer and her ever-changing hair color.

Jennifer Lawrence

DFree /

Jennifer started to make more and more public appearances in 2007, when she first came around in Hollywood we saw her having long blonde hair.  It was perfect for her youthful appearance and gave her that California beachy girl vibe.  It wasn’t long after she stepped on the scene in her long blonde hair that she slowly started to darken her hair color.  In 2009 and 2010 she had a darker, dirty blonde with more brown tones mixed in.  While she kept the long length she did bring more of a darker hue into the mix.

Jennifer Lawrence

Tinseltown /

While she did bring in some darker tones to the blonde, in 2011 she went back and lightened things up going with full blonde hair again.  However, by the end of 2011 Jennifer went to a dark brown hue with her hair.  She still kept the long length but went through a drastic hair transformation with the much darker hair color.  Jennifer kept the dark color hair through 2012, but then slowly went back to a lighter color.  During 2012, Jennifer lightened up her locks to a dirty blonde and added full bangs with the look.  (See what we meant? She’s not afraid to switch things up!)

In 2012 Jennifer went back to her bright blonde hair color, but shortly after ended up back with her dark brown locks.  She kept the dark brown hair throughout the rest of 2012, but did lose the full bangs by this point.  It wasn’t long after this she made another big switch.  This time to a strawberry red!  In 2013, Jennifer went outside her usual routine of going back to blonde and went to a red color.  The brighter red didn’t hang out too long with Jennifer; she started to then transition back to a more dirty blonde, with more brown tones than blonde.  She still kept her hair in a longer length, and side swept bangs.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jaguar PS /

By 2013, Jennifer added more blonde tones to her hair and then went for the chop by cutting her hair into the lob look with side swept bangs.  The end of the year came, and Jennifer went for a drastic pixie cut hairstyle.  She kept the blonde hair but went for the dramatic short look.  The following years, Jennifer has kept her hair a bright blonde hue and mixing things up with her haircuts and styles.

Whew!  That was quite the history of one person’s hair color, wasn’t it?  It’s hard to believe Jennifer has gone through that much hair transformation in just 8 years.  I’m sure she’s going to keep us guessing, what color do you think Jennifer will step out with next?

Woman sitting on a log

Hairstyles Inspired by Princesses

Woman sitting on a log

Most girls grow up watching the popular princess movies, and if we’re honest, we didn’t just watch the movies but we were also decked out in clothes and accessories that had our favorite princesses on them, played with the dolls/ toys that looked like them, and well… the list could go on. One thing that was always a common theme among princesses is they all had amazing hair. It’s no wonder even as we get older we have hairstyles inspired by so many of our beloved princesses. Let’s go through a few of the most popular hairstyles that are very princess-esque in inspiration, shall we?

Ariel’s Voluminous Waves
We think every girl can agree Ariel had amazing bouncy wavy hair that just seemed to float (pun intended) around. As we take a look at a lot of the hairstyles that are popular lately, soft, bouncy waves are high on the list of trends. It’s not surprising this hairstyle is so popular since it’s such a versatile look and pretty easy to achieve.

Tips for achieving this look: Dry your hair using a large round brush to add volume. Then us a large barrel curling iron on the bottom half of your hair to achieve the bouncy, more relaxed curled look. Comb through the curls so they’re not too tight, spray some hairspray and you’re done!

Side braid.

Elsa’s Side Braid
Let it go! Let it go! Who can think of Elsa and not sing that song to yourself? Anyways, Elsa wore an incredible side braid in the movie. Ironically (or not so ironic), this season is ALL about braids. Braids are a great way to tame your hair when it’s not behaving so well (hello, bad hair day hairstyle!), and they’re a great way to style your hair to keep it off your neck as the weather gets warmer. While braids are making a HUGE stamp on this season the side braid is a classic go to that always feels modern.

Tips for achieving this look: The great part about braids (especially this season) is they’re that perfect effortless look! No need to be perfect here, which is also why they can be a great go-to for second-day hair. To recreate Elsa’s look, simply part your hair to the side, loosely braid it over your shoulder and secure with a rubber band. Feel free to pull at the braid a bit to give it that more ‘undone’ look. But really, it’s that easy!

Pocahontas’ Straight Locks
While the bouncy waves are popular, the super straight hairstyle is back on the season this season. Kourtney Kardashian has been rockin’ the pin-straight hair quite a bit in recent months. With a center part, this look is undeniably Pocahontas inspired. It’s elegant and sleek and perfect to add a little boho vibe to your look.

Tips for achieving this look: After blow drying your hair straight, run a flat iron over your hair to straighten it and smooth it out even more. Finish the look with a great shine serum to add a great dimension to the look and pull it all together.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle inspired by princesses? Which of these will you recreate?

Woman wearing a andana

Pin It Up

Woman wearing bandana

There’s something so timelessly retro about pin up looks. The hair, the clothes, the makeup… all of it. It always looks and feels so chic, regardless of how many times it’s been worn. Doesn’t it? It seems like every time we see a celebrity on the red carpet wearing a Pin Up vibe hairstyle it looks incredible and everyone takes note. Pin up hairstyles often look like they’re incredibly difficult and complex to achieve, but the truth is you can create a pin up hairstyle without needing to be a professional hairstylist. So let’s break down a few easy pin up hairstyles that will give you the look, without the fuss.

Pinned Up Down
While the pin-up looks are generally known for being up-do’s there are a ton of easy ways to achieve the pin-up vibe without dealing with a ton of bobby pins and hairspray. When wearing your hair down for this type of look you want to focus on volume, and loose curls. Add volume at the roots of your hair by teasing with a teasing brush and spraying hairspray to hold the volume. Add the pin-up vibe by clipping in a gorgeous flower and sweep your hair away from your face (another common theme among pin-up hairstyles). It’s a very Rachel McAdams in the Notebook look.

Half Poof
Another mostly hair down look, and can be worn with your hair straight or with waves. Part your hair to the side to start. Then grab a small chunk of hair from one side in the front, give it a little puff (by moving the hair towards your face a tad), twist the hair bit where you’re holding onto it and pin it. Repeat on the other side. It’s a very retro-esque way to wear the half up hairstyle that’s always been a go-to for girls.

Woman wearing a andana

Tie It Up
Another huge hairstyle influence in the pin up phase was the bandana. There are so many easy, cute ways to add a bandana to an otherwise simple hairstyle. There’s something about the bandana that adds that retro vibe to your look instantly. Even simply tying a silk scarf around the back of your head (over your hair) and tying it at the top of your head is a super simple way to add a Pin Up twist to straight, wavy, or curly hair. You can wear the knot at the top in the middle or to the side. Adding a bandana has never felt so simple, right?

As you can tell, although pin-up hairstyles tend to LOOK complex or difficult to achieve on your own, you can actually make them quite simple! These are great hairstyles to try out to give the Pin Up look a whirl. While there are certainly more complex looks, why make it complicated? Wear your hair down and add a few little touches with bobby pins, bandanas, or flower pints – whatever speaks to you.

So which of these Pin Up style hairstyles are you going to try first?


2016 Prom Hairstyles

Woman with beautiful hair

Prom is undoubtedly the most magical day of a high school girl’s life. Months of planning get dedicated to finding the perfect dress, the right shoes and best clutch. The boys spend weeks planning the best and most Instagram-worthy promposals. The days leading up to the dance are filled with both excitement and stress. Picking out the perfect nail color can seem detrimental, and deciding whether to go with dark, smoky eye makeup or a nude and natural palette can be nerve-racking. But it seems that one of the hardest prom-related decisions is picking out the perfect prom hairstyle.

The pictures taken on prom day will be posted on every social media outlet, and printed to be framed by every family member. These pictures will be seen by loved ones for years to come – so it really is no wonder young ladies stress over every little thing. Fortunately, we are able to make this exciting day a tad bit less stressful by putting together a list of the top 2016 prom hairstyles and giving a quick overview of how to easily create the looks.

Classic Bump (Half Up, Half Down)
Start by using a comb to sleek back a front section of your hair. Pull your hair straight back and secure it with a glam barrette. Finish the look by applying some strong, high-quality hairspray so you can dance the night away!

Mermaid curls hairstyle

Mermaid Curls (Half Up, Half Down)
This half up, half down hairstyle is perfect for girls who are drawn toward a more simple style. You will begin this look as soon as you step out of the shower by applying a texturizing gel, mousse or pomade. Using a diffuser (or the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer) dry your hair with low heat to create a natural look with an even texture. Once dry, use a small amount of hair styling wax on your fingertips pull your hair to one side. On that same side grab a three-inch section of hair (starting at your ear) and twist it upward. Hold the twist in place with bobby pins that match your hair color. Finally, loosen out the rest of your hair by brushing it with a boar bristle brush. Apply some high-shine spray and you’re ready to own the dance floor.

Princess-Approved Messy Bun (All Up) 
Get your hair off your neck and out of your face with this chic messy bun. Start with towel dried hair, using your fingers, apply straightening/heat protectant serum throughout your locks. Using low to medium heat, blow dry your hair in sections with a paddle brush. Once it’s dry, pull it back into a loose ponytail and secure it with a neutral colored hair elastic. Twist your hair into a messy bun and secure the ends by looping them through the same original elastic. Use your fingers to add texture to the front of your hair by loosening a bit. Finish the look with a glam headband that matches your dress. As always, apply a layer of strong-hold hairspray!

Back twist hairstyle

Sassy Back Twist (All Up) 
To create this look you’ll want to start by blow-drying your hair straight and creating a side part. Split your hair into two pigtails, then, starting temples, twist each pigtail. Work the twists down to your neck, then make the twists tighter until they begin to twist against themselves forming coils. Keep twisting until the coils are against your scalp. Now secure the coils with hair pins, being sure to follow up with some high-quality, strong-hold hairspray!

High pony

Playful Styles with Clip-Ins

We’re all consistently in awe of the gorgeous hair of our favorite celebrities as they walk the red carpets. If we’re all honest, most of us are probably frustrated thinking we can’t achieve those flawless hairstyles with our own hair. But the truth is…your favorite celebrities have some assistance (aside from the top hairstylists), they’re also rockin’ some clip-in extensions! Ever wonder how celebrities can go from short bobs to long luscious locks in the blink of an eye? The answer: clip-ins. Yes, even those bangs that magically appear and disappear! Many women are intimidated by styling clip-in hair extensions. But there are easy ways to wear them and achieve a playful hair look.

High pony

High Ponytail
The high ponytail hairstyle is gorgeous especially for spring and summer, a fun easy way to add a little something extra to the look is adding 1-2 clip-ins! Simply tie your hair up in a ponytail, add the clip-ins leaving a small chunk of hair loose. Use the loose piece of hair to tie around the base of the ponytail to hide the rubber band and edges of the clip-ins.

Low Side Ponytail
If a high ponytail isn’t your thing, how about trying a low ponytail? You would do the same process you do for the high ponytail, just change the placement.

Side braids

Side Braid
Braids are everywhere this season, they’re an easy, effortless way to have a hairstyle that looks amazing. To accomplish this look you would separate your hair into two parts, creating a horizontal line in the middle of the back of your head. Tie them up and place the clip-ins in the center. Tease the top portion of your hair a bit, then gather your hair to the side into a braid over your shoulder. Feel free to add texture by pulling the braid a bit loose. This season is all about the undone-do so no need to be perfect!

Braided Headband
This look is all over the place this season, but hard to accomplish with your natural hair. To create this look you’ll grab a small section of hair near the back of your ear, wrap the clip-ins around it and braid the hair. Once it’s braided you’re going to bring the end of the braid over your head and to the other ear, pin it and you’re done!

Side bun

Low Side Bun
Similar to the low side ponytail, but instead of leaving the hair down twist it around to create a bun. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect! But it will create an effortlessly chic look. The clip-ins are great for looks like these since they add more volume without teasing.

Clip-in extensions don’t have to be intimidating or difficult to manage. Once you think of the placement as to where the clip-ins need to be in order to not be easily seen, you can work them and wear them just like your natural hair! So, which of these playful hairstyles will you try out the next time you wear clip-ins?

Floral braids

Braids, Knots & Down-Dos

This season’s trends are covering a huge variety, we really have it all this spring. That holds true in hair trends, too. We’re seeing everything from neon color highlights to fun braids. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. A lot of the trends come back to embracing the natural texture of your hair, playing things up with fun accessories and ultimately have fun with your gorgeous hair. While the variety is amazing, it can be a tad overwhelming to hear that so many styles are “in.” You’re probably thinking “well then where do I start?” Let’s break down some of the most popular hairstyles to get your creative juices flowing.

Braided ponytail

Braids, Braids, Braids!
Braids are everywhere this season. The braids that were all over the Spring 2016 runways were more on the functional side than we normally see for the spring season. Generally, we see braids with a looser, more boho-vibe but this season they’re more modernized and tight. While braids were worn all different ways, there seemed to be a common theme of ponytail braids worn either as a low ponytail or high giving a modern dramatic look. The other incredibly popular way braids have been seen for this season is as a headband. Think modern milkmaid braids. I know, milkmaid braids don’t sound all that modern but since we haven’t seen this hairstyle in a bit it feels fresh again. The point is, if you love braids, this is the season to rock them! Have fun and experiment with different ways to incorporate braids into your usual hairstyle (maybe a little peek-a-boo braid?).


Topknots have been making headway for a couple years now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. While the past season’s topknots were more about a tighter, sleeker look this season knots and topknots alike are more about the unstructured look. In essence, the less ‘perfect’ the better. Whether you wear a knot as a topknot (aka high up on your head) or as a low knot they look and feel current when there’s texture to your hair. So in other words… don’t stress if you have a few little bumps – embrace them!

Floral braids

Down Do’s
We don’t always want to wear our hair up, and there’s no shortage of down do’s this season. It’s looking like the revival of the headband is making way this season. (Along with other hair accessories) Headbands and hair accessories have always been easy go-to items to help jazz up your hair when wearing it down. Want to spice up your usual hair straight and down look? Add a headband! Can’t get much easier than that, right? Additionally, since this season is all about embracing the natural texture of your hair go with the flow and have fun leave the hot tools alone when you feel like it.

There are a ton of options this season when it comes to hair, you don’t have to embrace all of them pick and choose which trends you’re drawn to and rock them out.

Which of these trends will you be trying?