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woman with side braid

Styles That Enhance Your Natural Curls

woman with side braid

Do you have natural curls?  Styling curly hair in a way that really enhances the curls can be tricky, especially if you don’t really have the time or desire to try finding those hair styles for yourself.  We love celebrating the curly haired ladies of the world, and we found some great styles that enhance your natural curls that we just HAD to share with you.  So, if you’re looking for some fun hair styles that really enhance and celebrate your natural curls you’re in the right place – because we’ve got some fun ideas for you!

Side French Braid
When you’re looking to really enhance your natural curls, you want to let the curls do their thing.  However, we also know you’d like a little switch up in your hair style every now and again as well.  One of our favorite hair styles for naturally curly hair has to be adding a French braid (or two!) to the side of your head.  These braids don’t go all the way down your hair, they start at your hair line and go straight back and stop somewhere around where your ear is.  It’s a fun way to get a little mix up in your hair but also allow the rest of your hair to enhance the natural curls you have to rock.

The Half Up Bun
The half up hair styles have been pretty popular lately, and we don’t want those with curly hair to feel like they can’t rock it just like everyone else.  In fact, we think this is the perfect hair style to really enhance those natural curls you have but still have a little trendy style element to the mix.  The best part is, it’s super easy to actually make happen.  Just take a section of your hair, just like you would to create a half up hair style, and secure your hair in a bun like manner.  The thing is, with this type of hair style it doesn’t have to be perfect and allowing your curls to come out of the bun as they do naturally makes the look even better.

woman with low bun

Loose Low Bun Style
We realized that you probably don’t want to always wear your hair down, and fortunately we found a great style to wear your hair pulled back but also allows you to enhance those gorgeous curls you have.  It’s the low bun hair style.  The key to this look, is allowing your curls to do their thing at the top and have pieces of curls that naturally come out of the bun fall down and out – it’ creates a much more chic, effortless look that makes it more interesting than the hair being ‘perfect.’  Simply tie your hair back in a loose bun, be sure not to tie too tight and really let your curls do their thing.  Twirl some of the pieces around to really emphasize those curls and get them going.  It’s a great way to add volume to the look, and of course to enhance those curls!

woman getting haircut

Style Saviors For When You Transition Your Hair

woman getting haircut

So, you’ve decided to grow your hair out huh?  It’s always exciting when you’re working towards a hair change.  However, it can definitely be a process – especially when you’re looking to grow your hair out.  When we grow out hair out, it tends to go through different phases.  Phases that we don’t always love as much as we’d like.  That is, until now…we’ve found some style saviors for when you transition your hair.  Yep, because we know you don’t necessarily enjoy the process of growing your hair out we’re helping you make it more enjoyable and so you have better hair days throughout the process.

Switch Up the Layers
Growing out your hair from short to long can be a process, even more depending on how long you’re planning to grow your hair out for.  However, one of the best tips we’ve found that can help you when you transition your hair is to ask your hair stylist to switch up the layers when you go to get it cut.  Switching up the layers will help to accommodate your hair as it grows out, but also ensure that you have some shape to your hair.  Having some great shape, that’s going along with your hair through this transition is going to do wonders for your hair growth process.

Get Trims More Often
In addition to switching up the layers as your hair grows out, another great way to really keep your hair looking great as you transition is to get trims more frequently.  Most of us don’t really get our hair trimmed as often as we should, but when you’re transitioning your hair from short to long getting those trims more consistently can be great to keeping your hair’s shape in check.  This also gives your hair stylist the opportunity to style/cut any odd pieces that may be doing something you don’t want them to do.

woman using curling iron

Use a Curling Iron to Fake It
Curling irons are great for creating gorgeous hair styles, and as it turns out they’re also great at faking some shape in your hair when you’re growing it out.  Since curling irons literally add shape to your hair, they’re a great tool to utilize when your hair may be going through an awkward transition time.  If you find that your ends aren’t looking quite as even as you’d like – go to the curling iron to curl the ends, for example.

Try a Side Part
Through our search for style saviors, we realized that many of our favorite celebs rocked a side part when they went through a hair transition.  And as it turns out, it’s a tip many experts suggest as well.  There’s something so streamlined, easy and chic about a nice side part.  So if you’re finding that your hair isn’t really cooperating, try switching up the part to a deep side part along the way.  You’ll likely find that it will help create some chicness to your hair and keep you feeling better about it as you transition.