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Side bun

Styling Long Hair and Side Bangs

If you have long hair, you know there are limitless options when it comes to different ways to style your hair.  However, just because there are limitless options doesn’t mean you’re necessarily applying them.  It’s likely you’re stuck in wearing your hair the same couple ways, right?  Well if you are, we’re going to go through some of our favorite hairstyles for ladies with long hair and side bangs to get you thinking about hairstyles in a different way.

Side bun

Sideswept Styles
Whether you’re a braid or bun girl, there’s something so effortless and chic about a side swept low bun and/ or braid.  They’re both super easy to achieve, taking barely any time, but with long hair and the little side bang touch, it’s a great way to change things up.  The bonus is these easy looks are even perfect for a more formal night out.  Leave a few little face-framing pieces out and you’ve got an effortless look that took only minutes to achieve.

Half Up Do
One of the great go-to hairstyles for long hair and side bang ladies is the half up hairstyle.  Now if you’re already working the half up hairstyle, one way to switch things up a bit is to change the part between a deep side part or a strong middle part the shift can make it feel like a completely different hairstyle.  In addition, change up the placement of where you pin the hair back.  A great relaxed look is pinning the hair back to the middle of your head.  In turn, if you want something a little different bring the pinning up a bit higher on the head.

braided headband hairstyle

Braided Headband
The great thing about side bangs is that they’re long enough to pull back on the days you just feel like them being out of your face.  One great, easy hairstyle to get your bangs off your face for the day is pulling them back into a braid.  It’s chic and a fun way to incorporate something different into your usual hair rotation.

Mix Up the Part and Texture
The great thing about this haircut style is the versatility, even making simple switches like changing your part from the side to the middle is an easy way to change your hair.  Additionally, it’s likely you have layers which are great for creating the appearance of texture in your hair.  Spritz your hair with some texturizing product to create great texture in your hair.  While you’re in the mindset of switching things up – try different style/ sized curls.  This hairstyle is great for all different curl types, everything from loose beachy waves to tighter ringlet curls are gorgeous on long hair.

As with any hairstyle, just experiment!  The great thing about playing around with different hairstyles is it isn’t permanent.  So just try pinning your hair back in different ways, or adding little braids strategically throughout your hair.  You may just find a new hairstyle you love!

Woman using a flat iron

Creating Curls and Waves

Woman using a flat iron

When you think of using a flat iron, you probably don’t think of creating a curly/ wavy hairstyle.  Hence the name of the tool: flat iron.  We typically think of flat irons as tools to achieve a flat, straight hair look.  However, there are more uses for flat irons than we generally think of.  It’s actually completely possible to create curls and waves in your hair using you guessed it…a flat iron.  To walk you through the process of doing so, we’re sharing some of our must-know tips for doing this!

Getting Started
Like the start of any heated hair styling, it’s important to begin with clean, dry hair.  Additionally, before you do anything else spritz your hair with your favorite heat protectant product.  This will help give you hair added protection and since you’re going to be using a heated hairstyling tool, it’s necessary to use.

Create Sections
Many experts and bloggers recommend breaking hair up into sections to make it more manageable.  It tends to be easiest when you work your way from the bottom up, so leaving a small section of hair at the nape of the neck down and pinning up the rest.  You know the drill!

Start Curling
Using your flat iron as a curling iron is simple!  All you need to do is grab a small section of hair (about 1” or so) clamp down on the hair with the flat iron and twist it around just like you do with a curling iron.  Since the flat iron is a bit…flatter than a curling iron most users suggest not curling to the very ends of your hair to avoid the ends developing a kink from the straightener. Rotate the direction you twist the hair/flat iron as you curl your hair to give the look a nice beachy type of look

Break it Up
Once you’ve curled/created waves over all your hair with the flat iron the curls may be a tad stiff looking, so to break those up simply run your fingers through your hair to loosen the hair and create a more natural curled/waved look.  Once you’ve done that if you want to further streamline the ends of your hair you can gently run over your flat iron over just the ends again (using it in the traditional straightener way).  Once that’s complete just spritz over some hairspray over all your hair so it’s sure to hold its place and you’re done!

You probably didn’t think using a flat iron to create curls would be so easy, huh?  Well, now you know!  Like every other hairstyle, it’s giving you a break when you try it for the first time it may take some getting used to and a little practice.  Have fun with it and experiment with rotating the flat iron in different directions, using different sized sections of hair, etc.

What do you think of creating curls/waves with a flat iron?  Will you/have you give it a try?

Woman touching her hair

Strengthening Weak Hair

Woman touching her hair

Weak hair can be the result of many different factors, between hair coloring, heat styling, etc.  While it can be the result of many different things, it’s also just plain frustrating!  As women, our hair tends to be a big factor in our overall image and appearance so dealing with weak hair can cause us to feel less confident.  But if you’re dealing with weak hair, don’t worry any longer because we’ve got you covered on helping you to strengthen your hair.

Ease Up on the Heat 
If your hair is weak it’s important to give it a little breathing room and a chance to recover, this means it’s important to give your hair as much of a break from heat styling as possible.  If you use heat styling products often try to cut back a bit so your hair isn’t put under so much stress.  In addition, you’re going to want to start incorporating heat protectant products to prevent further damage.

Careful on the Chemicals
Just like heat styling can put your hair under stress, so can chemical treatments like hair coloring.  Try to avoid over-doing it on the chemical treatments to allow your hair to take a breather.  In addition, it’s not a bad idea to do a deep conditioning mask on your hair at least once a week to help your hair heal.  If you’re not sure what type of product to use for this ask your hairstylist for suggestions.

Get Some Variety
If you tend to wear your hair in the same hairstyle often, try switching things up.  Whether you wear your hair down or up all the time, both can have their negative effects on your hair.  So instead of wearing the same hairstyle day after day, rotate between different hairstyles to keep your hair from getting weak from too much consistency.

Woman having a smoothie

Consider Your Diet
Just like your diet and what you eat has an effect on your skin, it can also affect your hair’s health.  Drinking enough water, eating enough protein, and of course, getting the necessary vitamins and minerals are all major factors in your hair and scalp’s health.  If you find your hair is feeling weak, take a look at your diet and how much water you’re drinking.  See what areas you can adjust and start incorporating them into your day-to-day routine.

Use Proper Products
Many women skip using hair care products altogether, but hair care products can be crucial to your hair’s health.  Much like we need to use the right skin care products for our skin, we need to do the same with our hair care products.  So either ask your hairstylist or research what products are best fit for your hair type, and hair’s needs.

Weak hair isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s definitely something that can be turned around with a few switches in your daily routine.  If you’re struggling with weak hair apply some of these tips, and let us know how it goes!

Woman applying hairspray

Keeping it All Together with Hairspray

Woman applying hairspray

We know hairspray is great for holding hair in place, but did you know it can actually be used for things other than hair?  Well, it can!  There have been a lot of images and articles floating around the internet talking about how hairspray can be used in so many different ways.  You probably never even thought about using hairspray for anything other than, well… your hair.  But after we share a few of our favorite hairspray uses, you’re going to think of hairspray in a whole new way – guaranteed!

Use it for Tights/ Pantyhose
Seriously!  You’re probably thinking, how or why would I use hairspray on my tights?  Many women have actually found that spraying the toe/seam area of a new pair of tights and pantyhose can strengthen the threads of the garments aiding in them lasting you much longer and preventing them from running.  Additionally, if you get a run in your tights or hose, spray some hairspray on it as soon as possible – it will help prevent the run from getting worse.

Remove Lipstick and Ink Stains on Clothes
Again, you probably didn’t ever think of hairspray as a removal product.  But according to Reader’s Digest, many people have found that if you get lipstick or ink on a garment spraying it with hairspray and letting it sit for a few minutes will get the stain off easily.  Once you remove the stain you’re able to wash the garment as you would normally – how awesome is that?!

Elongate Your Shoe Shine
If you, or the men in your life, have ever gotten a shoe shine it’s always a debate as to how long the shine will last.  Well…if you want the shoe shine to last even longer spray the shoes with a light coat of hairspray to hold the shine in place a bit longer.

Hold Clothes in Place
If you find that a dress or garment keeps riding up and becomes bothersome, trying spraying your skin and the garment with hairspray.  It’s been found to keep the garment in place and preventing it from moving around too much.  This also goes for shapewear!  Don’t you just hate when your shapewear rolls down or moves around under your clothes?  We do too.  So instead of continuing to fuss with it, spray the shapewear and your skin with a bit of hairspray and prepare to be amazed!

Remove Lint or Hair from Clothes
If you don’t have a lint roller handy you can make your own version of a lint roller with hairspray.  Simply spray some hairspray on a washcloth and/ or paper towel and begin to pat the towel/ cloth over your clothes – it will pick up the little pieces leaving your clothes lint and hair free.

Did you think you could use hairspray for all these uses?  We didn’t either, but WOW!  It’s amazing what a product many of us use daily has the capability to do.  We’re going to be looking at our hairspray in a whole new way from now on – how about you?

Hair tools

Creating a Dancer’s Hair Kit

Hair tools

Dancers are known for their flawless makeup and hair when performing.  Regardless of the type of dance, they’re always decked out and looking flawless.  One popular thing that can be helpful for competitive dancers is to acquire a hair kit.  A hair kit is filled with hair items that will help the dancer to achieve all her necessary hair looks throughout any competitive dance day.  Since many competition days are jam packed with different outfit changes and dances, the last thing you want to worry about is if you have enough bobby pins or the right hair care items to do your quick changes.  We all know being prepared and organized is incredibly helpful in every area of our lives, and well that doesn’t change with a dancer’s hair needs!  We’re sharing a few things to consider when creating your own dancer hair kit.

Pack the Essentials
You’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of the hair care essentials.  Items like elastic bands and bobby pins are a give-in, so make sure that your hair kit is stocked with plenty of these.  Additionally, you’re going to want to be sure you have plenty of hairspray.  If you’re an experienced dancer you’ve probably experimented with plenty of different hairspray formulations, pack your favorite formula and make sure to keep refills on hand at home so you can restock easily.

Hair Accessories
Most dancers have additional accessories for their hair looks.  Once you know whatever accessories you need for your dances, add them right into your hair kit.  It’s important to keep all your hair items together, so every time you wear them, make it a habit to put them back into your hair kit after use so that you always know where they are.  This goes for any pins, headbands, or bun shapers – anything that’s an accessory or something that you’re adding to your hair.

Again once you know what hair looks you’re going to need to achieve for your dances, get the proper tools and add them to your hair kit.  When creating a hair kit, even if you have the tools it’s not a bad idea to purchase another one to have just for your kit.  This way everything is together all the time and you’re less likely to forget something when it’s a habit to put it back into your kit or always have it there.

Have an Organizer
Since you’re creating a hair kit, you’re going to want something to carry all of these items around with you in an organized way.  Find a tote bag or bin of some kind that’s easy to carry, but allows you to store everything in a very organized manner.  This will not only make it easy to organize, but easy to carry.

Anytime you’re creating a hair kit or beauty kit of any kind, it’s important to first list out everything you need prior to creating it.  Once you have your list it’s easier to make sure you have everything necessary.  Being organized takes a lot of stress off your shoulders, so you’re able to instead focus on your dancing!

Woman using bobby pins

Styling with Bobby Pins

Woman using bobby pins

Bobby pins are a beauty tool that actually have countless uses, however, most of us continue to utilize them in the same couple of ways.  Because of their incredible versatility we wanted to get you thinking outside the box with your bobby pin use, so we’re breaking down a few of our must-know styling tips to using bobby pins differently.

You’ve Probably Been Using Them Wrong
Maybe you’ve seen the images floating around on Pinterest and Facebook, but maybe you haven’t.  There are a ton of images going around sharing that many of us have actually been using bobby pins the wrong way this whole time.  You’ve probably been putting your bobby pins in with the wavy side facing up (away from your scalp). Well… the wavy side is actually supposed to be against your scalp!  Shocked as we were?  Because the wavy side has more texture the bobby pins are less likely to move around and more likely to stay put!

Spray the Bobby Pin
Feel like your bobby pins just don’t stay in place?  Even if you put the wavy side down?  Many hair experts suggest spraying the actual bobby pin before you insert it into your hair.  Most hairstylists suggest spraying the pins with a dry shampoo, hair spray, or texturizing spray to help the bobby pin have a little extra holding ability.

Use Them to Get a Perky Ponytail
Ever wonder how celebs have those gorgeous perky ponytails but when you try to achieve it your ponytail is less than perky?  The trick is using bobby pins to hold the ponytail up!  Achieve this look by pulling your hair back into a ponytail then flipping the ponytail over and securing bobby pins facing towards the crown of your head through the elastic band.  This adds some of the height and keeps your hair in place.

Lock the Pins In
Many hairstylists suggest ‘locking’ the bobby pins into your hair to ensure they stay put.  To use this locking method you point the open end of the bobby pin against the direction of your hair, then place a bobby pin facing the same direction as your hair.  Placing bobby pins in this way should also result in not being able to see the actual pins in your hair.

There are many other ways to use bobby pins, the capabilities of these pins really are limitless!  Because of their versatility many hairstylists use them in ‘hidden’ ways to style hair.  Additionally, the fact that you’re able to get bobby pins in colors that closely match the color of your hair they can go completely unnoticed!  Talk about a win-win, right?  Often times the biggest struggle with bobby pins is keeping them in place, but with these expert-approved tips, you’re sure to be able to style your hair with bobby pins in a way that keeps them in place all day long.  Say goodbye to bobby pin frustration and hello to hair in place!

Woman applying hair oil

From Fine and Frizzy to Fabulous

As temperatures rise, those with fine and frizzy hair start to dread the humidity.  While most of us love the warmer weather, our hair doesn’t always love it the same.  Having fine and frizzy hair can be a challenge to styling it and getting gorgeous locks you’re in love with.  However, it is totally possible!  We’re sharing a few of our must-know tips for our fine + frizzy ladies to help you have fabulous hair this season.

Don’t Wash Everyday
Washing your hair eliminates the natural oils in your hair, which are naturally great for fighting frizz.  So don’t wash your hair every single day, instead, allow the natural oils in your hair stay.  It’s recommended to wash every couple of days instead of daily when you’re dealing with frizzy hair.

Woman wiping hair

Be Careful While Drying
Being too rough with a towel to dry your hair can cause more frizz, instead of using a regular towel try a microfiber towel instead.  Be gentle on your hair, when you have frizzy hair naturally it’s especially crucial to be as gentle as possible.

Protect Your Hair
When you deal with hair that tends to frizz easily, it’s incredibly important to protect your hair before doing any type of heat styling.  While it’s important for every hair type, it’s even more crucial for those that have fine and frizzy hair.  When you have fine hair, your hair tends to be on the delicate side so protecting is as much as possible is helpful.

Weekly Treatment
While many people suggest doing a hair mask weekly, when you have fine AND frizzy hair it’s suggested to use a hot oil treatment instead.  This is because the hot oil treatments aren’t as heavy as a mask, but helps to strengthen your hair and prevent frizz from occurring.

Woman applying hair oil

Use Hair Product
Many of us often skip using any hair products with our hair, but when you’re dealing with frizz you really need to make sure to apply the right products.  Many experts suggest using an anti-frizz product.  When you have fine hair, it’s important not to use a product that’s too heavy but instead using products that are more serum or water based.

Finishing Touch
Adding a finishing spray like a light shine spray is a great way to complete your look and set your help, often helping to prevent frizz from happening over time.

If you’re a fine + frizzy haired beauty, there are definitely ways for you to achieve a hairstyle that you want!  Every hair type has their own needs, understanding what things to look for and avoid for your hair type is a great way for you to cater to your specific hair’s necessities much easier.  In turn, allowing you to achieve a hairstyle that you’re excited about and love!

What do you think of these fine + frizzy hair care tips?  Will you be giving any of these a try?


Prince Gave Us Diamonds and Pearls


Northfoto /

Prince was a true icon that changed the music industry forever.  His music touched people, he broke down barriers and had a way of bringing different styles of music together.  Prince undoubtedly had hit after hit in the 80’s leading into the 90’s.  His lyrics and music were different than anything done before, sharing his spiritual side, thoughts on sexuality, and bringing music to a whole new level.  In 1991, Prince released his 13th album, Diamonds and Pearls.  It was his first album with his band, The New Power Generation.”

The album, Diamonds & Pearls, was filled with songs that were definitely out-of-the-box.  The names of the tracks alone weren’t expected.  But then again, when it came to Prince we never really knew what to expect from him and his work.  He was always making a splash on the scene, leaving many people shocked, confused, but more so intrigued.  Although his lyrics and the names of the songs were on the shocking side, it’s said that the underlying theme of Diamonds and Pearls was love.

Prince wasn’t afraid to do things differently.  Although he often dressed in a way that was more stereotypically feminine, his lyrics and the way he lived his life was anything but.  His album, Diamonds & Pearls was definitely pushing the boundaries in relationship to talking about sex and sexuality like we really hadn’t heard before that.  With song names like “Get Off” and “Cream” there was a lot of underlying tone behind his songs and the theme of the album.

Prince himself was quite private, so there isn’t a lot stating where he actually got his inspiration from when it came to his music.  It is clear, that he took inspiration from his own personal views and way of life.  He had a different outlook on things like spirituality, veganism, and sexuality.  We do know that Prince wanted to be different from the other extremely popular musical artist that were popular around the same time, and he definitely differentiated himself.  Between the way he dressed and wore makeup to his extremely sexual lyrics and song names – he really was the complete opposite of Michael Jackson and the other bands/artists that were raising the scene when Princes was.

Although Diamonds and Pearls was completely different than anything we had heard before, it’s comes as no surprise that the album produced major hit singles.  It seems to be a theme that was common in Prince’s career.  He set to do things unlike anyone else and although they may have been topics or things that weren’t generally accepted, people were drawn to his work.  Showing that we really are drawn to things that aren’t the ‘norm’ and want to experience and be around things and people that are breaking barriers and making statements.

What do you think of Prince’s career, and most specifically his Diamonds and Pearls album?

Woman with tight curls

Straightening Hair with Tight Curls

Woman with tight curls

If you have naturally, tight curly hair you know it can be difficult straightening your hair.  It can be even more difficult to straighten curly hair without causing insane amounts of damage to your natural hair.  But although it may seem next to impossible to straighten your hair at home without causing damage and seeing real results – it’s totally possible!  In fact, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips for getting straight hair for the curly haired beauties.

Prep Your Hair
It’s really important to start off with hair that’s been properly prepped to be straightened.  Showering with shampoo and a straightening/smoothing conditioner is a really great place to start, this way as you’re washing your hair your hair is getting prepped to be straightened.  If you can, let your hair air dry to towel dry as much as possible, this helps avoid as much heated styling as possible.  Add some straightening product to your freshly washed and damp hair.  Once your hair is mostly dried, go through with a round brush to straighten your hair a tad.  Many experts suggest rotating from warm to cool setting on your hair dryer to avoid your hair getting too heated.

Straighten in Sections
Straightening your hair in sections can help you make sure you get your entire head straightened and avoid trying to straighten too much hair at a time.  Use a clip to pull up your hair, leaving a small section at the nape of your neck down.  Start the straightening process by repeating the process of bringing down a small section of hair from the clip at a time and straightening just that section.  When you have curly hair just doing small sections at a time can help you have more control over the hair you’re straightening and really allow you to get the hair fully straightened.

Set Your Straight
Once you’ve straightened all of your hair, you’re going to want to use a product to hold the straight in place – especially since you have naturally curly hair.  This will help your hair hold the straightened style much longer, help your hair’s health, and help give you an overall straighter and more polished look.  It’s recommended to use a serum or spray that has silicone to help hold the shape of your hair.

Unfortunately, there’s no one product or technique that will give you that straight style you’ve been eyeing for years.  However, with a combination of a few different factors you’re definitely able to achieve a straight-haired look without over damaging your hair.  It’s important to keep your hair’s health in mind, so it’s really not advised to go through this entire process of straightening your hair like this daily.  Keep it to a minimum, and be sure to give your hair a break from heated styling every once in a while.

If you have curly hair, what tips or tricks have you found work best for achieving a gorgeous straight hair?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Eccentric Form

Lady Gaga

Helga Esteb /

It’s no secret Lady Gaga is known for her eccentric style, including her hair.  From the minute she stepped onto the scene, she had us all wanting to know who she was and what her story was.  She continued to leave us speechless every time she stepped onto the red carpet in a new, eccentric look.  As we saw more of her, it became fun to see what she was going to do with her hair/ wigs this time.  Not many people or celebrities have the courage to step onto a red carpet in looks that eccentric.  But Lady Gag did it with ease and excitement.  We’re taking a look back at some of her most memorable eccentric looks over the years.

Where it All Started
It was in 2008 when Lady Gaga first turned heads with her long hair that was accented with hair in a bow shape.  Women and girls have been trying to recreate the hair bow ever since.

Lady Gaga

vipflash /

Button Hair 
Yes, that’s right a button!  In 2009, Lady Gaga stepped out with an over-the-top sized button with hair wrapped around it.  It was definitely unlike any hairstyle we had seen before, but as always Gaga wore it with pride and grace.

Blunt Crop and Bangs
Again in 2009, Gaga came out with a new album and graced the cover of the album with another over-the-top hairstyle.  This time, she had a short, blunt haircut that flared out at the bottom with blunt full bangs.

Lady Gaga

Joe Seer /

Mellow Yellow
While 2009 was a big year for Gaga and her hair, she kept it going into 2010 when she arrived at the Grammy awards with bright yellow hair.  Prior to this she mostly stuck to her signature platinum blonde hair.  Adding in the bold yellow was definitely a shock!

Silver Locks
Later Lady Gaga went for another shocking color change with gray locks.  She kept the gray for a bit.

Lady Gaga

Jaguar PS /

Meat + Blue
Oh the infamous meat dress, no Lady Gaga list would be complete without the mention of this look.  While her outfit was definitely eccentric, she didn’t hold back with her hair for this look either.  Opting for long platinum blond locks and the ends a bright blue hue, accenting it with a slab of meat – it’s a look that will be remembered for years to come.

The list can continue on and on, it’s easy to see she’s not a woman who’s afraid to experiment when it comes to her hair or the use of wigs.  She loves the over-the-top shocking looks, many of which can only be achieved with the use of wigs.  Lady Gaga is an incredibly creative individual, her use of color, style and wig changes all show that she brings her creativity into every area of her life.  There haven’t been many celebrities that have been as embraced for their eccentric style as Lady Gaga has.  Since her earlier years, she has started to tone things down a bit but we never know what she’ll step out in next!

Do you have a favorite eccentric Lady Gaga hairstyle?