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Sexy Cosplay woman posing.

The Tools You Need for Fantasy Hair

Cosplay looks wouldn’t be complete without the fantasy hair style that goes along with them. When you are creating these styles yourself at home that can pose challenges in itself because you may not quite fully understand what you’re doing, what you need, or even how to get the look. There are some tools that you can use to make your life a whole lot easier – and a lot of these tools are things you probably already have lying around. Lionesse brings you the basics of tools for creating your favorite fantasy hair for the perfect cosplay look.

Hair ties.

Hair Ties
Hair ties are pretty essential when it comes to cosplay and fantasy hair looks. Many cosplay characters do have hair styles that utilize hair ties in their look to achieve pony tails and braids as well as other styles. Keep a stash of these on hand to create your perfect look – plus, they are essential pieces in any girl’s hair care arsenal, anyways!

Closeup of hair spray

Hair Glitter or Hair Color Spray
These spray on hair glitters and spray on hair color (washable) are so much fun to incorporate into a fantasy hair style. Add some glitter to give your hair a shimmery glow, or add some color to various strands around your head – or both. The fun thing about spray in hair color is that you can wash it out afterward, and won’t have to deal with permanent color. Wicked!

Closeup of a ceramic flat iron.

Flat Iron
Flat irons are perfect for creating the perfect straightened style, whether you need to create a long, straight ponytail, a long, straight style, or just do touch ups here and there. Flat irons are a great tool to have nearby for these types of styles.

Woman holding a wig.

If you want the ultimate in fantasy hair, why not opt for a wig? Rather than add just a few wafts of hair with extensions, you could go all out and really get the look with a wig that will really set off your style. There are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs – prices will vary as well as quality will vary based upon where you buy the wig, what type it is, and the style.

Closeup of a curling iron.

Curling Iron
Curling irons are perfect for getting a waved or curly look for whatever fantasy style you intend on creating. They aren’t typically used all that much in fantasy costume looks, but they are sometimes utilized – so be prepared by having one close by the next time you dress in your favorite cosplay gear.

Bobby pins in a box.

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are probably the number one hair tool you should have on hand when it comes to fantasy hair. You can use them to clip hair into place, keep hair out of your face, and use them to clip other hair accessories on such as hats, wigs, styles, and more. Keep a big stash of these nearby for use any time you need to reach for one.

Woman spraying hair spray on her hair.

Hair Spray
Hair spray is so important to hold your hair look together for the duration you will be dressed up in character. You don’t want to spend an incredibly lengthy amount of time styling your hair, only to have it fall flat because you didn’t spray it. Be sure to choose a strong, firm hold spray to keep the look as long as you need or want to.

Woman getting hair extensions applied in a salon.

Hair Extensions
When your hair is too short to work in a longer style for a fantasy look, clip in hair extensions are a great tool to have on hand. Choose extensions that work with your natural hair color, or opt for fun and interesting color schemes.

Hair dryer in a white background.

History of Hair Dryers

The hair dryer has had a long road since its inception until the present day, with lots of trial and error and developmental strategies taking place – all to give women the perfect styling tool and ease of use. With humble beginnings in 1880, the hair dryer would go on to be one of the most staple items in every woman and family’s bathroom since. Let’s take a look through history at the many different stages the beloved hair dryer had to go through to become what it is today.

1880 – Ceramic Brush Dryer
The very first hair dryer was a ceramic brush of sorts, in which boiling water would be poured and capped off, providing heat throughout the hair as it was run through the hair. This would undoubtedly take a while to use and for it to work, we’re quite sure. If it worked at all. But, everything needs to begin somewhere! +1 for innovation of one of the best hair tools of all time!

1928 – Chrome Plated Dryer
The chrome plated hair dryer was extremely large and clunky, and looked like something out of a Star Wars movie than it did a hair tool. This large, gaudy dryer would sit on top of the head in a sort of helmet like fashion, blasting heat over the hair much like those of today. The only difference is, it would require hours upon hours of sitting there under the dryer to set a style, and to get a complete dry.

Circa 1920’s – Hand Held Dryer
Much like those of today’s world, hand held dryers were introduced in the 1920’s sometime. The difference between those of yesteryear and today, though, is that the old school dryers were fashioned from wood and bakelite, and had an extremely large base that most women used as a vanity for their products. They were also very expensive.

1925 – Metal Hand Held Dryer
This hair dryer was a step up in the world from the wooden hair dryer listed above. This item would gain increasingly popularity, providing every family with the ability to dry the hair thoroughly for its time.

1930 – Heat Lamp Dryer
This heat lamp dryer would utilize two large heat lamps on either side of the head, providing plenty of heat to get the job done. The process would normally take two-three hours to complete a full dry. We also bet this dryer would be a somewhat unpleasant experience – sitting for two hours with heat lamps blasting either side of your head would no doubt leave you with burns of some sort, no?

1930 – Helmet Dryer
Popular to the types of helmet hair dryers you would see in today’s salons, this helmet dryer was rather large and futuristic, consuming about 2 hours for long hair styles to be completely dried.

1934 – Hooded Dryer
The hooded dryer was typically made of ceramic but contained heat which circulated throughout, much like the helmet dryers seen in salons today.

1935 – Freestanding Dryer
These hair dryers were popular during this time period as they were much less work to use, allowed more precision in terms of directing heat where it was wanted or needed, and worked better than the average hair dryer.

1948- Heat Drying Lamp
In 1948, a heat drying lamp which could be used at home rather than in a salon setting was created and became increasingly popular. It did, however, take quite a bit of time to dry the hair with this method.

1956 – Hand Held Dryer
In 1956, a newer version of the handheld dryer, which were far more lightweight than any previous version of any other hair dryer in history, were crafted. This made blow drying your hair at home much easier and far less strenuous on the wrist.

1963 –Hooded Hair Dryers
These nifty innovations are pretty close to what you will see in a salon setting in today’s world. Heat would be circulated throughout a helmet of sorts, lowered down onto the head, and left to dry the hair of the lucky lady sitting below the dryer.

Since the 1960’s, many new and exciting innovations have come to pass in the world of hair dryers, such as foldable travel sized dryers, extremely lightweight dryers, ionic hair dryers, and even dryers that tame frizz. There are also many accessories for hair dryers in today’s world, such as diffusers, dryer combs, concentrators, pik’s, and more. With the hair industry constantly evolving based around new technology, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Lionesse hopes you have enjoyed this stroll through hair dryer history, and that we’ve answered the age old question for you of where and how hair dryers got their start. Be on the lookout for more interesting posts throughout the week only from Lionesse.


Wake Up To Great Hair

Imagine a world where you could roll out of bed in the morning with awesome hair. Not possible, you say? Lionesse thinks differently. We have the belief that waking up to great hair is not only possible, but it is also exceptionally simple. Here’s how you can wake up to great hair every day, no matter your hair type.

Woman wearing a silk scarf and dark lipstick.

Silk Scarf
Silk scarves are a great way to gather all of your hair and keep it from frizzing, obtaining flyaways, and holding curls or waves overnight. It’s also great for those who have straightened their hair the day before and would like to keep the style for the following day. The same is true for great blow outs – your style will stay put for sure with a silk scarf. Simply wrap it around your head while securing your hair to your head and keeping it flat. Tie the scarf around your head gently, or tuck the ends under for a more turban like feel.

Sleeping cap.

Sleeping Cap
Silk sleeping caps are fantastic for holding your style in place until the following morning. By putting your hair up into one of these bad boys, your style will stay put all night long, and most likely, it won’t be uncomfortable or sweaty underneath the cap. Find them at your local beauty supply store, large box store, or even pharmacy. Simply gather all of your hair into the cap, and head off to dreamland. Wake up in the morning, remove the cap and prepare to be amazed!


Simple Braid
Gathering your hair into a simple braid (3 strands) is a great way to keep a flat ironed or wavy style in place. Just be sure you complete a very loose braid, and tie it off with a no-bump hair elastic such as a ribbon elastic to prevent lines or bumps forming in the hair. It’s also very comfortable to sleep on when loose.

Side view of a woman with a hair bun.

Bun It
If you can bear the bulge of a bun, this is a great way to keep a straight style straightened without waking up to a head full of frizz. You can gather the hair into a high or low bun and secure with some bobby pins if you can bear them, or a ribbon elastic. Wrap the hair with a silk scarf for god measure, or leave it as is until morning.

Woman making a loose ponytail.

Gentle Ponytail
Fashioning your hair into a low, loose ponytail is great for keeping the hair looking fabulous without going through the hassle of extra work such as applying scarves or pins. Simply fashion the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure in place with a ribbon elastic.

Woman standing in front of a cooling fan.

Cooling Fan
If you are the type to sweat when you sleep no matter how cool the room around you may be, why not try incorporating a cooling fan into your sleeping regimen. This will keep your hair from becoming messy due to being matted to your head and neck, and keep your style looking fab for the next morning.


Hair Tips for Humid Weather

Now that summer is right around the corner – in 30 days, to be exact – now is the time to get your hair in check in time for the hot, humid months ahead. If you have frizzy hair, or hair that goes from fabulous to disaster when exposed to heat and humidity, this article was made for you.

The humid weather can be detrimental to a beautiful hair style, no matter how much hair spray you might use. The time is now to prepare yourself and learn what to do to avoid hair mishaps and enjoy your summer while out and about. Lionesse has some brilliant tips to help get you through the humidity, looking your absolute best while you’re out having fun.

Woman applying hair products.

Use Products
Serums can help to deter the humidity from wreaking havoc on your styled hair, and lock the moisture out from attacking the follicles. Opt for a serum that adds shine and boosts protection against humidity. Anti-humidity hairspray, when used in conjunction with a good serum, is one of your best defenses against the heat. Using both together provides a barrier of protection. If you have curls, you could use an anti-humidity mousse along with an anti-humidity serum and hair spray for the ultimate in protection.

Woman touching her hair.

Don’t Touch Your Hair
Once your style is all finished, hair sprayed, and set, you won’t want to touch your hair and mess it around. This can cause friction and static which can lead to humidity. You can also disturb the style and cause the product to wear off quickly if you are playing around with your hair. For the longest lasting style possible, don’t touch your hair once it’s done.

Rear view of a woman's bun-style hair.

Opt for Buns
On those days where you just don’t have the time or willpower to create a straightened style or work with a bunch of products, opt for a messy bun, cotton candy bun, or even a regular bun on top of your head to keep the hair pulled away from the face and shoulders, alleviate the worry of humidity attacking, and also, give yourself a sleek, classy style. Be sure to spray the hair on the head and underneath with some good anti-humidity hairspray to lock potential flyaways and frizzies in place.

Woman getting a hair treatment at the salon.

Deep Condition
Deep conditioning your hair might seem like it’s counterproductive, but on the contrary – it actually helps to fight the effects of frizz. When the hair has enough moisture, it’s not going to want to extract extraneous moisture from the air around you. Apply a deep conditioning pack in the shower twice per week from halfway down the hair strands and work through to the ends. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with an anti-frizz serum to combed, towel dried hair for maximum protection against the humidity.

Woman with a layered haircut.

Add Some Angles and Layers
Adding layers and angles to your hair style will help you to maintain your sleek, straight hair if that is the style you choose to go for. Your style will be able to look more polished and precise, and depending upon how many layers of, well, layers you have, you will be able to maintain the sleek look you love a lot easier than you would if you had hair that was all one length. Opt for this addition this summer to your style for the look of it, as it’s super cute and stylish, and the ease of style ability as well.

Gemini Hair Style Tutorial Finished Look

Zodiac Hair Tutorial – Gemini

Gemini’s are one of the most gorgeous signs found within the zodiac – and that’s a completely unbiased, undisputable fact. They have stunning facial features such as lips, eyes, and cheekbone structures, and they are generally beautiful women. They like to look their best at all times, and will spare no expense in doing so. Even when it comes to their hair, their style is always on the mark. Today, Lionesse would like to show you a simple and easy to do Gemini hair style that would look great on any Gemini girl – no matter her age. This style is appropriate for day or night. We brought Beauty Blogger Sarah McCormick on board to give you the rundown on how you can get this look – and it’s super simple and easy to do.   Hi ladies! Welcome to yet another hair tutorial by yours truly. Today, I want to focus on a simple, easy to do hair style for the Gemini woman. This style looks great whether you are headed to work, or for a night out. You don’t need to do too much to get the style, as it’s not too involved. Many women love that! Here’s what you’ll need to get the look seen in my pictures:

  • Flat Iron
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray
  • Teasing comb
  • Smoothing brush

Here’s how you can make the magic happen! Gemini Hair Style Straightened Hair for Gemini Hair Tutorial Step 1: Start out with straightened hair. Gemini Hair Style Tutorial Teased Hair Step 2: Grab a small section of hair on the top of your head as if you are creating a half up half down style. Tease underneath, making sure not to be too vigorous so you won’t damage your hair. Gemini Hair Style Tutorial Half Up Half Down Style Step 3: Smooth the hair out on top with a boar bristle brush or smoothing brush, and gather into a half up half down style. Keep it loose. Twist the back of the hair, and secure with bobby pins. Gemini Hair Style Tutorial Adding Waves with Flat Iron Step 4: Now it’s time to create some waves! Using your flat iron, work with small sections at a time creating your waved look. Simply insert the hair into the flat iron about 1 inch away from the head, twist the flat iron around about 180 degrees, and then pull downward gently and quickly. You will create perfect waves with this method. Repeat all over the head until finished. Finished Look for Lionesse Gemini Hair Style Step 5: Spray your hair with some strong hold hairspray or humidity resistant hairspray now that the summer months are here. This will lock in your style all day long and keep you looking fresh and beautiful until it’s time to take the style out. Finished Look for the Lionesse Gemini Hair Style Tutorial. That’s it! There you have it. This look would be great played up with some pretty Gemini makeup, or played down in a pair of jeans and a t shirt. Whatever you have going on in your day, this look will help you to look your best. I hope you have enjoyed this look post, and I very much look forward to creating some new and exciting looks for you in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for more!

Sarah McCormick for Lionesse Beauty Bar.

1940′s Curls With a Flat Iron Tutorial

Lionesse is proud to bring you this fabulous article on obtaining 1940′s curls using your flat iron. We weren’t sure if the look could actually be done with a flat iron and achieve the true vintage look and style, but we brought beauty blogger Sarah McCormick on board from All Things Beauty, and she showed us that it truly can be done – and look very retro and very true to life.

We are excited to present you with this tutorial Sarah wrote up, complete with pictures and step by step instructions, so that you too can get this super simple and easy look yourself. It doesn’t require much time – about 20-30 minutes at best, and will leave your hair looking beautiful and stylish, in a real to life style that goes with anything. We’re going to pass the post over to Sarah so that she can tell you how it’s done!


Hello, ladies!

I am super excited to be here today to bring you one of the most simple to attain styles I’ve showed to you yet, inspired by 1940′s vintage hairtsyles. Not only will this look take less time than nearly any other style I’ve brought you in times past, but it will look great with any outfit you choose to wear, and look very retro and beautiful. This look would be great from anything such as work, to a night out – even to attending a wedding. Here’s what you’ll need to get the look:

  • Flat iron – preheat it on the highest setting possible
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair Clips to pin curls up after creating them
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Bobby pins


Here’s how you can get this simple, easy to do, beautiful look:




Step 1: Begin with about 1-2” sections of hair, and begin curling with your flat iron. Simply put the piece of hair into the flat iron near the root, clamp it on, twist the flat iron 180 degrees, and wrap the remaining hair around the flat iron, twisting it around the iron. Pull the flat iron down gently, and release at the bottom. Take the curled hair, and roll it up in a roll and pin to the head. Repeat on the remaining hair. Make sure to pin the curls in the same uniform direction.


Step 2: When all the curls have been completed and cooled completely, unpin all of the hair and run the fingers through the hair to loosen the curl.



Step 3: Gather the hair on the front side of the head, and twist backwards. From there, push the twist forward a little bit and secure to the head with bobby pins. Complete on the other side of the hair.


Step 4: Brush through the curls gently with the boar bristle brush, and spray the hair to finish.

The Finished Look - 1940s Curls

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! The only thing you really need to do is be patient throughout the style, but overall, it’s a very easy style to achieve that anyone can complete. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 1940′s curls look and have found it to be easy and beautiful, and liked it as much as I have.


Pin Curls with a Flat Iron

This week, Lionesse is focusing it’s attention on reveling in the beauty of the 1940’s style. Today, we’ve got guest blogger Sarah McCormick of All Things Beauty here with us to give you a rundown on how you can create your very own pin curls using a flat iron.

Traditional pin curls are quite time consuming and require patience, a night’s sleep, and extra work. Here, Sarah will show you how you can get the same look in a fraction of the time with a little patience and persistence.

Without further ado, we would like to hand the post over to Sarah, so that she can get you started on developing your pin curl look in no time.


Hi everyone!

It’s great to be back here at Lionesse again. Today, I am super excited to show you all how you can create your very own authentic pin curl look in a fraction of the time normal pin curls would normally take. Typical pin curls require pinning all of the hair up on top of the head, wrapping the head with a scarf or bandana of some sort, and sleeping on the pins all night. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s exceptionally time consuming to boot. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can get the same look in only minutes rather than hours.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flat iron
  • Hair ties or hair clips big enough to hold large sections of hair
  • Hair spray
  • Boar bristle brush

Once you’ve gathered up everything you need, here’s how you get the look. You should be able to dedicate 30-50 minutes, depending on your hair’s length, to get the look.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 1

Step 1: Start with straightened or flat hair.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 2

Step 2: You are going to section the hair off to make it easier to complete the look, and keep things more organized. Gather half of your hair as if you are going to do a half-up half-down style, and secure that hair into a bun with a hair tie. You will be working with the remaining hair which is down first.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 3

Step 3: Grasp a small piece of hair, about an inch worth of hair. Roll that hair onto your finger and work upwards. You can choose to go as high as an inch away from the scalp if you want to, or keep the curl towards the end of the hair. I chose to go a little above halfway up my hair with my look.

Lionesse-Pin-Curl-Flat-Iron1 Pin Curl Flat Iron 6

Step 4: Remove the curled hair from your finger carefully, keeping the finger curl intact. Place the curled up hair into your flat iron, and press the curl for about 10 seconds. Make sure if you didn’t press any part of the curl, to move the flat iron across the hair gently, ensuring you don’t burn your fingers. Press the hair, and release. What you end up with is a springy curl that looks like this.


Pin Curl Flat Iron 8

Pin Curl Flat Iron 9

Step 5: Repeat step 4 all over the hair that is dangling down. Once completed, secure the hair into a hair elastic to keep it from mingling with the remaining straight hair. Release the hair from the bun, and complete step 4 all over the head, until all hair has been curled.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 11

Step 6: Once all of the hair has been pin curled, you can then fluff the curls out with your fingers until each curl is separated. You could also use a boar bristle brush and run it gently through the curls if you have hair that is on the thin side. It will provide volume and a more authentic look.

Pin Curl Flat Iron 13

You can give your hair a quick once over with hairspray so your style will stay all day or night – and after all that work, chances are – you will want to!

I’m sure you will adore your style as much as I adore mine. I absolutely love 40’s inspired hair, and all of the beauty associated with it. If you really want to make it authentic, try tying a red or blue bandana around your hair like I did in my picture – or put on some red lipstick – or both! Enjoy your look, and have fun!



1940′s Hair Tools

Tools used during the 1940’s to develop hairstyles vary widely depending on the style and look the woman wanted to achieve. Today, Lionesse breaks down the main components on any woman of the 1940’s era’s vanity, and explains what each of them were used for and what purpose they had. Many of these items are still used in today’s world, albeit with marked improvements in technology. Let’s take a closer look at these items and what type of styles they were used for.

40s style hair look with headband

Head Bands
Head bands and head wraps were very popular during this time, and were popular amongst girls, teenage girls, and women alike. They were fashionable and helped the girl or lady achieve a cute, fun style that is still worn today.

Setting Lotion
Setting lotion is still used in today’s beauty world, and was quite possible one of the best products women of the 40’s had. This lotion would allow the hair to set in the rollers and stay put all day, keeping the curls in place much like gel, mousse, or hair spray would.

funny woman with hair rollers in a retro look.

Hair Rollers
Hair rollers were essential to every woman’s daily style. Finding the time to set the hair into the rollers was the true obstacle. It seems as though every woman that lived during these times always had perfectly coiffed hair, wavy and beautiful and luxurious. The hair rollers were typically made from foam and plastic, although there were other forms of rollers such as wire wrapped with rayon or silk. Hair rollers were essential when finger waves and pin curls weren’t attainable due to time constraints.

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins were the go-to hair tool when it came to developing the infamous pompadour hair style, buns, or the half-up half down look. They also came in very handy when wearing a snood, creating an updo, or even to keep frizzy pieces of hair at bay. They were used to keep pin curls in place. Although their design has morphed quite a bit over the years, the idea of them was the same – and they served the same type of purpose.

Woman combing her hair with a comb.

Combs were an essential part of any woman’s hair care regimen back in the 40’s. There were different types of combs in which women would use for their styles, from the decorative kind places into an updo or bun of some sort, to the kind they would use for styling and creating styles in their hair.

Bristle Brushes
Bristle brushes, such as boars head bristles and vegetable based brushes with wooden handles, were very popular during the 1940’s era, and donned every woman’s vanity and bathroom counter. These types of brushes provided the perfect brush through for wavy hair after curls had been implemented into the style.

old fashioned barrette.

Much like the hair clips of today, barettes were a great, fashionable way for teenage girls and women of the 40’s to keep their hair out of their face and add style. They came in different colors but were usually in colors that matched hair color such as brown, yellow, and black.



Top Pageant Hair Styles

Creating a hair style like the top beauty queens of the world isn’t as hard as you might think. Some of the top rated pageantry styles are ones you may already be doing every day. Others are simple enough that anyone could try with great success. Whatever your style, we’ve got something for you in this top pageant hair style guide from Lionesse.

Woman with a middle parted hair style.

Top Style #1: Middle Parted Hair
No matter the actual style you intend on wearing your hair, wearing a middle part is considered to be the number one pageant hair style look in America. Usually, in pageants, the middle part is seen on those wearing a straightened style, or one with waves. Be sure to part perfectly down the middle, and you’ll be well on your way to pageant beauty in no time.

Woman with a perfectly straight hairstyle.

Top Style #2: Perfectly Straight Hair
Perfectly straightened hair is a style that not only looks fabulous, but feels fabulous as well. Those who have thicker hair or curly hair will find that flat ironing the hair seems to alleviate much of the weight of their hair. Perfectly straightened hair looks chic, classy, and gorgeous. If you are prone to frizz, be sure to use a frizz serum in the hair before going about your day to lock in your look and protect it from humidity.

Woman with a side parted hairstyle.

Top Style #3: Side Parted Hair
Side parted hair looks beautiful with a touch of wave and or curl. It gives a completely new look to the typical hairstyle you might wear every day, and if you’re a middle parted kind of girl, this look is sure to change things up a bit. Play this style up by adding waves or curls, or flipping the hair under or outwards. Use your imagination and make your style come to life.

Woman with a slicked back hairstyle.

Top Style #4: Slicked Back Hair
Slicked back hair looks absolutely chic and fantastic, and is a favorite not only among pageant goers, but of supermodels as well. This look keeps the hair out of the face, allowing plenty of focus to zone in on your features. This is a great style to play up your cosmetics game with. Be sure to spray generously with hair spray if this is the look you are after to keep the style all day long.

Woman with a half-up half-down hairstyle.

Top Style #5: Half Up Half Down
The half up half down style isn’t just for kids anymore. This style has been a favorite among pageant contestants for years, because it gives the appearance of an updo, while still allowing you to wear your hair down. You can leave the hair natural, flat iron it, or add some curls with a curling wand. Customize the style to fit your own personal style.

Woman with a curled updo.

Top Style #6: The Up Do Hair Style
What pageant would be complete without the ever popular updo hair style? This look provides plenty of glamour, plenty of attention, and makes you feel as beautiful as you look. There are many variations to the ever popular updo style, from chignons, to curled updo’s, to French twists, and so much more. Explore the different options, practice the styles on yourself, and eventually, you will find a style you love that you’re good at creating.


Can You Dye Your Hair with a Flat Iron?

Woman using a flat iron on her hair.

Dyeing one’s hair has always been a favorite pastime among women, but as many people are aware, dyeing the hair usually exposes the body to harmful chemicals and dyes, which can essentially cause allergic reaction, breathing difficulty, or rash. Not only that, but many hair dye ingredients can leave the hair brittle, damaged, and not true to the color you originally intended on. Lionesse has uncovered a brand new way to transform your mane – at least, it’s coming in the very near future.

Researchers have been hard at work at the University of New Mexico offering a ground breaking revolution in hair dyeing: using a flat iron to infuse color into the hair. Yes, you read that right!

You may be wondering how this is even possible, but science says it’s got everything to do with light. Apparently, ion beams are implemented into these devices, and the particles of light are split into various wavelengths. From there, a wide variety of colors can be achieved – making this device the go-to in hair styling and coloring.

While the device isn’t a spitting image of your typical flat iron you might have sitting in the bathroom drawer, it bears a striking resemblance. How’s that for convenient? Small, simple, and always readily available at your fingertips. Count us in!

Apparently, the researchers and lab they are working with, Los Alamos National Laboratories, have found within their research that this device and the light used is most effective on brown hair. Perhaps this mechanism will be able to morph brown haired beauties into any shade they’d like to be without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes. This sounds too good to be true – but the researchers are claiming this truly is the way of the future.

Although this device isn’t yet available and is currently still undergoing testing in the various phases, one could only wonder what the potential negative outcomes of this hair treatment will be. Will there be any untold damage done to the hair? Is there any type of harmful radiation involved? Could burns occur?  How long will the color last? These are all questions to which we don’t have the answers to as of yet, but you know us – here at Lionesse, we dig and dig until we find what we are looking for. Count on those answers coming soon!

As for now, we are counting this as yet another amazing breakthrough in the hair industry. Soon, stylists will be saying bye bye to the typical chemical laden hair dyes of the past, and opting for the new age hair coloring of the future.

We’re curious to see which of our readers are excited or weary about this new technology. Be sure to share your thoughts on the topic with us in a comment or message. Stay tuned for updates from Lionesse Flat Iron on this amazing hair technology, and we’ll be sure to bring them to you as we receive them.