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Woman touching head

Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Scalp

Woman touching head

When you think about healthy hair, you probably think of your actual hair strands. It’s a natural thought to have, and you’re definitely not alone. However, the truth is that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. It’s been found that without a healthy scalp, it’s nearly impossible to have truly healthy hair. Pretty crazy, right? If you’ve been focusing on your hair strands to get that gorgeously, healthy hair, it’s time to switch your approach to really focusing on your scalp. It’s easy to almost forget about your scalp, and the fact that it’s truly where our hair STARTS because it’s hidden under our hair. Fortunately, it’s not going to be a lot of added work to your hair care routine to focus on a healthy scalp.

Massage Your Scalp
When washing your hair, and really applying any sort of products to your hair most of us tend to really just focus on our actual hair. During the hair washing process, it’s the best time to start massaging your scalp. Since you’re already massaging product into your hair, it’s pretty simple to add some focus to really massaging your scalp. Plus, your hair and skin are wet which tends to make them softer and much easier to massage. This helps to increase blood circulation in your scalp, which has been found to work wonders on creating a healthier scalp. In addition to increasing blood circulation in your scalp, spending some additional time massaging the scalp also assists in removing any excess product you may have from your hair styling and routine.

Add Moisture
You’ve probably heard experts (and us!) talk about the importance of adding moisture to our hair to keep it healthy. Our hair strands aren’t the only things that need moisture though! Our scalp needs moisture just like our hair strands do. Using shampoo products that are formulated with moisturizing benefits can be a tremendous help with giving your scalp a healthy boost. Since you’re going to be spending more time focusing on massaging your scalp while washing, your scalp is going to get a lot of the moisturizing benefits from the products.

Turn Down the Heat
We love taking a hot, relaxing shower after a long day just as much as you do. The problem with that habit is our skin, especially our scalp doesn’t love it quite as much as we do. In fact, taking a hot shower can do a lot of damage to our hair and scalp. So as tempting and great as it may feel to turn the heat up when taking a shower, resist the urge and turn the temperature down. Using warm water will aid in softening your scalp to allow the massaging and moisturizing benefits to fully penetrate the scalp without causing too much stress. Heat tends to put a lot of stress on our skin (scalp included) and cause a lot of dryness-we obviously want to avoid both of these.


Five Foods To Help Your Hair Glow

poached eggs

You are what you eat, right? We’ve all heard that saying time and time again. Most often we hear it in relationship to our body’s size and weight. The past few years more and more research has shown that what we eat doesn’t just affect our health in the traditional sense, but it also has an impact on our hair’s health and appearance. Who knew?! Well, now we all do. We know you’ve probably been trying everything you can think of to achieving glowing, gorgeous hair and you may still feel like you’re not quite achieving the results you want. Well, there are five foods to help your hair glow (five of many) and we’re giving you the details now.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3’s are discussed quite often in relation to our internal health and even our skin. As it turns out, they’re not just great for those benefits, but they also help in achieving glowing hair! Omega 3’s have been found to help tremendously with achieving shiny, glowing hair strands. It really comes from the fact that omega 3’s help to add hydration and moisture to the scalp and actual hair strands.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has been frequently discussed in the beauty world the past couple of years, and with good reason! Coconut oil is incredibly effective at helping to get a glow into your hair. Between consuming it in your diet and even applying it right to your scalp and/or hair strands the benefits are bountiful with adding moisture and hydration effectively into hair.

They’re incredible to have a healthy breakfast with, among plenty of other recipes. But eggs aren’t just great for maintaining a healthy diet, they’ve also been found to add nutrients to hair to achieve shiny and glowing locks. Eggs have been found to aid in giving hair and the scalp a lot of healing and repairing benefits to assist with that glow.

Another food we often hear about for a healthy diet, can help you achieve healthy and glowing hair! Walnuts are rich in omega 3 AND omega 6 fatty acids, which both have been known to be incredibly powerful at giving hair that gorgeous, shiny glow we all know and love. They’ve also been found to help add strength and fullness to hair because of the powerful protein source they hold AND give a boost to moisture.

Pumpkin Seeds
You probably didn’t expect to hear us mention pumpkin seeds for your hair, but they’re LOADED with a lot of incredibly powerful nutrients that give hair an incredible glow. Between the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin K pumpkin seeds are packed with a range of nutrients that our hair craves in order to gain that glow. All of the nutrients found in pumpkin seeds help with strength and moisture retention in hair strands, which is what helps gain that glow.

Woman cutting curls

Getting A Great Cut When You Have Curls

Woman cutting curlsSo…you have curly locks, huh? Women everywhere would LOVE to have curly hair like you do. Regardless,  we know that women with curly hair can sometimes face challenges when choosing the best haircut to suit your hair type. Since your hair type and texture is different than those without curly hair, the way you get your haircut is essential to how great you feel about your curls. There are some things to consider to getting a great cut when you have curls. We’re all about keeping you well informed so we’ve gathered up a few of the best tips to consider the next time you head into the salon with your gorgeous, curly locks.

Layering is A Must
So many experts that discuss the tips and tricks to getting the perfect cut with curly hair refer back to layering and the role it plays in curly hair. Regardless of the length of your hair and even the types of curls, layering helps to create dimension and assist in your curls laying in a way that’s much more flattering to your face shape and helps to allow your curls to do their thing in a much more natural way. If you’ve been getting your hair cut in one length, with curly hair, make it a point to ask your hair stylist to try layers the next time you’re at the salon. Many experts suggest this is a much more flattering and feasible way to manage curly hair and achieve a better cut.

Have Your Hair Cut Dry
There’s always a lot of debate on this topic, and every stylist has their own thoughts and methods to cutting hair. One thing that a lot of the top experts in hair tend to agree on is that curly hair should be cut when it’s dry. Since curly hair tends to have a much different look and texture when it’s dry versus when it’s wet, cutting the hair dry has been found to give a much more effective cut. It’s believed that cutting curly hair dry allows the stylist to see the shape, texture and look of the cut in a much more realistic manner. In addition to all of that, it’s said to help the stylist create more dimension and texture into the hair when cut dry.

Go to an Expert
This may seem obvious, but when it comes to cutting curly hair not all hair stylists have the same experience. We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to seek the help of a trusted professional for your hair cut. Going to someone who has extensive experience in cutting curly hair can make the world of a difference in your haircut outcome. While you may feel loyal to a hair stylist you’ve been seeing for a while, if you’re not entirely satisfied with the outcome you receive it’s time to consider going to another expert.

woman with healthy summer hair

Five Tricks For Healthy Summer Hair

woman with healthy summer hair

Have you noticed a shift in your hair’s health as we continue through the summer season? While the summer is a fun and sunshine filled season, it has a tendency of wreaking havoc on our hair. Between the sun and the heat, in addition to our typical hair habits, it can become damaged and unhealthy around this time of year. As you know, unhealthy hair isn’t quite as flawless looking as healthy hair so getting your hair’s health back on track is probably something of interest to you. Well, if it is we’re sharing five tricks for healthy summer hair to get you started.

Coconut Oil Mask
As we mentioned above, all the different weather elements our hair is exposed to this time of year tends to cause a lot of damage on our hair. Keeping up with a healthy hair care routine is going to help tremendously with this, but many experts suggest that adding a coconut oil mask into your hair care routine can give your hair’s health a significant boost.

Anti-frizz Treatment
You’ve probably noticed some frizz creeping up with the humidity this time of year. Similar to overall hair health, maintaining a solid hair care routine will help, but it’s not always enough to beat the frizz. One of the best things to do for your hair’s health and to really beat the frizz is to incorporate an anti-frizz treatment product into your routine. Generally, you should only apply a small amount to the ends of your hair to lock in the moisture and prevent frizz.

Moisture is Key
Going off of what we mentioned with frizz, and really locking in that moisture you really want to focus on moisture this time of year. Between the sun, the heat and any heated styling tools you use to style your hair there are a lot of different factors that take the moisture out of your hair this time of year. Using hair care products throughout your routine that are really focused on adding moisture and hydration is an absolute must for the summer and maintaining healthy hair.

Get Regular Trims
We’re all guilty of going an extended period of time without getting a haircut, but since our hair does face a lot of damage this time of year keeping up with regular hair trims can help maintain your hair’s health. It may seem obvious, but we’re assuming that you haven’t been on as strict of a routine as you should be. Get into the habit of going every 6-8 weeks.

Sea Salt Spray
Achieving those gorgeous beachy waves is a goal for so many this time of year. The problem is chlorine and salt water tends to take a lot of moisture out of our hair, so you don’t want to depend on the actual bodies of water like that to get those beachy waves you know and love. Instead, opt for a sea salt spray. You’re going to get that gorgeous texture we all know and love without stripping your hair of any needed moisture.

woman outdoors

Five Fun Hair Trends For Summer

woman outdoors

Summer, just like any other season, welcomes in a whole new set of hair trends we have to try out for ourselves. We’re officially in the midst of the summer season and we’ve had some time to really establish some of the best hair trends for the season. If you’ve been feeling like you’re in a hair rut, or you just need a little inspiration in the hair department we have you covered. We’ve rounded up five fun hair trends for summer to take you through the rest of the summer season in style.

Short, Curly Hair
The past few summers it’s been all about the beachy waves, but this summer it’s more about the curly locks. You’ve probably noticed short hair lengths are all the rage, especially for those with curly locks. Have curly hair? Try a short hair length to change things up a bit. It’s perfect for summer because you have a lot less hair to deal with, and it’s a great way to honor your natural curls.

Straight With a Center Part
On the flip side of the short, curly hair we have the super straight locks that have also been trending. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite celebs with super straight hair parted in a center part. This is an old classic of a look, but feels new this time around (as it does every other time it’s been on trend). Regardless of your hair length, this look is a winner in our book.

Half Up Top Knot
Getting your hair out of your face is a big focus this time of year. As the temperatures are warm and the humidity rises, keeping our hair tied back in a stylish manner can be a challenge. Top knots have always been an easy go to, but this season the classic top knot got an upgrade. The half up top knot is what this season is ALL about. It gives you the ability to have your hair out of your face, but still have some of your hair down so you’re not fully committing to an up do.

Braided Locks
We can’t talk about summer hair trends without mentioning braids. We’re grouping ALL braids together for this fun summer look because honestly no matter which way you wear braids in your hair this summer it’s stylish and functional. We love braids here at Lionesse because they’re incredibly stylish, but they can also be functional at keeping your hair out of your face when you need it. Between French braids to braids in a half up style, there’s no limit with braids this season.

Embracing Natural Texture
Another trend we’ve been loving this season is simply embracing your natural hair texture. We’ve seen quite a few designers incorporating models’ natural hair texture on the runway, and it’s translating into real life. Celebrating and really embracing your hair’s natural texture isn’t always easy because we’ve all spent so much time changing it, but it’s perfect for the summer season (hello less work!).

Woman checking scalp

Relief For Your Oily Scalp

Woman checking scalp

One key factor in our hair’s health and appearance lies in our scalp. Yes, we said your scalp. While you probably focus a lot of your hair care efforts on your actual hair strands, it all starts with the scalp. When your scalp is unhealthy or facing certain struggles, your hair strands will as well. Oily hair is a common concern, especially during these humid summer months. If you’ve noticed or felt like your scalp is oily and you can’t seem to get it sorted out, we’re sharing some tips on gaining some relief for your oily scalp.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often
We realize this sounds completely contradicting to your actual goal but the thing about washing your hair is it actually strips your hair and scalp of all the natural oils. When your hair and scalp become stripped of those natural oils, it will produce MORE to replace what it was stripped of. That being said, when you wash your hair too often your scalp and hair are in a constant state of needing to replenish oil and often ends up causing an excess of oil production in your scalp. Now keep in mind, since you’re going to be cutting back on washing your hair as often it will likely at first appear more oily until you get into a routine with it. Start out slow, and begin to work your way to only washing your hair 2-3 times per week at max.

Watch Where You Apply Conditioner
Conditioning products are essential to a healthy hair care routine. Our hair needs conditioning, regardless of your hair type. But when you’re facing an excessively oily scalp, you’ll want to make note of where you’re applying your conditioning products. When too much conditioner is applied to the root and scalp of your head, it can cause more oil and grease to be produced. Instead, focus on the ends and up to the middle of your hair. Avoid applying any conditioning products to your roots when using your regular conditioner AND any deep conditioning products you may be using on a regular basis.

Use Dry Shampoo Productively
We talked about not washing your hair too often, but what do you do for those times between washes when your scalp becomes a bit too oily looking? Use dry shampoo! Dry shampoo products are incredible for those that have an oily scalp. Because dry shampoos are, well…dry. They’re incredible at really soaking up the oil in the scalp. Use a dry shampoo product between washes, and you can even use it on days when you notice your scalp is appearing oilier than you would like.

Applying some of these tips should help you to get some quick relief for an oily scalp. Of course, maintaining healthy hair habits throughout your life is also going to play a huge role in maintaining the health and eliminating as much excess oil in your scalp as possible.

Woman looking at hair

Thinning Hair Causes And Solutions

Woman looking at hair

Hair is an area of our appearance that can tell us a lot about ourselves. When your hair is unhealthy, many experts suggest that it can be an indication of something else going on internally. Thinning hair is a pretty common struggle for people, for various reasons. Although it’s common, we realize that there isn’t a lot of conversation going on about thinning hair causes and solutions. We’re always here to provide you with tangible solutions and gaining a better understanding of the causes, so we thought we would give you some insight.

Common Causes
As we mentioned, with thinning hair and hair loss in general there can be a wide range of causes involved as the real root of the struggle. It’s important to talk to a medical professional to determine your cause, to really have a better understanding of how to treat your individual case but we found a few of the most common causes of thinning hair. As it seems, some of the most common causes of thinning hair are related to internal health. Primarily hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues. These tend to be the most talked about causes, however stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are also common causes of thinning hair. Like we said, the causes range from a variety of different things so it’s important to understand your case so you can treat accordingly.

Common Solutions
Just like there are a variety of thinning hair causes, there’s a range of different solutions to treat thinning hair. If you find that the cause of your thinning hair is related to hormones and/or thyroid issues it’s important to seek medical help to find ways to balancing all of those elements in your life. Of course, if stress is the cause for you taking a look at your lifestyle and establishing any changes that should/can/need to be made in order to reduce the stress is going to be a crucial part of the solution for you. In addition to adjusting any lifestyle and/or medical changes that are necessary for you, there are some other solutions that can be helpful. Using hair growth hair care products is one of the easiest solutions, and many people find relief with this solution method. Using these types of products consistently is key to the success rate. In addition to hair growth hair care products there are now other solutions available for thinning hair like laser treatments and hair transplants. Both of these solution methods have been found to be incredibly beneficial for individuals that have a hard time finding success with more mild solutions.

As we mentioned, when determining the best solution method for your thinning hair it’s important to first understand the cause of your thinning hair. All of us are different, and no two people experience thinning hair in the same way. If it’s something you’ve been fighting for a while, seeking the help and assistance of a professional on this topic is ideal to your success.

Woman running fingers through her hair

Use This, Not That

Woman running fingers through her hair

When was the last time you really thought about the beauty products you use on a daily basis? Ok, chances are you’ve gotten into a routine with the products and tools you use and haven’t really thought about how they may damage your hair. No judgment here, the tools and products you use do become a habit and something that you don’t often think about adjusting until you find you need to. We thought we would talk a bit about some of the common beauty products people use that should really be swapped out for something different. It’s time for use this, not that…

Use A T-shirt, Not A Towel
You read that correctly, and we know you’re probably thinking that we’ve lost our minds.  Most of us have grown up using towels to dry our hair and ring out a lot of the water after taking a shower/bath. The problem with using towels to dry our hair is the fibers and roughness of towels tend to be to rough and harsh on our hair strands. Our hair is in its most vulnerable state when its wet, which is why we need to take extra caution in what we use to dry our hair. The friction and roughness from towels has been found to cause breakage and cause frizz in our hair, which is why you should switch the towels out for an old t-shirt. T-shirts are much softer and will give you the drying element without causing any damage.

Use Silk, Not Cotton
Similar to the towels we use, most of us get used to using whatever sheets we’re used to. Ok, before we get ahead of ourselves we realize you probably didn’t think about how your sheets could be negatively impacting your hair and skin health-did you? The truth is cotton sheets and pillowcases tend to cause breakage and damage to our hair. Instead of using cotton pillowcases, experts in hair and skin both stress that switching to silk can make major improvements in both areas. Silk is much more breathable and smooth, giving your skin and hair something much softer and smoother to glide across every night when you head to bed.

Woman using a comb to brush her wet hair

Use A Comb, Not A Brush
Ok, we’re not saying that you can’t use a brush ever but if you’re using a brush when your hair is wet it’s definitely time to make that adjustment. Brushes can cause a lot of damage to your hair when you use them on wet hair. As we mentioned above, wet hair is vulnerable hair. Instead, when your hair is wet always make it a point to use a wide toothed comb. These types of combs give you the control over your hair in a way that’s much less damaging.

Use Ribbon Bands, Not Elastic Bands
Elastic bands have been used to tie hair back for many years. They’ve always been a go to, but the problem is they can be quite harsh on your hair. Especially when they’re used very often. Instead, experts suggest switching to ribbon like bands (they have a tie on them usually) because they’re much less harsh on your hair strands but still give you that ability to pull your hair back.

Woman with a lob hairstyle

Reinvent Your Lob

Woman with a lob hairstyle

Have you made the plunge? You know…the hair plunge so many women have been making. Still not sure what we’re talking about? It’s the lob! So many women have been making the big chop and cutting their hair into a lob length. The lob hair style has been everywhere, and we don’t hate it. It’s such a stylish and updated haircut that can really give you an entirely different look. The downside of the lob hair style (just like any other hair style) is that you can sometimes feel as though you’re limited in how you can actually style your hair. If you’re feeling that way lately, we’re going to show you how you can reinvent your lob with a few different hair style ideas.

Deep Side Part
Lob hair styles have mostly been worn in that sleek straight style, or with some waves added to the mix. One of our favorite, and probably easiest, ways to reinvent your lob is to mix up the way you’re parting your lob. Instead of a structured side part, opting for a super deep side swept part that gives you that undone type of feel is perfect. It literally takes seconds to style after your hair is dried and the texture you want is added to your hair.

Half Up Bun
One of the most common struggles ladies face when they chop their hair into a lob length is feeling as though they’re limited in how they can style their hair in updo type of styles. Half up hair styles are perfect for that reason, you’re able to get some of your hair up and out of your face (perfect for the summer weather) and not have to worry about the length of your hair. Taking things up a notch, and staying on trend for this season it’s all about the half up bun hair style. Again, start by having dry hair that’s been given the texture you desire. Whether you want beachy waves or super straight locks you can adapt either to your look. Then simply pull the hair back into a half up section but instead of leaving the tail down create a bun with the ponytail portion of the half up bun style.

Woman with lob hairstyle with braids on the side

Add Braids
Another one of our favorite ways to help you reinvent your lob is to add braids to your hair! Braids are perfect because it doesn’t matter what length your hair is, there’s a way for you to adapt braids into the mix. Our current favorite way to rock braids with a lob is to add a braid to the side of your head starting at the part and working your way down to pin the end of the braid near your ear. Creating an ‘undone’ type of braid helps to add to that effortless vibe we all know and love during the summer months. If you want to wear your hair pulled back add a braid to your hairline and down to tie into a low ponytail.

Woman with a bob hair cut

Five Ways To Wear A Mid-Length Bob

Woman with a bob hair cut

Bobs and lobs are EVERYWHERE right now. If you’ve flipped through a magazine in recent months, chances are you’ve seen a number of celebs with their hair length chopped. It’s the perfect hair length for the summer season because it’s less hair to deal with, and it’s a refreshing change if you’ve been rocking the longer locks for a while. While there are pretty great positives to rocking the lob hair length, it’s also easy to feel like you’re limited in how you can style your hair at this length. That is…until now. We’re sharing five ways to wear a mid-length bob to give you some hair inspiration for the trendy length.

Half-Up Bun
Think you can wear your hair pulled back because of the mid-length bob style? Think again! Styling your hair in a half up bun is a really fun way to style this length hair. Whether you style your hair straight, wavy or curly you can completely change the look and feel of your hair’s length by pulling it back into a half up style. This season it’s all about changing the half up ‘do that we’ve all known and loved for years, by styling it into a bun.

Side Braid
Another one of our favorite ways of styling a mid-length bob is adding a braid into the mix. Braids are perfect for adding some styling change to your hair. You can really rock this is a variety of different ways. You can take a section of hair and style a braid and just pin it back to the side/back of your hair. If you want something a little different you can add the side braids to both sides of your hair to create a half up style.

Super Straight
Give your hair a modern, structured feel at this length by wearing it in a super straight style. Part your hair in the center and style it as straight as possible. Start by blow drying your hair straight, and then running a flat iron over it to set the straight style.

Side-Swept Waves
If you’re really into the beachy wave look, it’s the perfect way to style your hair for the summer season. Mid-length bobs are pretty great to add a wavy texture to. Part your hair in a deep side part to accentuate the beachy wave vibe. Dry your hair fairly straight with your blow dryer and add a texturizing or dry shampoo product to your hair to bring out the waves. Using either a large barrel curling iron or flat iron to add waves into your hair and set with hair spray. Easy, but the perfect style to rock this summer.

Messy Low Bun
The great part about the mid-length bob is you have just enough hair to pull it back into a low bun hair style. Part your hair to the side and pull your hair back into a low bun. If you want a little extra volume at the roots tease the hair at the crown before styling the bun. It doesn’t have to be perfect!