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Woman with 1980s hairstyle

Craziest Hair of the 80’s

Woman with teased hair. The 80’s no doubt contained some of the strangest hairstyles known to man and womankind – a fact nobody can quite argue. Some would say it was artistic, while others would be reluctant to even divulge into conversation regarding hair, fashion, or style from the era due to extreme embarrassment. Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the wildest, most far-out styles of that time frame, and help you reminisce on a time gone by with many beloved – yet incredibly strange – hairstyles.

Bud Bundy was best known for rocking this ridiculous style, and it became popularized among not only men, but women as well. This style featured a shorter, spiked back or flat style on top with longer hair in the back that usually hung to the shoulders or just past them. This style was on its way out in the early 90’s – and luckily, we don’t see too much of this style anymore.

Big, High Teased Bang Styles
This style is one hair faux pas that many women (and guys alike) probably regard as one of their biggest regrets of the 80’s. Although, at the time, it was super cool and trendy, the big, high bangs were overly teased into terrible bendy styles and blown with a round brush back or under, giving the appearance of a small rodent’s nest sitting atop one’s head. We’re sure glad this crazy style has said it’s goodbyes!

Frizzy Spiral Perms (or any Spiral Perm)
Spiral perms were a huge trend throughout the 1980’s, but frizzed out, really big hair was one of the biggest hair trends of the time. Nearly every rocker, mama and daddy had this hairstyle, and we must admit, it was one of the coolest, most tolerable styles to grace the era.

The ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ Look
For any guy who was a fan of ‘A Flock of Seagulls’, you just had to have the look. The lead man of this synth pop group from England actually brought his hairstyling skills which he gained before becoming a part of the band to the forefront and developed his notorious ‘do, which fans around the world mimicked in unison. This look comprised what we would now call ‘emo’ hair with a foreword brushed longer front and middle section, covering one of the eyes, while the sides were brushed up into a style reminiscent of animal ears or something from out of space, we can’t really tell. Regardless – this is another style that died with the 80’s. Again, luckily.

Bright Neon Colored Styles
Bright pink hair was a huge hit during this era – as was blonde hair – and why not combine the two, thought nearly ever woman to live through the 80s?

Flat On One Side, Poof on the Other
The flat on one side, poof on the other hairstyle was one of the weirdest and most unattractive styles, in our opinions, during the 80’s – but it made sense at the time for many. The look comprised slicking the hair from one side of the head back, and pinning the hair over the opposite shoulder. From there, massive bangs were created, no doubt using boatloads of Aqua Net Hairspray, and the remainder of the hair was teased, hairsprayed, and teased some more. The wavier and frizzier the better. …We just don’t understand the concept.


Teased all Over
Overly teased, big hair was obviously the most stylish hair during the time, and the amount of time spent teasing the hair was the hardest part. The sides, top of the hair, and back of the hair had to contain tons of volume to look just right, and be sprayed with enough hairspray to contain the style for up to a week’s time. Not really – but hairspray was definitely a girl’s best friend.

Woman with a beautiful hairstyle.

Pretty Summer Hair Accessories

Summer hair accessories are a fun way to dress up your hair for the season. There are many different types and styles of hair accessories to choose from, from floral prints to faux leather, to flower crowns and beyond. Lionesse is here to give you the scoop on some of this summer’s hottest hair accessories and how to wear them.

Woman wearing a floral crown.

Flower Crowns
Flower crowns look absolutely stellar for the summer months. These pretty adornments rest atop your head, and look beautiful with a wavy hair style, or even a straightened hair style. They complement long hair very nicely. You can wear these with a flowy dress or skirt, or pair them with a cute pair of shorts or jeans.

Headbands are a great summer staple to have on hand. Not only do they keep your hair out of your eyes and face, they also look very pretty in terms of style. There are different types of headbands to choose from, from plastic, fabric covered, elastic, or leather. There are the types that are applied to the top of the head sitting straight up and tucked behind the ears, to the type that is far more fashion foreward and are seen more in today’s world that wrap around the head. Headbands can be worn with anything. They look great with t-shirts and shorts, and dresses.

Woman wearing a head chain.

Head Chains
Head chains are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing boho fashion revolution. They were made popular by Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens when seen at the Coachella music festival. From there, they sort of took the internet by storm – and the rest is history. Head chains are more oriented towards dressing up a bit rather than for casual wear – although, it can be done if you pair it with the right outfit.

Woman with a beautiful hairstyle and floral accents.

Flower Accents
Flower accents are adorable for summer. Usually seen in the form of a large hibiscus flower or something similar with a clip attached, these types of hair accessories look beautiful when pinned to the hair behind the ear and when the hair is worn down. Waves or straight hair, or even curly, work well with this particular accessory. You can complete so many hairstyles using these accents, such as retro-inspired hair, or an island-inspired look, or perhaps even a boho style. Use your imagination and get creating!

Floral Hair Ties
Hair ties are an essential part of summer. When the heat is too hot to bear, there’s nothing better than reaching for a trusty hair tie to pull your hair back into a ponytail. What could make this essential even better? Flowers, of course! There are many different hair tie options with small flowers attached to liven up your style, no matter how simple the ponytail you’re going for is. These can really dress up your whole look and get you summer ready in no time.


Stylist applying a hair spray.

The Best Hair Texture Sprays

Texture sprays are a fantastic addition to any woman’s hair care collection. They can be used as a go-to styling aid when you aren’t quite sure what to do with your hair that particular day, and you’re looking for something simple and easy. They can be used to add lots of piecey texture and a tousled, gorgeous messy look to the hair. Normally, texture sprays are used to finish off a style – however, they can actually be used to create a style as well. Lionesse would like to school you on some of the different types of texture sprays available, and what they can do for your hair.

Types of Texture Spray
There are many different types of texture spray, from sprays which only add piece-y wafts of hair, to those which create a style, to those used merely as a finishing spray. Some texture sprays have added benefits which are built in to serve a dual purpose. For instance, there are texture sprays with UV protection built in to protect your hair from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. There are types such as dry texture spray, which offer beach wave-like qualities to the hair, and then there are those which provide a full, voluminous look to the hair. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the type of texture spray you actually need and want.

Woman applying hair spray on her hair.

Choosing a Texture Spray
Choosing your texture spray should be based off of your own personal hair care needs – not merely based on something you may have read online about a product, such as reviews or something you may have heard from the mouth of a beauty blogger. You need to find a product that works for your individual needs. What works for someone else may not work for you, and vice versa. A great place to start is to look up the term, “Hair texture spray for thick hair”, for instance, and see what results you come up with. From there, narrow your results further by typing in other keywords, such as “Hair texture spray for thick hair beach waves” and see what comes up. Search smarter, not harder.

Types of Styles Created from Texture Spray
There are many different styles seen in Hollywood, in magazines, and on the runway created with something as simple as a great texture spray. As mentioned above, texture spray can be used to create beachy waves, boho waves, a messy bed-head type of look, used on spikey or short hair to add volume, used on thin hair to add volume, and more.

Those with thicker hair may want to use texture spray to add more of a piece-y look to their style, to break up some of the depth of the hair. Or, perhaps you are running out of time in the morning and you want something you can spray on, scrunch, and go. There’s a texture spray for that, too.

Give a few different brands and types a try, and chances are, you will love the end results. If you don’t, be sure to give a few other brands a try before waving them off entirely. Sometimes, it just takes finding the exact right product and brand for you.

Woman purchasing cosmetics at a store.

How to Protect Your Makeup from the Heat

Summertime is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for many people worldwide, being that it means more time is able to be spent outdoors participating in fun activities, wearing cute summery outfits, and enjoying a day on the beach. The warm weather seems to make everything brighter – except for your makeup, that is.

Applied cosmetic products are easily disturbed by warm weather – and so can your products sitting in your bathroom be disturbed, or even ruined, by humid, warm air. Today, Lionesse has some tips on how you can protect your look – and your products – from the heat.

Woman applying makeup in her car.

How to Keep Your Makeup On Your Face
When you’ve spent an hour in front of the mirror making sure your makeup looks just right, it can be quite annoying to spend time outdoors for a whole 5 minutes and realize your makeup is literally being sweat off as you stand in the sun. There are some things you can do to avoid this from happening:

  • Stay out of the direct line of sunlight – this should be done anyway unless you’ve applied plenty of sunblock to your face, neck and body.
  • Dust your finished look with transluscent powder to set your makeup in place for the day.
  • Opt for mineral based cosmetics, which are generally powder based, rather than liquid type products such as liquid foundations and cream eyeshadows.
  • Use a finishing spray on your products after everything on your face has been applied.
  • Spritz your face throughout the day with your favorite toner to keep your face refreshed and keep your makeup set in place.
  • Use products that are light in texture and thin in texture to ensure even coverage and less chance at melting off your face.
  • Use minimal products to begin with; opt for items such as lip gloss, mineral foundation or bronzer, tinted moisturizer rather than foundation, natural toned shimmery eyeshadow (light dusting), and lip stains rather than lipstick.

Woman examining cosmetics in a store.

When it comes to keeping your makeup in your bathroom from melting, here are a few different tips to ensure your products stay intact and as is:

  • Store your cosmetic products in a cool, dry location such as in a cosmetic box under your bathroom sink or in a closet.
  • Keep your house air conditioned in the summertime, if at all possible.
  • Keep products away from heat sources such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers.
  • Keep your cosmetics out of your purse if you are going to be spending time outdoors. If you must bring something with you for touch ups, opt for powdered products or ones which can’t be ruined or melted by the sun. A couple of great items to keep with you are a powder brush, bronzer, lip gloss, lip balm with SPF protection, and lotion, aside from moisturizing cream. Waterproof mascara is another fantastic option for summertime durability and makeup application.
Hair Tutorial for curly updo.

Our Favorite Online Hair Tutorials

Hair Tutorial for curly updo.Trying out new and different hairstyles from what we are typically used to is so much fun, but it can also be stressful if we have no guidance or reference to look at. That’s one of the reasons we at Lionesse are so thankful online hair tutorials exist – because without them, women everywhere would be a whole lot more clueless about how to get that perfect style. Today, we would like to showcase some of our favorite online hair tutorials – and tell you where you can find them so you can try to create the style yourself.

The styles we chose are perfect for a summer look, so be sure to give these ones a try and get familiar with them so you can rock them all summer long!

Beachy Waves
Beachy waves are a fantastic addition to any girl’s hair repertoire – and it’s no wonder, because they look and feel absolutely fantastic. There are many different ways to actually get beachy waves, from sea salt sprays, to time spent at the actual beach in the salty water, to specific styling techniques, such as this one. Using a flat iron to get beachy waves is super simple and easy, and literally only requires about 10 minutes time, tops, even if your hair is really long.

Braids are the epitome of summer hair. There are many different types and styles of braids, such as waterfall braids, dutch braids, three strand braids, five-strand braids, loose braids, tight braids, and more. This is one of our favorite braid tutorials due to the fact that she offers up three different braided styles. They are super simple easy to do yourself, and you can get the look in just minutes. Braids are so much fun for summer – and if you don’t quite know how to do braids, now’s your chance to learn! She makes it easy. Take a look!

70’s Retro Waves
With music festival season still in full swing, and summer knocking at the door, this 70’s retro wave look couldn’t be more perfect for the season. Our guest blogger Sarah McCormick makes it easy to get the look of decades past with a flat iron and some hairspray. We love the ease of this tutorial! You can wear this look for a casual day out shopping or hanging out around the house, or even out to something more sophisticated, such as dinner or a date.

Messy Bun
The messy bun is a timeless classic that can be created in so many ways. There are sock buns, donut buns, and just plain out messy buns – and in this tutorial, you won’t need anything but hair ties and grips. That’s it! She explains how simple and easy it is to get the look – and her personality is adorable. This is the perfect style for those days where you just don’t want to play with flat ironing your hair, or to do something cute for a rainy day. Enjoy!

Closeup of a woman using a flat iron to style her hair.

Tourmaline for Hair Tools

Flat irons, curling irons and wands, and blow dryers – we all own them, and they come in many different materials and with many variations as far as components and materials used to compose each product. When you want quality products, tourmaline is one of the most fantastic materials you could opt for aside from ceramic and titanium.

Lionesse would like to take a closer look at what tourmaline is, what it can do for your hair, and speak about some of the different products which you can use for your hair that contain tourmaline. We will also give you a few tourmaline recommendations based upon our experience and expertise in beauty.

What is Tourmaline?
Tourmaline is a considered to be a semi-precious gemstone used in many different flat irons, curling irons and wands, and even in blow dryers. The gemstone is generally crushed into a fine powder and incorporated into high-end hair styling tools. Tourmaline is capable of producing negative ions which in turn produce silky, smooth hair that is free of flyaways and damage. Tourmaline products are also generally very light weight, providing a more comfortable experience in terms of long term use – no more tired arms or hands due to holding up heavy styling tools.

Flat Iron

What Tourmaline Styling Tools Can Do
Tourmaline styling tools can provide sleek, smooth hair when you are using them in flat iron form. When you are using a tourmaline-infused hair dryer, you are literally blasting away water droplets which are evaporated much quicker than they would be with a regular copper coil infused blow dryer. The hair is left smooth and silky, and will have little to absolutely no damage caused by the use of this heat styling tool. When it comes to curling wands and curling irons, the same applies – faster curls with a smoother and softer outcome. That’s what many women love about tourmaline products; the fact that hair damage will not occur with heat styling is a major plus.

Product Recommendations
Products Lionesse recommends for heat styling containing tourmaline are as follows:

The Lionesse Tourmaline Flat Iron – Comes in three sizes for thin, thick, and very thick or curly hair. Has great temperature control, with high heat settings – all without causing damage to the hair. Leaves the hair balanced and beautiful. Here are some of our product specs:

  • Powerful 480 degrees F heat to style even the wildest types of hair.
  • Dual Voltage for safe travel usage.
  • Adjustable temperature heat gauge which can be adjusted according to your preference.
  • The use of highly advanced infrared technologies helps in protecting the hair color and preventing hair damage.
  • Tourmaline plates reduce static and balance hair by increasing the negative ions.
Lionesse Flat Iron Infographic.

Guide to Lionesse Flat Irons

Lionesse Flat Iron Infographic.Choosing the right flat iron for you can sometimes be a daunting task. Some women are completely clueless as to what type of flat iron to use for their hair type, or are completely unaware that there are even different types in existence. Some believe the cheap flat irons are the way to go because they think they will work the same as the more expensive brands, but will they really? Lionesse has the information you need to get the look you want without the struggle of fighting with the information.

Thin Hair to Fragile Hair– Ceramic
Thin hair can generally work well with any type of flat iron, but we recommend Ceramic. It’s not too over the top for the style you want, and you don’t need to splurge and spend more on a flat iron that has more ‘oomph’ than is necessary for your hair. Ceramic flat irons will not damage your hair, and will provide the flat, sleek look you want in minutes. Generally, you should opt for a temperate of 300-325 degrees Fahrenheit to get a smooth look. Ceramic flat irons for thin hair can be used daily without the fear or breakage or damage – but you should always use a heat protectant spray with them.

Normal Hair with Little to Severe Damage – Ceramic or Tourmaline
Normal hair, much like thin hair, doesn’t really require much in terms of hair care besides some heat protectant spray. However, when there is little to severe damage done on the hair – whether it’s from heat styling with bad products, hair dye damage, bleach damage, or other damage such as breakage or dryness, you will want to opt for a ceramic or tourmaline flat iron to get the job done. Be sure to have your heat setting at approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit to get the smooth, chic look you desire. This will also prevent unnecessary heat exposure to already damaged hair. And always be sure to use a good quality flat iron with heat protectant spray as well. As a added tip: a weekly deep conditioning and repairing mask should be applied to the hair, and a good biotin supplement should also be taken to get the hair back to being healthy. With damaged hair, you should avoid heat styling too much – but a few times per week should be okay.

Coarse, Thick Hair, or Frizzy Hair – Tourmaline or Titanium
If you have coarse, thick, or frizzy hair, you will want to opt for a tourmaline or titanium model flat iron that is capable of temperatures between 420-460 degrees Fahrenheit. Other models, such as Ceramic, will not really offer you the benefits you will need to get the style you want. Chances are, if you are using a flat iron, you will want to achieve the look of sleek, beautiful hair. Perhaps you want sleek curls in minutes – you can also achieve these with these types of flat irons. Higher heat is required to break through the barriers those with this hair type have. You will be astonished at the difference it will make in your hair. You should choose a high end model since your hair has specific needs. Always remember to use a good heat protectant spray on your hair before using one of these products.

Man with stylish hair in a suit

Men’s Hair Trends

It’s not often that we write posts for men, but when we do, it’s a pretty big ordeal. This post can serve to help you find your husband the best style for him during the spring/summer months, or for the men who might be perusing the site looking for inspiration themselves. These are some of the hottest men’s hair trends of the season. Lionesse has scoured the ‘net, making sure to check for the best styles and trends right now.

Man with long and wavy hair.

Long and Wavy
If you have long, wavy hair, let it do its thing. Long, wavy hair is definitely in this season, and the waves give the hair a beachy vibe perfect for the summer months. You may want to use a bit of a texturizer to keep the hair matte, especially in the summer months, as the matte look is in. Don’t use any shine inducing products in the hair, and rock it as-is.

Stylish man with well-coiffed hair.

Well-Coiffed Hair
If you’re in need of a more formal style, well-coiffed hair, such as slicked back styles or side parted hair, are very much in right now. These styles will be perfect for any occasion, whether you’re attending a wedding for wedding season, or you’re heading out for dinner.

Handsome man with well textured hair.

Textured Hair
Adding texture and dimension to your already established style is another great way to be on trend this season. Textured hairstyles look fabulous when you add some pomade or wax, tousle with your fingers, and let it be for the day. You may need to touch the style up throughout the day, which is why it’s a good idea to keep a travel-sized jar of product with you at all times. This style works well even if you lead an active lifestyle and don’t have much time for the mirror.

Man with bedhead hair getting makeup done before a show.

What a better way to start the day than to just get up and go? Bedhead is in, although there are different opinions on the style. Some people love it, others hate it. If you’re going to rock this style, be sure to use some sort of product to tame frizz or smooth flyaways – but besides that, you’re good to go. Just get dressed and hit the road!

Man with a tall and slick hairstyle

Tall and Slick
If you’ve got lengthy hair and you are looking for a new style, why not try a tall and slick style? Rather than slicking the hair straight back, which can look overly shiny – which is not in during the summer months – you will want to slick the hair high with some volumizing mousse for volume, and part it to the side while brushing back. From there, you can somewhat brush the smaller parted side back, but leave some volume. Simple, easy to do, and it looks perfect for the season. This style can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you’re going to be doing that day. This could suit a formal look just fine, but it could also work with a pair of jeans and button down.

Sexy Cosplay woman posing.

The Tools You Need for Fantasy Hair

Cosplay looks wouldn’t be complete without the fantasy hair style that goes along with them. When you are creating these styles yourself at home that can pose challenges in itself because you may not quite fully understand what you’re doing, what you need, or even how to get the look. There are some tools that you can use to make your life a whole lot easier – and a lot of these tools are things you probably already have lying around. Lionesse brings you the basics of tools for creating your favorite fantasy hair for the perfect cosplay look.

Hair ties.

Hair Ties
Hair ties are pretty essential when it comes to cosplay and fantasy hair looks. Many cosplay characters do have hair styles that utilize hair ties in their look to achieve pony tails and braids as well as other styles. Keep a stash of these on hand to create your perfect look – plus, they are essential pieces in any girl’s hair care arsenal, anyways!

Closeup of hair spray

Hair Glitter or Hair Color Spray
These spray on hair glitters and spray on hair color (washable) are so much fun to incorporate into a fantasy hair style. Add some glitter to give your hair a shimmery glow, or add some color to various strands around your head – or both. The fun thing about spray in hair color is that you can wash it out afterward, and won’t have to deal with permanent color. Wicked!

Closeup of a ceramic flat iron.

Flat Iron
Flat irons are perfect for creating the perfect straightened style, whether you need to create a long, straight ponytail, a long, straight style, or just do touch ups here and there. Flat irons are a great tool to have nearby for these types of styles.

Woman holding a wig.

If you want the ultimate in fantasy hair, why not opt for a wig? Rather than add just a few wafts of hair with extensions, you could go all out and really get the look with a wig that will really set off your style. There are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs – prices will vary as well as quality will vary based upon where you buy the wig, what type it is, and the style.

Closeup of a curling iron.

Curling Iron
Curling irons are perfect for getting a waved or curly look for whatever fantasy style you intend on creating. They aren’t typically used all that much in fantasy costume looks, but they are sometimes utilized – so be prepared by having one close by the next time you dress in your favorite cosplay gear.

Bobby pins in a box.

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are probably the number one hair tool you should have on hand when it comes to fantasy hair. You can use them to clip hair into place, keep hair out of your face, and use them to clip other hair accessories on such as hats, wigs, styles, and more. Keep a big stash of these nearby for use any time you need to reach for one.

Woman spraying hair spray on her hair.

Hair Spray
Hair spray is so important to hold your hair look together for the duration you will be dressed up in character. You don’t want to spend an incredibly lengthy amount of time styling your hair, only to have it fall flat because you didn’t spray it. Be sure to choose a strong, firm hold spray to keep the look as long as you need or want to.

Woman getting hair extensions applied in a salon.

Hair Extensions
When your hair is too short to work in a longer style for a fantasy look, clip in hair extensions are a great tool to have on hand. Choose extensions that work with your natural hair color, or opt for fun and interesting color schemes.

Hair dryer in a white background.

History of Hair Dryers

The hair dryer has had a long road since its inception until the present day, with lots of trial and error and developmental strategies taking place – all to give women the perfect styling tool and ease of use. With humble beginnings in 1880, the hair dryer would go on to be one of the most staple items in every woman and family’s bathroom since. Let’s take a look through history at the many different stages the beloved hair dryer had to go through to become what it is today.

1880 – Ceramic Brush Dryer
The very first hair dryer was a ceramic brush of sorts, in which boiling water would be poured and capped off, providing heat throughout the hair as it was run through the hair. This would undoubtedly take a while to use and for it to work, we’re quite sure. If it worked at all. But, everything needs to begin somewhere! +1 for innovation of one of the best hair tools of all time!

1928 – Chrome Plated Dryer
The chrome plated hair dryer was extremely large and clunky, and looked like something out of a Star Wars movie than it did a hair tool. This large, gaudy dryer would sit on top of the head in a sort of helmet like fashion, blasting heat over the hair much like those of today. The only difference is, it would require hours upon hours of sitting there under the dryer to set a style, and to get a complete dry.

Circa 1920’s – Hand Held Dryer
Much like those of today’s world, hand held dryers were introduced in the 1920’s sometime. The difference between those of yesteryear and today, though, is that the old school dryers were fashioned from wood and bakelite, and had an extremely large base that most women used as a vanity for their products. They were also very expensive.

1925 – Metal Hand Held Dryer
This hair dryer was a step up in the world from the wooden hair dryer listed above. This item would gain increasingly popularity, providing every family with the ability to dry the hair thoroughly for its time.

1930 – Heat Lamp Dryer
This heat lamp dryer would utilize two large heat lamps on either side of the head, providing plenty of heat to get the job done. The process would normally take two-three hours to complete a full dry. We also bet this dryer would be a somewhat unpleasant experience – sitting for two hours with heat lamps blasting either side of your head would no doubt leave you with burns of some sort, no?

1930 – Helmet Dryer
Popular to the types of helmet hair dryers you would see in today’s salons, this helmet dryer was rather large and futuristic, consuming about 2 hours for long hair styles to be completely dried.

1934 – Hooded Dryer
The hooded dryer was typically made of ceramic but contained heat which circulated throughout, much like the helmet dryers seen in salons today.

1935 – Freestanding Dryer
These hair dryers were popular during this time period as they were much less work to use, allowed more precision in terms of directing heat where it was wanted or needed, and worked better than the average hair dryer.

1948- Heat Drying Lamp
In 1948, a heat drying lamp which could be used at home rather than in a salon setting was created and became increasingly popular. It did, however, take quite a bit of time to dry the hair with this method.

1956 – Hand Held Dryer
In 1956, a newer version of the handheld dryer, which were far more lightweight than any previous version of any other hair dryer in history, were crafted. This made blow drying your hair at home much easier and far less strenuous on the wrist.

1963 –Hooded Hair Dryers
These nifty innovations are pretty close to what you will see in a salon setting in today’s world. Heat would be circulated throughout a helmet of sorts, lowered down onto the head, and left to dry the hair of the lucky lady sitting below the dryer.

Since the 1960’s, many new and exciting innovations have come to pass in the world of hair dryers, such as foldable travel sized dryers, extremely lightweight dryers, ionic hair dryers, and even dryers that tame frizz. There are also many accessories for hair dryers in today’s world, such as diffusers, dryer combs, concentrators, pik’s, and more. With the hair industry constantly evolving based around new technology, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Lionesse hopes you have enjoyed this stroll through hair dryer history, and that we’ve answered the age old question for you of where and how hair dryers got their start. Be on the lookout for more interesting posts throughout the week only from Lionesse.