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Anti-Aging Hairstyles

Here at Lionesse, we know that every woman wants to look youthful, beautiful, and sexy. We also know there are certain hairstyles that can make you look older, and some that can help to give you a youthful appearance. Today, Lionesse wants to help you decode some of the easier ways to do some simple hairstyles which will provide a youthful look year round, while looking and staying classy every time.

Rear view of a woman with a ponytail running on treadmill.

Pony Tail
Pony tails are one of the simplest ways to regain a youthful appearance. As simplistic as they are, they provide more firmness and tightness to the facial skin, giving you an instantaneous face lift, and also direct attention towards your face. This can be a good thing if you take the time to apply cosmetics to also aid in the process of attaining a more youthful appearance. There are many different styles of ponytails you can achieve – a simple internet search online can help you to view different styles or looks you can achieve with a simple ponytail. Whether you wear it high for maximum face tightening effect, or lower for a softer, more playful look, ponytails are always a safe bet when it comes to looking more youthful.

Long and Straight
Wearing your hair down and allowing it to hang on or past your shoulders is always a youthful look. Adding the element of straightness with a flat iron will provide you a sleek, comfortable, manageable and youthful appearance without spending too much time in front of the mirror. This is a great style for women on the go. To eliminate time spent, straighten your hair at night, and then do some simple touch ups in the morning. Sometimes, you might not even need to use a flat iron – especially if you already have thin, straight hair. You can use your flat iron to add some fun elements as well, such as flipped out edges, flipped under edges, accentuate layers, and more.

Woman with a french braids hairstyle in a backless gown.

French Braid
French braids of all kinds are always a timeless classic. From the time we were little girls, until now, French braids have evolved into a sought after style to modify and play with. Nowadays, there are so many different forms of braids, such as fishtail braids, waterfall braids, upside down French braids and more. There are many hairstyle magazines to look at for inspiration, and many different videos available online that will teach you step by step how to achieve the look you want. Get creative and add some studded bobby pins for something extra special.

Beautiful woman with beachy waves.

Beachy Waves
What’s more youthful and sexy than some beachy inspired waves? We can’t think of too many things! Undoubtedly, the beachy wave look will always look stunning, classy, and youthful. You can achieve this simple yet beautiful hairstyle with some sea salt spray and a blowdryer. A little scrunching and blowdrying goes a long way here. This style will generally last all day, and most times, you won’t even need hairspray to hold and keep the style. Sea salt spray can be bought in your favorite boutique or store, or you can even make your own if you are able to access the ocean where you are. It’s always a great idea to save a little sea water in a spray bottle to make your very own, all natural sea salt spray – and how much more authentic can you get than the real deal?

These hairstyles will provide you with the youthful look you are going for, while not being too over the top. We at Lionesse encourage you to give them a try, and keep on searching for styles that meet your particular hair needs or desires.


60’s Style Icons

The onset of the 1960’s decade brought a lot of new style trends with it. There were a number of popular actors, actresses and several other famous entertainers who became style icons in the 60’s. Their fans wanted to look like them and dress like them. They also wanted their same hairstyles and same makeup looks. Below, Lionesse examines some of the most famous and well-known fashion and style trendsetters of the 1960’s decade.

Brigitte Bardot
This 1960’s fashion icon was from Paris, France. She quickly rose to fame when she began modeling for popular magazines such as Elle. Brigitte was appealing, and men were completely mesmerized by her. She was renowned as a “sex kitten,” but over time, she overcame the reputation.

Bardot’s 1960’s style was a flirty one. She starred in Beach Party and revitalized bikini fashion. She wore bikinis that featured vibrant, bright and sunny colors, which made them both trendier and sexier.

Jacqueline Kennedy Jaqueline Kennedy

Jacky Kennedy was from Southhampton, NY. She was married to the 35th US President, John F. Kennedy. She was also an embodiment of both elegance and beauty. Kennedy was the premier “First Lady Fashion icon” of the 60’s decade. Her most renowned contribution to 1960’s fashion was the pillbox hat. She was also recognized for her chic close-waist dresses. Many young women back then admired her style. Her 1960’s pillbox hats were both conservative and classy, and they were designed by Halston.

Singer CherCherilyn “Cher” Sarkisian
Cher was a performer, an actress and a vocalist from El Centro, CA. Her early career was mainly singing and dancing. She and her husband Sonny Bono performed together. They had a TV show called The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

Cher was a very popular 60s fashion icon. She was famous for her loud and unabashed fashion statements used in her shows as well as in her on-stage performances. She is one of the 60s fashion icons who made fluorescent halter tops and bell-bottomed pants stylish and popular. She was also recognized for her simple 1960s hairstyle. She wore loose straight hair and alluring rocked bangs.

Jean Shrimpton
Supermodel Jean Shrimpton was from Buckinghamshire. She joined the Lucie Clayton Charm Academy and studied modeling, and at age 17, she began her modeling career. She appeared in the pages of a variety of magazines and on the covers of Elle, Vogue, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Ladies’ Home Journal, and even Time Magazine. Shrimpton was regarded as the world’s first supermodel.

Shrimpton was one of the most well-known 60s decade fashion icons. In the mid-60s, she introduced the miniskirt look. The early 60’s trends that were started by Jacky Kennedy were transformed through Shrimpton. Shrimpton started the miniskirt trend with a bang and it was completely unintentional. The miniskirt look became the new 60s trend after Shrimpton was spotted in Melbourne, Australia wearing a white shift dress with hemline that was nearly 4 inches above her knees.

Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn
She was a 1960s fashion icon and highly recognized actress. She was both a fashion icon, and a Hollywood icon. Even still today, Hepburn is thought of as one of the greatest 60s fashion icons as well as a remarkable philanthropist.

She made the pixie hairdo more popular when she was spotted both off and on-camera with the short fashionable pixie hairstyle. Hepburn paired her stylish ‘do with her drainpipe jeans and other casual 60’s decade apparel.


Best Hairstyles for Pisces Girls

Pisces woman with pretty wavey hair

From fashion and clothing, to make up and hairstyles, Pisces women possess a unique sense of style. Particular elements of their personality traits and spiritual energy blend well with certain color hues and accessories. When it comes to hair, Pisces women can pull off virtually any look they want and make it work with their features; however, there are specific hair styles that truly bring out the best features in Pisces women. In this article from Lionesse, you will find some of the most popular and recommended hair styles that can add individuality and uniqueness to the look of any Pisces woman.

Hairstyle Tips For Pisces Women


Pisces women tend to have sensitivity to style trends, and they are also sensitive when it comes to “fitting in.” The Pisces zodiac sign is a super feminine one, and they have a preference for ultra long hair (inspired by the mermaid). Pisces women desire for their distinct look to be effortless and they need it to feel “right” on them.  A Pisces woman can be prone to easy influence both by friends who mean well and/or by a certain hairstyle that they find appealing. As a Pisces woman though, trying a new hair style can sometimes by tricky. If the end result turns out something they feel does not suit them, they are capable of becoming very upset over the issue.

An extra hair styling tip for Pisces women:

As a Pisces, woman, if you regularly use a blow dryer on your hair, whenever it’s possible, it can be a good idea to give your hair a break from it, and towel dry it instead. This can be somewhat of a “good luck” ritual and help to increase the amount of positivity you encounter throughout your day.

Pisces’ Women’s Hairstyle Can Accentuate and Enhance Their Best Features

Women of the Pisces zodiac sign are sensitive, and they are very ethereal beauties. Their eyes are full of soul and are one of their most standout features. Therefore, it can be important for any Pisces woman to have a hairstyle that truly brings out that feature. The hair of Pisces woman should also appeal to their other features, such as the somewhat childlike, youthful round face shapes that many Pisces women tend to have.

Pisces women can also tend to be a bit shy and reserved at times, therefore, both the make up and the hairstyles that most appeal to these particular traits are the ones that come across as more modest and understated looks, as opposed to the more bold and brash ones. The hairstyle of a Pisces woman should complement their unfathomable beauty.

Pisces are considered to be the “daydreamers of the zodiac.” Other traits of the Pisces sign include their dreaminess and, mysticism. A Pisces woman is the “mermaid woman” and her style can evolve and change, based on her feelings and/or moods. Her hairstyle can appeal to her “watery goddess” personality traits. Her complexion tends to be clear and soft and complement her deep, tantalizing eyes, and just like a mermaid, some of the best hairstyle looks for a Pisces woman involve long flowing waves, curls, or even tight locks in their hair that accentuate the dimples she often has in her cheeks.

Tangles in her curls

Lionesse Reviews Top 10 Curly Hair Issues and How to Deal

Curly hair is something most straight-haired girls are constantly saying that they wish they had. Curly girls know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. When you have curly hair, you have a unique set of styling and maintenance challenges. Lionesse reviews 10 of the most common curly hair complaints and how to remedy them.

Frustrated by frizzy hairFrizz
Perhaps the number one complaint, frizzy hair is a major issue for girls with curls. Sometimes it seems that no matter how you style your hair, you end up with more frizz than curl. To combat frizziness, there are a few ways you can tweak your styling routine. First, try using a cotton T-shirt rather than a bath towel to dry your hair. It may sound, and feel, a little weird at first, but this can help eliminate frizz. Next, do not scrunch your hair. Conventional curl wisdom suggests scrunching as you style to help shape curls, but this can increase the level of frizz in your hair. Instead, twirl curls around your fingers to help create structure. Lastly, skip traditional hair brushes. These only pull curls apart and add frizz to your look. Opt for a wide tooth comb and comb hair only when wet.

The Triangle Look
You know that if your stylist gets a bit scissor happy you may end up with no volume on top and a crazy amount of voluminous curls on the sides of your head, otherwise known as triangle head. Unfortunately, there is no fix for hairdressers that take too much off except for waiting for new growth. However, there are things you can do to help ensure that triangle head doesn’t happen in the first place. Take pictures with you to the salon and be direct about what you want. Never be afraid to speak up and voice concerns while getting your hair done. Request that razors not be used on your hair, as this increases the likelihood of frizz. Use your face shape, and your natural curls, to help determine what cut will look best on you. You can also experiment with the way that you part your hair to create more volume on the top of your head to avoid the dreaded triangle.

Tangles in her curlsTangled Tresses
While you are supposed to avoid excessive brushing, you don’t want to end up with crazy knots and tangles. Knots and tangles come with curly hair, but you can help combat them. First, use your wide tooth comb on wet hair to help gently work out knots. You can even use the comb as you shower when you have conditioner in your hair. If your hair is dry and you need a knot out now, spray some leave-in conditioner on the knot and use your fingers, not a comb, to gently remove the problem. Help yourself wake up with tangle-free hair by putting your hair back when you sleep. Experts suggest loosely piling hair on the top of your head, which is sometimes known as “the pineapple,” or creating a loose braid before you hit your sheets. Also sleep related is to get a satin pillow case. This helps to not only keep your hair less tangled, but also to minimize damage done while sleeping.

Dry Hair
Curly hair is significantly drier than straight hair. Hair experts suggest to limit the amount of shampooing each week, but keep conditioning. Most curly hair girls can get away with only washing their hair twice per week. On the days that you do not need to shampoo, try the popular method of “co-washing.” Co-washing simply means that when you aren’t shampooing, you still wet your hair and use conditioner. This helps keep moisture in your curly hair. Additionally, you can use the steam generated from your shower to help your curls. Allow the steam to soak into your hair, which will help your curls stand up on their own without the need for as many drying styling products.

Using hot tools on curly hairHair Tools With Heat
Hot tools are to be used with caution by all hair types, but particularly curly hair girls. However, allowing your curly hair to air dry completely can lead to more frizz. So what’s a girl to do? Make good use of the diffuser attachment that comes with your hairdryer. If yours doesn’t come with one, invest in one immediately. When drying your hair, try to avoid touching it with your fingers as much as possible and just use the diffuser. Flat irons are fun to use when you want to switch up your look. Be sure to spray a generous amount of heat protectant on your hair prior to using the iron on your hair. Also, take care to use an appropriate heat setting. A good guideline for heat setting is that if it is uncomfortable and burns your fingers, the iron is probably at a setting too high for your hair.

Styling Drama
No matter what you do your hair seems to have a mind of it’s own. There are days where your curls look glorious, and there are days when you look crazy despite having styled it the exact same way. You can make your crazy hair days into good hair days. Try a topknot, which can be worn for any occasion, if your curls aren’t cooperating with laying correctly. Additionally, you can give your curls some help by grabbing your curling iron or wand and creating structure using these tools.

Falling Flat
Your curls look beautiful when you leave the house in the morning but an hour later they’ve fallen flat. There are few things you can do to combat this curly hair issue. First, curls tend to hold better on hair that has not been just washed. If you have just washed your hair, you can always use a bit of dry shampoo to add some texture. Next, find a good curl cream or mousse that works for you. The product you choose will be what works for you, there is no single perfect curl product. Unfortunately, this means a good amount of trial and error. Once you’ve applied the curl cream or mousse, add a tiny bit of hair oil to the ends of your hair only. This way you keep volume and curl at the top of your hair as opposed to weighing it down. To maintain volume, lift the roots of your hair with your fingers as you dry it. Some experts suggest using a combination of air drying (while lifting the roots with your fingers) and then finishing the style by using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. A good middle ground is to let it air dry 50% then use your hairdryer for the remaining 50%.  Spray your hair generously with your favorite hairspray to help lock in the curl. Keep a travel size bottle of hairspray with your for emergency touch-ups.

Curls in humid weatherWeather
Everybody’s hair reacts to the weather, but it’s magnified with curly hair. There is absolutely nothing that you can do about changing the weather, but you can experiment with hairstyles that work for days with high humidity or moisture. Prior to styling your hair, check the weather so you have an idea of what external elements your hair is facing. If there is humidity or rain predicted, do not even attempt to straighten your locks. Practice two or three hairstyles that work for you in bad weather, such as a topknot, braids or a half-up/half-down style.

Bed Head
Most curly haired ladies think that showering at night is out of the question. It is true that curly hair can get unruly overnight, but there are ways that allow you to sleep peacefully and still wake up with great hair. The first, as previously mentioned, is to invest in a satin pillow case. This helps reduce the snagging and tangling that can happen with other pillow cases. Once you have your sleeping surface sorted, you have to figure out what to do with your hair overnight. There are a few methods that experts suggest and to find the best one for you will take some trial and error. A popular way to sleep with wet curls is in loose braids or a low twisted bun. Alternatively, you can try twisting smaller sections of hair and pinning it up during the night. Always spray on a leave-in conditioner if you plan on allowing your hair to dry overnight.

The Lion’s Mane
Also known as the Hermione Granger, the lion’s mane is a complaint many curly girls have. The look is so named because when brushed out, your curls don’t resemble curls but rather a lion’s mane. The solution? Resist brushing your hair out with a bristled brush. Instead, opt for a wide tooth comb and gently comb through your curls when your hair is wet. Apply leave-in conditioner or other products to further fight frizzy, lion style hair.

Curly hair is awesome, even it it does come with some challenges. Embrace your curls and celebrate how amazing your hair looks.

Getting a hair cut

Lionesse New Years Hair Resolutions

The time is now to begin thinking about what you are going to do to change your hair with the coming year. Perhaps you want a fresh new cut and style, something out of the ordinary for you. Maybe you want to add some color, or change a current color. Maybe you want some bangs. Perhaps you’re a wild child and you want to do something off the wall – and hey, that’s okay! We love crazy. Lionesse wants you to be prepared for the coming year by helping you figure out what you can do to help you have the best hair year ever – and we promise, it won’t be painful or time consuming.

Getting a hair cut

Resolution #1: Find a Cut You Love and Go For It

What could be more exciting than ringing in the New Year than getting a new cut? Perhaps you aren’t ready to make that move and just want to add some bangs to your current look. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and different for you. After all, hair can and will grow back – and variety is the spice of life. Do something out of the ordinary that you love, a style that will flatter your face, and have fun!

Hairdresser using heat protection spray

Resolution #2: Use Heat Protecting Spray– Or Use Less Heat

If you are the type of woman who needs to straighten her hair on a daily basis (and many of us are), opt for a good heat protecting spray which will protect your hair from burns, vitamin depletion, and split ends. If you blow dry your hair or use curling irons or even heat rollers, this also applies to you. Be sure to protect your hair from the damage high heat can have on your hair from daily styling. If you are able – going heat free, even for a few days a week – can really improve the look of your hair.

Resolution #3: Try New Styles

Find some of the cool, trendy new hair styles that are being worn by celebrity women or in hair magazines. You could even look through places like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Look through pictures of braids, extensions, updos, and waves – and find some new styles to rock in 2015. You will give yourself a hair makeover by implementing some of these styles to your hair regimen – and chances are, you will love not wearing your hair in the same style in which you have worn it for the past 5 years.

Pretty hairstyle

Resolution #4: Opt for Color

If all else fails, choose color! Adding lowlights during winter months really helps to give your hair a rich depth that highlights can’t provide. If you aren’t keen on lowlights, try an all-over color – something rich and dark, to complement the remainder of the winter months. Or, you could try to add strands of a bright color, like pink, blue, or green. Do what fits your personality, and be yourself.


Lionsse wishes you and yours a Happy New Year, and all the best with your hair in 2015!


Hottest Celebrity Hair Styles

Young woman at the salon getting a celebrity inspired hairstyle: a LOB

It seems as though hair styles are constantly changing – and it can be hard to keep up. For some women, opting for a new ‘do can be a scary experience. We at Lionesse understand your fear. For women who have long hair, especially, it can be terrifying to imagine someone putting their hands on your hair, and not quite knowing what the outcome will be. If you are in the market for a change, we have got the hottest new celebrity hairstyle for you – and it’s a big change, so if you aren’t ready, maybe you could just read about it and take it into consideration for next time when you’re feeling a bit more daring.

Camilla Alves, actress and Hollywood film star, is currently rocking what is said to be the hottest hair in the celebrity world. Known as a fox lob, this style is making its way onto many of Hollywood women’s heads – and with good reason. The longer version of the fox lob looks flattering on all face shapes, and body types. It provides something edgy and stylish, while being short and easy to maintain. It gives an elegant feel for times where dressing up is necessary, and provides a casual look when you want to wear your favorite Pink sweatpants and lounge around. Whatever your style, the fox lob is something of a true trend – and we don’t foresee it going anywhere any time soon.

Stars such as Miranda Lambert, Anne Hathaway, and even Beyonce are all currently rocking the fox lob beautifully. They have been seen out and about and even at awards ceremonies within the past month wearing this style, and it simply works. We love it because it can be worn curly, straight, and wavy. The chin length new day take on the bob is truly fantastic. This look would even work well on a woman of any age – and would provide a more youthful appearance to those in their 40’s and older, looking to give themselves a more youthful look and style.

If you’re thinking of giving yourself a new style and look, this hairstyle should definitely be at the top of your list. It’s not too short, and provides you with the ability to still do things with it, such as parts, straightening, wearing it curly or wavy, and even complete a small ponytail or even a slicked back look. Whatever your style, this hair just works. Always be sure to seek out the help of a professional. Never try to take matters into your own hands, so to speak, unless of course you are a hairstylist. Even then, it can be tricky to complete a look on yourself!

For those of you with longer hair, would you consider giving this cut a shot? Why or why not? Is fear holding you back? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below, and we will do our best to reply to you as we can.


Easy, Youthful Hairstyles to Create with Your Flat Iron

Creating a perfect, easy and youthful hair style doesn’t have to be difficult or thought consuming. All it takes is a creative mind, or even some inspiration from pictures on the internet. Imagine what a woman of a younger age would do with her hair, and base the style off of that. Really, it’s about using common sense mixed with creativity to develop a cute style that works for you.

Lionesse Flat Iron would love to help you learn some of the easiest styles you can create with your flat iron today. This simple how-to is a starting point, and from here, you can develop your style and play around with variations to keep a fresh, new look all the time.

Sleek straight hair style

Sleek, Straight Style

The easiest style to complete with a flat iron is to simply straighten your hair. Sleek, straight hair feels good, looks good, and is youthful. All you need is a heat protecting spray, your flat iron, and about ten minutes of time, depending on your hair type and flat iron’s quality. If it’s time to get a new flat iron, opt for a Lionesse flat iron for the ultimate in hair straightening capability and quality.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron along 1 inch sections of your hair until you’ve completed your entire head. Voila! Simple, easy, and very effective, this style will have you looking youthful and sleek in no time at all!

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman Studio shot of young beautiful woman on white background. Professional make up and hair style.

Soft Waves

Many women are unaware that they can use their flat iron to develop gorgeous, luxurious waves. It’s rather simple, and all it requires is your flat iron, heat protecting spray, and some hairspray.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron over the hair once to make sure it’s all smooth and straight. This should be done in one inch sections, to ensure everything is evenly straightened. From there, you will again take one inch sections, and run the straightener down towards the bottom of the hair, stopping at about chin length.

Now comes the fun part! While the hair is still clamped between the iron, twist the iron as if you are pulling it backwards 90 degrees. Then, while it’s still facing backward, you will pull down gently as if you were straightening the hair. Once you reach the bottom, remove the flat iron from the hair to see your beautiful soft waves. Spray with hair spray and repeat for the remainder of your hair. This look is great for women of any age and looks youthful and pretty!

Beautiful tight curls

Tighter Curls

You can use the same variation as above to create tighter curls that last all day long. Follow all of the same steps as the above instruction for waves, but when it comes time to actually produce the wave, you are going to make sure your flat iron is upright and twisted in the opposite direction rather than simply facing backwards. From there, you will pull the flat iron downwards, producing more defined, bouncy curls. You can experiment with what direction you like pulling the iron in for different looks. Tip: use smaller pieces of hair to create a fuller head of curls. Spray with hairspray to complete your look.


As you can see, these styles are simple, and rather easy to complete. With a little practice, you will have the art of looking youthful down in no time at all! Try each style out every day and find the one you love, and perfect it. Hair is all about creativity – harness the creativity within and develop your youthful style.

Beautiful female partying, celebrating holiday, portrait of a woman holding martini glass, girl over black background with red blur bokeh lights, luxury nightlife

Lionesse Holiday Hair & Makeup Ideas

Beautiful female partying, celebrating holiday, portrait of a woman holding martini glass, girl over black background with red blur bokeh lights, luxury nightlife


With the holidays here, planning last minute hair styles and learning new makeup tips and tricks can feel like a nightmare when you’re pressed for time. With all of the running around we all have to do as we begin our holiday shopping and party planning, it can be hard to find time to sit and plan what we want to do with our hair or what makeup style goes with your outfit. Lionesse Flat Iron would like to give you some easy to do, quick tips and tricks which won’t stress you out or cause you to miss out on looking absolutely fabulous.




Simply Straight

Straight hair is a classic go-to style when nothing else works, and you just don’t have the time or desire to learn a new hairstyle. Simply running a hair straightener over your hair will leave you with soft, silky smooth hair in about 10 minutes with no surprises. Applying a serum such as the Lionesse Hair Serum can help to maintain your style, while providing a silky, weightless sheen on your hair for a luxurious straightened hair experience.


Simple Bun

Otherwise known as a Ballerina bun or just a bun, this is a quick-to-do look that anyone can achieve. All you need is a few bobby pins, a hair tie, and some hairspray. Practice different types of buns in the mirror – there are many variations to the basic bun. You could incorporate small braids, twists, and even hair jewels to give it a classier, dressier look. For a really festive pop: wrap the bun with some red and gold ribbon, or incorporate some into a braid and then wrap the braid into a bun. Super cute and stylish!


All-Out Updo

Visiting your favorite salon and telling them you want an updo will be your best bet if you want perfection. There are so many styles to choose from, from curls, to twists and beyond. You will be given some choices, and ultimately, it’s up to you. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, learning to do updos on yourself can be more self-gratifying than having someone else do it – and it’s a lot of fun.




Sparkly Eye Shadow

Sparkly eye shadow looks feminine and festive, no matter the holiday. From shimmery shadow to glamorous glitter, there are many looks you can achieve with some sparkly eye shadow colors. Not only does it look great, but it’s simple to apply, easy to remove. Opting for a color pertaining to the season such as snow white, silver, or even a charcoal black is a fantastic choice.


Red Lipstick

The redder, the better. Festive lip color schemes for Christmas include a wide array of reds, from cherry red to candy apple red to deep red and beyond. Red lipstick gives you a festive pop of color fast.



Applying an illuminator or highlighter to the upper cheek bones under the outward corner of the eye can give you a healthy glow and sparkle. There are various types you can try, from a more matte look to ones with miniscule shimmer particles. Illuminators are great when paired with a sparkly eyeshadow or pearlescent metallic shadow.


Simple and Easy

These few simple and easy tips will have you well on your way to looking fabulous for the Holiday season, and are easy to do. Give one of these options a try today.

Lionese Black Flat Iron

Lionesse Flat Iron is a Winner!

Lionese Black Flat IronThe Nano-Fuzeion Technology of Lionesse Flat Irons by HerStyler sets this flat iron head and shoulders above the rest of the field.  Straightening and styling devices litter the market, and it’s difficult to choose which device works best until you have tried the gamut of them.  The answer provided by Yahoo confirms that purchasers get their money’s worth with the Lionesse Flat Iron.
Lionesse Flat Irons are consistently gaining in popularity because they produce a great result. The ceramic finish of Lionesse gives hair a shinier, smoother finish.  Almost all users happily concur that Lioness Flat Irons work totally well day after day for years. Those who have purchased a Lionesse straightener report that their hair is beautiful after being put through the HerStyler flat iron once.  There is no need to repeat the process.  It’s fast and leaves hair gorgeous.

Lioness Flat Iron aims for beautiful hair

Lionesse Flat ironThe aim of choosing the best flat iron in the industry involves four facets:  Works quickly, is affordable, built to last and does not damage hair follicles.  All four of those prime elements can be found in Lionesse Flat Irons.  An increasing number of women are opting for Lionesse Flat Irons on the advice of others who love their Lionesse products.
Today’s lifestyle is fast and furious, wild and wonderful.  No one has time to fuss with a flat iron. Lionesse Flat Iron thermal styling tools give a finished look with just a once-through process.  The soft, swinging and natural outcome puts self-confidence into every action.
The cost of a Lionesse Flat Iron is competitive in its field. Not only is it fully affordable, but those who use it on a daily basis are thrilled with the results.Day by day, year by year, beautiful hair is worth the price.

The best pre-iron process

Many flat iron users wonder whether to blow-dry their hair before using a flat iron.Experts advise wrapping a wet head of hair and drying your hair under a bonnet or hooded dryer. The Lionesse Flat Iron should then be used to obtain a finished quality that speaks of an easy elegance.
Healthy hair shines and adds an ambiance to every woman. Lionesse produces that outstanding look!