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Smiling woman combing hair with brush at mirror

Fun Options For Storing Your Hair Tools

Smiling woman combing hair with brush at mirror

Hair tools are items that you likely use on a pretty regular basis. Because they’re items that are used so often, the way you store them is pretty crucial. Let’s face it…when we use things regularly we don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for them or pulling them out of a storage that’s complicated. Efficiency is key, especially when it comes down to getting your hair done in a timely manner in the morning. That being said, we don’t want to have our hair tools out all over our bathroom counter either. Fortunately, we’ve discovered some fun options for storing your hair tools to give you some inspiration.

Use Hooks in the Cabinet
If you style your hair in your bathroom, you probably want to maximize your counter space (and not have to look at your hair tools every time you’re not using them) but still be able to access the tools easily. One of our favorite options for storing your hair tools in your bathroom is to use hooks on the inside door of your cabinets. This allows you to store the tools in a way that’s organized and streamlined, and incredibly easy to get to. Not to mention, because they’re stored on hooks you won’t have to worry about the cords getting twisted every time you go to use the tools.

Upgrade a PVC Pipe
No, this doesn’t have anything to do with construction or plumbing, other than where you’ll need to go to purchase the actual pipe. If you’re someone who likes to have your hair tools on your counter top or vanity, using a PVC pipe is a really fun option for storing your hair tools. You’ll need to, of course, begin by getting that PVC pipe. Once you have the pipe, decide the color you want to paint it. Painting the pipe is going to give it that upgrade so it will no longer actually look like a PVC pipe. After painting the pipe your chosen color, you can simply place it on your bathroom counter, vanity, or wherever you get ready and store your hair tools with the tool part placed into the pipe and cords hanging down (or staying plugged in). This makes styling your hair easy and functional.

Utilize a Magazine File
Another common item you probably didn’t think was a fun option for storing your hair tools. The great part about magazine files is they’re available in a wide range of different colors, textures and prints so you’re able to find something that will go with the theme you store your tools in adding to the décor of everything. Another great attribute of this method is you don’t have to do anything other than actually purchase the magazine files and place them where you want to have your hair tools stores. Simply store the hair tools in the files with the tool facing down and voila!

woman showing her dark eyebrows

Tips For Growing Out Your Eyebrows

woman showing her dark eyebrows

Eyebrows have grown to become a huge focus in beauty and makeup looks. Thanks to the rise of Instagram, we’ve all really learned the difference a face-framing brow can make to your look overall. It’s a great way to really highlight your natural features, using something that we all have–eyebrows. Of course the problem with brows being such a big focus is if you were someone who tweezed your brows for an extended period of time. Thin brows were popular for quite a while, and so many women ended up over tweezing their brows leaving them with very sparse eyebrows. Sound like you? We’ve recently discovered some tips for growing out your eyebrows that may help you if you’ve been feeling frustrated with this area of your beauty routine.

Put the Tweezers Down
First things first. When you’re looking to grow out your eyebrows the first thing you need to do is leave them alone! Yes, this means no plucking, waxing or threading related to your brows. As tempting as it may get at certain points, you need to leave your brows alone completely for an extended period of time. It’s actually suggested by experts to leave them alone completely for 3-4 months. This allows your brows to go through their natural growth cycle, without being put under stress or damage that can be caused from removing the hair. Before you think about finding a way to get around this…this also refers to the hairs that aren’t directly on the hairline you’re trying to create/grow out. Leave ALL of your brows alone completely.

woman on the steps

Give It Time
As much as we’d all love to have instant results, growing out your brows isn’t something that’s going to give you those instant results. In fact, many experts suggest that you won’t begin to see a lot of the growth that you really want until around 6 months into the process. As tempting and frustrating as it can be you need to maintain your patience with the process of growing out your brows. Using special brow products like eyebrow pencils, gels and even concealer can help to mask the growing out phases to allow your hair to still grow without removing the hairs when you get frustrated.

Use A Brow Serum
The great part about the world we live in today, is we have a lot of different options with beauty products and that’s not limited to growing out your brows. Using a brow serum that promotes hair grow can be incredibly helpful throughout this process. Do some research to find the best brow serum for you. Once you find the best serum for you and your brows, the key is consistency in applying the product to your hair/skin area around the brows. As great as a brow serum can be, if you’re not consistent you’re not going to see the results you’re hoping for. Additionally, brow serums do help with the growth process but they don’t make it an overnight process (see above).

man slicking his hair in a chair

Trending Male Hairstyles for the Office

man slicking his hair in a chair

Guys, we’re talking to you for a minute! So often everyone in the beauty world tends to focus on the ladies, but we know guys want to look and feel great too. Ladies are so commonly discussing the desire to change up their hairstyles with the seasons, but it’s not limited to the ladies anymore. There are so many fun and exciting trending male hairstyles for the office right now, we wanted to give the guys some inspiration as well. If you’re a business professional, you don’t have to feel as limited as you may be feeling with your hair. Let’s get into some of our favorite trends.

Buzzed on the Sides, Long on Top
This is a great hair style for the office and even more perfect for the summertime. Buzzing your hair as a male in the summer is great for function, but you may not want to go for the full buzz. Having your barber buzz just the sides of the hair, leaving the top on the longer side adding some great volume, is the new hot trend to incorporate two opposite hair styles. This way you’re getting the best of both, between having the option to create a bit of a slicked back look/feel on the top of the hair but also not needing to deal with the sides is the perfect stylish, professional combination if you ask us.

Man resting his head on arm

Longer Length, Slicked Back
Slicked back hair styles have been a huge trend recently for men. It’s a hair style that’s been a classic staple for the business professional, but it definitely has a modern and trendy twist lately. Leaving the hair a bit longer in length adds a little volume to the top of the hair style. Of course wearing the hair slicked back adds some sophistication and edge. Our favorite way to style this in an updated way is to slick the hair back, but create a subtle/abstract type of ‘part’ on one side of the head so it’s not entirely slicked straight back from the hairline back.

Man with faded buzz cut and long hair on top

Faded Sides, Structured Top
Another hairstyle that’s combining two (usual) opposite elements or hair styles, but is perfect for the office. Again it’s back with the shorter, buzzed sides of the head. However with this hair trend it’s all about creating the faded look that becomes virtually non-existent the closer you get to the neck. Leaving the sides in a faded buzz, but the top of the hair with a structured, shorter length (but not buzzed) gives a fun update for the office hair. The top of the hair can be a tad longer, with a defined edge/part on either side of where the fading starts. Leaving the hair just a tad longer on top, again, allows you to create a slicked back type of look that gives you an overall polished look.

Thought you were stuck with one hair style that gave you the professional hair look? Times are changing, guys!

girls with wavy hair on the grass

Summer Beach Wave Techniques

girls with wavy hair on the grass

One of the greatest hairstyles during the summer months has to be beach waves. They just never get old! Beach waves have been popular in hair trends for years now, but we really don’t see them ever going away if we’re honest. Regardless of how long beach waves have been around, they always feel updated. Of course, while beach waves have been a popular hairstyle they’re a constant style that so many women struggle to recreate themselves. We’ve discovered some great summer beach wave techniques to share with you, so you can achieve the gorgeous beach wave look yourself this summer.

Air Drying Low Buns
Sometimes, it’s all about keeping things as easy and low maintenance as possible, especially during the summer time. Sounds about right to you? This is the perfect technique for you then! After you take a shower and wash your hair, all you need to do is tie your hair into two low buns. Seriously, that’s it. Ok, well you have to allow your hair to air dry but you can go to bed with your hair tied back into the two low placed buns. When you wake up in the morning simply remove the buns and your hair will be in a gorgeous beachy wave style. Talk about multi-tasking, right?

woman relaxing on the beach

Ponytail Curling
If you’re not really into letting your hair air dry, or you just want another easy technique we’ve still got you covered. Generally, beachy waves aren’t waves that start at the top of your head–which is really what gives your hair that effortless wave look. Another great technique is to tie your hair back into a ponytail that’s in the middle of your head. Once it’s tied back take a curling iron and curl the ponytail hair. This allows you to really see the pieces you’re curling and create a beachy wave much more effectively. Once you’ve curled all the hair in the ponytail remove the ponytail and run your fingers through the hair to break up the curls to create more of a wave-like look.

Twist + Flat Iron
You probably don’t generally think of using a flat iron to create waves, but they’re incredible at doing just that. Split your hair into a part to create two sections of hair. Starting with one side of your hair, twist the hair starting at the nape of the neck and twisting to the ends of the hair. While the hair is twisted, continue holding the twist and go over the twist with your flat iron. It’s best to hold the flat iron over sections of the hair for a few seconds, and repeat the process a couple times. Once you’ve done that remove the twists and voila!

woman with bag

Another tip to achieving gorgeous beachy waves is to use a texturizing product, dry shampoo or even a sea salt spray. These products help to add that beachy texture that we all know and love with summer beachy waves.

Do you have a favorite technique to use to create this hair style?

Woman standing in the city

Hair Trends In The City

Woman standing in the city

Hair trends are constantly changing. It can sometimes be tricky to keep up, but that’s also kind of the fun part about the hair industry…it’s always changing and evolving. We all know that LA is known for it’s unique trends and happenings. Often LA is where so many trends begin and then filter into the rest of the country. It is, after all, where so many trendsetters reside so it’s really no shocker. If you’re like us, you kind of want to know the hair trends in the city to see what’s going to begin trending throughout the rest of the country. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite hair trends in the city right now to give you a little hair inspiration.

Gradual Bangs
We’ve all noticed a rise in bangs lately. It seems like every time we turn around a celebrity or personal friend is chopping some hair off to create a bang hair style for themselves. Bangs have always been a great go-to hair change to make when you want something different without changing the overall length of the hair. One of the hair trends in the city currently is a different take on bangs. The gradual (or tapered) bangs. These bangs are exactly what they sound like. They’re bangs that are cut in a way that are shorter on one side and get longer as you go towards the other side of the face. It’s a modern take on bangs that gives you a different vibe, and can be a great alternative to the traditional blunt bangs that are worn straight across.

The Lob
Bob haircuts have kind of been everywhere. If you’re not quite familiar bob hair styles are cut around the chin in length. While bob hair styles are great and always a classic, one of the undeniable hair trends in the city (and around the country right now) is the lob hair style. Lob haircuts are longer than the traditional bob with length that’s generally just below the shoulders in length, right around the collarbone. It’s a great mid-length hair style that gives you a lot of different options as far as styling goes. Since it’s on the shorter side it’s easy to style in a super straight, sleek style that’s so popular right now. But you’re also able to rock a lot of more traditional long hair styles like wearing your hair in updos, which is something you’re limited to with the traditional bob look.

Textured Bluntness
Generally, blunt hair styles are synonymous with hair that’s all one (blunt) length. This is popular with lob and bob hair styles right now but another big trend in the city is incorporating a textured look with the blunt haircut. This is accomplished by having the hair all one length to create that traditional blunt edging with the hair, but layers are added to the hair above the ends to create a fun texture. It’s incredibly modern and feels like a completely unique hairstyle when these two cutting techniques are fused.

Woman getting hair color

Before You Dye Your Hair

Woman getting hair color

Thinking about dyeing your hair? Whatever reason you have for changing the color of your hair, we want you to know a few things. While dyeing hair it’s incredibly common in our society, there aren’t many people talking about what you should know before heading into the salon. By now, you know we’re all about keeping you as informed as we can, and this topic is no different. So even if you have your appointment booked, keep reading to make sure that you’re in the know about what you should know before you dye your hair.

The Healthier Your Hair, The Better The Color
Hair that isn’t healthy can be difficult to get a great color on. Experts stress that keeping your hair as healthy as possible before you dye your hair needs to be a top priority. When your hair is healthy, it’s much stronger and much better at being able to take on the coloring you’re choosing to dye your hair. Naturally, hair that’s never been dyed is typically the healthiest. But even if you have dyed your hair in the past, there are steps you can take to keep your hair healthy between coloring appointments. One of the best things to do is use deep conditioning treatments regularly.

Darker Dyeing is Healthier For Your Hair
It may seem like darkening your hair is more drastic…so it should be harsher, right? As it turns out it’s actually the exact opposite. Experts in the hair industry often discuss that lightening your hair in any way is much more harsh and damaging to hair than going for a darker hue. The reason? When darkening hair there’s product being deposited onto the hair strands. On the flip side, when lightening hair it’s being stripped of color to accommodate the color change. This isn’t to say that you can’t lighten your hair, but having a solid understanding of the process is key to ensuring that you’re taking care of your hair properly after you do dye it.

See Your Colorist With Dirty Hair
Ok, we might be being a bit extreme here but many colorists do suggest not doing anything to your hair before heading in to get your hair dyed. That does include washing your hair. Of course you don’t want hair that’s super dirty, but it’s actually advised not to head into the salon with hair that’s freshly washed. When your hair is freshly washed it tends to be more sensitive and can leave your scalp feeling much more sensitive to the dyeing products used. Plus, hair that’s just been washed has just been stripped of the natural oils leaving it with less natural moisture than normal. So just…don’t do anything to your hair before you go into your appointment.

Get The Necessary Products Ahead
As often as it may seem like a marketing ploy, using hair care products specifically designed for color treated hair are valid. They’re formulated to work with hair that’s gone through the dyeing process so your locks will be protected and help to repair them properly.

Woman brushing hair

The Perfect Hair Support

Woman brushing hair

Does your hair need support? All of us need a little hair support! To be honest with you, you’re probably not giving your hair enough support. Between our daily hair styling habits, use of heated styling tools and the weather our hair takes on quite a lot throughout our lives. Because of all these factors that have an impact on our hair, it can cause our hair to be put under a lot of stress and cause a lot of damage to result. Before you get too discouraged, we found the perfect hair support tips you can begin adding into your hair care routine. The good news? The items are incredibly easy for you to get your hands on!

Castor Oil
When your hair needs overall support, it needs help with different elements of its health. If you’ve been feeling like your hair has lost strength, has been acquiring a lot of breakage and seems to have a lot of damage…castor oil is the perfect ingredient to use in your hair routine. Castor oil actually helps with all of those hair struggles. Using castor oil in your hair care routine (you don’t need to use this daily, and probably wouldn’t want to) has been found to help repair breakage, strengthen hair strands, repair damage and even help boost hair growth. Whew! Talk about some great benefits, right? And this is just one of the great hair support ingredients!

Coconut Oil
You may have heard about people using coconut oil for their skin and in their food for natural, healthy options. But coconut oil isn’t just great for cooking and using on your skin for anti-aging benefits. Nope, it’s really great for hair support, too! Coconut oil varies a bit from castor oil in its benefits, but they’re just as powerful. This natural oil has been found to be incredibly helpful in helping hair to become much stronger and boost hair growth…similar to castor oil. However, where coconut oil differs from castor oil is its ability to combat a lot of dryness in hair. Whether you’re fighting frizz or dandruff, coconut oil is a natural hair support for both of those struggles. As if that all wasn’t enough it’s also pretty great at aiding in restoring shine in hair strands. Similar to castor oil you don’t need to use coconut oil daily to reap the benefit, making it even better if you ask us.

Olive Oil
Did you think olive oil was just for cooking? Ok, so olive oil is really great for cooking but it’s also a great hair support. It’s been found that using olive oil in hair helps to get your hair much healthier overall. In addition to overall health, using olive oil can get your hair much softer and shinier in texture and appearance. That’s not where the benefits and hair support stop, though. Olive oil also helps to add some incredible, natural condition to the hair which also aids in stopping frizz from occurring.

Woman getting a hair cut

Preparing For The Big Chop

Woman getting a hair cut

Have you been debating on going for the big chop? For your hair, that is. There’s a big theme in hair lately with women everywhere going for the big chop in length. As we make our way into the summer season, chopping your hair is even more tempting as the temperatures increase. Whether you’ve decided to go through with it, or you’re still debating the issue there are some things you should consider when preparing for the big chop. Sure it is ‘just hair’ but it’s a big transition and something you want to be as prepared as possible for so you can enjoy the new style.

Get Inspiration
Before you head into the salon for the big chop, get some solid inspiration for the look you’re really looking to achieve. Use sites like Pinterest and magazines for reference and gather the images you really like. Getting a more solid idea of the chop style you want will be really helpful when you go into the salon. Gathering as much inspiration and reference photos will also help your hair stylist have a better understanding of the style you’re really looking to achieve.

Book an Appointment With a Pro
Heading into the salon can feel a bit vulnerable, most of us tend to become loyal to our hair stylists because we build up that trust. When you’re looking to achieve the big chop with your hair, you definitely want to be sure that you’re going to a pro. Big chop hair styles can go wrong, booking with someone who’s very experienced in hair will help you to have a much more successful haircut experience. Resist the urge to DIY the big chop! Be sure that you book your chop appointment with someone who you’re comfortable with, and you feel confident in their abilities to cater the inspirational images you have to something that’s going to work for your hair type and face shape.

Obtain the Necessary Tools and Products
Changing your hair in such a drastic way, like going for the big chop, you’re going to have different needs. To ensure that you’re prepared, it’s best to get the necessary products and/or tools that you’re going to need for the new hair length. Having the necessary tools and products before you head into the salon will help you to have a much smoother transition, after you get your hair cut. When you don’t have the products or tools necessary, it can lead to frustration shortly after getting your hair cut. Ask your stylist if there are any product/tool recommendations before you leave the salon.

Don’t Make a Rash Decision
Anytime you go through a big change in your life, it’s common to feel the pull to want to change your hair immediately. While it can be a great way to feel refreshed, a lot of experts suggest NOT going for the big chop until you’ve really had some time to process the change. Making such a drastic change without having time to think it through can leave you feel regret shortly after.

Woman on beach

Hair Care Tips To Follow On Vacation

Woman on beach

It’s vacation season! Summertime is the perfect time to take some time off and enjoy a vacation. Wherever you choose to spend your summer vacation, keeping your hair looking its best isn’t always the easiest accomplishment. Let’s face it…when we’re on vacation most of us tend to let our typical beauty routines fall to the wayside. We’re not judging, it’s just that vacation mindset we fall into. To help you keep your hair looking its best, and avoid struggling to get back on track when you get back home we’re dishing the best hair care tips to follow on vacation.

Bring Your Own Products
We get it…you want to save room in your suitcase when traveling. As tempting as it is to use the hair care products that are provided by hotels, resist the urge. Most of the products provided by hotels tend to be pretty harsh and drying on the hair, because they’re not formulated for any particular hair type. Instead of using those products, it’s best to bring your own on vacation. Using your own hair care products will keep your hair healthy and on track with the products you use at home.

Add More Moisture
When traveling to places that have warm weather and humidity, our hair tends to take a lot of stress on. These weather elements cause a lot of dryness to our hair’s strands, really soaking out a lot of the natural moisture. To keep your hair protected and healthy during your travels, experts suggest using a leave-in conditioner throughout your vacation. Anytime you wash your hair, apply a little leave-in conditioner to really lock in the moisture and add a little extra. In addition, if you’re in the ocean, pool or just spending a lot of time outdoors during your trip you’ll want to add the leave-in conditioner after enjoying those activities. Since all of those activities tend to cause dryness in the hair, applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner will help add moisture.

Use Minimal Heat
Styling your hair with heated styling tools is great, but it can also cause a lot of stress on the hair. We get that you want to feel great about your hair while traveling, but experts suggest using as little heat as possible while on vacation. Since our hair is exposed to a lot of different elements we’re just not used to when traveling, avoiding as much stress from heat as possible will help keep your hair healthy on your trip. You don’t have to skip heat altogether but find ways to cut back on the heat. For example, let your hair air dry instead of using a hair dryer and continue using your curling iron or flat iron. Making little adjustments like this to cut back on the heat will make your hair very happy!

In addition to all of this, remember that just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your hair needs to be washed daily. Don’t forget that washing daily causes a lot of stress on the hair!

woman holding hair in the street

Cute Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

woman holding hair in the street

Are you a girl with curls? Coming up with new and different hair styles, regardless of your hair type, can be difficult after a while. We all tend to get into ruts with our hair, wearing it the same way every day (or few days). As we begin to enjoy the summer season, we can’t help but have the desire to give you a little dose of inspiration for your hair. We found some cute hairstyles for girls with curls, that are easy to wear and will keep you looking stylish and gorgeous all summer long.

Half up Bun
We didn’t want to include two bun hair styles, but they’re both so different (and cute) we couldn’t resist. Half up top knot styles have been trending for a little while now, but we’re giving that look a twist for all the curly hair ladies. Pulling your hair back into a half up style, create a bun. The bun can be as tamed and formal or messy as you like. When pulling your hair back leave one or two pieces of hair around the face out to frame the face and create a ‘bang’ type of look. It’s a super simple look, that’s loaded with style.

woman with side braids

Side Braids
To be honest, we can’t get enough of all the braids ladies are rocking these days. Braids are such a great way to change up your hair style and keep your hair pulled back in a really functional way. One of our favorite braided looks for curly hair ladies is the side braid style. Wearing all your hair down and embracing all the curls in their natural glory, create a side part. With the section of hair that’s on the smaller side of the part, create one or two French braids starting at your hairline and working your way back to about your ear. It’s easy, but a sure fire way to create an edgy and different look with your curls. Perfect for a night out, or wearing it to the office.

Low, Messy Bun
Messy buns aren’t anything new, but when you wear them in a low bun style it takes a chic update. Regardless of the occasion you’re styling your hair for, low messy buns are perfect for embracing and really working with your naturally curly hair but also wearing it back and out of your face during the summer heat. All you need to do is pull your hair back and down and secure it into the low bun style. To add the ‘messy’ element to the look, leave some pieces near your face out to frame your face and create a stylish ‘undone’ feel.

To be honest, there are countless cute hairstyles for girls with curls but we decided to stick to a few of our current favorites to get you started. These are sure to give you a stylish upgrade, but also keep your hair styles easy and stress free to style.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle for girls with curls?