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Hair Crimping for 2015

Hold on, wait, wait, wait! Don’t throw away that crimping iron! You’re going to need it, after all these years, yes–you read that correctly. Did you part with it, envisioning a futuristic world devoid of crimps altogether? No Worries. If you are starting to feel like your decision to toss that very specific heated hair tool is going to wind up leaving you in the fashion dust, think again! New versions of the once “everything” hair style are breaking ground and being met with nothing but rave reviews from the top salons and hair designers of 2015. What this means is that you can buy a new one, and chances are it’ll be much safer and kinder to your hair.

Woman with crimped hair

Many Tried, and Many Failed
Numerous crimping comebacks have been attempted by others in the years following the crimping craze swan song, and until now, all have failed. Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman claims to be the one responsible for finally succeeding with a spin he placed on the decades-old wild style. Souleiman’s idea was to avoid any reference to the crimped hair of the 90s, making his version much tamer, controlled and intentional – the opposite of the yesterhair of the 90s. So, while busy at work backstage for Stella McCartney’s 2015 Spring show, he managed to introduce crimped hair back into these hair-happy times. Then, what he did was to perfectly part, then smooth the hair flat with a light oil. He next came back and using a mini-crimper, he crimped a few small, rather random sections of the hair. To finish it off, he pulled it all back – crimped and straight hair together – into a tight, low ponytail.

Crimped hair

The Key to Modern Crimping
Crimping offers a lot of distinction and fun for a myriad of modern hair looks, with the focus on leaving sufficient uncrimped sections to guarantee you won’t look like you emerged from a 90’s deep freeze cryo-chamber.  It’s the blending of straight with crimped strands that works on all styles, whether part up and part down, ponytails braids and more.


Edgy 90s Hairstyles

The 90’s brought us hunky boy bands, Pogs, Pokemon, Tamogotchi, choker necklaces, and basically every other thing that has at some point brought joy to your life. Another thing we can credit the 90’s with? Some pretty badass hairstyles.

Sure, you might not feel particularly comfortable reliving those butterfly-clipped memories, but what about all of the other edgy 90’s hairstyles that were once considered to be trendy? Here are some of our favorites.

Half up half down.

The Half-Up, Half-Down
Anyone who loved Dawson’s Creek has at one point in time experimented with this ‘half-up, half-down’ hair style from the 90’s. While we may never be able to truly compete with Katie Holmes, we can certainly showcase our appreciation by copying her hair. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all, right?

The Rachel
Another example of a hairstyle inspired by a person from the 90’s we idolized with everything we had, the Rachel. The Rachel is famously known as the hairstyle showcased by Rachel from Friends. This iconic, layered, shoulder-length hair cut was coveted by women everywhere and featured choppy layers that framed the face of the wearer.

Center Part hairstyle

The Center Part
To this day, I still don’t feel completely confident rocking a center part as I get nightmarish flashbacks to my elementary school days in the 90’s. The center part, however, was incredibly trendy throughout the 90’s and has since made a comeback in the later 2000’s. Who knew something from the 90’s could look so high-fashioned!?

Space Buns
We can thank Baby Spice for introducing us to the ‘space bun’ look of the 90’s. With two pigtails placed high on the head and twisted and pinned into small buns, this look was one of Baby Spice’s most iconic.

The Strands
Every person who lived through the 1990s is guilty of at one point trying the look that involved two loose strands of hair on either side of their face. Why the loose strands of hair? We’ll never be able to say for sure.


Pig Tails
Pigtails were all the rage in the 90s. Britney Spears had us hooked with her braided piggies from her Baby One More Time video, and variations of the look worn by Baby Spice had us dying to try them for ourselves.

Layered, spiky hair was popular for both girls and boys of the 90s. Whether your hair was long or short, chances are you didn’t escape this trend. While boys spiked their frost-tipped hair, girls often exhibited the spikes in a different way, either through spiky ponytails or defined, gelled layers.

Crimped hairstyle

Our personal favorite hair trend from the 90s would have to be crimping. Many are 100% guilty of reppin’ a full head of crimped hair, and we love that crimping has made a comeback in the 2000s in a more discreet, stylish way. Thank you fashion Gods!

These are our favorite edgy hairstyles from the 90s. Which ones are you guilty of rocking? Let us know with a comment below!

Mermaid perched on a rock.

Real Life Mermaids

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid? If you have, you’ll probably understand why these women chose to grow up and become their own version of that – a real life mermaid. Well, just about as real life as you can get! Today, Lionesse is going to take a look into the lives of a couple real-life mermaids, who spend every day as their career and passion taking to the water for the love of it, and for the entertainment of others.

Linden Wolbert – California, USA
Linden knew she wanted to be a mermaid from the time she was a little girl. Upon growing up, learning to swim and snorkel, and then freediving, and learning to have a keen appreciation for sea life around the world due to her many travels, she began exploring the possibilities of becoming a real life mermaid. Linden’s grandmother became ill with cancer when Linden began expressing her desire to become a mermaid, and her grandmother told her to pursue her dreams of the ocean, passing away tragically soon thereafter. Linden’s grandmother left her an inheritance, which Linden utilized to have a realistic, one of a kind mermaid tail created by a Hollywood artist who works solely on creating realistic, lifelike props for movies, and took about 7 months to complete. When all was said and done, a 35 lb hand designed, hand-painted tail was born, which propels Linden through the water at the speed of dolphins, and allows her to swim with precision and velocity. Her passion is helping children in countries where they are less fortunate learn to swim. Currently, she is working on a project in the Bahamas, where they have the 3rd highest drowning death rate in the world, to help all children learn to swim properly.

Hannah Fraser

Joe Seer /

Hannah Fraser – Real Life Mermaid
Hannah had big dreams about becoming a mermaid since we was a little girl. At 3 years old, she began drawing stick figures which she decided should be mermaids, and it’s been this way ever since. She was a water baby, and nearly always had a fascination with the water. At 9 years old, she created her very own mermaid tail, which she claims is extremely unsafe, and was made from pillow stuffing, and had her mom help her tie her legs together to get into the pool. She also jokingly states it’s a wonder her mother let her get into the pool with her legs tied up and soggy pillow stuffing holding her down. Since that time, Hannah has become extremely involved in oceanography, starring in the movie, ‘The Cove’, and works with many charitable organizations to spread awareness about oceanic conservation. She also loves helping children become better swimmers.

Both of these lovely mermaids had always looked up to one another, yet never actually met each other until 20/20 made it possible for them to do so. They have been friends ever since, and are paving the way for other real life mermaids to make their way into the world.

Woman dressed like a mermaid.

Caring For Your Mermaid Hair

Once you’ve gotten your gorgeous new mermaid hair color incorporated into your summer style, you probably love it so much you want to take care of it as best as you can. That’s why we at Lionesse put together this mermaid hair guide to give you some helpful advice and tips on how you can keep the look you want and love for as long as possible without your hair fading or changing too quickly.

Woman using a shampoo

Use Color Safe Shampoo
Using a color safe shampoo will ensure your hair color doesn’t wash away before its time. This is usually done by removing sulfates from the shampoo products, which strip the hair of color, and replacing those ingredients with other ingredients that are color safe. This is the first step to hanging onto your gorgeous color. You should also only wash your hair as often as necessary, not every day, to avoid washing the color away too soon.

Woman wearing a swimming cap in a pool

Avoid Chlorine
Whenever possible, avoid chlorine. If you have city water at your home, chances are, you will have chlorinated water supplies running to your home. In this case, there’s not much you can do in terms of showering – but you can use a chlorine fighting shampoo instead of a color treating shampoo a couple of times per week rather than allow the chlorine to destroy your hair. If you are going to be going in chlorinated pools, use a product meant for swimmers on your hair to protect it from the chlorine. You could also wear a swimming cap, if you want to really protect your hair. If you do happen to get chlorine on your hair, use a clarifying shampoo in the shower later on that day when you get home and take your shower.

Woman using a moisturizer

Use UV Protection On Your Hair
Using UV sun protection every time you step out the front door (or back door) to spend time in the sun is super important – not just for your body, but for your hair as well. Opt for a good quality hair sunscreen product, and you can’t go wrong.

Woman wearing a hat sipping cocktails in a beach

Wear Hats
Whenever possible, wear a nice floppy hair to deflect the sun and protect your beautiful hair from the sun’s harmful rays.

Woman using a flat iron to style her hair

Use Caution When Styling
As you’ve probably noticed, once you had your mermaid hairstyle completed, your hair now feels much more fragile and delicate, which calls for the need to be extra cautious when styling or fixing your hair, to avoid breakage and split ends.

Woman applying hair conditioner

Use Leave In Conditioner and Moisturizer
Once you get out of the shower and have washed your hair and conditioned your hair, you will want to take things one step further and apply a leave in conditioner all over the hair, massaged in, followed by a hair moisturizer to really infuse the hair with moisture and protection against the day to day wear and tear on your hair, the environment’s role on your hair, and styling the hair every day.

Woman looking at her damaged hair

Secret Hair Ruiners

There are many thing you may be doing on a daily basis that may be ruining your hair – and you might not even know it. Some of the thing you may be doing every day may be damaging your hair in a big way, and we feel you have a right to know what those things are. Today, Lionesse is going to give you some of the top ways you might be harming your hair and how you can stop, change that, or do something differently to protect your precious hair.

Woman tying her hair.

Hair Ties
Your hair tie could be playing a big role in the breakage you are dealing with on a daily basis, pretty. Therefore, be sure to steer clear from elastics covered in nylon in a woven pattern – which are the typical hair ties we see everywhere – and instead, opt for terrycloth and lycra materials when it comes to choosing your hair tie, which won’t break the hair strands. Also, be extra careful when removing your hair tie because you don’t want to cause unnecessary breakage and friction on the hair than is absolutely necessary.

Woman with a ponytail

High Ponytails
High ponytails, although they look cute, can cause a lot of worry to those with thin, damaged, or color treated hair. By constantly putting the hair up high on top of the head, you run the risk of the hair snapping off at the frontal hairline – which, obviously, doesn’t look very charming. Avoid this from happening by wearing a lower pony, or a bun instead.

Woman air drying her hair

Allowing Your Hair to Air Dry
Many women believe allowing their hair to air dry is a far better option than choosing to blow dry – but that is not the case, say some expert stylists. When you allow your hair to air dry, it leaves the cuticle ‘open’ and is more likely to sustain damage by snagging or pulling, rather than blow drying in a gentle manner and closing off the cuticle, and allowing it to lay flat, thus avoiding less damage. As a tip, when you use your blow dryer, use the lowest heat setting possible, and be sure to use the concentrator tip that comes with the blow dryer to avoid burning the hair.

Woman buying shampoo

Your Shampoo & Styling Products
Using your favorite shampoo and styling products isn’t a crime – but when it comes to product buildup and mineral buildup on your hair due to the elements, hard water minerals, chlorine, and products used on a daily basis, the only way to alleviate these from the hair is to use a weekly clarifying shampoo once per week.

Woman wearing a hat in a beach

Missing Out on UV Protection for Your Hair
If you ever step foot out your front door and leave your house without spraying on or smoothing in some UV protection made specifically for your hair, you’re making a big mistake. UV protection for your tresses is just as important as UV protection for your body. Be sure to protect your color treated and even natural toned hair with a good UV protection spray or serum every time you leave home.

Woman dressed for fall season.

Fall Hair Color Predictions

Every year, hair stylists and those of us with a bit of a hair obsession begin the quest of trying to guess what the new styles, cuts, and colors of choice will be for the coming season. Now that summer is almost over and is quickly coming to a close, it’s time for us to begin thinking about what we assume the hair colors of this fall 2015 will be. Let’s take a look at what we’ve come up with. Some are traditional fall favorites which we can never seem to get away from, while others are new innovations and concepts that haven’t been done before.

Light brown hair with highlights

Light Brown with Highlights or Lowlights
Light brown is a great way to transition into an early fall color without going too drastic in terms of change. Perhaps you had some sort of a blonde shade for the summer; now’s your chance to change it up while still staying light toned. Add in some highlights or lowlights for a warm effect.

Auburn hair color

Red is one of the beautiful, brilliant colors of fall – and why shouldn’t it be? It’s beautiful. This fall, we believe auburn will be a favorite among those who have brown and are looking for a change, and those with fair skin – as it would look divine on them. This cross mix between red and brown is absolutely brilliant for the cool fall months, and will look fabulous to enter into the season.


A great way to fade from summer to fall is to opt for ombre hair. With this beautiful style, you can fade from the color you currently have to a lighter shade at the bottom, or vice versa – though people generally tend to go dark to light. It adds a neat style that incorporates the lighter shade you love with the darker shade that says, “I’m ready for fall!’ at the top. We love this style, and we just don’t really see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Plum highlights

Plum seems to be making it’s way back into the hairstyle realm, and we are glad to see it! Plum is somewhat of a cross between a brunette and purple hue, although there are different plum shades. A true plum incorporates a purple sheen when in the light and brownish red when indoors. Plum hair looks awesome on it’s own or with a few chunky blonde highlights in the bangs for edgy color.

Rose gold hair color.

Rose Gold Hair
Rose gold hair is absolutely stunning, and will allow those who rocked a much lighter version of the shade in forms of platinum and etc. to darken their blonde for the cooler months, while still keeping a brilliant, beautiful color that’s fall appropriate. Rose gold hair color looks very similar to the actual precious metal in the rose gold hue – it incorporates the slightest pink tone with the golden color and a little bit of brown all into one, providing a golden hued glow. This hair color is said to look perfect on women of all skin colors, yet it looks exceptional on women with olive or tan skin tones.

Woman holding makeup brushes.

Eye Shadow Tricks to Use on the Hair

There are many things the beloved beauty product we all know and love as eye shadow can do. It’s not merely for eyelids anymore! From hair tricks, to beauty tricks and more, there are so many cool uses for this versatile beauty product – especially when it comes to the hair – that most people haven’t ever heard of. Today, Lionesse clues you in on some of the eye shadow tricks and tips you can use for your hair – and some of them might really shock you, while others will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Hiding Roots
Whether you’re aware or not – perhaps, you’ve even tried this yourself at home without actually knowing this is a thing – eyeshadow hues that match the color your hair can be used to hide roots which have grown out too far, and are in need of a touch up, or they can cover areas of the head which are beginning to bald due to medical reasons or age. Be sure you use a color that matches the remainder of your hair for the most natural look to hide those roots until you can get the perfect touch up.

Woman coloring her hair

Covering Greys
When you are dealing with greys, they can be unpredictable. Unpredictable grey hair can pop up at any given moment, and can really be annoying when you have last minute things to attend to. If you happen to notice a grey or two when you’re getting ready to head out, use a shade of eyeshadow that matches your hair color as closely as possible, run your fingers over the product, and then run the product over your fingers where the shadow has been applied to cover the product. Spray with hairspray to hold in place.

Pigments to Add Color (Like Hair Chalk)
If you love hair chalk, but recently ran out of your favorite – or perhaps you’d like to try a new color – you can always opt for eyeshadow pigments to complete the task. Pigments can be added to the hair in various colors to achieve the same look and effect as hair chalk, to implement some fun shades of color into the hair for that dramatic pop we all love. Opt for small strands of hair, or large chunks of hair. To get the look, you can use 2-day old hair (meaning, you haven’t washed the hair in 2 days or so) and hairspray the pieces you want to apply the pigments to. Brush the hairsprayed hair out a bit to make it soft again, and apply the eyeshadow to the hair using a cosmetic brush or by running the hair directly between your finger and the pigment. It’s recommended that you don’t use the pigment for your eyes again if you do choose the second method, as there will be hairspray in the product, which could cause irritation to the eyes. It should be reserved for hair use only if you choose the second option.

Stylist applying mascara

Eyebrows – Don’t Make These Mistakes

When people see you, or you meet someone new, one of the very first things they will see is your eyes and eye area. That’s one of the reasons your eyebrows are such an integral part of your face. Your eyebrows frame your face, sort of similar to how a picture frame gently sits surrounding your favorite picture. They can truly make or break your look. Today, Lionesse would like to offer you some pointers on how you can avoid making costly mistakes in terms of your precious brows that can leave you crying rather than smiling.

Woman plucking her eyebrows.

Being that your brows only take up residence on a small portion of your face, going in with the tweezers and getting a bit pluck happy is never a good idea. A few stray hairs plucked to give your brows a clean look is always a good idea, but altering the brow’s shape, thickness, and style should be saved for the professionals. A few missing hairs out of place or over plucking in the wrong area could make you look angry, worried, or upset when you’re not – and that’s confusing for anyone. Be sure to leave the brow shaping to your trusted brow professional.

Woman getting her brows shaved.

Shave Them Off
Shaving off your eyebrows is never, ever a good idea. Even if you think you would like to spend some time drawing them on for a while, or perhaps get permanent makeup applied in terms of your brows, think again. When the time comes where you decide you may want your natural brows back, you may not be able to regrow them – take Lucille Ball, for instance. The ‘I Love Lucy’ star was asked to shave her brows off for her first leading role in a movie, where she then penciled her brows on. After the movie was finished filming, she was never able to regrow her brows, and had to draw them on for the remainder of her life. Always think twice before making what could end up being a dire mistake such as this.

Woman with arched eyebrows.

Misplacing Your Arch
Many women accidentally misplace their arch when they are tweezing their own brows at home. To get a well-defined arch exactly where it should be, pick up an eyeliner pencil, and hold it from the outer corner of your nose on the brow’s side you want to work on, and up and diagonal to the eye. Allow the pencil to meet the outer edge of the iris of the eye – this is where you want your arch to begin. Extend the arch slightly outward for the perfect arched brow look.

Woman with a thin eyebrow tail.

Removing Too Much of the Tail
Removing too much of the tail end of your brows is always a bad idea. To know where your brow tail should end, feel the orbital bone around the end of your eyebrow. You will feel a little point inside of the bone – that is exactly where the brow should extend to and end. Be sure not to go overboard with the brow pencil in this area, or extend the tail in a downward motion – it can make your eyes appear droopy, which is never a good look.

Woman with wavy hairstule

Our Favorite Leo Hairstyles

Leo women are known for their luxurious, beautiful hair. Nearly every Leo woman you will encounter will be blessed with a gorgeous head of thick hair – it’s just in her makeup. Today, Lionesse is going to take a few minutes to discuss some of our favorite, seasonal Leo hairstyles today to give you an idea as to what you can do for your next style.

Woman with short trendy hairstyle

Signature Style
Leo women prefer to create their own style, rather than opting for something that’s already been done before, or something that everyone is already doing. They love to find a style they like, modify it, and make it their own. They also hate drastic changes when it comes to their hair – so developing a strong relationship with their stylist is important to them. They want to opt for a gradual change over time, not something over the top, wild, and crazy all at once.

Woman with wavy hair.

Long Waves
Since most Leo women have long, thick hair, a great style for the Leo female is to just add some simple waves, whether beachy, boho, or glamour, and that way, the hair will look fabulous all day long, no drastic changes will be made – and this is a classy, timeless look that will work for any season, any occasion, and on any Leo woman imaginable.

Woman with center parted hair.

Center Hair Parts
Parting the hair down the center of the head doesn’t work for every zodiac sign, but you’re in luck, Leo. A center part works fabulously for you because of your thick hair, and the usual oval shaped Leo face. You can also sport a side part and it will look fabulous as well!

Woman showing off her bob with spring curls.

Bobs with Springy Curls
Women such as Charlize Theron, also a Leo, have been seen sporting a short chin length bob lately – and not only is it trendy, but it’s a classy, classic hairstyle that will look great on any Leo of any age. Adding some springy curls to the mix or some wild waves will only help your cause, Leo, so don’t be afraid to go all out and get to work styling!

Woman with sweeping fringe bangs.

Sweeping Fringe Bangs
If you want to change nothing else about your style, Leo, now is a great time to incorporate some sweeping side bangs in a fringed style into your hair look. This will look beautiful whether you want to wear your hair up or down, and will also look fantastic when you’re desire is to create a glamorous or casual style. These types of bangs work well with a Leo due to the usual oval face shape most Leos possess.

There are many small additions you can incorporate into your daily style to really give the hair something special, and there are lots of small things you can head to the salon for your favorite specialist to try as well. Small changes are big changes, as far as you’re concerned, and you want to maintain the integrity of your hair without losing volume or length – we get it! Just don’t be afraid to explore your options a bit and have fun with your style. After all, your hair is what you’re all about!

Image representing a Leo woman

Beauty Tips for Leo Girls

Leo women are fiery, are almost always the center of attention without even trying, and are naturally beautiful. They are known as one of the fiercest signs of the astrological chart, and their personalities are very loud. They are nearly always dressed neatly, though their clothing might appear simple and a bit too casual sometimes. They do like to indulge in dressing up on occasion, but more often than not, you will catch them in something that says, ‘comfort over style’ any day.

Today, Lionesse would like to focus on the beauty aspects that will help to make a Leo girl look her best. A Leo woman doesn’t need a lot of bold makeup at all to make her look beautiful, as she has that natural gorgeous look to begin with. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss some of the best beauty practices for a Leo girl, and how you can implement them into your life today.

Soft neutral makeup

A light pink shimmery eyeshadow looks stunning on a Leo. You could also opt for a gorgeous gold shimmery hue. Leo’s shouldn’t generally wear any sort of makeup look – especially eye makeup – that is too over the top or eccentric, because your personality more than makes up for the exceptionally bold look you are not needing to indulge in. Be sure to stick to pretty, light hues and the rest of your face will fall into place.

Woman with a braided hairstyle.

Focus on Your Hair
Your hair is your crown jewel, Leo, so play it up. Your hair is where so much of your beauty lies. Chances are, you have a gorgeous head of hair that you love to style – and no wonder! It speaks volumes for you. Don’t be afraid to test the waters with new styles, cuts, and colors – since your hair is an integral part of who you are, Leo, it’s ok to indulge a bit.

Bold red lips and nails

Bold Lips and Nails
Though it’s not really a good idea to go for a bold eye makeup look, a Leo can get away with a bold lip and nail color combo that complements one another, or matches perfectly. Opt for a deep, rich red, or you could even opt for gold since gold is the signature color for all Leos of the world. Gold nails with red lips would look divine as well. Don’t be afraid to play up the colors in these two areas – you will only be doing yourself a favor!

pretty cat eye look

Cat Eyes
The cat eye look definitely showcases your fierce personality, Leo, and you will look stunning with a minimal cat eye. Choose dark black colors for your liner, and opt for a liquid or gel liner to get the perfect cat eye with an eyeliner brush.

Soft neutral makeup

What Doesn’t Work
You should not opt for a neutral face, as this will totally take away from your personality. Don’t be confused: though your personality speaks loud, and you don’t want to overdo it with makeup application, you also want to show a bit of your personality in your makeup look, therefore – creating the perfect look for you and what you love is what’s important.