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Retro woman and her vanity table.

A Look Back: Hair Tools of the 20’s

You might not know it, but hair tools did exist during the 1920’s. There were many extravagant hairstyles which required lots of styling, and without the capability of the tools in use during this time period, these styles wouldn’t have been able to have been achieved. Lionesse takes a historical look back in time at some of the favorite hair tools around during the 20’s.

Curling tong

Marcel Iron
The ‘Marcel Iron’, or curling tongs, were used to achieve the typical and infamous marcel waves which were very popular during this decade. Many women who had short bob cuts wanted to indulge in a soft look, or jazz their hair up for something special, which is why many women would opt for the marcel iron. These irons needed to be heated up on a gas stove before use, and were then tested out on a piece of paper before use on the hair to ensure adequate heat. This particular tool was the first of its kind, and paved the way of the future for the development of the curling irons we know and love in today’s modern times.

Hair pins.

Hair Pins
Hair pins were just as important back in the 20’s, if not more important, than they are today. Hair pins were used for nearly every hair style – from achieveing the style, to holding the style in place. No woman could be without them, and always had a large amount on hand at any time – whether in her purse, or at home on her vanity.

Old hair dryer.

Hair Dryers
In 1920, Hamilton Beach introduced a hair dryer, which was exceptionally large and not very home friendly due to its enormous size. In 1922, however, the first hand held blow dryer was created thanks to a smaller motor, which made it easy to hold and keep at home. These tools were used to dry wet hair, and to create styles – much like we do today. They became all the rage in the 20’s, however, they were usually only owned by those who were well off enough to afford them, as they were quite expensive for their time.

Woman holding a box that contains a creamy moisturizer.

Hair Lotion
Hair lotion was used to set curls when a woman would complete a look like marcel curls, finger waves, or pin curls. The lotion was applied to damp hair, sometimes used on dry hair, and helped the curls to take, and stay in place all day long. Being that there was no hairspray back in these days, this lotion had to suffice to create the style. There was a hair gel concoction which was also homemade by many hair stylists and women who wanted to give their hair an added boost, but it was a little bit time consuming and could get expensive, so many women didn’t bother.

Sleeping cap

Sleeping Caps
If a woman completed an elaborate hairstyle, such as a curled or waved style, and didn’t want the style to be ruined when she would go to bed that night, she would put a silk sleeping cap on to hold the style in place all night, waking up to a beautiful, fresh style in the morning that would, for the most part, still be completely intact as it was the day before.

Woman wearing a 1920s styled dress.

20’s Accessories to Rock Today

The roaring 20’s was a time of innovation when it came to women’s fashion and accessories. Not only were women becoming more bold and daring, but they desired to feel beautiful, sexy, and take risks in the name of beauty. Lionesse is here to provide you with some helpful tips and ideas in terms of rocking some 1920’s accessories in today’s modern world, and tell you how you can do it and make it work. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular accessories, and let us tell you how it’s done.

Woman wearing a cloche hat

Cloche hats are the epitome of 20’s accessories, and any woman who wants to get a 20’s based look needs to have one or two in their arsenal. Cloche means ‘bell’ in French, and seems fitting due to the style and design of the hat. These hats would frame the face, which was in turn why many women opted for incorporating a short bob haircut specific to the hat itself during this era. However, nowadays, women don’t need to go to those extremes – cloche hats look fabulous no matter the length of your hair. They are available in a variety of color schemes, so be sure to indulge in one for yourself to tie your look together.

Woman wearing gloves.

Gloves were an essential for any lady leaving the house back in the 20’s. Back in those days, most women wore a pair of white gloves. Today, there are many variations of the style. You can opt for white, plain silk gloves that go to about wrist length to get the look, or even choose a modernized lace style or fingerless lace style to keep it modern while resurrecting the look of the past.

Woman wearing a headband and beaded necklace

Art Deco Jewelry
Art deco was hugely popular in the 1920’s. If you’re able, opt for something like a very long string of white pearls, something no woman could be without in the 20’s. Coco Chanel made waves – and not in a good way – during the 20’s when she paired a very long pearl necklace along with a tweed suit. You can also opt for things such as jade, turquoise, and ruby jewelry as well, as these were very in style during this time.

Mary Janes or T-Strap Shoes
The shoes of the day back in the 20’s were a very sturdy buckled or t-strap style shoe. No woman would leave the house without them – they were the type of shoes women would choose to wear on a daily basis. Opt for a basic Mary Jane shoe style, or choose a modernized t-strap style to complement your look. Pair these with some seamed pantyhose for a totally vintage look.

Woman holding a parasol

Parasols just scream femininity, and they are becoming more and more popular in today’s modern times than they have been for decades. Parasols, in essence, are intricately designed, beautiful paper umbrellas in which women would use when strolling down the street. They used them to keep the sun off of their faces, and it was also a staple accessory that every woman just needed to have. Give one a try the next time you’re out and about walking down Main Street – and you just might get a lot of compliments on it!

Woman holding a beaded handbag.

Beaded Handbags
Beaded handbags are an absolute must have accessory for a true vintage 20’s look. They could be likened to the art deco style of the era. Opt for those with a very thin shoulder strap and plenty of beads, or black, plain styled handbags with a cinched closure top. These handbags were typically far smaller than were the purses and handbags we see today, as women typically only tossed a few cosmetic products into their purse such as their powder compacts and lipstick, and a money purse as well.


How to Do Pin Curls

Pin curls have been hugely popular since the early 1920’s thanks to Hollywood’s famed silent picture actresses opting for the style. Women everywhere wanted to know how they could get the look themselves, and once they learned how, the trend took off. Since that time, pin curls have remained an important style for women to complete nearly every night before heading to bed, and the look has remained strong throughout the decades after the 20’s. Today, Lionesse would like to teach you two methods to creating pin curls yourself at home – one being the original way, and the other, a more modernized way that cuts the time invested into creating the style by an immeasurable amount. It’s actually very easy to get a perfect pin curled look – and with this helpful guide, you will be well on your way to perfect pin curls whichever way you choose to create them.

Woman with traditional pin curls.

How to Create Traditional Pin Curls
Creating traditional pin curls generally involved a great deal of time, effort, and patience. The classic style of creating the curls was achieved through the method of working with damp hair, and tying the hair rolled up with cloth to the head, fastening it in place, and wrapping the head in a silk scarf before going to sleep for the night. In the morning, the cloth pieces would be removed from the head, revealing gorgeous pin curls that women were so proud to wear. This is how you can get the look yourself.

What you’ll need:

  • Curl Setting lotion or cream
  • Hairspray
  • Hair pins (any kind will do)
  • Damp Hair

Apply curl setting lotion to damp, but not wet, hair. Section off the hair into four sections and secure those sections with hair elastics, leaving the first section to be worked on down. Beginning with small 1 inch sections of hair, begin winding the hair upwards by either wrapping around the finger & winding it upwards, or you can create sort of a flat roll with the fingers and wind all the way up to the scalp. Secure with bobby pins or other hair pins to the scalp. Complete the process on the remainder of the hair. Wrap the hair with a silk scarf to wear to bed, and in the morning, remove the curls gently, allowing them to fall to the shoulders. You may brush them out with a soft bristle brush, or leave them as is. You can create the curls in all one direction, or create the ‘s’ shape hair typical to the 40’s hairstyles. You can create the ‘s’ shape by winding hair in different sections in one direction (i.e. clockwise or counter-clockwise), and wind the hair up in another section in the opposite direction. This looks the most authentic.

Woman with modern pin curls.

How to Create Modern Pin Curls
Creating modern pin curls requires far less time than the traditional pin curls, and is far easier to achieve a perfect look than one might think. All that’s required is your favorite flat iron, bobby pins or metal hair clips, and hairspray. Here’s how you can get the vintage look of old in today’s modern world:

What you’ll need:

  • Flat Iron
  • Bobby pins or metallic hair clips (think the kind stylists use)
  • Hairspray

First thing’s first, you will need to begin with clean, dry hair. Second-day hair works best. Begin by taking small 1-inch sections of your hair, and winding them around your index finger, creating a loop of hair, all the way to the scalp. Gently remove the rolled up hair from your finger, and press the roll into a flat iron for about 10-15 seconds. Remove the rolled hair from the flat iron carefully. Complete this process all over your head until you’ve curled all of the hair. Be sure to curl all of the hair in the same direction. Allow the hair to cool for about 10 minutes, and then you may go in with a boar bristle brush and run it through the hair gently to add volume and a more authentic look, or you can leave the curls as is. You can also finger tousle the curls if you’d like. Spray with hairspray, and you’re good to go! This process normally takes about an hour for long, thick hair, so if you have shorter, thinner hair, the process is a much quicker one.

Woman wearing glasses with a bun hairstyle.

Top Travel Friendly Hairstyles

Are you going to be taking a trip to your favorite getaway destination? Perhaps you may have a business meeting to tend to across the country, or you’re headed out to visit your grandma who’s celebrating her 90th birthday. Whatever the situation may be, travel takes a lot out of you – but you don’t have to sacrifice your cute hairstyle just because you’re traveling. Today, Lionesse would like to talk about a few of the top travel-friendly hairstyles that are not only practical, but fashionable as well.

Woman with a ponytail.

What style can top a ponytail for traveling, style, and comfort? None, which is why we chose this as the number one style you can wear while traveling. It’s practical, you won’t need to readjust your hair every 5 minutes, and you can’t mess it up. Ponytails are a foolproof way to get a cute style and keep things classy while traveling – no matter the length of your flight. Throw your hair into a mid-length pony to be on trend, or put it into a low pony for added comfort. You can do extras to incorporate more style, such as add hair accessories like headbands, ponytail wraps, bobby pins, or wrap a small bit of your hair around the pony to give added style, pinning it underneath to hide the ends. For a low pony, to add extra style and holdability, create a cool and classic style by separating the hair at the top of the pony, and feeding the remainder of the ponytail through – giving you a classy look that will hold itself in place all day long.

Woman with a braided hairstyle.

With so many braided styles to choose from, why wouldn’t you want to add a braid into your travel style? It’s a super cute way to look totally fashionable, while staying casual and comfy at the same time. Plus, once your hair is all tucked into a neat or even a messy braid, there’s no reason to struggle with fixing it – as pieces may fall, it will give your braid character. You can’t go wrong with a braided style. To keep the hair out of your face, opt for a crown or milkmaid braid which will keep the hair pinned to your head all day. To do more of a traditional braid, opt for a fishtail braid which always looks stylish. Try out a waterfall braid if you’d rather go for something a bit different. If you’re more of a traditional braid kind of girl and you haven’t quite gotten your braiding skills where they need to be, try a regular French braid – or opt for braided pigtails to showcase your playful side.

Woman with wavy hair in a beach.

Waves are a great style to wear when traveling – they look amazing, allow you to wear your hair down and it’s hard to mess them up. If you want natural looking waves, braid your hair while damp the night before you’re set to travel. In the morning, remove the braids to reveal perfectly waved hair. Or, if you’d rather have a more glam look, add some waves in the morning before getting ready to leave by making use of your curling iron or flat iron to give yourself a waved style. Waves created with a heat styling tool may need to be hair sprayed to keep them in place for the day, whereas waves created through means of creating braids the night before will generally stay put all day long.

Woman with a bun hairstyle.

Last but not least, buns are a great way to swoop your hair into a quick updo, getting it off your neck and shoulders and out of your face, and allowing you to go on about your day. There’s nothing fancy-schmancy about them, but there are many different bun styles to choose from to get a customized look that suits you and your personality. They also go with any outfit, and work well for any style. Be sure to use some extra bobby pins to really hold your bun in place all day when you’re traveling, and make use of hairspray to avoid needing to fix your bun or touch it up.

Woman with a braided hairstyle.

Summer Hair Trends to Try

If you are getting bored with your usual day to day hairstyles, why not indulge in a change? Today, Lionesse brings you some of the top summer hairstyles you can try yourself at home with a little practice.

Woman with a wet look.

Wet Look Hair
Wet looking hair can be seen all across any fashion show happening this summer, and it was also very popular in the 90’s. Now that it’s making a comeback, try to indulge in this style by adding gel and water to the top of your hair, brushing it throughout, and securing it in a bun or ponytail style. This also works well for a French twist.

Woman with a bun wrap

Buns and Bun Wraps
A new take on an old favorite is creating a bun and using what is known as a bun wrap, usually including pretty floral embellishments such as daisies or sunflowers, around the hair after securing it. It adds something special to a very simple style, and looks amazing for summer with any fashion.

Woman with wavy hair using rose as a hair accessory.

Utilizing Hair Accessories
Incorporating hair accessories to your summer style is the perfect way to get a cool summer look. Right now, large flower accents are super trendy, as is incorporating a real flower, such as a rose, or gardenia, into a bun style. Headbands and old retro pieces from the 30’s and 40’s are also becoming exceptionally popular.

Crimped Ponytails
Adding a few crimped sections of hair into a traditional ponytail is a great way to stay on trend, while creating a simple hairstyle that looks fabulous for summer.  Be sure to break out the old crimper, or go to town by creating a few very small braids the night before you intend on wearing the style. Remove the braids to reveal crimped like hair, and put it all up into a low ponytail to complete the look.

Woman with dip dyed hair

Dip Dyed Hair
Dip dyed hair is super fun and easy to do. You can use an actual hair dye in a bright, bold color, or even use a more traditional color to attain somewhat of an ombre effect. Or, you could utilize good old fashioned Kool-Aid powder and boiling water – many tutorials are available online – to get a less damaged hair look that will be bright and bold without the chemical additives. This method also causes far less damage to the hair, and will last for quite a long while.

Woman with a rainbow hairstyle

Rainbow Hair
Rainbow hair colors offer a bright, bold pop of color to the hair that will help you truly personalize and customize your own hair look. Creating your perfect color mix is all about implementing parts of you into the style, and the fun thing about it is – you don’t even need to worry about what colors go with your skin tone, because rainbow hair is all about personal preference.

We hope there is a style within this article that you find cute and fun for summer. We encourage our readers to get creative with their daily hair style. If you find your inner creativity and spark it up, you can never be bored with your style!

Woman with a short hairstyle

Short Hair Inspo From Around the World

Shorter hairstyles are making huge waves in the beauty world due to the fact that they are perfect for summer style. They are a great way to keep the hair off of the neck and shoulders during the dreadfully hot summer months, require low maintenance, and are always stylish and perfect for any occasion. If you’ve been looking for a new short hairstyle, look no further than this article by Lionesse. We are going to showcase some of the most fantastic short hairstyles from around the world today to offer you the biggest and best in terms of inspiration.

Woman with a pixie cut.

North America
In the great old United States, there are a few popular short styles that are rocking the summer hard right now. For instance, a short pixie cut is one of the top styles – and has been – in terms of shorter hair for the past few months now. Incorporating this style with some baby bangs is sure to make for a perfect summer style. On the other hand, there’s some other pretty fantastic longer yet still short hairstyles to check out and be impressed with, such as a chin-length bob with side swept bangs, as an option for those who don’t quite want to cut everything off.

Woman with a chin length bob

Europe is always keeping on trend with the latest fashions and beauty trends, and right now, some of the hottest shorter hairstyles for this area are bobs at chin length, with fringe and bangs, as well as short, edgy cuts such as that seen on Victoria Beckham. Another option for this area is short and somewhat spikey on one side, with the other side at about chin length. From there, incorporation of a bright pop of color in the bang area is a perfect addition to really set the whole look off.

Woman with a pixie cut hairstyle.

Some of the most fantastic beauty trends in the world have originated in Asian territories. Some of the shortest, cutest styles have also become exceptionally popular in this area as well. Some of the styles you will see this season in Asia are short and edgy cuts, undercuts with longer hair on one side, and almost pixie cuts with longer wisps and tendrils on the sides, incorporating baby bangs or long and sweeping bangs brushed to the side.

Woman with a chin length bob with fringe and waves

In Africa, nearly any hairstyle goes. We are going to be speaking about South Africa today, as they are the most fashion-forward and beauty inspired region in the country. In South Africa, women are opting for extremely short cuts this summer, buzzing their hair so low it quite closely resembles a men’s style – but that’s just one of the many options. Buzzed styles on the sides with longer hair in the mid section to the front are also another fantastic option for women in this region. And of course, the beloved chin length bob with waves and fringe is making a huge statement across the region this season.

Small girl wearing a tiara

Fun Hair Accessories for Girls

Give a girl some hair accessories, and she’ll make magic happen. That’s a fact! With so many cute, cool, and trendy hair accessories to choose from, Lionesse is here to tell you about a select few of them that your little girl or other little girls in your life will adore to create the perfect hairstyle. Let’s check them out below.

Young girl wearing a hair bow reading a book.

Hair Bows
Hair bows are a great addition to any style, from wearing the hair down, to creative updos. They are perfect for cheerleaders, to add to their uniform style, or for Easter or even just to wear something extra special to school. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and most department stores, drug stores, and beauty supply stores have an extensive array on display to choose from.

Young girl holding a hair curler

Hair ribbons are slowly but surely making their way back into the beauty world, and how would be the time to get some for your little girl so she can be right on trend when she heads back to school in the fall. She can do so many things with a simple hair ribbon, from wrapping around her head fully and tying it into a bow, to adding it over a ponytail style, to creating her own hair bows. The possibilities are endless! These also come in many varieties of colors, styles, and patterns.

Closeup of a small girl's braided headband hairstyle.

Braided Headbands
Headbands are a great addition to any style for a little girl, but a braided headband puts her on trend with the current style. There are so many colors and designs to choose from in terms of a braided style, from cloth, to faux hair and more.

Faux Hair Ponytail Holders
If your little girl struggles with creating the perfect faux hair look ponytail by wrapping the hair around the pony and securing with bobby pins, you can opt for getting her a faux hair ponytail holder instead. Much easier, more efficient, and it provides a perfect look. Just be sure to get her one that matches the color of her hair!

Small girl wearing ball ponytail holders.

Ball Ponytail Holders
Remember these awesome hair accessories from the 80’s and 90’s? Well, they’re back! Ball ponytail holders are so much fun and make for the perfect ponytail. Get her some of these for a nostalgic pop of culture from decades gone by that you will adore and she will also love to wear.

Bun Kits
Another great hair tool and accessory is a bun kit. Many young girls can’t grasp the concept of creating a perfect bun, but with a bun kit it takes the guesswork out of it for her and helps her get a hold on the style while you take care of whatever you have going on if you don’t have the time to fix it for her. These should also be purchased in the color that matches your child’s hair the best for the most natural look.

Little girl wearing a sparkly bobby pin in a beach.

Sparkly Bobby Pins
Every girl needs a large bobby pin collection – but there are many pretty options aside from the typical black, gray, blonde or silver bobby pins we see every day. Opt for getting her some sparkly glitter coated bobby pins, or ones with pretty jewels or flower accents to set her look off and stay stylish.


Little girl having a lollipop in a park

Easy Summer Hairstyle Ideas for Girls

Summertime hairstyles are always fun to change up, and when it comes to hairstyles for girls, the possibilities are virtually endless. Summertime begs for a lot more updo styles than does any other season, to keep cool in the heat, plus to look stylish and cute all the time. Lionesse has some simple and easy summer hairstyle ideas for girls that will keep them looking cool, while feeling cool and breezy as well.

Beautiful little girl with a ponytail in a park

Ponytails are simple, quick and easy – and all they require is one hair elastic and about 5 seconds worth of time to create. There are many different ponytail styles, from the most simple, basic, common pony to the more elaborate pony which is infused with style and flair. Ponytails make for a quick fix when playing at the park, or when you’re in a rush to dance class. They look cute with any outfit, and are suitable for any occasion.

Young girl with a bun hairstyle doing ballet.

Buns are another quick fix style that don’t require much more than a hair tie, or bobby pins to secure the style. A quick bun can be completed in about 30 seconds or less, and there are also many different bun type hairstyles to choose from. There are messy buns, sock buns, braided buns, chignons, and more. Buns are another style that works with any outfit or event, and they can be worn high on the head, on the middle of the back of the head, the side of the head, or low. This is the perfect go-to style for summer when your little girl is sweating and needs to beat the heat.

Young girl with braided hair in a park

With so many different braided hairstyles to choose from, a braided style is the way to go in terms of creativity. There are so many different braided styles to create that you could choose to create a different one every day of the week, and still have some left over. Braids keep the hair off of her shoulders and out of her face, allowing her the freedom to play outdoors with her friends while staying cool – and they can be worn to fancy restaurants and even on picture day. They’re a great style to learn how to create, and to teach your little girl how to do.

Young girl with wavy hair.

Waves are a summer essential style. You can remove braided looks to unveil a head full of waves, or use a curling wand on your child’s hair on a low setting to create a waved look. From beachy waves, to boho waves, and even glamorous waves, the possibilities are endless. This look goes for anything as well. It’s quick and simple when just removing braids and spritzing the hair with some sea salt spray and scrunching to get a fast beach waved look.

Young girl wearing a headband and a white dress.

Headband Styles
With the wide variety of headbands to choose, headband styles are perfect for little girls. There are headbands which wrap entirely around the head and are made of an elastic type material, to those which are fitted to the head and are made of plastic, to cloth wrapped plastic headbands and more. You can put a headband on her alone with her hair down, or with a ponytail or bun to accessorize her look.

Mother making her daughter's hair

Tips for Flat Ironing Your Child’s Hair

Mother combing her daughter's hair.

Children, as you may well know, have a much different hair structure than that of an adult. Certain care needs to be taken to avoid damaging their hair. Lionesse understands that the occasion may arise when a special hairstyle needs to be created for a special event. If your child has curly hair, and you’re thinking of giving them the royal treatment by flat ironing her hair, we’ve got some tips to help you be extra careful while making her look like a pretty princess.

Go Easy on the Heat
Children tend to have a much thinner hair structure than we as adults tend to. Even for those of us who have thin hair, their hair is much finer and much more delicate. Due to this, it’s very important to note that using a flat iron on a low heat setting is the best course of action in this case. Be sure to turn the heat setting way down to the lowest setting for your little girl, and you will protect her hair the best you possibly can to avoid unnecessary burns to the hair and other damage caused by excessive heat.

Use a Spray Heat Protector
Anytime you use a flat iron on your child’s hair, be sure to go in with a good quality flat iron spray all over the hair to protect the hair from burns and help it to flatten more easily.

Woman brushing her daughter's hair.

Use a Great Quality Flat Iron
When you are taking any type of a heat tool to your child’s hair, you want to ensure you are using one that is of the absolute best quality. Not every heat styling tool is the same. For a great option, check out our ceramic flat irons. They cause less heat damage to the hair, have adjustable heat settings perfect for you and for her, and are made to last. They are also durable and come in a variety of fun colors. The better the quality product, the better the end results – sans the damage caused by the other heat styling tools on the market.

Don’t Flat Iron Often
Children don’t need to have their hair flat ironed very often. Once in a great while is a good idea, and it should be saved for special occasions such as recitals or performances, weddings, or birthday parties. The more often you heat style her hair, the more likely she will be to wind up with damaged hair.

Use Hair Spray
To keep her style in place after flat ironing, you can go in with a little bit of hairspray to hold the style in place all day. A little hairspray for a child goes a long way, so be sure to incorporate some to avoid having to go in for touch-ups.

Woman applying treatments on her child's hair.

Use a Hair Serum
If you want to protect her style from humidity, you can opt for using a tiny bit of hair serum to the middle of her hair down to the ends of her hair. This will protect the style when she has to step outside during the summer, and also offer some great shine as well. For a great quality hair serum, try our Lionesse Hair Serum which will offer plenty of protection and shine.

Woman trying out a product in a cosmetics store

Be Fearless: Our Tips for Trying New Beauty

When you’re faced with the idea of trying new beauty tips, advice, trends, or products, are you the kind of woman who dives right in, or are you a bit more reserved? If you’re the latter, Lionesse would like to inspire you to become fearless and get your feet wet in the wonderful world of beauty. There are so many things to be excited about once you knock the nervousness out of the way. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can try new beauty without being afraid to get involved and change up your routine.


Try Sample Products
If you are browsing through products at your favorite beauty store and you come upon a product you’re interested in, it’s always best to ask the associate if you might be able to take a sample product home with you. Certain beauty stores do allow this, and you can usually get up to 3-5 samples at a time. This goes for all products in store, whether it’s a powdered bronzer, perfume, or lip color. Asking for samples allows you to use the product, see if you like it, love it, or hate it, and from there, you can make the educated decision to buy or not to buy.

Woman reading a fashion magazine.

Research Trends
Going into buying beauty products blind is a very, very bad thing to do. You want to know what’s hot, what’s trending for the season, and what colors you should be working with. To do that, you will need to do a bit of research on your own. Browse through the pages of your favorite beauty magazine, research beauty trends on the internet, and see what you like. Another great place to look is at pictures from the red carpet events and movie premieres. See what all of the celebrity women are up to. If you like something from their style, try to mimic it and go from there.

Woman in a beauty store.

Ask Expert Advice
When you just aren’t sure if a particular color, scent, or product would work well with your skin tone or particular hair type, you will want to ask expert advice. Whether it’s a beautician, stylist, or associate in the store you are working in, you will want to make sure you ask their opinion before indulging in the products that might actually work against you rather than for you.

It’s Only Temporary
Remember, when making a beauty purchase, as long as it’s not too pricey – it’s okay if you eventually don’t like it. Chances are, something you loved when you bought will wear out it’s welcome as it does for most of us anyways. Remember that beauty products are only temporary items, so it’s okay to buy them and love them for a little while. They aren’t big investments or long-term commitments, like marriage or a tattoo. Just say yes and go with it – as long as you love it when you buy it, that’s all that matters!