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Woman with a stylish hairstyle.

Cool and Edgy Hair Inspiration

Edgy, new hair styles are always fun to look at and adopt some of the style into your own personal look. Today, Lionesse wants to take a look at some of the ways you can find cool and edgy hair inspiration to incorporate into your own life, and also, take a look at some of the celebrities you should keep your eye on to always bring you fresh, new ideas.

Beauty blogger showing a hair tutorial.

Websites for Hair Inspiration
Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are some of the top websites you can visit to find inspirational hair photos. There are always a plethora of new, edgy styles worn by regular, everyday average people, all the way to beauty bloggers, and celebrities alike. These three are great places to look for everyday inspiration, hair tutorials and more. If you would like a more in-depth look at how to create a hairstyle, you can also check out YouTube and other video oriented websites to help you get a step by step look. Lionesse also regularly posts up picture tutorials on our various websites, as well as styling videos on our Youtube channel, where you can gain invaluable styling tips and information.

Stylish woman with a sexy hairstyle

Celebrities to Keep Your Eye On
Depending on the type of style you want to achieve, there are always plenty of celebrity women to keep your eyes on to get the style inspiration you need. Some of the best celebrity women to watch out for who always have a cool, new and edgy ‘do are:

  • Katy Perry
  • Nikki Minaj
  • Rihanna
  • P!NK
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Scarlett Johansen


Katy Perry is known for her flamboyant, wild color options whenever she steps out for a premiere or red carpet event. She always implements her personality into her style, keeping her hair cool and creative at all times.

Nikki Minaj is another one who adores wearing wild styles in various colors. She’s infamous for wearing wigs with crazy color concoctions and styles, which are usually futuristic, and never ceases to amaze us with the look.

Rihanna has been known to rock edgy, almost punkish styles throughout the years, sporting everything from long mohawks, to extensions, to curly styles and more. She is another one that loves wearing brightly colored hair and rocks it to her personality each time.

Singer/Songwriter P!NK has always been known for her crazy-cool hair colors, from pink (obviously) to platinum blonde, to green and everything in between. We always see her with super short locks, but her style does tend to change in regard to the short style we see her with every now and again.

Victoria Beckham is another great hair inspiration for all of us. She adores a chin length bob most of the time, but keeps it edgy with new colors and frayed edges, angles, and fringe. She also adores the ‘bump’ look, by incorporating teasing into her everyday look. She always manages to look classy and gorgeous, though, no matter what.

Last but not least, Scarlett Johansen is another beauty to keep your eye out. She changes her hairstyle frequently, but we usually don’t see her with hair any longer than shoulder length. She sometimes wears wild waves and then the next day, opts for something a bit sleeker with a straightened style.

Debbie Harry

Beauty Rebel Profile: Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry

Everett Collection /

There’s not many girls we can remember from the 1980’s era, or any other era for that matter, that we can remember here at Lionesse being more of a beauty rebel than Debbie Harry, a.k.a. Blondie. Except, maybe, for Madonna. Yes, definitely Madonna.

This lovely lady was not only one of the most successful singers of the era, but she had always gone her own way when it came to style, fashion, hair and makeup. What makes her such a beauty rebel, you may ask? Well, let’s take a closer look at her fashion style and her makeup styles to really give you a better look at Ms. Harry, and why we believe she’s noteworthy in terms of being a beauty rebel.

Blondie, as we know her, was always seen wearing something flamboyant and ‘far out’. She could sometimes be seen in an elegant dress, which she would match with a dark pair of tights rather than pantyhose as was typical, playing down the elegance of the dress. She also clearly didn’t believe in wearing a bra. She could often times be seen wearing bikini bottoms with a vintage t-shirt, and other styles that were completely different from the norm. Why did she wear these things? Because she wanted to, and she could. Her attitude about fashion seemed to be that she wore whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, and loved every minute of it.

Debbie Harry always loved to create punkish, cool hairstyles that weren’t typical of their particular time frame. She wore her notoriously blonde hair style almost all of the time, sometimes incorporating black areas in the hair to contrast, and adding in large flowers in a Hawaiin type style. She would usually wear her hair in a wild style, flaring out the sides with plenty of hairspray and keeping short bangs to accent her hair. She could also be seen with a fringe bob with straight bangs, among other styles. She said nay to the typical permed, big hair look, and went her own direction.

Debbie Harry’s makeup and cosmetic style was still very 70’s even in the 80’s. She loved to wear lots of bold eyeshadow, in hues such as blue, and dark eyeliner. She also loved rich colored glossy lips. She loved to do her eyes up, but didn’t pay too much attention to her cheeks, contouring such as the rest of the women were with immense amounts of blush. Generally, her eyes and lips were her main beauty focus. She had pale skin, and didn’t like to spend much time in the sun. At 69 years old, she still looks as fabulous as ever – even though she currently resides in Miami, Florida – due to the fact that she cared for her skin well. That’s impressive!

Debbie Harry is one of the most iconic beauty rebels of all time – and we need to thank her for encouraging women everywhere to step out, be themselves, and create their own look – no matter what others may think.

Woman getting a hair treatment in a salon.

The Truth Behind Co-Washing

The trend of co-washing has begun to take the beauty world by storm. Many of you may have heard of it, while others are sitting scratching your heads trying to figure out just what the heck it is. For those who have never heard of co-washing, no, it doesn’t involve taking a shower with your partner – although, that idea sounds nice! It’s more along the lines of nixing your shampoo a few times a week, and cleansing your hair with a conditioning product rather than your regular shampoo. Lionesse wants to break down the truth behind co-washing by going into detail as to what it is, why some women are opting for it, and whether or not it actually provides any real benefit. We also want to distinguish the truth from lies, so read on to find out more.

What Is Co-Washing?
As mentioned above, co-washing is a type of cleansing method using a conditioner rather than a shampoo. There are conditioning products available that incorporate cleansers in the mix, which are made for this purpose alone, which are available for purchase. The ‘Co’ in ‘Co-washing’ actually translates to conditioner washing.

Stylish shampooing hair in a salon.

Why Wouldn’t You Want to Shampoo?
Some women believe that co-washing will provide the hair with more moisture, less dryness, and will also cause less damage to the hair because many shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils, and can also strip color from the hair. For those with color treated hair, this can be beneficial. This can also be beneficial for those who find their shampoo leaves their hair feeling dry and brittle.

Does it Work?
From what those who are using the co-washing method are saying, the popular opinion is that co-washing does help to heal dry hair, and will more than likely help to retain your color for a longer period of time. However; with that being said, there are many experts saying that conditioner alone will not get the hair as clean as a shampoo would, nor would it have the capabilities of removing product buildup or oils from your strands. If you have oily hair, and are infusing your hair with more moisture, this can even lead to breakouts on your head and hairline.

If your scalp is full of product, and isn’t clean, your hair will likely slow in growth as well. If you want your hair to grow out, a clean scalp is the way to go. If you notice a slowdown in hair growth when using the co-washing method, chances are, this could have something to do with it.

Woman getting a shampoo in the salon

Other Options
Rather than implement a co-washing regimen into your weekly routine, why not opt for a sulfate free shampoo? Sulfate is one of the worst ingredients found in your shampoo bottle, as it strips the hair – both of natural oils, as well as color – and is also bad for your overall body in terms of health concerns. Sulfate free shampoos come in many scents and styles for all hair types, and are usually found in organic food stores as well as specialty stores. They can help to retain color as well, due to their gentle cleansing properties. They are a great option for those with curly hair to help them avoid frizz.

While co-washing is trending, it most likely won’t stick around for too long being that it doesn’t really have as many benefits as people are touting. Changing your shampoo and using a good conditioner in conjunction is probably your best bet if you’re noticing side effects of your shampoo, or just aren’t happy with your current shampoo. Also, washing your hair less – opting for 2-3 times per week is sufficient – is another great way to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and moisturized. Over washing can cause some serious damage to your strands – so try to avoid that.

Collage of a woman with short hairstyles

The Chin Length Chops for Your Face Shape

Summer is here – and that means it’s time to opt for a shorter, cuter style than you had during the past year. Shorter cuts are much easier to maintain, keep you cool, and look cute and stylish. Chin length cuts are one of the best routes to take for a short summer style – not too short, not too much length – they’re just about right. Lionesse has the lowdown on chin-length cuts that are perfect for every face shape, and you can check them out in the article below.

The Fringed Bob hairstyle

Heart Shaped Faces – Fringed Bob
Heart shaped faces do look cute with a chin-length cut, but be careful of adding in layers or too short of a style. You don’t want to go above the chin with a heart shaped face as it can make your face appear wider than heart shaped. Also, you should opt for a side part, but stay away from a center part. Adding fringe on top of the hair is a great idea, and wearing your bob in a wavy or curly style is another great option for you.

Bob with side swept bangs hairstyle

Round Faces – Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Those with round faces usually struggle with their face shape and are always looking for ways to elongate their faces. Straight bangs should be avoided as they make the face appear shorter in length. Bobs with side swept bangs are perfect for round faces. Lots of layers will add dimension to the hair, and a side part will help to elongate your face, taking away from the roundness of your face shape if that’s what you would like to go for. It will look classy and very pretty, and is perfect for the summer months. Stay away from curls and waves, as this will make your face appear fuller.

Angled bob with wavy hair style

Oval Faces – Most Versatile; Many Options
The girls with oval faces should count themselves lucky, as this face shape is the most versatile in terms of hair style. You can wear it in a cute angled bob, toss in some waves and side-swept bangs, or nix the bangs completely. You could also wear it straight with some longer sections in the front, and shorter in the back. Or, opt for all one length and add layers to add volume and style. Girls with oval face shapes also look phenomenal with longer hair, and can style it as they see fit because it will all look fantastic!

Side swept bangs hairstyle

Square Faces – Angled Cut with Side Swept Bangs
A cut that offers long, angled sections in the front to frame the face and incorporated side swept bangs will really help to elongate your face and soften your jaw line. It will also look great with some layer, fringe, or waves. Those with square faces can also safely wear curls as the curls will soften your features as well. Anything with whisps in the front and opting for a rounded cut will also suit your jawline well.

Woman examining her split ends

Tips to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends are one of those hair nuisances that nobody wants to deal with, yet we all do deal with them at some point or another in life. Known as Trichoptilosis in scientific terminology, split ends are normally caused by excessive damage done to the hair through means of heat styling and harsh brushing techniques. Lionesse would like to provide you with some tips to combat and avoid split ends in the article below.

Woman washing her hair while taking a bath.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day
Rather than washing your hair every day, try to wash it every other day or even twice a week. This way, your hair is better able to develop its own natural oils to coat the hair, leaving behind soft, silky, smooth tresses, sans damage from over drying.

Woman brushing her hair

Brush Your Hair Properly
When brushing your hair, opt for a cushiony paddle brush that provides plenty of leverage and less damage to the follicles. When brushing your hair, always hold the hair as if you were creating a ponytail over the side of your shoulder, in front of you, and brush from the ends to the roots to avoid pulling down on the hair.

Woman conditioning her hair

Only condition the ends of your hair and work the remaining product upwards towards the crown of your head. Never go in with product on the crown and work your way down to avoid weighing down your hair. This will create smooth, great looking hair that is free of tangles and knots. Allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for about two minutes – and contrary to what you’ve heard, don’t completely rinse the conditioner from your hair all the way. Leave just a little to provide that extra touch of softness.

Woman using a flat iron to style her hair.

Blow Drying & Heat Styling
When blow drying your hair, ensure you don’t apply direct heat to the ends of the hair – this is especially true if you plan on using another heat styling tool. Even when using another heat styling tool, such as a flat iron, try to avoid the ends of your hair completely – at least for a few days until the natural oils in your hair have had time to work their ways through to the end. One final, most important note – always use a thermal protectant spray or serum to protect the hair before heat styling.

Woman trimming her hair.

Don’t Over-trim Your Hair
Many women go in for trims much more often than is necessary. By taking proper care of your hair, you can avoid making excess trips to the salon to have trims done. If you notice you have a split end on a hair or even a few, whip out your hair cutting scissors and simply remove those split ends from your hair. Cheaper, faster, and saves the rest of your hair from being trimmed excessively.

Woman wiping her hair with a towel

Towel Drying
When towel drying your hair, don’t ever rub the towel all over your head in a messy fashion. Rather, grasp your hair in the towel and simply squeeze gently to remove the excess water from the hair.

Woman with a romantic hairstyle wearing a barrette.

80’s Hair Accessories to Wear Now

There are many hair accessories from the 80’s which seem to be getting a lot of attention. Today, Lionesse wants to highlight some of those accessories and help you to be fashion-forward and stay on top of looking your best with today’s trends.

Stylish woman wearing a black headband

Headbands, as you all know, are very much in trend and come in a variety of styles, colors and looks. From cloth headbands that wrap completely around the head, to lace headbands which are worn the same, to thin elastic headbands, and even floral printed stationary headbands, these are all great choices when opting for a modern 80’s vibe.

Woman wearing a hair bow.

Bows were another big hair staple in the 80’s. The bigger the bow, the better was the motto. Like headbands, these also came in as many varieties, styles, and colors as are under the rainbow. Some were adorned with jewels, while others had ribbons and trinkets which would dangle from them. Nowadays, tiny hair bows are very trendy, and can usually be found at nearly any store. You can choose to opt for solid colors, or get floral prints – either one would work fine.

Hair Combs
Hair combs are yet again making a comeback. These hair accessories were a fun way to dress up any hairstyle during the 80s, and are yet again back to help you to make a hair and fashion statement. Choose colors you love – but whatever you do, don’t go neon! Many hair combs can look exquisite and elegant, depending on the material used and design crafted into them. Look around for some you really like, and insert them into an updo style for a perfect accessory piece.

Woman wearing a barette

Barrettes never really went away after the 80’s, although for quite a while, many girls did away with their use. Now, it’s time to bring them back. Barrettes can work fabulously to hold up a half-up half-down hairstyle, or to keep falling hair in place when in an updo. They can also be used to accent ponytails, or to pin one side of the hair up behind the ear. Whatever look you want, they will provide a great accent.

Woman wearing a scrunchy

Some of you may balk at the idea of using scrunchies again, but these clever, soft hair accessories will give you style and comfort in a minute. They are easy on the hair as there is no exposed elastic, ensuring you don’t cause any unnecessary or undue damage to your follicles – and they come in many colors and sizes as well. Pair one with a ponytail look, a pair of boyfriend skinnies, and a tank for a cute summery look that screams 80’s.

We know there is a fine line between 80’s style and 80’s faux pas, and that’s why we are offering you the best hair care advice possible to not cross that line. If you want to give one of these 80’s inspired accessories a go – have at it, and have fun!

Old blow dryer

Reuse Your Old Beauty Tools in New Ways

Investing money into beauty tools can be quite pricey – and many of us have grown fond of specific products in which we use on a regular, if not daily, basis. For many of us, some of our old beauty tools are still sitting around. Remember back in the 80’s when everyone had one of those super cool hair crimpers? How many of us still have one of those laying around? After all, it was just one of those products we all had a hard time parting ways with.

We here at Lionesse feel your pain and struggle in letting some of your old products go – and that’s why we want to make it so you don’t have to! We’ve put together a clever list of ways to use your old beauty tools in new, trendy ways that will keep you looking stylish – all while experiencing the nostalgia of using your old products. Read on to find out how you can put your old styling tools and beauty faves to use once again.

Woman using a crimper to style her hair

Rather than ditch that old hair crimper that you loved so much, why not use it to create a braided style? That’s right, ladies – break out the crimper and get ready to get styling! Simply crimp your hair as you used to do – refrain from teasing the hair into a poufy, frizzy, dreadful mess, ladies – and create your braid of choice. You can wear a gorgeous braid in any style while offering plenty as a conversation piece by use of one of these bad boys!

Old blow dryer

Blow Dryer
While you may not want to break out the old blow dryer that was less than good quality to use for your hair, you can make use of this tool by using it as a mirror and window de-fogger post shower. All you need to do is plug it in, turn it on, and aim straight at the mirrors and windows, moving back and forth as you would with your own hair. Fog, be gone!

Closeup of an old mascara wand

Mascara Wands
If you have some old mascara containers laying around – even from as far back as the 1980s – you can remove them from the bottle, give them a good cleaning with some liquid makeup remover, and then wash them in antibacterial soap to remove germs and bacteria. From there, you can use your clean, fresh mascara wand as a brow tool to keep your brows tamed.

Woman using an eyeshadow brush to apply makeup

Old Eyeshadow Brushes & Makeup Sponges
You can use those old eyeshadow sponge brushes to create the perfect ombre manicure as they are the perfect size. If they’ve been used, wash them in antibacterial soap to remove any product buildup and paint two colors onto the sponge head. Press onto your nail, and rock back and forth to coat the entire nail in polish. Paint a clear coat over the top to seal in the color. The same can be done with old makeup sponges as well.

Woman with 1980s hairstyle

Craziest Hair of the 80’s

Woman with teased hair. The 80’s no doubt contained some of the strangest hairstyles known to man and womankind – a fact nobody can quite argue. Some would say it was artistic, while others would be reluctant to even divulge into conversation regarding hair, fashion, or style from the era due to extreme embarrassment. Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the wildest, most far-out styles of that time frame, and help you reminisce on a time gone by with many beloved – yet incredibly strange – hairstyles.

Bud Bundy was best known for rocking this ridiculous style, and it became popularized among not only men, but women as well. This style featured a shorter, spiked back or flat style on top with longer hair in the back that usually hung to the shoulders or just past them. This style was on its way out in the early 90’s – and luckily, we don’t see too much of this style anymore.

Big, High Teased Bang Styles
This style is one hair faux pas that many women (and guys alike) probably regard as one of their biggest regrets of the 80’s. Although, at the time, it was super cool and trendy, the big, high bangs were overly teased into terrible bendy styles and blown with a round brush back or under, giving the appearance of a small rodent’s nest sitting atop one’s head. We’re sure glad this crazy style has said it’s goodbyes!

Frizzy Spiral Perms (or any Spiral Perm)
Spiral perms were a huge trend throughout the 1980’s, but frizzed out, really big hair was one of the biggest hair trends of the time. Nearly every rocker, mama and daddy had this hairstyle, and we must admit, it was one of the coolest, most tolerable styles to grace the era.

The ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ Look
For any guy who was a fan of ‘A Flock of Seagulls’, you just had to have the look. The lead man of this synth pop group from England actually brought his hairstyling skills which he gained before becoming a part of the band to the forefront and developed his notorious ‘do, which fans around the world mimicked in unison. This look comprised what we would now call ‘emo’ hair with a foreword brushed longer front and middle section, covering one of the eyes, while the sides were brushed up into a style reminiscent of animal ears or something from out of space, we can’t really tell. Regardless – this is another style that died with the 80’s. Again, luckily.

Bright Neon Colored Styles
Bright pink hair was a huge hit during this era – as was blonde hair – and why not combine the two, thought nearly ever woman to live through the 80s?

Flat On One Side, Poof on the Other
The flat on one side, poof on the other hairstyle was one of the weirdest and most unattractive styles, in our opinions, during the 80’s – but it made sense at the time for many. The look comprised slicking the hair from one side of the head back, and pinning the hair over the opposite shoulder. From there, massive bangs were created, no doubt using boatloads of Aqua Net Hairspray, and the remainder of the hair was teased, hairsprayed, and teased some more. The wavier and frizzier the better. …We just don’t understand the concept.


Teased all Over
Overly teased, big hair was obviously the most stylish hair during the time, and the amount of time spent teasing the hair was the hardest part. The sides, top of the hair, and back of the hair had to contain tons of volume to look just right, and be sprayed with enough hairspray to contain the style for up to a week’s time. Not really – but hairspray was definitely a girl’s best friend.

Woman with a beautiful hairstyle.

Pretty Summer Hair Accessories

Summer hair accessories are a fun way to dress up your hair for the season. There are many different types and styles of hair accessories to choose from, from floral prints to faux leather, to flower crowns and beyond. Lionesse is here to give you the scoop on some of this summer’s hottest hair accessories and how to wear them.

Woman wearing a floral crown.

Flower Crowns
Flower crowns look absolutely stellar for the summer months. These pretty adornments rest atop your head, and look beautiful with a wavy hair style, or even a straightened hair style. They complement long hair very nicely. You can wear these with a flowy dress or skirt, or pair them with a cute pair of shorts or jeans.

Headbands are a great summer staple to have on hand. Not only do they keep your hair out of your eyes and face, they also look very pretty in terms of style. There are different types of headbands to choose from, from plastic, fabric covered, elastic, or leather. There are the types that are applied to the top of the head sitting straight up and tucked behind the ears, to the type that is far more fashion foreward and are seen more in today’s world that wrap around the head. Headbands can be worn with anything. They look great with t-shirts and shorts, and dresses.

Woman wearing a head chain.

Head Chains
Head chains are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing boho fashion revolution. They were made popular by Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens when seen at the Coachella music festival. From there, they sort of took the internet by storm – and the rest is history. Head chains are more oriented towards dressing up a bit rather than for casual wear – although, it can be done if you pair it with the right outfit.

Woman with a beautiful hairstyle and floral accents.

Flower Accents
Flower accents are adorable for summer. Usually seen in the form of a large hibiscus flower or something similar with a clip attached, these types of hair accessories look beautiful when pinned to the hair behind the ear and when the hair is worn down. Waves or straight hair, or even curly, work well with this particular accessory. You can complete so many hairstyles using these accents, such as retro-inspired hair, or an island-inspired look, or perhaps even a boho style. Use your imagination and get creating!

Floral Hair Ties
Hair ties are an essential part of summer. When the heat is too hot to bear, there’s nothing better than reaching for a trusty hair tie to pull your hair back into a ponytail. What could make this essential even better? Flowers, of course! There are many different hair tie options with small flowers attached to liven up your style, no matter how simple the ponytail you’re going for is. These can really dress up your whole look and get you summer ready in no time.


Stylist applying a hair spray.

The Best Hair Texture Sprays

Texture sprays are a fantastic addition to any woman’s hair care collection. They can be used as a go-to styling aid when you aren’t quite sure what to do with your hair that particular day, and you’re looking for something simple and easy. They can be used to add lots of piecey texture and a tousled, gorgeous messy look to the hair. Normally, texture sprays are used to finish off a style – however, they can actually be used to create a style as well. Lionesse would like to school you on some of the different types of texture sprays available, and what they can do for your hair.

Types of Texture Spray
There are many different types of texture spray, from sprays which only add piece-y wafts of hair, to those which create a style, to those used merely as a finishing spray. Some texture sprays have added benefits which are built in to serve a dual purpose. For instance, there are texture sprays with UV protection built in to protect your hair from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. There are types such as dry texture spray, which offer beach wave-like qualities to the hair, and then there are those which provide a full, voluminous look to the hair. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the type of texture spray you actually need and want.

Woman applying hair spray on her hair.

Choosing a Texture Spray
Choosing your texture spray should be based off of your own personal hair care needs – not merely based on something you may have read online about a product, such as reviews or something you may have heard from the mouth of a beauty blogger. You need to find a product that works for your individual needs. What works for someone else may not work for you, and vice versa. A great place to start is to look up the term, “Hair texture spray for thick hair”, for instance, and see what results you come up with. From there, narrow your results further by typing in other keywords, such as “Hair texture spray for thick hair beach waves” and see what comes up. Search smarter, not harder.

Types of Styles Created from Texture Spray
There are many different styles seen in Hollywood, in magazines, and on the runway created with something as simple as a great texture spray. As mentioned above, texture spray can be used to create beachy waves, boho waves, a messy bed-head type of look, used on spikey or short hair to add volume, used on thin hair to add volume, and more.

Those with thicker hair may want to use texture spray to add more of a piece-y look to their style, to break up some of the depth of the hair. Or, perhaps you are running out of time in the morning and you want something you can spray on, scrunch, and go. There’s a texture spray for that, too.

Give a few different brands and types a try, and chances are, you will love the end results. If you don’t, be sure to give a few other brands a try before waving them off entirely. Sometimes, it just takes finding the exact right product and brand for you.