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Romantic Hair Styles

Beautiful woman with a romantic hairstyle

Spring is in the air, and that means love is in full swing. This is a season for renewal, and with that, comes time to renew your hair style ideas. Lionesse has some fantastic, beautiful, and sweet romantic hairstyle ideas that you can try out to impress the one you love – and they aren’t overly difficult or hard to achieve. Some of these are a bit casual, others a bit more elaborate and elegant – and we hope you will give them all a try for special occasions, or just to spend time with the one you love.

Curly, Messy Updo
This is a super easy to do hairstyle that looks absolutely stunning. To get the messy updo look, you will need to curl your hair in various sized curls, separating them with your fingers. Pull all of the hair back using your fingers, rather than a brush, as if you were going to put your hair into a pony tail. Then, twist the hair into a messy bun or chignon and let the curly pieces fall wherever they lay. Simple, easy, and cute, this style can be dressed up with studded bobby pins, and can go with nearly any outfit or for any occasion.

Low, Messy Braid
Simple and easy enough, this low, messy braid will look beautiful and very romantic – and it only requires a few steps and minutes. First, you part the hair down the middle. Then, take some dry shampoo and spray the hair vigorously, especially on the top and crown area of the head. From there, gather all of the hair to the back of the head as if you were going to create a low ponytail, but keep it loose. Braid the hair very loosely into a simple 3 strand braid, and secure the braid with an elastic – clear is best, or one that matches your current hair color. Mess the braid a bit, pulling sections a bit looser for a messy effect. Any pieces that come loose from the braid can be curled, waved, or left to sit where they lie – and no matter what, it will look perfect.

Half Up, Half Down with Waves
This style requires a bit more to it than the previous styles, but it’s still easy to achieve. What you will need to do is apply a root volumizing mousse from roots to tips of the hair, and then blow dry the hair with a round brush. From there, you will wrap small sections of hair around a curling iron, leaving the ends free from curling. Once each wave is released from the curling iron, gently tug on each wave to give it a loose effect. Part the hair down the middle, and then begin backcombing the hair at the crown of the head to give added volume. Be sure to do this gently to avoid damaging the hair. Gather the hair from behind the ears as if you were going to do a regular half up, half down style, and pin into place with bobby pins, ensuring you don’t use too much hair in the process. Voila!

Braided Messy Low- Do
This style is a bit braid, a bit updo, and a bit down low. Messy, elegant and sexy, it’s easy to complete – and only requires a few minutes to do. Begin a fishtail braid at the crown of the head, and after a few passes, begin to form a messy chignon. Pin into place, and allow some pieces to fall out. You can even keep a few pieces around the face out of the equation by leaving them out of the braid to begin with, giving a soft effect around the face. Spray with a soft hold hairspray to secure.

The Wave Look

Romantic Hair Two Ways with a Flat Iron

Lionesse is back with yet another tutorial on creating a sought after style – the romantic look. Nothing is more romantic than soft, billowy waves incorporated into some of our favorite styles. That is why today, we are bringing a guest blogger to you to show you two different – yet simple – romantic styles you can achieve using your flat iron. Guest blogger Sarah McCormick is a beauty and hair blogger from Florida, and has two fun, romantic styles to share with you today to encourage you to try one of these styles for yourself. Without further ado, we hand the post over to Sarah.


Romantic Hair Styles
Hi everyone. Today, I am going to be demonstrating how you can achieve two very simple, very easy to do romantic looks that don’t require anything but a flat iron, a mirror, a hair tie, studded bobby pins if you like, and some hair spray. These two simple styles can really make your look special, and would be the perfect look for a date night or romantic dinner. They are fun to achieve, and even more fun to wear. Let’s get started!

Sarah McCormick shows you how to get the Braided Ponytail with Waves look.

Look 1: The Braided Ponytail with Waves

To get this look, you will need:

  • Hair tie
  • Studded bobby pins (optional)
  • Hair spray
  • Teasing comb

Here’s how you can get the look!

Braided Ponytail with Waves

Step 1: Start with smooth, flattened hair that is completely dry. If you want to, apply a heat protectant spray before making use of your flat iron.

Backcomb under to give added head shape.

Step 2: Grasp about a 3-5 inch section of hair on the crown of the head. Gently backcomb under to give added head shape, volume and depth in that area. When finished, smooth out the hair on top with the comb, but be sure not to comb out the back combed section.

Finished Back Comb.

Step 3: Gather all hair to the top side of the head as if you were going to make a pony tail on whichever side you prefer. I chose to do my style on the right side.

Grasp Hair for Short Braid

Step 4: Using all hair, create a simple regular three strand braid, making only three passes, and secure the braid with the hair tie. From there, you can use a bobby pin to mess the braid up and loosen it a bit, or leave it taught – it’s up to you. I chose to leave it taught to the head.

Create some soft, flowy waves .

Step 5: Taking your flat iron, create some soft, flowy waves in the ponytail. You can achieve this by putting small sections of hair into the flat iron one at a time, clamping gently, twisting the flat iron either backwards or forwards – I prefer backwards –  and pulling down gently with the iron, releasing it about one inch above the bottom of the hair. We want to create waves, not curls. Once the hair is released, gently pull down on the wave to open the wave up a bit, and move on to the next section of hair. You want these waves to be barely there, but enough that it adds dimension and style to the hair.

Add waves to ponytail

Step 6: Insert some diamond studded bobby pins, if you like, into the section where the small braid sits. This is optional.

Finished Braided Ponytail with Waves Look

Step 7: Give a quick once over with hairspray, and you’re done! Simple, easy, elegant and beautiful.


Now, for our next simple and easy romantic look.

The Wave Look

Look 2: Soft Waves and Flips
This is one of the most simple looks to achieve with a flat iron, and it looks fantastic, romantic, sexy and is great for any occasion, event, or even to wear to work. Here’s what you need to get the look:

  • Flat iron
  • Hairspray

To get this look, you will simply need to create some angles, waves and flips. This is easy to do by maneuvering the flat iron to the style you are opting for. In this case, to get angles, you will curve the hair in towards the face. To get flips, you will take the flat iron to the bottom of the hair, flipping outwards in a backward motion. To get waves, you will complete the same process as you would for flips, however; you will want to start mid-way up the hair, rather than at the bottom, and will stop about an inch before you reach the bottom and release the hair.

Here’s how to get the look:

Create angles towards/around the face.

Step 1: Create angles towards/around the face. These angles can be sharp, but be sure you don’t pull the flat iron around too much, because you will instead create curls.

Create waves and flips of various sizes

Step 2: On the remainder of the hair, create waves and flips of various sizes. I do them all over, always starting midway down the hair for waves, and flips at the bottom of some of the hair.

Finished Wave Look

Step 3: Spray with hairspray. Easy as pie! Looks stunning, and can be worn for any occasion.

Sarah McCormick with the Wave Look.

70s style

How to Rock 70’s Trends Today

It seems as though everywhere we look, the 70’s retro look is back with a vengeance – not that it’s ever left, but there are more trends currently ongoing that resemble the classic ensembles of wardrobe, fashion, hair and style than ever before since its original time. Lionesse wants to take hold of that trend, and show you how you can achieve the 70’s trends in today’s world – in style. With a few simple modifications, you’ll achieve this look on your own – and it’s very easily done with things you already have at home. Read on to learn more.

Woman with a beautiful floral crown on her head

Flower Power
Floral crowns are bigger than ever right now – and they are the perfect look to bring the 70’s back, while looking stylish and trendy in today’s world. They go with pretty much everything – but why not opt for a nice, spring like dress and or pair of bell bottom or flare bottom jeans with a cute vest and frilly top. Also, floral prints are all the rage right now – harness your inner flower child and rock some daisies!

Girl with a headband on, rocking 70s tremd

Headbands and Head Wraps
Head bands and head wraps are, and always have been, a cool retro trend. To really get a 70’s inspired look going, opt for the stretchy head bands or wraps that go around the head as opposed to on the head. Look for headbands with beads, tassles, fringe or floral patterns to really channel your inner hippie.

Bangs/ fringe in her hair

Fringed Bangs
Finged out bangs are definitely a 70’s inspired look, and you can get that same look today by heading on over to your hair stylist. We wouldn’t go as far as to say let’s go all out and all rock the Farrah, but fringed bangs are a great place to start your 70’s transformation – and the great thing about them is, if you decide you don’t love the look – you can get the straightened across – and they will grow back.

French manicure

French Manicure
The look began in the 70’s, and it’s lasted till this very day. The French manicure is a great way to keep your fingers looking pretty, while cutting back on the time spent painting and repainting your nails – which is exactly the reason this style was developed in Hollywood all those years ago. Opt for white tips for a classic look or get creative by adding colors, floral pattern, or whatever else you fancy.

A beautiful bag with fringe tassels.

Fringed Bags
Fringed bags, cross bodies, purses and backpacks – they all harness the look of the 70’s, and are perfect as a beauty trend in today’s world. If you want an original look, opt for something like a dark brown or tan suede bag, with lots and lots of fringe. We just can’t get enough!

Woman wearing a fringed vest posing in front of a brick wall.

You don’t need to go crazy with this trend, but it can look really cute when you pair a vest with an outfit for that extra pop of flavor. Opt for fringed vests, add some patches or pins, and you’ll be ready to rock n’ roll!


Trends Born at Music Festivals

Music festivals usually incorporate art, culture, and vibrant crowds of people from all walks of life, brought together for the love of a mutual respect for all of these things combined. They are home to some of the trendiest styles and looks – many of these styles making their way to the streets, and the runway. Some of these trends, fashion experts say, just need to die. Lionesse would like to explore some of the different trends born and bred at music festivals, and share that interesting information with all of our lovely readers today.

Woman wearing a red bandana on her neck.

Bandanas Over the Face
Originally, as far as music festivals are concerned, this trend was incorporated for mosh-pitters who didn’t want to inhale or eat dirt and debris while they banged their heads; it quickly evolved into a trendy fashion statement at most – if not all – music festivals. This is one of those looks fashion experts agree needs to die, and they suggest rather than wearing them over your face like an outlaw, why not tie one around your neck instead?

Woman wearing sunglasses in her costume in an indoor setting.

Underwear In Place of Clothes
This, in all of our opinion’s here at Lionesse, is the trend that needs to die the most. Wearing underwear in place of clothing is not only disturbing, but it’s extremely distasteful. There is nothing attractive about walking around, virtually naked, in front of thousands of people. Rather than rock this look, why not opt for a cute bikini top and a pair of fringey shorts? Not only will you look super cute, seasonable, and comfortable, but you will also avoid the risk of being arrested for indecent exposure. Win-win situation for everyone.

Woman showing off her fringe style boots in an indoor setting.

Fringe on Everything
This is one style we can’t get enough of. Let’s just say it is our favorite trend that was born at a music festival. When it comes to fringe, music festivals have got it all figured out. Although fringe style wasn’t necessarily born at music festivals, doing it to the extent that it is done at the festivals is another story. You can find fringed boots, shorts, purses, vests, and belts at the festivals. We can’t get enough! Long live the fringe!

Woman wearing bindi and jewels over her eyebrows.

Jewels and Bindi’s
It seems like, at every music and arts festival, there is a wide and vast array of women with jewels lining their eyes, brows, and cheeks – and that’s okay, because we love this look if done tastefully. We wouldn’t recommend gluing them all over your face, otherwise you may end up looking like a studded pin cushion – but a few around the eyes is a cute look – even for daily wear or a trip to the mall. Try multi-colored jewels, or go with diamond-esque jewels for a more classy look. The same is true for Bindi’s – wear only one, and keep it small.

Although it’s difficult to say for sure whether or not all of these styles, among others, have actually developed of formed at music festivals, it’s safe to say that these festivals have made these particular things famous.

Lionesse strives to bring you the best in interesting entertainment, and we’re sure this article was no exception. Be sure to think about these things as you’re getting ready for your next music festival – it might make you smile, laugh, or avoid making a huge fashion mistake.


Spring Hairstyles to Try Now

Woman showing off her beautiful hair waves in a white background.

Spring is the time for revamping everything about your wardrobe, color palettes, cosmetics, and even your hair. You might be ready for a drastic change, or perhaps you are only seeking something minor in terms of new styles you can try out at home. Lionesse has some ideas and tips to help make the process less grueling and tedious, and help you look your best in today’s post.

Change Your Color
After emerging from the dark months of winter, and the darker hair color you may have opted for during these long, cold, dreary months, it might be time for something lighter, which has the ability to catch more of the sun’s rays and bring you into spring looking more cheerful and bright. Going for something a shade or two lighter than your current color is a great place to start. It won’t be overly drastic, will help you ease out of what you’ve been used to, and they can play up the style with some added highlights to give you more of a brighter look. Or, you could opt for something totally new and off the wall, and choose to go a lot lighter than you’ve been used to. Ask your expert stylist for their advice – and find pictures of colors and styles you are interested in to show your stylist. They will usually never steer you wrong.

Get a New ‘Do
Opting for a new haircut might be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Spring is here, and with it comes change. This is the perfect time to change up your hair style to something shorter, sleeker, more radiant and sexy. If you have really long hair, it might be difficult for you to make a huge transition into something like shoulder length or shorter, so perhaps adding in some layers, angles and bangs is all you need to get a new look. If you’re the dare devil type and want to go crazy, changing up your look entirely, why not try a cute, super short pixie cut? Whatever you choose, be sure you absolutely love it – and that it will look good on your face shape and complement you – before making the decision.

Try an Easy to Do Updo
Trying an easy to do updo at home doesn’t require much time or patience, nor does it require much experience. Ponytails, buns of all sorts, braids, and curly pinned updo’s are simple enough to learn, and with a little practice, you will have some new styles to wear all the time. YouTube is a great place to learn, with hundreds and thousands of hair tutorials available to view.  You will become your own hair stylist in no time! Or, you could seek out pictures of updo’s you love, and try your best to study the image on your own, practicing the style yourself – no videos needed.

Catch Some Waves
For something springy and easy, try some beachy looking waves. It’s a light, classy style that looks good on any girl, regardless of hair color, density, length or style. A simple sea salt spray and a blowdryer is all you will need to achieve this sexy style. Simply spray your damp hair with sea salt spray, scrunch upside down, and blast it with the blowdryer until it’s halfway dried. Let the remaining hair air dry, and viola –  instant waves that will last all day.

Add Some Shine
You will want to add some shine to your finished style, because it makes the hair appear more sleek, sexy, and radiant. Isn’t that what spring styles are all about? Try products that offer a boost of volume and shine. Or, if you already have voluminous hair, try a product that gives you tons of shine, but no weighed down feel.

Excitement for Change
Lionesse knows you’re excited to change up your style for spring, but by trying out some of these ideas, we think you’ll be happy with the end result. One final tip: just because you like a style, it doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Always remember to ask for expert advice before making the decision to do something drastic before actually doing it.

Wishing you a happy Spring season!


Our Favorite Aries Celebrities

The Aries woman is a seductive, powerful, extroverted and leadership type. She is a fierce woman, which is exactly what the Lionesse woman embodies. They are trend setters, go-getters, and all around fun people to spend time with. When it comes to fashion, cosmetics, and hair, they always look stunning. Lionesse takes a look at some of our favorite Aries celebrity women, and explains why each of them captivates our hearts and catch our eye.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Model
Allessandra Ambrosio is one of the hottest fashion models in the industry. This Italian/Portuguese/Polish bombshell is fearless, risk taking and kind. Allessandra knew hardship growing up in Sao Paolo, Brazil, raised by her two hardworking parents. Her modeling career began early on in life after she had received plastic surgery on her ears at age 11 due to their size causing her many self-confidence concerns. Not only did she shoot for her goals as a model, but she also became a professional surfer and brand ambassador – most notably for Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line. After having two children, she still looks as fit and beautiful as ever. Her beauty secret? Eating a good diet and practicing the Brazilian mixed martial art of Capoeira to stay fit. She leads an exceptionally active lifestyle, and tries to stay healthy as much as she can. Her fun, happy personality makes her even more beautiful than what is seen on the outside. She is truly an inspiration to all women, everywhere.

Alek Wek, Fashion Model
We couldn’t compile a list of our favorite Aries women without including the beautiful Alek Wek on this list. Many of you will recognize her as one of the first African fashion models to really take the world by storm. Alek is no stranger to hardship. Growing up in Sudan with her eight siblings, a war had broken out in the country causing her family to have to flee their native land. Upon their journey to safety, Alek’s father sadly passed away. Once her family made it to safety, and after a few years had passed, the family saved enough money to move to London, England. It was there that she was discovered by a modeling agent at a party, signed a contract with Ford Models in New York, and the rest is history. Alek may have known hard times, but changed the industry standard in terms of fashion and what is to be considered beautiful forever. Not only is she gorgeous, and smart, but she is also extremely humble and charitable. She is the spokesperson for the United Nations’ Refugee Agency, which is based in her native home of Sudan. You will never see her without a smile on her face. Her drive, motivation, spirit, and hard work make her one of those Aries women we should all look up to and adore.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Actress
Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress best known for her roles in the hit movies Footloose & Hocus Pocus, and long running television series Sex & The City. Sarah Jessica Parker encompasses everything an Aries woman should be. Smart, sexy, sophisticated, and down to earth, she made her mark in Hollywood as a teen after skipping out on the idea of going to college to further her education. A sibling to seven brothers and sisters, she grew up in Ohio with her mother and step father after her natural father and mother divorced. She is a true activist, and has always been known to stand up for causes and things she believes in. Her passion lies in activism for women, and she is also the spokesperson for UNICEF’s performing arts sector. Sarah Jessica Parker is something for all women to look up to, as she has faced many hardships throughout her life, never giving up and always seeing her dreams to fruition.

With so many wonderful Aries women to choose from, it was a difficult choice to pick only a mere three women to focus on for this article, but we at Lionesse know we have done the Aries women of the world justice by including these three women and highlighting their lives, careers, and reasons why we believe them to be some of our favorite celebrities in the Aries sector.


Anti-Aging Hairstyles

Here at Lionesse, we know that every woman wants to look youthful, beautiful, and sexy. We also know there are certain hairstyles that can make you look older, and some that can help to give you a youthful appearance. Today, Lionesse wants to help you decode some of the easier ways to do some simple hairstyles which will provide a youthful look year round, while looking and staying classy every time.

Rear view of a woman with a ponytail running on treadmill.

Pony Tail
Pony tails are one of the simplest ways to regain a youthful appearance. As simplistic as they are, they provide more firmness and tightness to the facial skin, giving you an instantaneous face lift, and also direct attention towards your face. This can be a good thing if you take the time to apply cosmetics to also aid in the process of attaining a more youthful appearance. There are many different styles of ponytails you can achieve – a simple internet search online can help you to view different styles or looks you can achieve with a simple ponytail. Whether you wear it high for maximum face tightening effect, or lower for a softer, more playful look, ponytails are always a safe bet when it comes to looking more youthful.

Long and Straight
Wearing your hair down and allowing it to hang on or past your shoulders is always a youthful look. Adding the element of straightness with a flat iron will provide you a sleek, comfortable, manageable and youthful appearance without spending too much time in front of the mirror. This is a great style for women on the go. To eliminate time spent, straighten your hair at night, and then do some simple touch ups in the morning. Sometimes, you might not even need to use a flat iron – especially if you already have thin, straight hair. You can use your flat iron to add some fun elements as well, such as flipped out edges, flipped under edges, accentuate layers, and more.

Woman with a french braids hairstyle in a backless gown.

French Braid
French braids of all kinds are always a timeless classic. From the time we were little girls, until now, French braids have evolved into a sought after style to modify and play with. Nowadays, there are so many different forms of braids, such as fishtail braids, waterfall braids, upside down French braids and more. There are many hairstyle magazines to look at for inspiration, and many different videos available online that will teach you step by step how to achieve the look you want. Get creative and add some studded bobby pins for something extra special.

Beautiful woman with beachy waves.

Beachy Waves
What’s more youthful and sexy than some beachy inspired waves? We can’t think of too many things! Undoubtedly, the beachy wave look will always look stunning, classy, and youthful. You can achieve this simple yet beautiful hairstyle with some sea salt spray and a blowdryer. A little scrunching and blowdrying goes a long way here. This style will generally last all day, and most times, you won’t even need hairspray to hold and keep the style. Sea salt spray can be bought in your favorite boutique or store, or you can even make your own if you are able to access the ocean where you are. It’s always a great idea to save a little sea water in a spray bottle to make your very own, all natural sea salt spray – and how much more authentic can you get than the real deal?

These hairstyles will provide you with the youthful look you are going for, while not being too over the top. We at Lionesse encourage you to give them a try, and keep on searching for styles that meet your particular hair needs or desires.


60’s Style Icons

The onset of the 1960’s decade brought a lot of new style trends with it. There were a number of popular actors, actresses and several other famous entertainers who became style icons in the 60’s. Their fans wanted to look like them and dress like them. They also wanted their same hairstyles and same makeup looks. Below, Lionesse examines some of the most famous and well-known fashion and style trendsetters of the 1960’s decade.

Brigitte Bardot
This 1960’s fashion icon was from Paris, France. She quickly rose to fame when she began modeling for popular magazines such as Elle. Brigitte was appealing, and men were completely mesmerized by her. She was renowned as a “sex kitten,” but over time, she overcame the reputation.

Bardot’s 1960’s style was a flirty one. She starred in Beach Party and revitalized bikini fashion. She wore bikinis that featured vibrant, bright and sunny colors, which made them both trendier and sexier.

Jacqueline Kennedy Jaqueline Kennedy

Jacky Kennedy was from Southhampton, NY. She was married to the 35th US President, John F. Kennedy. She was also an embodiment of both elegance and beauty. Kennedy was the premier “First Lady Fashion icon” of the 60’s decade. Her most renowned contribution to 1960’s fashion was the pillbox hat. She was also recognized for her chic close-waist dresses. Many young women back then admired her style. Her 1960’s pillbox hats were both conservative and classy, and they were designed by Halston.

Singer CherCherilyn “Cher” Sarkisian
Cher was a performer, an actress and a vocalist from El Centro, CA. Her early career was mainly singing and dancing. She and her husband Sonny Bono performed together. They had a TV show called The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

Cher was a very popular 60s fashion icon. She was famous for her loud and unabashed fashion statements used in her shows as well as in her on-stage performances. She is one of the 60s fashion icons who made fluorescent halter tops and bell-bottomed pants stylish and popular. She was also recognized for her simple 1960s hairstyle. She wore loose straight hair and alluring rocked bangs.

Jean Shrimpton
Supermodel Jean Shrimpton was from Buckinghamshire. She joined the Lucie Clayton Charm Academy and studied modeling, and at age 17, she began her modeling career. She appeared in the pages of a variety of magazines and on the covers of Elle, Vogue, Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Ladies’ Home Journal, and even Time Magazine. Shrimpton was regarded as the world’s first supermodel.

Shrimpton was one of the most well-known 60s decade fashion icons. In the mid-60s, she introduced the miniskirt look. The early 60’s trends that were started by Jacky Kennedy were transformed through Shrimpton. Shrimpton started the miniskirt trend with a bang and it was completely unintentional. The miniskirt look became the new 60s trend after Shrimpton was spotted in Melbourne, Australia wearing a white shift dress with hemline that was nearly 4 inches above her knees.

Audrey HepburnAudrey Hepburn
She was a 1960s fashion icon and highly recognized actress. She was both a fashion icon, and a Hollywood icon. Even still today, Hepburn is thought of as one of the greatest 60s fashion icons as well as a remarkable philanthropist.

She made the pixie hairdo more popular when she was spotted both off and on-camera with the short fashionable pixie hairstyle. Hepburn paired her stylish ‘do with her drainpipe jeans and other casual 60’s decade apparel.


Best Hairstyles for Pisces Girls

Pisces woman with pretty wavey hair

From fashion and clothing, to make up and hairstyles, Pisces women possess a unique sense of style. Particular elements of their personality traits and spiritual energy blend well with certain color hues and accessories. When it comes to hair, Pisces women can pull off virtually any look they want and make it work with their features; however, there are specific hair styles that truly bring out the best features in Pisces women. In this article from Lionesse, you will find some of the most popular and recommended hair styles that can add individuality and uniqueness to the look of any Pisces woman.

Hairstyle Tips For Pisces Women


Pisces women tend to have sensitivity to style trends, and they are also sensitive when it comes to “fitting in.” The Pisces zodiac sign is a super feminine one, and they have a preference for ultra long hair (inspired by the mermaid). Pisces women desire for their distinct look to be effortless and they need it to feel “right” on them.  A Pisces woman can be prone to easy influence both by friends who mean well and/or by a certain hairstyle that they find appealing. As a Pisces woman though, trying a new hair style can sometimes by tricky. If the end result turns out something they feel does not suit them, they are capable of becoming very upset over the issue.

An extra hair styling tip for Pisces women:

As a Pisces, woman, if you regularly use a blow dryer on your hair, whenever it’s possible, it can be a good idea to give your hair a break from it, and towel dry it instead. This can be somewhat of a “good luck” ritual and help to increase the amount of positivity you encounter throughout your day.

Pisces’ Women’s Hairstyle Can Accentuate and Enhance Their Best Features

Women of the Pisces zodiac sign are sensitive, and they are very ethereal beauties. Their eyes are full of soul and are one of their most standout features. Therefore, it can be important for any Pisces woman to have a hairstyle that truly brings out that feature. The hair of Pisces woman should also appeal to their other features, such as the somewhat childlike, youthful round face shapes that many Pisces women tend to have.

Pisces women can also tend to be a bit shy and reserved at times, therefore, both the make up and the hairstyles that most appeal to these particular traits are the ones that come across as more modest and understated looks, as opposed to the more bold and brash ones. The hairstyle of a Pisces woman should complement their unfathomable beauty.

Pisces are considered to be the “daydreamers of the zodiac.” Other traits of the Pisces sign include their dreaminess and, mysticism. A Pisces woman is the “mermaid woman” and her style can evolve and change, based on her feelings and/or moods. Her hairstyle can appeal to her “watery goddess” personality traits. Her complexion tends to be clear and soft and complement her deep, tantalizing eyes, and just like a mermaid, some of the best hairstyle looks for a Pisces woman involve long flowing waves, curls, or even tight locks in their hair that accentuate the dimples she often has in her cheeks.

Tangles in her curls

Lionesse Reviews Top 10 Curly Hair Issues and How to Deal

Curly hair is something most straight-haired girls are constantly saying that they wish they had. Curly girls know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. When you have curly hair, you have a unique set of styling and maintenance challenges. Lionesse reviews 10 of the most common curly hair complaints and how to remedy them.

Frustrated by frizzy hairFrizz
Perhaps the number one complaint, frizzy hair is a major issue for girls with curls. Sometimes it seems that no matter how you style your hair, you end up with more frizz than curl. To combat frizziness, there are a few ways you can tweak your styling routine. First, try using a cotton T-shirt rather than a bath towel to dry your hair. It may sound, and feel, a little weird at first, but this can help eliminate frizz. Next, do not scrunch your hair. Conventional curl wisdom suggests scrunching as you style to help shape curls, but this can increase the level of frizz in your hair. Instead, twirl curls around your fingers to help create structure. Lastly, skip traditional hair brushes. These only pull curls apart and add frizz to your look. Opt for a wide tooth comb and comb hair only when wet.

The Triangle Look
You know that if your stylist gets a bit scissor happy you may end up with no volume on top and a crazy amount of voluminous curls on the sides of your head, otherwise known as triangle head. Unfortunately, there is no fix for hairdressers that take too much off except for waiting for new growth. However, there are things you can do to help ensure that triangle head doesn’t happen in the first place. Take pictures with you to the salon and be direct about what you want. Never be afraid to speak up and voice concerns while getting your hair done. Request that razors not be used on your hair, as this increases the likelihood of frizz. Use your face shape, and your natural curls, to help determine what cut will look best on you. You can also experiment with the way that you part your hair to create more volume on the top of your head to avoid the dreaded triangle.

Tangles in her curlsTangled Tresses
While you are supposed to avoid excessive brushing, you don’t want to end up with crazy knots and tangles. Knots and tangles come with curly hair, but you can help combat them. First, use your wide tooth comb on wet hair to help gently work out knots. You can even use the comb as you shower when you have conditioner in your hair. If your hair is dry and you need a knot out now, spray some leave-in conditioner on the knot and use your fingers, not a comb, to gently remove the problem. Help yourself wake up with tangle-free hair by putting your hair back when you sleep. Experts suggest loosely piling hair on the top of your head, which is sometimes known as “the pineapple,” or creating a loose braid before you hit your sheets. Also sleep related is to get a satin pillow case. This helps to not only keep your hair less tangled, but also to minimize damage done while sleeping.

Dry Hair
Curly hair is significantly drier than straight hair. Hair experts suggest to limit the amount of shampooing each week, but keep conditioning. Most curly hair girls can get away with only washing their hair twice per week. On the days that you do not need to shampoo, try the popular method of “co-washing.” Co-washing simply means that when you aren’t shampooing, you still wet your hair and use conditioner. This helps keep moisture in your curly hair. Additionally, you can use the steam generated from your shower to help your curls. Allow the steam to soak into your hair, which will help your curls stand up on their own without the need for as many drying styling products.

Using hot tools on curly hairHair Tools With Heat
Hot tools are to be used with caution by all hair types, but particularly curly hair girls. However, allowing your curly hair to air dry completely can lead to more frizz. So what’s a girl to do? Make good use of the diffuser attachment that comes with your hairdryer. If yours doesn’t come with one, invest in one immediately. When drying your hair, try to avoid touching it with your fingers as much as possible and just use the diffuser. Flat irons are fun to use when you want to switch up your look. Be sure to spray a generous amount of heat protectant on your hair prior to using the iron on your hair. Also, take care to use an appropriate heat setting. A good guideline for heat setting is that if it is uncomfortable and burns your fingers, the iron is probably at a setting too high for your hair.

Styling Drama
No matter what you do your hair seems to have a mind of it’s own. There are days where your curls look glorious, and there are days when you look crazy despite having styled it the exact same way. You can make your crazy hair days into good hair days. Try a topknot, which can be worn for any occasion, if your curls aren’t cooperating with laying correctly. Additionally, you can give your curls some help by grabbing your curling iron or wand and creating structure using these tools.

Falling Flat
Your curls look beautiful when you leave the house in the morning but an hour later they’ve fallen flat. There are few things you can do to combat this curly hair issue. First, curls tend to hold better on hair that has not been just washed. If you have just washed your hair, you can always use a bit of dry shampoo to add some texture. Next, find a good curl cream or mousse that works for you. The product you choose will be what works for you, there is no single perfect curl product. Unfortunately, this means a good amount of trial and error. Once you’ve applied the curl cream or mousse, add a tiny bit of hair oil to the ends of your hair only. This way you keep volume and curl at the top of your hair as opposed to weighing it down. To maintain volume, lift the roots of your hair with your fingers as you dry it. Some experts suggest using a combination of air drying (while lifting the roots with your fingers) and then finishing the style by using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. A good middle ground is to let it air dry 50% then use your hairdryer for the remaining 50%.  Spray your hair generously with your favorite hairspray to help lock in the curl. Keep a travel size bottle of hairspray with your for emergency touch-ups.

Curls in humid weatherWeather
Everybody’s hair reacts to the weather, but it’s magnified with curly hair. There is absolutely nothing that you can do about changing the weather, but you can experiment with hairstyles that work for days with high humidity or moisture. Prior to styling your hair, check the weather so you have an idea of what external elements your hair is facing. If there is humidity or rain predicted, do not even attempt to straighten your locks. Practice two or three hairstyles that work for you in bad weather, such as a topknot, braids or a half-up/half-down style.

Bed Head
Most curly haired ladies think that showering at night is out of the question. It is true that curly hair can get unruly overnight, but there are ways that allow you to sleep peacefully and still wake up with great hair. The first, as previously mentioned, is to invest in a satin pillow case. This helps reduce the snagging and tangling that can happen with other pillow cases. Once you have your sleeping surface sorted, you have to figure out what to do with your hair overnight. There are a few methods that experts suggest and to find the best one for you will take some trial and error. A popular way to sleep with wet curls is in loose braids or a low twisted bun. Alternatively, you can try twisting smaller sections of hair and pinning it up during the night. Always spray on a leave-in conditioner if you plan on allowing your hair to dry overnight.

The Lion’s Mane
Also known as the Hermione Granger, the lion’s mane is a complaint many curly girls have. The look is so named because when brushed out, your curls don’t resemble curls but rather a lion’s mane. The solution? Resist brushing your hair out with a bristled brush. Instead, opt for a wide tooth comb and gently comb through your curls when your hair is wet. Apply leave-in conditioner or other products to further fight frizzy, lion style hair.

Curly hair is awesome, even it it does come with some challenges. Embrace your curls and celebrate how amazing your hair looks.