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Getting a hair cut

Lionesse New Years Hair Resolutions

The time is now to begin thinking about what you are going to do to change your hair with the coming year. Perhaps you want a fresh new cut and style, something out of the ordinary for you. Maybe you want to add some color, or change a current color. Maybe you want some bangs. Perhaps you’re a wild child and you want to do something off the wall – and hey, that’s okay! We love crazy. Lionesse wants you to be prepared for the coming year by helping you figure out what you can do to help you have the best hair year ever – and we promise, it won’t be painful or time consuming.

Getting a hair cut

Resolution #1: Find a Cut You Love and Go For It

What could be more exciting than ringing in the New Year than getting a new cut? Perhaps you aren’t ready to make that move and just want to add some bangs to your current look. Go for it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and different for you. After all, hair can and will grow back – and variety is the spice of life. Do something out of the ordinary that you love, a style that will flatter your face, and have fun!

Hairdresser using heat protection spray

Resolution #2: Use Heat Protecting Spray– Or Use Less Heat

If you are the type of woman who needs to straighten her hair on a daily basis (and many of us are), opt for a good heat protecting spray which will protect your hair from burns, vitamin depletion, and split ends. If you blow dry your hair or use curling irons or even heat rollers, this also applies to you. Be sure to protect your hair from the damage high heat can have on your hair from daily styling. If you are able – going heat free, even for a few days a week – can really improve the look of your hair.

Resolution #3: Try New Styles

Find some of the cool, trendy new hair styles that are being worn by celebrity women or in hair magazines. You could even look through places like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Look through pictures of braids, extensions, updos, and waves – and find some new styles to rock in 2015. You will give yourself a hair makeover by implementing some of these styles to your hair regimen – and chances are, you will love not wearing your hair in the same style in which you have worn it for the past 5 years.

Pretty hairstyle

Resolution #4: Opt for Color

If all else fails, choose color! Adding lowlights during winter months really helps to give your hair a rich depth that highlights can’t provide. If you aren’t keen on lowlights, try an all-over color – something rich and dark, to complement the remainder of the winter months. Or, you could try to add strands of a bright color, like pink, blue, or green. Do what fits your personality, and be yourself.


Lionsse wishes you and yours a Happy New Year, and all the best with your hair in 2015!


Hottest Celebrity Hair Styles

Young woman at the salon getting a celebrity inspired hairstyle: a LOB

It seems as though hair styles are constantly changing – and it can be hard to keep up. For some women, opting for a new ‘do can be a scary experience. We at Lionesse understand your fear. For women who have long hair, especially, it can be terrifying to imagine someone putting their hands on your hair, and not quite knowing what the outcome will be. If you are in the market for a change, we have got the hottest new celebrity hairstyle for you – and it’s a big change, so if you aren’t ready, maybe you could just read about it and take it into consideration for next time when you’re feeling a bit more daring.

Camilla Alves, actress and Hollywood film star, is currently rocking what is said to be the hottest hair in the celebrity world. Known as a fox lob, this style is making its way onto many of Hollywood women’s heads – and with good reason. The longer version of the fox lob looks flattering on all face shapes, and body types. It provides something edgy and stylish, while being short and easy to maintain. It gives an elegant feel for times where dressing up is necessary, and provides a casual look when you want to wear your favorite Pink sweatpants and lounge around. Whatever your style, the fox lob is something of a true trend – and we don’t foresee it going anywhere any time soon.

Stars such as Miranda Lambert, Anne Hathaway, and even Beyonce are all currently rocking the fox lob beautifully. They have been seen out and about and even at awards ceremonies within the past month wearing this style, and it simply works. We love it because it can be worn curly, straight, and wavy. The chin length new day take on the bob is truly fantastic. This look would even work well on a woman of any age – and would provide a more youthful appearance to those in their 40’s and older, looking to give themselves a more youthful look and style.

If you’re thinking of giving yourself a new style and look, this hairstyle should definitely be at the top of your list. It’s not too short, and provides you with the ability to still do things with it, such as parts, straightening, wearing it curly or wavy, and even complete a small ponytail or even a slicked back look. Whatever your style, this hair just works. Always be sure to seek out the help of a professional. Never try to take matters into your own hands, so to speak, unless of course you are a hairstylist. Even then, it can be tricky to complete a look on yourself!

For those of you with longer hair, would you consider giving this cut a shot? Why or why not? Is fear holding you back? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below, and we will do our best to reply to you as we can.


Easy, Youthful Hairstyles to Create with Your Flat Iron

Creating a perfect, easy and youthful hair style doesn’t have to be difficult or thought consuming. All it takes is a creative mind, or even some inspiration from pictures on the internet. Imagine what a woman of a younger age would do with her hair, and base the style off of that. Really, it’s about using common sense mixed with creativity to develop a cute style that works for you.

Lionesse Flat Iron would love to help you learn some of the easiest styles you can create with your flat iron today. This simple how-to is a starting point, and from here, you can develop your style and play around with variations to keep a fresh, new look all the time.

Sleek straight hair style

Sleek, Straight Style

The easiest style to complete with a flat iron is to simply straighten your hair. Sleek, straight hair feels good, looks good, and is youthful. All you need is a heat protecting spray, your flat iron, and about ten minutes of time, depending on your hair type and flat iron’s quality. If it’s time to get a new flat iron, opt for a Lionesse flat iron for the ultimate in hair straightening capability and quality.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron along 1 inch sections of your hair until you’ve completed your entire head. Voila! Simple, easy, and very effective, this style will have you looking youthful and sleek in no time at all!

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman Studio shot of young beautiful woman on white background. Professional make up and hair style.

Soft Waves

Many women are unaware that they can use their flat iron to develop gorgeous, luxurious waves. It’s rather simple, and all it requires is your flat iron, heat protecting spray, and some hairspray.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron over the hair once to make sure it’s all smooth and straight. This should be done in one inch sections, to ensure everything is evenly straightened. From there, you will again take one inch sections, and run the straightener down towards the bottom of the hair, stopping at about chin length.

Now comes the fun part! While the hair is still clamped between the iron, twist the iron as if you are pulling it backwards 90 degrees. Then, while it’s still facing backward, you will pull down gently as if you were straightening the hair. Once you reach the bottom, remove the flat iron from the hair to see your beautiful soft waves. Spray with hair spray and repeat for the remainder of your hair. This look is great for women of any age and looks youthful and pretty!

Beautiful tight curls

Tighter Curls

You can use the same variation as above to create tighter curls that last all day long. Follow all of the same steps as the above instruction for waves, but when it comes time to actually produce the wave, you are going to make sure your flat iron is upright and twisted in the opposite direction rather than simply facing backwards. From there, you will pull the flat iron downwards, producing more defined, bouncy curls. You can experiment with what direction you like pulling the iron in for different looks. Tip: use smaller pieces of hair to create a fuller head of curls. Spray with hairspray to complete your look.


As you can see, these styles are simple, and rather easy to complete. With a little practice, you will have the art of looking youthful down in no time at all! Try each style out every day and find the one you love, and perfect it. Hair is all about creativity – harness the creativity within and develop your youthful style.

Beautiful female partying, celebrating holiday, portrait of a woman holding martini glass, girl over black background with red blur bokeh lights, luxury nightlife

Lionesse Holiday Hair & Makeup Ideas

Beautiful female partying, celebrating holiday, portrait of a woman holding martini glass, girl over black background with red blur bokeh lights, luxury nightlife


With the holidays here, planning last minute hair styles and learning new makeup tips and tricks can feel like a nightmare when you’re pressed for time. With all of the running around we all have to do as we begin our holiday shopping and party planning, it can be hard to find time to sit and plan what we want to do with our hair or what makeup style goes with your outfit. Lionesse Flat Iron would like to give you some easy to do, quick tips and tricks which won’t stress you out or cause you to miss out on looking absolutely fabulous.




Simply Straight

Straight hair is a classic go-to style when nothing else works, and you just don’t have the time or desire to learn a new hairstyle. Simply running a hair straightener over your hair will leave you with soft, silky smooth hair in about 10 minutes with no surprises. Applying a serum such as the Lionesse Hair Serum can help to maintain your style, while providing a silky, weightless sheen on your hair for a luxurious straightened hair experience.


Simple Bun

Otherwise known as a Ballerina bun or just a bun, this is a quick-to-do look that anyone can achieve. All you need is a few bobby pins, a hair tie, and some hairspray. Practice different types of buns in the mirror – there are many variations to the basic bun. You could incorporate small braids, twists, and even hair jewels to give it a classier, dressier look. For a really festive pop: wrap the bun with some red and gold ribbon, or incorporate some into a braid and then wrap the braid into a bun. Super cute and stylish!


All-Out Updo

Visiting your favorite salon and telling them you want an updo will be your best bet if you want perfection. There are so many styles to choose from, from curls, to twists and beyond. You will be given some choices, and ultimately, it’s up to you. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, learning to do updos on yourself can be more self-gratifying than having someone else do it – and it’s a lot of fun.




Sparkly Eye Shadow

Sparkly eye shadow looks feminine and festive, no matter the holiday. From shimmery shadow to glamorous glitter, there are many looks you can achieve with some sparkly eye shadow colors. Not only does it look great, but it’s simple to apply, easy to remove. Opting for a color pertaining to the season such as snow white, silver, or even a charcoal black is a fantastic choice.


Red Lipstick

The redder, the better. Festive lip color schemes for Christmas include a wide array of reds, from cherry red to candy apple red to deep red and beyond. Red lipstick gives you a festive pop of color fast.



Applying an illuminator or highlighter to the upper cheek bones under the outward corner of the eye can give you a healthy glow and sparkle. There are various types you can try, from a more matte look to ones with miniscule shimmer particles. Illuminators are great when paired with a sparkly eyeshadow or pearlescent metallic shadow.


Simple and Easy

These few simple and easy tips will have you well on your way to looking fabulous for the Holiday season, and are easy to do. Give one of these options a try today.

Lionese Black Flat Iron

Lionesse Flat Iron is a Winner!

Lionese Black Flat IronThe Nano-Fuzeion Technology of Lionesse Flat Irons by HerStyler sets this flat iron head and shoulders above the rest of the field.  Straightening and styling devices litter the market, and it’s difficult to choose which device works best until you have tried the gamut of them.  The answer provided by Yahoo confirms that purchasers get their money’s worth with the Lionesse Flat Iron.
Lionesse Flat Irons are consistently gaining in popularity because they produce a great result. The ceramic finish of Lionesse gives hair a shinier, smoother finish.  Almost all users happily concur that Lioness Flat Irons work totally well day after day for years. Those who have purchased a Lionesse straightener report that their hair is beautiful after being put through the HerStyler flat iron once.  There is no need to repeat the process.  It’s fast and leaves hair gorgeous.

Lioness Flat Iron aims for beautiful hair

Lionesse Flat ironThe aim of choosing the best flat iron in the industry involves four facets:  Works quickly, is affordable, built to last and does not damage hair follicles.  All four of those prime elements can be found in Lionesse Flat Irons.  An increasing number of women are opting for Lionesse Flat Irons on the advice of others who love their Lionesse products.
Today’s lifestyle is fast and furious, wild and wonderful.  No one has time to fuss with a flat iron. Lionesse Flat Iron thermal styling tools give a finished look with just a once-through process.  The soft, swinging and natural outcome puts self-confidence into every action.
The cost of a Lionesse Flat Iron is competitive in its field. Not only is it fully affordable, but those who use it on a daily basis are thrilled with the results.Day by day, year by year, beautiful hair is worth the price.

The best pre-iron process

Many flat iron users wonder whether to blow-dry their hair before using a flat iron.Experts advise wrapping a wet head of hair and drying your hair under a bonnet or hooded dryer. The Lionesse Flat Iron should then be used to obtain a finished quality that speaks of an easy elegance.
Healthy hair shines and adds an ambiance to every woman. Lionesse produces that outstanding look!