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woman with bright red hair

The Brightest Of Brights

woman with bright red hair

This season hair trends are all about the brightest of brights. Yep, we said it! You may have noticed bright hair colors becoming popular last year, when we were introduced to galaxy and mermaid hair colors. If you thought the bright hair colors were going somewhere, you thought wrong. There are quite a few super bright hair color trends that are making waves in the hair arena this summer season. Something about the summer tends to have a lot of us seeking change with our hair, and being a bit more adventurous in our style/beauty looks. We’re giving you a few bright hair color ideas to give you some bright inspiration this summer season.

Citrus Hair
Citrus isn’t just about what we eat during the summer-not anymore! Citrus hair color is going to be a big thing this season, in fact it already is. Citrus hair is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, hair that incorporates the colors in citrus fruits. Think yellow, pink and orange hues all mixed in and throughout hair to create a completely unique hair look. It’s a super fun way to bring out the gorgeous summer colors we all know and love, through our hair color. Think of the citrus hair in the way galaxy hair colors were represented last year-there are a ton of different variations in how you can adapt the citrus colors into your hair.

woman with blue hair sitting by a lake

Bright Blue or Purple
This bright hair color trend is a transition from what we saw with the galaxy hair trend, which incorporated some of these colors. The difference is they’re in much brighter tones. If you’re just a blue girl, or you want to add a bit of depth by combining blue and purple there are countless options to work with these hair colors. We’ve seen everything from ombre done with these colors to all over blue hair that’s highlighted with lighter shades of blue.

Woman with hot pink hair

Hot Pink
Rose gold and pastel shades of pink were prevalent earlier this year, and even as far back as last summer. This year, pink is getting a BRIGHT update as ladies opt for hot pink mixed into their hair color. Hot pink is perfect if you’re looking for a color that’s super bright (obviously), but you still want to have that girly/feminine feel. Truly, what’s more girly than pink? We’ve seen ladies rocking hot pink in an ombre hair look starting with super dark pink or even purple at the roots and working its way down into a hot pink at the ends. But hot pink is also a fun color to add if you’re into more of a variety of colors with the bright color trend. Regardless, if you’re a pink kind of gal you’re sure to be able to find a way to add hot pink to your hair.

Bright, bright and more bright! It’s definitely the season to embrace bright hair colors. If you’ve been admiring the bright hair color trends for a while-what are you waiting for?

hair style

Consider This Before You Go For A New Hairstyle

hair style

In the spirit of changing seasons, many of us are feeling the urge to change our hair style. New season commonly equals a new hair look. There are so many exciting and different hair trends in cuts and colors floating around the internet, and probably in your town. As much as we’re all about embracing change and having fun with your hair, there are some things you may want to think about before jumping into the chair of your hair stylist. Consider this before you go for a new hairstyle:

Your Face Shape
This may seem obvious, but we wanted to be sure to mention your face shape. One of the common misconceptions is all haircuts look good on everyone. While a great hair stylist can help you create a look similar to the one you saw on your favorite celebrity, there may need to be some adjustments to the actual style to be sure that it’s flattering your face shape. If you’ve ever gotten your hair style changed by bringing in a picture you loved, and didn’t feel like the style looked quite as good on you it’s probably because that person in the picture had a different face shape. The point is, when you’re thinking about changing your hair style you want to have an open conversation with your hair stylist about creating a look that you love that’s also going to flatter your face shape.

Think About the Styling Needs
Another big thing that tends to be forgotten when it comes to changing up your hair style is really thinking about the care and styling it’s going to require. If you’re someone who wants to wash and wear your hair, a super long hair style with lots of layers may not be the best option for you. Think about how much, or little hair styling you’re willing to do in your day to day life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to spend a lot of time on your hair, but this is something you want to think about before making the commitment to the change. This is another element you may want to discuss with your hair stylist, ask them what kind of care and every day styling a haircut/style you want is going to need and decide if that really works in with your lifestyle. If it’s not, think about how you can accomplish the same type of look in a way that works for you.


Don’t Make a Rash Decision
It’s easy to get frustrated with your hair when you’re ready for a change, but deciding on making a change to your hair when you’re in that frustrated state of mind can leave you feeling regret shortly after. Experts suggest taking some time to really think about what change you want to make to your hair, not doing so in a spontaneous or frustrated state of mind. This way you’re making a clear and well thought out decision that you’re much more likely to love in the long run.

man beard

Have You Introduced Your Man To Beard Oil?

man beard

Have you introduced your man to beard oil? If not, why not?! While yes ladies, we do take up a huge part of the beauty industry for our products the guys need some products as well. Beard oil has been a growing trend in men’s hair care routines. Since beards are continuing to rise in popularity, we wanted to be sure to share some of the benefits of using a beard oil. There are some pretty great benefits to introducing your man to a beard oil, that you (and he) may not even be aware of.

Makes the Beard Softer
Oils have been popular in use for women’s hair for years, and they’re being used in skin care now more than ever before as well. Why so much use? To put it simply, oils help to create a much softer and smoother feel to hair (and skin!). That being said, introducing your guy to beard oil will help to soften up the hair in his beard. If he tends to have rough and stiff beard hair, incorporating a beard oil is a great way to soften things up incredibly easily.

Helps to Shape the Hair
The process of growing out a beard can get a bit unruly at times. All guys have hair growth phases with their beards, and even when it’s grown to the length they want there are times the hairs can end up a bit disheveled because, well…life. Regardless of the reason why the beard hair ends up unruly, it’s usually difficult to get it tamed. That is, until beard oil became a thing. Beard oil is a great way for your guy to style or tame his beard hair to create a more streamlined look. To keep the beard under control and looking its best at all times, having your guy add a little beard oil is a simple fix to help him accomplish that.


Treats the Skin
Remember there IS skin under that beard! Truthfully, the skin under beards is more likely to experience irritation and dryness because it’s under the beard hair. Applying a beard oil helps to add more moisture and hydration to the skin under the beard in a natural way. Since oils are great for adding moisture to hair and skin, it’s a gentle and healthy way to do that. Most oils contain great vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the hair and skin, and when applying oils to the beard hair they’ll naturally end up on the skin underneath as well.

They Smell Great
Most beard oils contain a fragrance of some kind. Which, put simply, helps your guy to have a great smelling beard! Ok, it’s not just his beard that will smell great but it’s a great bonus.

Whew! Who knew there were so many incredible benefits to applying a beard oil? Well, now you do! So if your guy has a beard and isn’t using a beard oil go let him know what he’s missing out on.

curly hair

You Can Tame Your Frizzy Hair

curly hair

Do you have frizzy hair? It’s a common hair struggle that so many women face, especially as the weather gets warmer and the humidity increases. The summer is great because of the warmer weather, but when you have frizzy hair it also tends to mean more frizz. Before you get discouraged, we want you to know that you can tame your frizzy hair. Really-you can! We  know you probably don’t believe us, but we found some great tips that have been found to help tame frizzy hair and we’re sharing them with you so you can start to fight the frizz.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often
If you’re someone who has frizzy hair, you need to make sure you’re keeping as much moisture and natural oils in your locks as possible. The thing about washing your hair is it tends to strip our hair of that moisture and natural oil. See where we’re going here? Yep, this means that you need to back off on how often you’re actually washing your hair. Experts suggest that no one should need to wash their hair more than 2-3 times per week. Back off on how often you’re washing your hair to give your locks a chance to fully adapt to their natural oils and moisture. Because the more moisture and oils in your hair…the less frizz!

Add More Moisture
Continuing on the importance of moisture, washing your hair and using a quality conditioning product when doing so simply isn’t enough to give your hair the necessary moisture to tame the frizzy locks. So what’s a girl to do? Add more moisture throughout your weekly hair care routine. One of the best ways to do that is to make it a routine to apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair on a weekly basis. Deep conditioning treatments are great for giving your hair an added boost of moisture between washes, and give your hair more moisture in a way that you’re not able to achieve from using your regular conditioning products.

woman drying hair

Don’t Rub Your Hair with a Towel
We get it, it’s a habit to rub your hair with a towel when you get out of the shower. The problem with that is it damages their hair and can cause more frizz to appear. Instead of rubbing, experts suggest you gently squeeze hair and allow to air dry as much as possible to fight and resist frizz.

Avoid Sulfate Infused Products
Sulfates have gotten a lot of heat recently, and they’re fine for most women in their hair care routine but when you have frizzy hair you’re trying to tame it’s best to avoid them. The fact of the matter is sulfates tend to dry hair. And as you’ve read everything we’ve mentioned so far, you know that dryness is your enemy when it comes to taming frizzy hair. The same rule applies to any alcohol in them. As you likely know, alcohol tends to dry out hair (and everything else). Switch out any hair care products that you’re currently using that contain sulfates and/or alcohol to give your hair a break and help tame the frizz!

wedding hair

Choosing A Stylist For Your Wedding

wedding hairPlanning for your big day? Getting married, and the planning process is one of the most exciting times in your life. Of course, getting married is one of the biggest events that will take place in your lifetime so it’s natural that the planning process is vastly important. We know that you want to feel your best on your wedding day, and having hair that you feel great about is such a huge part of that feeling. Choosing a stylist for your wedding is, obviously, a major step in achieving your hair goals for your special day. So what should you know before choosing a stylist for your wedding?

Do Research
Choosing a stylist isn’t something you want to do in the spur of a moment. Because your hair is such a huge part of how you look on your wedding day, it’s ok to do a bit of research. Most people suggest doing research to find a hair stylist in your area that has extensive bridal experience. While most hair stylists are able to do bridal hair looks, choosing a stylist that works with brides and focuses on bridal hair can make a huge difference in the outcome of your hair style. Ask for pictures and references when doing research to make sure you resonate with the stylists style and vibe when creating looks, this will help make sure that you’re on the right track to finding someone that will be able to accommodate your needs.

wedding hair flowers

Feel Comfortable
This is your wedding, and you want to have your hair look a certain way. If you don’t feel comfortable with your hair stylist, it’s really difficult to fully communicate what it is you’re looking to achieve for your wedding day. Talk to a few hair stylists to see who you feel most comfortable with, and who you feel you can openly communicate with. This will help to ensure that you’re able to get the look that you want. If your hair stylist doesn’t ask a lot of questions and cater things to you during your consultation, that could be an indication they’re not the stylist for you. The experience really needs to be catered to you and your special day, someone who’s open and great at communicating is vital in this type of situation.

Ask About Pricing
Hair stylists don’t all charge the same pricing, so when you’re choosing a hair stylist for your wedding day make sure you ask about their pricing structure. Of course, it’s important to choose someone who fits into your budget. Which is why it’s important to make sure that you ask about any additional fees that may be included, or not, in the total cost of the hair experience. Ask about any travel fees, trial cost, and day of expenses to make sure that you have a realistic price. Being surprised with unexpected fees or prices on your big day is the last thing you should be worried about. Get all the information up front so you’re fully prepared.

curls salon

Today’s Perm Is Better Than Ever

curls salon

Perms aren’t anything new in the hair world. The 80’s were filled with mega perms on the locks of women everywhere. If most of us are really honest, ever since the 80’s perm craze many of us have been a bit afraid to try perms out again. Perms are typically associated with the big, curly hair that were so popular in perms in the 80’s. But just like anything else in the beauty world (and everything else, really), today’s perm is better than ever. Yep, perms have gotten a modern twist! About time, right?

The biggest difference between the old perms and today’s perm is the look that can be achieved with perms. Today’s perms are able to create a much more natural look, and there are a lot more options available. Making perms much more versatile than they were back in the day. Say good-bye to the super curly and big hair obtained from perms in the past. Everything from very natural beachy waves, to even just adding a bit of a wave to the bottom half of hair can be accomplished with the new perm techniques. Many experts in the hair world suggest that the new perm methods make it easier for women to wash and go with air-dried hair that they don’t have to style-or can spend less time using heated hair styling tools.

While perms have had a major overhaul done to them, there still are a few things you should consider before jumping the gun and booking a perm for yourself. Remember that while perms have come a long way in advancements, they are still a chemical treatment being done to your hair. Experts stress that it’s still very important to be sure that your hair is healthy before getting a perm done to your hair. Because perms are a hair treatment that’s done in a way that’s creating a curl, when your hair isn’t healthy it’s very difficult to obtain the look that you were really hoping to achieve.

In addition to your hair needing to be healthy, it’s important to keep in mind that perms are short for permanent. In other words, they are permanent. The way the process is done, this isn’t something that you’re able to reverse or change very suddenly after having it done. So make sure you’re prepared to commit to the style perm you choose to have done. Finally, make sure that you have an open conversation with the hair expert you choose to have do a perm for you. Again, this is a process that’s permanent and because of all the different options available in perms you want to ensure that the expert you go to is someone who can help walk you through the process to create the look that you desire to achieve for your perm look.

It’s always exciting to see an update like this happening in the beauty industry. While we’re not totally shocked, it speaks volumes to how far we’ve come in a short period of time!

Will you be trying the new perm anytime soon?


Different Ways to Wear Your Hair Bangs


Bangs, bangs, bangs! It’s safe to say that bangs have had a major comeback in the hair world. You’ve likely noticed that quite a few celebs have chopped some bangs into their hair styles. Bangs are an undeniably easy way to change up your hair look in a pretty easy way. Although, anyone who’s had bangs (or been debating on trying bangs out) knows that you can feel limited in how you can wear your bangs on a daily basis. Being the problem solvers we are, we’re sharing a few different ways to wear your hair bangs. If you’ve been thinking about getting bangs, or just need some ideas keep reading!

With a Headband Across
You’ve likely seen hair styles with ladies wearing a headband straight across their forehead, worn over their hair. So often that’s a hair style that’s associated with no bangs or bangs that aren’t in the picture with the hair style. But why can’t it be?! Simply add a headband over the top of your hair, placed across your hair and leaving your bangs straight across. For an added bonus to the look, you can take a few pieces of the hair around the sides and back of your hair and loop them around the headband to create a twisted type of look, emphasizing your bangs.

Side Swept Bangs
If you have full, straight across bangs it can seem like it’s impossible to get that side swept look in your hair. But it’s actually much easier than you think and can be done with bangs that are cut straight across. Talk about a major change, right? To start, create a part that’s diagonal and off to the side in your hair. Using some of the long hair that’s towards the front comb it forward in and sweep it forward in a way that covers your bangs. Once you’ve done that and ensured that the bangs and side swept portion is nice and smooth, hold the hair in place with a few bobby pins near the temple of your face. From here, you’re free to add a more embellished clip/pin to the hair or leave it with the traditional bobby pin. Be sure to add some hair spray to hold your locks in place.


Side Twist
Those days when you just want your bangs out of your face, regardless of the reason, you can accomplish that much easier than you probably think! Part your hair to the side, first. Once you’ve done that simply start at the top of your head and gathering the bangs along with other hair begin creating a twist into the hair working your way down the hair. Secure the bangs with a bobby pin, or an embellished pin/clip to hold them in place. Add some hair spray to the hair to keep any flyaways tame and you’re done!

Didn’t think you had this many options to style straight across bangs, did you? Will you be trying any of these?

rainy day

How To Style Your Hair On Humid, Rainy Days

rainy day

Humid, rainy days can be a total buzz kill when you’re trying to achieve a fun hair style. We’ve all had those days that ended up in a hair disaster thanks to the humidity and rain combination. No one  wants to feel like they have to chalk a bad hair day up because of the weather. And honestly, we’ve been tired of dealing with hair that we’re less than thrilled with so we did a bit of research to find some tips to help. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have a gorgeous hair style on humid and rainy days. Here’s how to style your hair on humid, rainy days…

Side Braid
If you’re not much of a top knot type of girl, or you’re just looking for something a bit different, another one of our favorite hair styles we came across for fighting humidity and rain has to be  the side braid. Low ponytail braids can be great for this type of weather because you’re getting your hair back and locked down keeping it from being too effected by the weather. However, we’re taking things a bit further (if you want). Start the braid at the top of your head and work your way down until you’ve gathered all of your hair, into a low ponytail side braid as well. This is a different twist on the old classic and a really stylish way to keep your hair styled on crazy weather days.

top knot

Top Knot, Accessorized
Let’s face it…one of the worst parts about humid, rainy days is that our hair tends to get frizzy (or flat). It’s difficult for our hair to hold its shape and style because of the weather elements. One of the best ways to beat the frustration around that is to wear your hair styled in an updo. The easiest hair style that we found, that doesn’t lack any style, has to be a top knot. Top knots are great because you can work them however you want. They don’t need to be perfect to look great, in fact the less perfect the more stylish. How about THAT for a silver lining hair style? To change the look up a bit, and help combat the humidity a bit more add an accessory to your top knot. Silk scarves tied around your head, or headbands are a great way to keep your hair a bit more tame and fight the rough hair weather.

When styling your hair for humid, rainy days there are a few tips to keep in mind to help you keep your hair looking great. Be sure to make sure that your hair is full of moisture. When your hair has enough natural moisture, it’s much less likely to be effected by humidity. Add a leave in conditioner to your hair if you tend to get a lot of frizziness on days that the weather is humid and rainy. In addition, use a frizz-fighting serum/spray! Every little bit helps keep your hair tamed!

bridal hair

The Perfect Hairstyle For The Big Day

bridal hair

Getting married is such an incredibly fun time in your life. You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and that’s something to celebrate joyfully! Of course with that comes the pressure we put on ourselves that the wedding is PERFECT. It’s natural to want every last detail to be exactly what you want on your special day. Achieving a hair style that you love and know you’ll look back on years from your wedding day can be stressful to accomplish. Since wedding season is quickly approaching, we’ve uncovered some of our favorite tips to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle for the big day.

Gather Inspiration
What did we do before Pinterest existed? As obvious as it may seem, when you’re gearing up for your wedding one of the best things to do is to create a specific Pinterest board to gain ideas and inspiration for your wedding hair. Start pinning and adding images of hairstyles that you’re really drawn to. Once you’ve gathered up quite a few images and ideas, go through to really look at the hair styles and determine the different elements about them that you really like. The more hairstyles you like and can observe, the better! Going through the images and really establishing what you like about the hair styles is a great way to have a much better handle on creating a hair style you’re sure to love for years to come. While looking at what you do like about the hair styles, make sure you’re also going through and noticing anything you don’t like about them.

Be Picky About the Hair Stylist You Choose
Choosing a true professional for your wedding hair is essential. Not only do you want to hire a hair stylist that has extensive experience working with hair, and brides, but also someone who you feel comfortable talking to. Since creating the perfect hair style for your big day is such an important event in your life, you want to choose someone you feel comfortable expressing yourself with. Working with someone you’re comfortable with will make communication much easier and successful, leading to developing a much more successful hair style for your big day.

hair styling

Don’t Skip a Trial
With so many expenses leading up to a wedding it can definitely be easy to feel like you can skip a hair trial. The truth is, you do not want to skip a hair trial for your big day. During the hair trial, working with your chosen hair stylist, is the best time to communicate what you like, what you don’t like and try different looks. This is also a great time to be sure that the hair stylist you hire is someone that you’re confident is going to help create a hair style you love for your big day.

Be Specific
In addition to gathering inspiration and choosing a hair stylist you’re comfortable with…make sure that you’re as specific as possible when communicating with your hair stylist. Using terms like curly, wavy and classic can mean a lot of different things so the more descriptive and specific you can get when talking to your stylist the better they can understand what you’re looking for to create the perfect hair style.


Bobs & Choppy Crops


Hair trends are constantly changing and evolving with time.  Every time we welcome  a new  season, year, or shift we also have the opportunity to welcome new trends. The past year or so it’s really been all about the bobs & choppy crops. Have you noticed? Short, chopped hair has been showing up on the locks of celebs and ladies everywhere. It’s a refreshing change, and with the warm weather approaching it seems like the perfect time to lighten up your hair with a bit of a chop hair style. Of course bob and crop hair styles are a bit different this time around, so we’re diving into some of our favorites to give you a little crop-spiration.

Layered Bobs
Traditionally, bob hair styles have always been about short hair length that’s left in one distinct layer. However lately it’s been about adding some texture and layering into the bob look. Bobs worn with layers added to them add a choppy type of feel to the look that gives the traditional bob an updated twist. While layers have always been something that’s more prominent in long hair, ladies rocking the layered bobs are showing us that layers aren’t just for long hair anymore.

Pin Straight Crop
It seems like every other day a different celebrity is sharing on social media a freshly cropped hair style. If you’ve been wearing your hair long or longer for a while, going for a choppy cropped hair style is such an easy and fresh way to completely change your look. Celebs like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have been a few of the celebs that have been making the pin straight cropped hair look a major trend right now. Lengths vary on this look, whether opting for a traditional bob length or airing more on the lob length. Wearing the single layered look pin straight with a deep center part isn’t necessarily a new look, but it’s having a major moment in the beauty world, and a fuss free way to wear a cropped look this summer season.

crop cut

Texturized Bobs and Crops
Another popular element we’ve been noticing in the bobs and choppy crop hair looks is incorporating great texture into the hair. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with layers or length, whatever the layer situation for the bob/crop style you choose and regardless of length, you can add some gorgeous texture into the hair. Using texturizing products and creating an ‘undone’ type of look and feel to your hair with a cropped length is incredibly updated. Generally, short hair has been synonymous with being more of a streamlined hair style. But adding beachy, easy going texture into the hair adds a much more relaxed and updated twist to the shorter hair.

There are so many fun and chic ways to rock bobs and choppy crops this season. It’s all about finding something that resonates with you, your style, and makes you feel gorgeous!