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twisting hair around curling iron

Curling Iron Tips and Tricks

twisting hair around curling iron

Curling irons seem like they would be pretty straightforward hair styling tools to use.  But if you’ve actually used a curling iron, you know it’s not always as straightforward as we often hope.  Most ladies get frustrated when it comes to using curling irons… how do those hairstylists make it seem so simple?  And how do they achieve curls and hairstyles that look SO much better than what we can do at home?  We’re sharing some of our favorite curling iron tips and tricks to help you have a better understanding of how to use this incredible hair styling tool in the way that experts do – which will help you accomplish those gorgeous looks.

Consider the Heat Setting
All heat settings are not created equal, just like we don’t all have the same type of hair.  Experts suggest choosing curling irons that have adjustable heat settings, so that you’re really able to adjust the heat setting according to your hair type.  It’s suggested that if you have fine and thin hair, you should be using a lower heat setting.  Since you have finer hair, it can be more vulnerable to heat damage if the setting is too high.  While if you have thicker, coarser hair you can use a higher heat setting.  It’s suggested that you notice how your hair cooperates with different heat settings to really find a setting that works with your hair type.

The Way You Wrap Your Hair around the Wand will Impact the Kind of Curls You Get
Not only is the size of the curling iron important to helping you achieve the types of curls you want, but also the way you actually wrap your hair around the wand does.  Wrapping your hair around the curling iron in the traditional way will give you a basic curl shape, while twisting the hair, then wrapping it around the wand will give you more of a twisted curl shape.  If you want to achieve a more textured wavy look, start with the traditional way and then as you get to the ends apply the twisted method.

thin curling iron

The Size of the Iron Determines the Size of the Curl
If you’ve been trying to achieve those beachy waves you see your favorite celebs rocking, but just can’t seem to get the curl shape right, it could be because of the size iron you’re using.  One of the biggest tips from the experts when it comes to creating a curled hairstyle is that you need to use a curling iron that’s consistent with the size curls you want to create.  If you want to create big, beachy waves, you don’t want to use a skinny curling iron and vice versa.

Also, keep in mind that before even getting started with using a curling iron of any kind at any heat setting your hair should be COMPLETELY dry.  If you used a hair dryer to dry your hair, make sure that your hair is cooled from the dryer before applying more heat to your hair.

woman brushing dry hair

Repairing Damage Caused By Bleaching

woman brushing dry hair

If you’ve colored your hair significantly lighter or gone to a drastic color change, it’s likely your hair has undergone some bleaching treatment to it.  Bleaching has long been known as a hair coloring technique that can be quite damaging if not done properly.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but it’s important to know that it’s not uncommon to experience damage from bleaching.  If you’re currently struggling with some damage, we’re sharing some tips for repairing damage caused by bleaching.  It’s not something that you just have to live with when it comes to your hair, and fortunately we have some great tips to help get your hair back on track.

Get Moisture Back In The Hair
Bleach is a treatment that essentially strips your hair of its color, stripping the natural oils in your hair along with it.  This is why many people who do bleach their hair find that their hair looks and feels pretty dry and brittle.  Dry hair is vulnerable to breakage and damage, it’s really important to keep and get as much moisture in your hair as possible.  So when you’ve experienced damage caused by bleach, it’s going to be crucial to get moisture back into the hair.  One of the best ways to do this is to step up your conditioning game.  Applying deep conditioning treatments regularly is going to be incredibly helpful to really getting a, well…deep condition in your hair.  In addition to getting into a routine with a deep conditioning treatment, some experts suggest also applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair on a daily basis.  The two of these combined, of course with also adding in a great conditioner when you wash your hair, is going to be incredibly helpful in getting a lot of moisture back into your hair to repair a lot of that damage naturally.

blonde getting trim

Trim Your Hair
Many of us (ladies especially) are a little guilty of slacking on getting our hair cut on a regular basis.  But if you’re experiencing a lot of damage from bleaching your hair, it’s advised by many experts to get into a routine of getting your hair trimmed more regularly.  The reason being is by getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis when you have damaged hair is you’re able to eliminate a lot of the damage and weight from your hair, giving your hair some relief from the damage.

Use Quality Products
Of course we can’t forget to mention that when your hair is damaged, it’s especially important to make sure that you’re using quality hair care products.  Look for products that contain proteins in them to help with damaged hair and split ends that you may have.  While using quality products is important, don’t forget that it’s just as important to make sure that you’re using products that are designed to suit your hair type.

woman spraying hairspray

A Guide To Hair Styling Products

woman spraying hairspray

When it comes to using hair styling products, odds are, you know they can make a major difference in how your hairstyle comes out but with so many different product options and choices it can be difficult to determine what products you should actually be using.  We get it, taking a walk down a beauty aisle in a store will prove that there are more options than many of us really know what to do with.  And if you’re like most women (and men!), you probably tried one product and just stuck with it because the others feel like they’re foreign territory.  We’re sharing a guide to hair styling products so you’re more informed as to what to use… when.

Probably one of the most commonly used hair styling products is hairspray, likely because it’s really great for pretty much any type of hairstyle and hair type you’re working with.  If you’re creating a hairstyle that you want to hold, and not weigh hair down too much hairspray is a great option.  The important thing to remember is that when using hairspray you shouldn’t spray TOO closely to your hair as you can end up with a big clump of hairspray in one spot rather than it being evenly distributed.

Gel products kind of got a bad rap in the 90’s when it was all about the crusty, crunchy hairstyles with men and women.  But the truth is, gel doesn’t HAVE to make your hair that crispy, crunchy style when used properly.  The reason you may get that look is because you’ve used TOO much product.  Gel is best used for adding more texture to your hair, and to helping hair stay in a very structured way.  Experts typically suggest that gel works best with shorter hair.  While it’s great to use for creating structured hairstyles, it’s also great to hold curls in place (generally shorter curls are best with this) and even for taming flyaway pieces.  Many suggest that if you have fine or very flat hair to avoid gels as they have a tendency of weighing hair down in weight.

woman pumping hair product

Shine Product
If you feel like your hair is lacking that gorgeous shine you see your favorite celebs with, adding a shine product can be an easy way to add shine to your hair.  There isn’t a specific hair type that can or can’t use it, but it’s suggested to make sure you’re only using a small amount of shine product when applying it.  Shine products are great to create that shine finish to your hair, and also been found to eliminate a lot of static that you may be experiencing in your hair.

We don’t often hear of people using mousse when styling their hair, but it can be a really great product to use to create more volume in your hair.  Curly, fine and flat hair tends to do really well with mousse because of its abilities to create volume.  It’s lightweight so it won’t weigh hair down, but make sure you just use a small amount and then blow dry your hair to get the best benefits from it.

woman with updo

Styling 2nd or 3rd Day Hair

woman with updo

You’ve probably heard the news by now that washing your hair every day isn’t actually the most ideal thing for your hair’s health.  In case you haven’t, it’s not that great to wash your hair daily (regardless of what you were told growing up) because washing it actually strips your hair of its natural oils and can cause your hair to become more dry and brittle.  Ok, now that we’ve established that we’ve realized that while we’ve told you not to be washing your hair daily we haven’t given you any styling tips!  So we’re sharing styling 2nd and 3rd day hair like a pro – because there are some great hairstyles that you can trick everyone into thinking you’ve JUST washed your hair, even if you haven’t.

The Undone Updo
Another fun and easy hairstyle to try for 2nd and 3rd day hair is the undone up-do.  Up-do’s, especially for your daytime looks, are much more chic and relaxed when they’re a bit undone.  Which is also perfect to achieve when you’re working with hair that wasn’t just washed.  Additionally, the undone up-do’s tend to work well with 2nd or 3rd day hair because your hair has more texture to really give you a unique look and an effortless style.  Try a messy top knot or even a messy ponytail style – whatever suits your style and hair the best.

woman with side braid

Go For A Side Braid
Typically, side braids don’t tend to hold quite as well with freshly washed hair because the hair tends to be more slippery.  But if you’re on 2nd or 3rd day hair, it’s a great go-to hairstyle that actually looks and works out better when done on hair that hasn’t just been washed.  Some experts suggest actually switching up your part for this hairstyle, from something different than you had the day before to give your roots a tad of volume and it also helps to give the oils in your hair a more even distribution.  The great part about side braids is they don’t have to be perfect, and in fact they’re more fun when they’re not.  Typically, a side braid is best if you wore your hair straight and down the day before but it works well if you had wavy hair as well.

Don’t Forget The Little Tricks
When it comes to styling 2nd and 3rd day hair you’re typically going to do things slightly different than you do after you’ve just washed your hair.  Most prominently, experts suggest enlisting in a quality dry shampoo.  Dry shampoos are great to absorb some of the oil that may be at the roots of your hair, and keep them from looking greasy.  In addition, since your hair will have more oil it’s likely that your roots won’t have quite as much volume as normal.  One way to fix that is to tease the roots of your hair when you’re styling your hair on the 2nd or 3rd day.  It doesn’t need to be a lot, but a little teasing can really bring your hair back to life.

woman with scarf and long hair

Hairstyles That Look Great With Scarves

woman with scarf and long hair

When it comes to wearing scarves, they’re great accessories to add to your hairstyles when the weather starts to get a little gross out.  They’re perfect for ‘hiding’ a bad hair day, but really turning that bad hair day around so that it doesn’t look like you’re having anything other than a great hair day.  Talk about magic, right?  We know that many of you love the look of wearing scarves, but may not be quite sure HOW to wear them.  So we’re sharing hairstyles that look great with scarves, to give you a little inspiration and some ideas so you can rock a scarf the next time you feel like your hair just isn’t working with you.

Hair Down
Whether you have short or long hair, wearing your hair down is always a fun option and pretty low maintenance.  But you probably feel like your hair looks the same all the time if you wear your hair down often, looking for ways to switch it up that doesn’t take a lot of time is crucial.  Because we know you don’t want to spend hours doing your hair before heading into work in the morning.  The great news is you can easily tie in a silk scarf like a headband to any hairstyle/hair length when your hair is down.  You can tie the headband so that the tie portion is under your hair, or tie it where it’s like a bow/knot at the top of your hair.  Either way you’re sure to make a statement, and not add any stress to your morning routine in the process.

woman with ponytail and scarf

To a Ponytail/Bun
Another easy go-to hairstyle is the high ponytail or bun look.  It’s great for those days when it may ran or you’re on 2 day hair after a wash.  One super easy and fun way to wear a scarf to really switch up your ponytail or bun hairstyle is to actually tie the scarf around the base of the bun/ponytail and then proceed to tie it in a bow.  It really adds a unique look to your ponytail or bun instantly, and really took just a few seconds to achieve.

Cover More Of Your Hair
While wearing and using scarves like a headband of sorts is super fun and an instant change to any hairstyle, we know you also want some other ideas.  One of our other favorite ways to wear scarves is when the hair is worn down and the scarf is tied over the head (to cover the entire top of your head) and tied either in the back or the front.  It’s a great way to get more of the design of your scarf to show AND it’s perfect if you’re really struggling to pull your hair together to look good that day.  Since the majority of your hair is covered by the scarf, you don’t have to worry about it!

Of course, there are a ton of other ways to wear hairstyles with scarves – but these are just a few of our favorites!

woman with ponytail

These Hairstyles Could Damage Your Long Tresses

woman with ponytail

If you’re a long haired beauty you know that having long tresses requires something completely different than short tresses.  That being said, there are also certain hairstyles that could be doing your hair more harm than you realize.  You know by now, that here at Lionesse we’re all about keeping your hair just as healthy as it is gorgeous.  And really to have those gorgeous long tresses that you want, you have to make sure that you’re keeping your hair’s health a priority.  You know we’re also all about keeping you informed and knowledgeable so without further ado, these hairstyles could damage your long tresses…

Wearing The Same Ponytail All The Time
Look, we get it.  Sometimes when you have long hair you just want it out of the way so throwing it up in a ponytail is an easy option.  We’re not saying you can’t wear your hair back when you’re heading out to the gym, or for a run, or even during your daily life every so often.  But it is advised that you don’t wear your hair in the same type of ponytail hairstyle every single day.  The reason being is when you do wear your hair in the same ponytail too often it can start to cause a lot of damage to your hair.  Often times, when you have long hair, it’s pretty heavy, and can cause a lot of stress on your scalp.  In addition, where you wear the rubber band tying your hair back can begin to cause your hair to have a lot of breakage when worn in the same area too often.

Wet Hairstyles
If you have long tresses, it’s likely that drying your hair with a hair dryer can be a task all its own.  So we get that it’s easy to want to just throw your wet locks up into a bun or ponytail to let it air dry.  The problem with that is when our hair is wet, it’s in an incredibly fragile state, so then adding the weight of your hair and tying it back into a rubber band is NOT helping your hair in any way.

woman with tight braid

Braids That Are Too Tight
Listen, we’re ALL about braids and rocking braids in fun different ways.  However, there can be risks involved with braids if they’re not done with your long tresses in mind.  The thing about braids, is similar to ponytails when you have long hair, it’s a lot of added weight to the hairstyle.  The weight isn’t the single problem, though.  It’s when you create braided hairstyles that are too tight that cause problems with your long tresses.  When you wear braids that are too tight it puts a lot of stress on your scalp and can do damage to the hair follicles, the tightness plus the weight really can wreak havoc on your hair’s health.  In fact, some experts suggest that wearing braids that are too tight, too often can actually lead to hair loss occurring.  Again, it’s not that you can’t wear braids and we think you should totally try this trend out!  It’s about making sure that you’re not creating braids that are super tight and causing too much stress on your scalp.

woman dyeing hair

Be Cautious With At-Home Hair Treatments

woman dyeing hair

While we’re all about doing as much as you can yourself when it comes to your beauty routine, we’re also all about making sure that you’re doing these things in a way that will ensure that you are doing them safely.  The truth is, you need to really be cautious with at-home hair treatments.  While many of the at-home hair treatments have been designed specifically for at-home use (obviously), it’s also really important that you know a few things before you go about using them because if they’re not done properly they can do quite a bit of damage to you and your hair.

Chemicals Are Chemicals
While most at-home hair treatments aren’t usually quite as strong as the professional grade options, they’re still made with chemicals.  If you’re considering an at-home hair relaxer it’s important to realize that there are chemicals used in this process, even the at-home treatments.  Many professionals are able to do test strands with relaxing products to make sure that your hair will adapt to the chemicals ok, but when doing this process at home you’re not able to do that in the same way.  Really make sure that you’re comfortable with the at-home product that you choose, and as professionals for their opinions before diving into an option you choose to use for your at-home treatment.

Read ALL The Directions
At-home hair dyes have been around for a while, there are so many different brands and options it can seem like an easier and more cost effective option than heading into the salon to get your hair colored.  But the truth is, coloring your hair is much more than just placing hair color on your hair and rinsing it off.  If you’re thinking about using at home hair dyes, it’s crucial that you read ALL the directions before doing anything.  So many things can go wrong when it comes to at-home hair dyes, it’s not worth risking anything.  However, many suggest that if you’re looking to achieve a hair color trend that’s more complex like ombre or highlights, it’s best to seek the help of a professional to make sure that your hair is done properly and the health of your hair is maintained.

woman drying hair

Watch The Heat
When it comes to using at-home treatment products like hair dryers and other items, we have to get real about the severity of problems that can be caused if you use these tools improperly.  Heat can be incredibly damaging to your hair and scalp.  If you ever feel like when you’re drying your hair your scalp gets uncomfortably hot or you notice that your hair becomes dry and brittle it can be because the heat setting is too high.  Many people tend to get themselves in trouble with these at-home treatments because they have the heat settings too high and are in a hurry to get their hair done so they can get out the door.  Take your time, and remember that the risks of damaging your hair and scalp aren’t worth being in a rush for.

baby near outlet

Don’t Forget About Safety

We’re all about having fun with your hair styling tools and irons, but we also want to make sure everyone’s using these things safely.  The downside of using heated styling tools is that they do pose a risk, especially if you have kids in your home.  It’s important that you don’t forget about safety when it comes to using these types of hair styling tools and items.  There’s nothing more frightening than a child’s safety being at risk because of these types of tools.  We’re talking about preventing burns by irons in kids, it’s a big safety issue and we want to ensure that everyone in your household is staying safe.

bathroom storage

Reconsider Where You Keep Your Irons
We get it, when you’re in the habit of styling your hair in your bathroom or room it’s all about convenience.  However, the downside of this is often the places that are convenient for us can be where kids can reach them the easiest.  When you aren’t using your irons, experts suggest that you store them away OR keep them in a place where kids can’t easily reach for the cord to turn them on or hurt themselves if the irons are on/still warm.  It’s said, though, that if you can tie the cord up and store them away when they’re not in use it’s the safest option for the kids in your home to not be able to access them as easily.  It’s a must to at the very least, unplug your irons when they’re not in use.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings When Using Them
Understandably, when you’re a mom with little kids around you’re likely doing your hair between moments of doing things for the kids.  The unfortunate part of this, is these are often the times that kids are at risk.  Experts suggest being really aware of who’s around you when you’re using these heated styling tools.  Because even the most experienced iron user can sometimes slip and drop these items, and if there’s a child under you, they can be at risk for a burn.

outlet cover

Install Outlet Covers
Another big tip from experts on preventing burns from irons with kids is to place the plastic covers over electrical outlets.  This is a big help because if you have an iron out, it can prevent the children from being able to plug them in or get themselves in trouble with the outlet altogether.  After you use your irons, unplug them and reinstall the outlet covers.

Of course, also getting in the habit with your kids to talk to them about staying away from irons because they can be dangerous also plays a major role in this.  Communicating with your children about their safety can be really helpful in making sure that everyone stays safe.  While accidents happen, it’s been said that getting into these habits and adapting these things can help tremendously when it comes to preventing burns from happening as a result of heated hairstyling tools.

woman straightening hair

Selecting A Flat Iron That Works For Your Hair Type

woman straightening hair

When it comes to taking care of your hair, considering your personal hair type plays a major role in the products you use as well as the tools you use.  While you may not actually realize how much of an impact your hair type has on the way you style your hair, it’s something you need to start considering more.  Much like when we take care of our skin, our skin type has a major impact on the product and how they react to us – the same thing applies to our hair.  We’re talking about tips to consider when selecting a flat iron that works for your hair type – instead of against it.

Consider The Size Of The Plates
Experts suggest that you consider the size of the plates on the flat irons in relationship to your hair type when purchasing a flat iron.  In general, it’s said around a 1.25” size plate is the most versatile.  However, if you have very thin hair, short hair or want to use the flat iron to create curls going smaller is advised.  If you have long hair, or very thick hair going bigger will be a better bet.  Essentially, relate the amount of hair you’re looking to straighten to the size of the flat iron plate.

woman straightening someones hair

Consider The Temperature Rankings Of The Iron
While you may think heat is heat, and you want hot heat when using a flat iron… that’s not necessarily the only thing you need to know in terms of flat irons.  It’s said that some hair types don’t do well with flat irons that are too hot and vice versa.  Experts say that those with very thick hair need to look for flat irons with higher temperature settings, while those with thin hair need to look for lower.  In addition, if you color your hair, consider using a flat iron with a lower temperature setting because the heat can fade and even damage your hair color.

Consider the material of the iron
There are three major plate materials used in flat irons today, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.  Ceramic is the most popular material because it’s been found to distribute heat evenly and quickly.  Tourmaline is one of the newer material types to be used in flat irons, the biggest benefit or tourmaline is the fact that it’s able to help users have less frizz and straighter look for their hair.  Finally, titanium is said to transfer heat the quickest.  Typically, it’s said that titanium is best for those with thick or very coarse hair because of how quickly the iron heats.  The other two plate materials are said to be great for every hair type, as long as they’re used with caution.

Many experts suggest investing in a high quality flat iron to be a great investment.  Typically, they’re created with more of a protective coating on the plates to minimize damage to the hair.  Of course, don’t forget to use quality hair care products that are designed for your hair type as well!

Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Hairstyles We Adore

Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of looking at our favorite celeb’s hairstyles and thinking of ways to try them out ourselves.  It’s really no wonder, though… they have access to the best experts in the hair world that help them achieve these flawless hairstyles we fawn over.  Celebs are constantly changing things up on us and keeping things interesting, it seems like every year we have new favorites that we see and adore.  We’re talking about celebrity hairstyles we adore to go through some of our favorite hairstyles we’ve seen on celebs in 2016, because who doesn’t like taking a little look back?

Chrissy Teigen

Featureflash Photo Agency /

Chrissy Teigen
She’s a gorgeous model who is just as famous for her funny banter as she is her flawless beauty.  We love watching Chrissy Teigen with her just as stunning husband, John Legend.  Really, is there a more beautiful couple? Ok, ok back to hair.  Chrissy has made those gorgeous, big lose waves popular and it really became her signature hairstyle for a while.  This year, just before she gave birth to her first child, Chrissy shocked us all and went in for the chopped hairstyle.  Yep, the woman who was famous for her gorgeously long hair chopped it off into a lob style.  But you know what?  We adore her shorter hair.  It was a great change for Chrissy, that felt fresh and edgy at the same time.

Scarlett Johansson

Helga Esteb /

Scarlett Johansson
Another celeb that’s rocked the long, wavy hair for quite a while.  Scarlett shocked many of us this year when she really chopped her hair off into a full on pixie cut this year.  Again, just like Chrissy, Scarlett’s dramatic hairstyle change was fun, edgy and totally refreshing.  In addition to going shorter, she also went lighter with her color into a very light almost platinum blonde hair color.

Beyonce is yet another celeb that’s long rocked the long, wavy hairstyle flawlessly.  But this year she stepped out in a bob length hairstyle with some gorgeous texture in her look.  We were all about Bey’s more natural hairstyle, the embrace of her hair’s natural texture and the total transformation on the length had us in awe and we loved it!

Taylor Swift

Jaguar PS /

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has always been known for her bright blonde hair color and medium length hair.  We could always count on Taylor to be the gorgeous blonde walking the red carpet.  But this year, she switched things up and actually went darker with her hair, going for a more strawberry blonde color and chopping the length a bit into more of a lob style.  It was an unexpected change, especially from the famous blonde but we thought it was fun, fresh and different for the singer.

Clearly, going shorter was quite the trend this year.  Celebs were in full force with the lobs, bobs and pixies to create a totally different hairstyle.  We haven’t seen this much short hair changes in quite a while, but we’re all about it!

Do you have a favorite celebrity hairstyle you adore?