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curly hair

You’ll Love These Date Night Hairstyles

curly hair

Rocking a hairstyle that you feel good about can do wonders for your state-of-mind and help you feel more confident…especially for a date night. Hair and how we style it can be an area where many of us get into ruts, wearing the same type of hair style over and over again. It’s a new season, and we think that means it’s time for some hair inspiration for all the warm weather date nights you’re going to enjoy this season. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite and we think you’ll love these date night hairstyles.

Twisted Locks
Want something to keep your hair down, but some of the pieces out of your face? We have the most perfect date night look to accomplish exactly that. Style your hair in the texture that you want, whether it’s waves, curls or super straight hair, it’s all about creating the texture you’re feeling the most drawn to wearing for your date. After creating the hair texture you want, create a deep side part in your hair. Now that the hair is styled and parted, simply grab the side bang area of your hair and begin to create a twisted look with that hair. Twisting the hair section until you reach about half way down the hair, pin the hair in place with a bobby pin.

Straight Hair with a Clip
Pin straight hair has been a growing trend recently. It’s a super chic look that has an edgy but sexy feel to it, making it a great date night look. Of course, you may get tired of just wearing your hair in a pin straight look. Our favorite way to add another level to the pin straight hair is to pin the top layer of the hair back (keeping it tight to the head) and pinning it on the side with a decorative pin/clip. Adding a pin to your hair can make an otherwise simple hair style feel much more special, making it a perfect and super simple way to feel special for your next date night.


Wrapped Low Ponytail
While wearing your hair down often feels perfect for a date night, there are times you just want your hair pulled back. Our favorite date night hair style, to pull all the hair back, is to wear the hair in a low ponytail with hair wrapped around it. It’s incredibly easy to style, but doesn’t hold back in the style department. All you need to do is create a distinct part in your hair and style your hair as straight and sleek as possible. Once you’ve created sleek hair with the part, pull the hair back into a low ponytail. After the hair is secured, take a 1-2”section of hair from the ponytail and begin wrapping it around the base of the ponytail. Secure the piece after you’ve wrapped it around completely with a bobby pin. You can keep the ponytail straight or add in some waves with a large curling iron. Talk about easy, right?

woman in mirror

Wake Up To Frizz Free Hair

woman in mirror

Do you tend to struggle with frizzy hair? It’s a pretty common hair struggle among women everywhere. As we make our way into the summer season, frizz begins to creep up in our locks and it can be frustrating to deal with. But, if we told you there were a few tips that could help you wake up with frizz free hair would you follow them? Yes? Great! You’re in luck, because we’ve found some great tips to help you accomplish exactly that.

Pull Your Hair Back Before Going to Bed
It’s been found that one of the ways that can cause frizz to occur in the hair is when it becomes damaged and tangled up. Both of these things tend to happen when you go to bed with your hair down. Experts suggest that one of the best things you can do to help prevent frizz in your hair and wake up with gorgeous hair is to go to bed with your hair pulled back. You won’t want to tie your hair back when it’s super wet as it likely won’t be dry by the morning. Apply a frizz control type of product to your hair, lightly, before pulling your hair back. Braids and/or buns work for this, as long as your hair is tied back and protected from a lot of damaged that occurs in the evening.

woman wearing scarf

Tie a Silk Scarf Around Your Hair
Similar to what pulling your hair back into a bun or braid does for the hair, silk scarves are great at helping to protect your hair at night. Silk is great because it’s gentle on the hair and wont’ create any damage or pull out moisture (as cotton tends to do to our hair). Tying your hair back into a silk scarf is a great way to prevent frizz and not have the risk of any of the above mentioned hair styles effecting how you style your hair the next day. Don’t forget, just like pulling your hair back it’s important to make sure you apply an anti-frizz hair care product (serum, oil, cream, etc.) before pulling your hair back to help keep your hair even more protected before heading to bed.

Focus On Moisture In Your Hair
One of the leading causes of frizz occurring in the hair in the first place is the hair lacking the necessary amount of moisture and hydration. Our hair needs moisture in order to maintain its health and prevent a lot of frizz from occurring in the hair. That being said, if you want to make waking up to frizz free hair a normal thing it’s time to focus on adding proper conditioning products to your hair. Add in a deep conditioning treatment to your routine to be using on a weekly basis. In addition to a weekly deep conditioning treatment, it’s advised that those that tend to be more prone to frizz incorporate leave-in conditioning products to their daily hair care routine.


Overnight Styling Tips For Enviable Curls


Ever wish you could just wake up and have gorgeous hair? To be honest…that’s actually entirely possible. No, we’re not joking! Beauty experts, bloggers, and enthusiasts all over the world have discovered some pretty great hacks to create hair looks that allow you to wake up and have gorgeous hair. Say good bye to spending your entire morning doing your hair! Ok, ok enough of the chatter. We’re sharing some of our favorite overnight styling tips for enviable curls.

Using Paper Towels
Yes, you read that correctly…we said paper towels. This was a technique that was used before curling irons and hot rollers were really common to create curls. But it’s also a really great technique to use for overnight styling. Starting with hair that’s damp (not TOO wet though) create the part that you want for your curly hair look. Once you’ve created the part, grab a paper towel and fold it up until it’s just about an inch in width. After folding the paper towel, grab a section of hair that’s about an inch to inch and a half amount and begin to roll the hair into the paper towel. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Once you’ve curled the hair into the paper towel tie the ends of the paper towel together to hold in place. Repeat this process until you’ve curled all of your hair up into the paper towels. Then you’re free to go to bed, when you wake up and your hair is dry you can set with a hair dryer quickly and then begin releasing the paper towels. You’ll have gorgeous curls! Feel free to style and separate the curls how you would like before heading out the door.

Using a Headband
Another one of our favorite overnight styling tips for enviable curls is using a headband. Similar to the paper towel technique, you’ll want to start with hair that’s been parted in the way that you want and slightly damp (again not too wet). Taking an elastic headband place it over your hair started at your forehead and having it wrapped around your head to rest around the bottom of your head. Once it’s in place begin wrapping pieces of your hair into the headband. You will tuck the hair and wrap it around the headband so that all of the hair is then tucked into the headband creating a look that looks like an updo. You’re free to then go to bed, once you wake up in the morning simply take the headband off of your hair and you’ll be left with gorgeous curls. Again, feel free to separate the curls and style them a bit, spraying with hair spray to keep them held throughout the day.

Who knew it was THIS easy to create gorgeous curls in your hair without using any heat and letting the styles do the work while you’re asleep? Now you know! Will you try these out for yourself?

woman outdoors

Prepping Your Hair For Summer

woman outdoors

Changing seasons can do a number on your hair. As we’ve already started to experience some climate changes, you’ve likely noticed your hair needed a little extra TLC. Prepping your hair for summer, now, can really make a difference in your hair’s health and appearance as we actually reach the summer weather. Spending time outside in the heat and sun puts a lot of stress on hair, which is why planning some prep time before you begin to enjoy the summer weather can be so beneficial. We’ve gathered some of the best tips from experts on how you can begin prepping your hair for summer.

Change Your Hair Care Products
Hair care products are a necessary part of any healthy hair care routine, but you shouldn’t be using the same products in the summer that you do throughout the fall and winter months. Just like our skin, our hair has different needs in the warmer weather seasons. Experts stress that using lightweight products is the best option when it comes to using hair care products. The lighter weight products will keep your hair from feeling to weighed down and lacking natural volume. Make it a point to begin transitioning your hair care products now from those that you were using throughout the winter.

Start a Deep Conditioning Treatment
It’s been found that many people experience frizz in their hair because it’s lacking hydration and moisture, resulting in the frizz that occurs when your hair is exposed to a climate that holds a lot of humidity. The best way to prevent your hair from dealing with frizz is to get ahead of the game with your hydration. Now, before we’re in the midst of the summer season, make it a habit of using a deep conditioning treatment on your hair once a week. This will help get your hair into a healthy, hydrated routine and prevent a lot of frizz from occurring in your hair. Additionally, when your hair is well hydrated it’s a lot stronger and healthier overall giving your hair more strength to go into the summer season.

hair trim

Get a Hair Trim
We can’t forget to mention one of the most important hair prep tips for the summer season. Getting a trim! Think of getting a trim in your hair as a way of starting fresh and eliminating any split ends in your hair. Since our hair is exposed to a lot of heat and other climate elements during the summer season, prepping your hair with a fresh trim cut is a great step to take to get your hair and the ends healthy. That being said, now is the time to book your next trim appointment with your favorite hair stylist. Your hair will be healthier, stronger and ready to take on the summer weather much better than if you left the split ends.

Lastly, try to give your hair a break from heat as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the summer weather. This will help your hair repair and heal itself before its exposed to the summer heat.

high bun

Five Bun Hairstyles That Will Look Great On You

high bun

Bun hairstyles are great because of their versatility. There’s something about buns that have many of us thinking of them as a go to hair style, especially those days when you’re on your second or third day of not washing your hair. They’re super easy, but bring a lot of style no matter how you wear them. We do realize, however, that it’s easy to think of buns in one way or style. To give you some great bun-inspiration we found five bun hairstyles that will look great on you.

Reverse Braided Bun
Is there a better combination than braids AND buns? We can’t think of any. If you’re all about the high bun, worn messy or more tailored we have the perfect update to an old classic. The reverse braided bun is one of our favorites right now. All you do is create a French braid in your hair starting at the nape of the neck and working your way UP until you reach an area on your head that you want your bun to rest. Tie the rest of the hair in a bun and voila!

Pigtail Bun
You’ve probably noticed that the 90’s are back in style, beauty and trend-hair styles included! A fun classic bun hair style that feels new again is splitting the hair into two sections with a middle part. After the hair has been sectioned off, pull each side up into individual buns. They can be messy or more slicked back. Either way you’re sure to look great!

braided bun

Braided Bun
We’ve already shared the reverse bun hair style, but that’s not the only way you can combine braids with buns. Whatever height you like to create your bun, do so but just pull the hair back into a ponytail, leaving the rest of the hair down. With that hair that’s down create a braid with the hair, once you’ve done that wrap the braid around to give your bun a whole new look.

Half-up Bun
Half-up hair styles are the perfect way to get some of your hair out of your face, but still have some of your locks down and flowing freely. Since half-up styles are so great, and bun styles are as well-why not combine them? It’s all about the combination hair styles with buns right now. Pulling your hair back in a half up amount is great, but when you use the tail part of the hair that’s pulled back to create a messy bun you’ve created a totally unique and edgy look.

low bun

Messy Low Bun
So often when we think of bun hair styles it’s the high top knot bun styles, but they don’t all have to be resting high on your head to be just as chic. Low, messy buns are incredibly simple to create and can give you a completely different look even when you’re just lowering the height of the bun on your head. Create some texture in your hair with waves and texturizing product and leave a few pieces framing your face for a perfectly imperfect look.

colored hair

Change Your Color Without Damaging Your Hair

colored hair

It’s that time of year…the time when most of us are itching for a change, especially with our hair color. Anytime the seasons change, there’s an underlying feeling in many of us to seek a little change in our look. Truly, that’s one of the fun and exciting parts about the society we live in-we’re able to change up our look so easily and freely. Of course one of the downsides of changing our hair color often is that it can cause damage to our hair when we change the color frequently. Sound like something you’re struggling with? We found some tips to help you change your color without damaging your hair.

Wigs and Extensions
So often when we think about changing our hair color, we immediately feel as though we need to head into the salon to see our colorist. But truthfully you don’t even have to color your natural hair in order to change the color of your hair! Wigs and extensions are the perfect, and one of the easiest, ways to change your hair color in a matter of minutes. With so many different options in extensions, you can find something that changes your hair color from the comfort of your own home, or head into the salon for a more semi-permanent extension look to change up your hair color. The options are pretty much limitless between wigs and extensions, and they’re incredibly easy to change color wise.

Color Spray
If you’re not really into wigs and extensions, hair color sprays are another super easy and simple way to change your hair color and maintain your hair’s health without causing damage. Hair color sprays are exactly as they sound, they’re hair color that you apply in a spray form (similar to hair spray). They come in a wide range of different hair colors and you’ll see a change in the color of your hair as you spray the product on your hair. They’re pretty easy to use and can give you and instant change in color in just minutes. Of course, we should mention that this is a much more temporary hair color change method but it’s a great way to try different hair colors out without damaging your hair or making a more semi-permanent decision.

Hair Chalk
What a time to be alive, right? It’s hard to believe there are now hair chalk products available that allow you to change of the color of your hair by applying the chalk to your hair in a downward motion. Can’t get much easier, huh? This method tends to work best if you’re looking to add a little color to the ends of your hair, or create highlights because of the chalk application method but you see results in just minutes of applying. It’s a temporary hair color change, but doesn’t cause damage to your hair even while you’re changing the color of it.

Would you, or have you, try any of these hair color techniques?

long hair

Sexy Waist-Length Extensions

long hair

Waist-length hair is all the rage right now. Thanks to celebs like the Kardashians (among others) who have been stepping out in sexy waist-length extensions, many of us are admiring them ourselves. There’s something incredibly chic and edgy about waist-length hair. Perhaps it’s because the extremely long length gives a mermaid like feel to your hair, or maybe it’s just because many of us love the look of long hair regardless of the feel. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge to try sexy waist-length extensions you’re in the right place, we’re sharing some tips to consider making sure you’re locks look gorgeous!

Focus on Moisture Care
Regardless of how great the application of extensions is, they can put some weight on your natural hair. One of the best ways to really keep your hair healthy, looking great and maintaining the combination of extension and natural hair is to ensure that your hair is well moisturized. Moisture, and constant moisture, is essential to keeping hair healthy and strong. Many experts suggest using shampoo and conditioning products that really emphasize on moisture addition and retention in the hair. In addition, many suggest using a leave-in conditioner to keep hair well moisturized throughout the day-it can also be great for allowing tangles and knots easy to get rid of so you’re not risking pulling/ripping the extensions too often.

Be Aware of the Length
Waist-length hair is incredibly long for hair, especially if you’re not used to handling the length normally. After getting waist-length extensions you’re going to want to make sure you’re being as aware as possible as to where your hair is. Think we’re crazy? Well, you’d be surprised at just how many places waist-length hair can get caught and cause a lot of pulling and pressure on your extensions and scalp. To really make sure you’re caring for your extensions in a safe way, keep your awareness alert around where your hair may be floating or getting tangled into.

drying hair

Avoid Too Much Heat
Heat in general can add a lot of stress and vulnerability to hair. When you have waist-length extensions you’ll want to avoid using too much heat on a regular basis. We’re all about having fun with styling your hair, but make sure you’re not using heat every single day to style your hair. Many experts suggest allowing your hair to air dry as often as possible to give your hair a nice break from a hair dryer. In addition, make sure you’re not using heat settings that are too hot as they can cause damage to your extensions.

Give Yourself Time
Let’s be honest here, waist-length hair is a WHOLE lot of hair. That being said, you’re going to need to factor in a bit more time in styling your hair than you normally do. Rushing through using heated styling tools can cause a lot of damage to your hair and extensions. Instead of rushing, make it a habit to give yourself a bit more time and practice your patience with styling your hair.

woman using shampoo

Choosing A Shampoo That’s Right For Your Hair

woman using shampoo

Still using any shampoo you can find at the store when you’re running low? Using the right shampoo is incredibly important to your hair’s health and appearance. Yes, there’s a right and wrong type of shampoo to be using. Choosing a shampoo that’s right for your hair type is essential.  You may not realize it, but your hair type plays a huge role in the products you use and should be using. Making a simple switch to using a shampoo that’s been formulated for your hair type can make a huge difference in your hair’s health.

Understand Your Hair Type
The first thing that’s crucial to choosing a shampoo that’s right for your hair type is really getting a solid understanding of what your hair type actually is. Much like our skin type, we tend to not be as clear on our hair type as we may think. If you’re not 100% sure what your hair type is, ask your hair stylist the next time you’re in the salon getting your hair done. Having that solid understanding of your hair type is going to help to ensure that you’re choosing the right products moving forward.

woman choosing shampoo

Consider What Your Hair Type Needs
Once you have a solid understanding of your actual hair type, you want to take that a step further to really think about what your hair needs to keep it healthy. For example, if your hair type is dry your hair needs more moisture and hydration. If your hair type is oily you need balancing and clarifying. Thinking of what your hair NEEDS is going to help you figure out what types of shampoos to look for that will help create balance in your hair type. So essentially, whatever your hair types struggle is you’re going to help that struggle become less of a problem for yourself.

Truthfully, when you begin choosing a shampoo that’s right for your hair type your shampoo is going to do more than just clean your hair. When you use the right type of shampoo it can help you to balance your hair type/concerns and keep your hair in a much healthier state. Unfortunately, when we don’t take our hair type into consideration when choosing a shampoo we can unintentionally be causing damage to our hair. Shampoo products are all formulated for different types of hair and with specific needs in mind. Once you really know what your hair needs, you’ll be able to start looking at the shampoo products and benefits in a different light-really focusing on the products that are going to cater to your hair’s needs rather than what’s trending or on sale. Understanding your hair type and what it really needs is going to help you to make those right selections when you’re picking up your next bottle of shampoo. Hopefully, the next time you shop for shampoo you’ll do a bit of self-examination first and make sure to choose a shampoo specific to your hair’s type.

Woman beside the pool

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine And Salt Water

Woman beside the pool

Summer time, summer time! It’s going to be here before we know it, and with the start of summer comes the start in being outdoors and in water more often. The outdoors, and water is really a few of the amazing parts about the summer season. While they’re enjoyable and relaxing to spend time in, they’re not exactly relaxing for your hair. Unfortunately, the summer time is great on our state-of-mind but our hair doesn’t feel the same way. Before you worry you can’t enjoy the water this summer, we’ve got you covered with a few tips to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water. Happy swimming!

Get Your Hair Wet, First
Sounds odd, huh? Experts suggest getting your hair wet with fresh water before you jump into salt water, or water that’s filled with chlorine. It’s said that when your hair is already wet from fresh water it doesn’t absorb the salt/chlorine as much as dry hair does since it’s already wet. While it doesn’t keep your hair from completely absorbing these elements, it definitely helps to add some level of protection to your hair.

woman applying conditioner

Apply A Leave-In Conditioner, After
Once you get out of the water, you’re going to want to add some moisture to your hair. Both salt and chlorine tend to cause hair to become dry when left on the hair for an extended period of time. Experts suggest that a way to fight that without needing to take a shower right away (because we know you want to enjoy the beach/pool/etc), you can add instant moisture into your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner once you get out of the water, for protection benefits. You’ll get bonus points if you opt for a leave-in conditioner that has SPF built in! Adding moisture to your hair right after you get out of the water helps to keep your hair from becoming too dry and damaged from the salt or chlorine.

Rinse As Soon As Possible
The leave-in conditioner is essential if you’re not able to rinse/shower shortly after you get out of the chlorine/salt water. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to want to rinse your hair as soon as possible. The leave-in conditioner helps to add moisture, but you still want to be sure that you’re rinsing your hair and getting all the chlorine/salt out of your hair as soon as you’re able to. This helps to get those elements out of your hair and prevent them from causing any additional dryness to your hair.

Drink A Lot of Water
Sounds irrelevant, right? Unfortunately, many people tend to slip on their water intake when they’re swimming and outdoors. Remember just because you’re IN water doesn’t mean your body is getting enough water internally. Drinking a lot of water (more than your average day, since you’re outside) is going to help keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and healthy. When we skip water our hair is lacking hydration, and not able to protect itself naturally as well.

woman with wavy hair

Hairstyles That Work For Fine Hair

woman with wavy hair

Do you have fine hair? Regardless of your hair type, it can sometimes feel like your hair is difficult to work with. In general, we know that ladies with fine hair tend to desire to find hair styles that add a bit of volume to their hair. Working with fine hair doesn’t have to be difficult! We’ve discovered some great hairstyles that work for fine hair and, as always, we want to share them with you to give you some inspiration.

Texturized Waves
One of the best ways to create a hair style that adds just enough natural volume to your fine hair is by creating texturized waves. There’s something about adding some great texture to hair that’s always a win. Before you think this hair style is difficult to accomplish, we promise it really isn’t! Get yourself some dry shampoo and/or texturizing product to have on hand. Dry your hair as straight as possible using a round brush to get a little added boost of volume. After your hair is dry use a small flat iron or curling iron and go through your hair creating very loose waves/curls. The key here is to use the dry shampoo/texturizing product BEFORE adding the waves into your hair. These products help to add natural texture and volume to your hair really easily.

straight hair

Pin Straight
If you have fine hair, you’re a pretty lucky lady if you enjoy straight hair. Straight hair styles tend to hold much better on those with fine hair. Create a modernized version of the straight hair look by really emphasizing on the super, pin straight look with your flat iron. Much like any other hair style the key is really in the prep before actually straightening your hair with the flat iron. Get your hair as straight as possible with your hair dryer, and be sure to use straightening products in your hair to protect the hair and keep it straight. Straighten your hair in sections starting from the bottom and work your way up. This allows you to have more control over your hair and really get it straight.

Half Up ‘Do
Those days when you don’t want to wear all of your hair down, the half up ‘do is perfect for ladies with fine hair. You’re able to really work with your hair type easily with a half up hair style. It works great with texturized waves and straight hair, once you create the texture you want in your hair begin teasing the crown of your head a bit to add some volume. After you’ve added some natural volume just pull your hair back into a half up style. Leave a few pieces down to frame your face, if you like! Or if you want to have a little extra fun add a small braid into the pieces of hair you’re pulling back to add some of the braided look to your hair. The braid will stay really well since you’re securing the rest of your hair along with it.