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Woman with short hair

Here’s How To Create Demi’s Cute Spring Hair Do

Woman with short hair

Demi Lovato is great at changing up her look and keeping us all guessing. Regardless of the color of her hair, the cut, and the outfit she wears she always looks incredible. Demi has really stepped into her own and found a way to continue to represent her personality and creativity through her beauty and style looks. While she’s been really well known for her dark locks, and typically sticking on the longer length side of things she’s changed things up a bit this spring season. If you’ve seen her look recently, you’re loving it just as much as we are and may be wondering how to adapt that style yourself. Here’s how to create Demi’s cute spring hair do.

Going for the Big Chop
As we start the spring season, Demi stepped out in a much shorter and lighter hair look. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get this gorgeous hair look yourself the first step is to make an appointment to your hair stylist to schedule a haircut. For the full look and how to create Demi’s spring hair do it’s time to try the lob haircut! The great thing about the lob hair length is you’re getting the blunt look and feel of a traditional bob but have a bit more length because it’s a longer version. Demi stepped out in the very trendy lob hair length, the perfect hair change for the spring season.

demi lovato

Tinseltown /

Lighten Your Hair A Bit
Many of us know that Demi has always been known for her dark locks, it’s almost become her signature in a sense with her hair. But for this spring hair look she lightened things up a bit in a really strategic way. She kept her hair her classic dark, almost black, color but added in a few little pieces of blonde/light brown hues. Want to try this look out yourself? If you don’t want to actually color your hair with some lighter pieces or you just want to try it out before you do, try adding in a few little extensions in a lighter color to see how you like it. But if you’re ready to really create Demi’s spring hair do…we say just go for it and as your colorist to add in a few lighter pieces to the hair color mix. The great part about this hair color is it’s a really subtle way to add warmth and a little lighter feel to your hair, but not as much of a commitment as some hair looks can be.

It’s All About Texture
Ms. Demi stepped out and debuted her big hair change at the Kid’s Choice Awards, and while she’s usually all about the sleek and edgy hair looks she changed things up yet again and opted for a more texturized hair look with this hair debut. Add in a few waves and use some texturizing products to really bring out the natural texture of your hair to really create Demi’s look yourself.

Flat iron mishap

Resolving Flat Iron Mishaps

Flat iron mishap

Straight hair is making a major comeback in the trend world, especially as we work our way into the spring season. You’ve likely noticed some of your favorite celebs have been rocking the pin straight hair styles that look so chic. While pin straight hair is on trend, it’s not always the easiest hairstyle to achieve, but it’s really all about using your tools properly. According to some of the experts in the hair world, it’s time to start resolving flat iron mishaps to make sure that you’re making the best use out of your flat irons. We’re sharing some of the mistakes many people make when using flat irons.

Your Hair Isn’t Completely Dry
Ever noticed steam or a sizzling sound coming from your hair when you being using your flat iron? If you have, that’s a definite mishap you want to learn to avoid.  It’s essential to only use a flat iron on your hair when your hair is completely dry. If your hair is wet at all, you will notice that steam and sizzle appear. Why is that so bad? Experts suggest that when your hair is wet while using a flat iron you’re basically clamping down and holding your wet hair hostage in the flat iron–which can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Straightening wet hair can cause your hair to become frizzy, brittle and cause a lot of long-term damage to your hair.

You’re Using the Wrong Setting
The thing about flat irons is the heat aspect of them can help or hurt your outcome when using them. To keep your hair healthy and really make the most of your flat iron, it’s essential to make sure that you’re using the flat iron at the right setting. A good quality flat iron will come equipped with different heat settings, you’ll want to make sure the setting you use is good for your hair type. Typically, when you have thicker hair you’ll need to use a higher setting and fine hair will need a low setting. Experts suggest to start on the low setting and slowly work your way up to keep your hair protected but still achieve the results you want.

You’re Trying to Straighten Your Hair All At Once
To really get the best results when using a flat iron, experts suggest that it’s best to section your hair off. Breaking your hair up into sections is the best way to have more control over your hair and keep you from causing any damage. In addition, for styling purposes when you section your hair you’re able to focus on a small section of hair at a time–this really helps to make sure you’re able to get the hair as straight as you want without having to worry about all the rest of your hair getting in the way.

We can’t forget to mention that’ it’s crucial to ensure that you’re using protectant products on your hair before applying any heat with a flat iron. Not doing so can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

Woman with damaged hair

Hair Habits That Can Cause Long Term Breakage

Woman with damaged hair

Do you want gorgeous, healthy hair? Of course you do! Healthy hair is something that many of us strive to achieve, and it’s definitely a process to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Many of us have developed different hair habits throughout our lives, some of those habits are good but some aren’t so great for our hair. There are some hair habits that can cause long term breakage, and because we know you want to start the spring season spring cleaning your beauty/hair routine we’re sharing what some of those bad hair habits are so you can be sure to avoid them yourself.

Not Using Heat Properly
We’re all about having fun with hair styling tools, and we’re sure you are too. However, one of the downsides of heated hair styling is it can cause a lot of damage to your hair when you don’t use it properly. For starters, you need to be sure that you’re always using heat protectant products before applying any sort of heat to your hair when styling. Not using this type of hair care product can cause a lot of damage to your hair as the heat can really cause a lot of stress on your hair.  Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you’re not holding the heat on your hair for too long of a period of time–for example, when using a straightener it’s important to make sure that you’re not holding the tool on one piece of hair for too long. Finally, using heated hair styling tools every single day is a big no-no. Not giving your hair a break from the heat can cause a lot of stress on your hair and cause a lot of long term damage that’s difficult to come back from.

Damaged hair

Not Protecting Your Hair from the Weather
So often when we think of weather changes we primarily focus on adapting our skin care to the changes, but forget about our hair. However, our hair is just as effected by the weather elements as our skin is. When we don’t take the necessary precautions to protect our hair from the weather elements it can cause a lot of breakage in our hair. The sun and dry climates tend to cause the most damage to our hair. It’s important to make sure that you’re applying sun protection steps to your hair (wearing a hat and/or using hair care products that have UV/SPF protection) is crucial during the warmer weather months. Additionally, making sure that you’re keeping your hair well hydrated and moisturized is going to be a huge key to keeping your hair healthy and avoiding a lot of long term damage from resulting.

Not Being Careful with Wet Hair
Here’s the deal: when your hair is wet, it’s in its most vulnerable state. It’s essential to make sure that you’re taking proper care of your hair when its wet to avoid a lot of long term breakage from occurring. Using brushes and fine toothed combs on wet hair can cause a ton of breakage to result in your fragile, wet hair. Instead, wide toothed combs are suggested and make sure you’re not ripping on your hair–be as gentle and patient as possible.

Woman checking split ends

Fixes For Brittle Split Ends

Woman checking split ends

Split ends can be such a drag, right? We don’t know anyone who enjoys having split ends, but sometimes it can seem like it’s just something that’s a part of having hair and we all just have to ‘deal’ with. However, there are some great fixes for brittle split ends that we’ve come across that can really help you keep your hair healthy, happy and looking its best. It’s the season of spring cleaning, so why not spring clean your hair’s health? Ok, it’s not exactly cleaning but with spring on our mind we thought you may be up for some new split end tips.

Get a Trim
Ok, so here’s the deal: as many great tips and tricks as there are out there with split ends the truth is to really get rid of those split ends you need to get a hair trim. Once the hair has split you need to get a trim to prevent the split ends from traveling up the rest of your hair’s strands. You don’t need to get a lot of length cut off but to really start fresh on those brittle split ends many experts suggest starting things off with a trim and/or haircut to prevent the rest of your hair from becoming more damaged.

Split ends

Focus on Adding Moisture
Once you stop the split ends from spreading throughout the rest of your hair, to really fix your brittle split ends and keep them from coming back too soon–you want to start focusing on adding moisture to your hair. One of the major causes of brittle split ends in the hair is lack of moisture and hydration in the hair. How can you add that moisture? Using hair care products that are focused on adding that moisture and hydration is going to be a great place to start, yes with your shampoo and conditioner but also adding in a deep conditioning mask to your weekly hair care routine. Deep conditioning masks are a great way to add a major dose of moisture/hydration to your hair and really help with the brittleness your hair may currently have. Experts suggest that for the best results, you want to use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair at least once a week to keep your hair healthy and really get it to a healing, healthy place.

Cut Back on the Heat
When you have brittle split ends, using a lot of heat to style your hair can just make it worse. As we mentioned before, often brittle split ends are the result of hair that’s lacking moisture and hydration. Using heated styling tools is going to continue to take a lot of moisture out of your hair. One of the best things you can do to avoid and really help fix that brittle, dry hair is to cut back on how much heat you’re using on your hair. You don’t have to avoid it altogether, but try to find a couple days a week to not use heat on your hair at all to allow it to have a break.

Friends holding hands

Brunettes Wanna Have Fun Too

Friends holding hands

We’re always hearing that blondes have more fun, but around here we know that brunettes wanna  have fun too! Truthfully, we think that regardless of your hair color you can have fun and celebrate your locks whatever hue they are. But, since we’re always hearing about the famously gorgeous blondes around the world… we thought we would take a little time to celebrate and honor the brunettes we all know and love.  You know… the celebs that are brunette, proud and totally embrace the darker color hair color.

Jennifer Lopez
She’s kind of a glam queen, isn’t she? JLo always works it, but for the most part throughout her career she’s stayed in the brunette hair color family. Regardless of the way her hair is styled she looks gorgeous and her brunette locks always look flawless. She’s definitely an example of a brunette that wants to have fun and IS having fun. She’s always finding a way to create a completely different hair look, by staying in the brunette shades. Any list that mentions brunettes having fun has to include one of the glam queens herself. Whether it’s her hair, shoes or performances – she’s never subtle with the glam aspect of her look. We have to love her for it!

Kate Middleton
We all know and really appreciate Kate Middleton’s style and beauty. She’s another famous brunette that seems to always look like she’s having the time of her life. While so often brunette locks are looked at as being a bit edgy or exotic, Kate has managed to break down that mentality and show us that brunettes can have the same girl next door look as any blonde. Additionally, because of her natural beauty and her effortless, simplistic personal style she really has a look that’s approachable and wholesome. Her style is quite different than the glam queen, JLo, but they’re both beautiful and having the time of their lives in their own right.

William and Kate

Shaun Jeffers /

Kristin Davis
You likely know her as Charlotte from Sex and the City, she stood out as the only brunette in the group of friends in the show. Similar to Kate Middleton, Kristin Davis really has shown us that brunette ladies can have a great time but aren’t pigeonholed into the edgy/exotic realm of style. Kristin in her own style, and when playing her role as Charlotte York has celebrated and honored her brunette locks and paired them with her sophisticated and elegant personal style. While she typically opts for simple and streamlined hair styles, they never disappoint in beauty and style. She really shows us that brunettes can show off their gorgeously colored locks without having to add a whole lot of extra style or elements into the mix to look great.

Of course, there are so many brunettes that are having a great time and you may be one of them. We thought we would honor and chat a bit about a few celebs that we all know and love for their brunette locks.


Celeb Perfected Hair Styles To Try Soon

Woman with medium length bob

Doesn’t it seem like celebs have all the luck when it comes to beauty and fashion? Ok, ok it helps to have a team of the best pros in the business on hand at all times. But in all seriousness, they’ve really got some things figured out when it comes to hair and beauty ideas. (Ok, maybe it’s their team that has it figured out). We’ve realized that there are some hair styles that celebs have perfected that are achievable for the average person, too. We’ve rounded up a few of the celeb perfected hair styles to try soon to give you some fresh ideas for your own locks.

The Medium Length Bob
Traditionally, when we think of bob hair cuts we think that they need to be pretty short. But quite a few celebs have proved us wrong… they’ve really perfected this hair style and we can’t get enough. The medium length bob hair style is one of the perfect hair cuts/styles that celebs rock all the time and it looks gorgeous regardless of their hair type and face shape. The medium length bob typically sits just below the shoulders, and is cut in that traditional blunt bob style that we all know and love. The medium length gives a little more variety in how you can style the hair and doesn’t feel as drastically short as the traditional bob. Plus, it’s a great way to add an update to the hair look.

Beachy Waves
There’s something about beachy waves that looks gorgeous and desirable regardless of the current trends. Let’s face it: celebs have definitely perfected the beachy waves look themselves. The bonus about beachy waves is it looks great regardless of the length of your hair and it’s a lot easier to try out than you probably think. Since the whole aspect about the beachy waves is that effortless look…the less ‘perfect’ the waves look the better. Worn in a deep side part, center part… whatever part you like. Beachy waves work whether you’re attending a formal event or just heading out for a casual lunch with the girls. If you haven’t already, you should definitely try out the beachy waves – it’ll probably be your new go-to hair style once you see how easy it is to actually achieve!

Woman with beachy waves

The Sleek Low Ponytail
So often when we think of updo hair styles we think they have to be complicated or not at all. One of the celeb perfected hair styles has to be the sleeked back low ponytail, because so many celebs step out in this incredibly achievable hair style and look great every time. Seriously, it’s super achievable to style too! All you have to do is get your hair as straight as possible, create a deep side part and pull your hair back as sleek and tight to your head as possible and wrap it into a ponytail. You can add accessories or wrap some hair around the base of the rubber band to hide it – or not! Regardless, it’s pretty perfect for any occasion.

Woman with curly hair

Pump Up Your Natural Curls

Woman with curly hair

Do you have natural curls? So often those with naturally curly hair tend to struggle embracing it. Let’s face it: we all want what we don’t have, especially when it comes to our hair. Recently, Halle Berry stepped out with incredible curls in her hair. We’ve definitely seen a rise in embracing the natural texture of our own hair recently, especially those with curly hair. If you’re like us, Halle Berry stepping out with pumped-up curls definitely inspired you to want to try to find ways to pump up your natural curls. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a few ways you can pump up your natural curls to get those gorgeous locks yourself.

Opt for Sulfate Free
According to hair experts, if you really want to pump up your natural curls it’s time to look at your everyday hair care products like shampoo and conditioning items. Do they contain sulfates? If the shampoos and conditioners you’re currently using have sulfates in them, it’s time to make a switch. It’s been found that sulfates can be a bit too harsh on naturally curly hair and opting for options without sulfates can help your natural curls really do their thing much more naturally. So it’s time to take a look, and make a switch to get your shampoo and conditioning products working with your hair rather than against it.

Halle Berry with curly hair

Tinseltown /

Focus on Conditioning the Hair
When our hair is lacking moisture and hydration, it tends to be dry and brittle. When naturally curly hair is dry and brittle it’s hard to really enhance the natural curls and get them to do what you want them to do on their own. This is why keeping your curly hair moisturized and hydrated is so important. Make sure that you’re using a great quality conditioning product when you wash your hair. Furthermore, to really make sure that you’re keeping your curly hair well moisturized and hydrated it’s suggested to make use of leave-in conditioning products. Leave-in conditioners help to really add that additional moisture your hair may need and really encourage your hair to be well moisturized and give you those pumped up natural curls you’re trying to achieve. Some experts suggest taking things a step further and applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair once a week to really make sure you’re locking in the moisture and hydration for those natural curls.

Don’t Touch or Brush
One of the common mistakes people make when trying to pump up their natural curls is fussing with them too much. After you wash your hair, allow it to dry and do its thing on its own. That means don’t brush or comb it, and avoid too much touching with your hands and fingers. When we fuss too much with the natural curls it tends to alter the way they dry. Leave your hair alone and let it dry the way it wants to naturally. You’ll likely be surprised at how pumped up the natural curls get when you do that.

Woman blow drying her hair on bed

Protect Your Hair From Blow Dryer Damage

Woman blow drying her hair on bed

Drying our hair is something that we all do on a pretty consistent basis.  For the most part, many of us use blow dryers to help dry our hair after we’ve washed it.  While blow dryers are convenient to help speed up the drying process, they can also cause damage to our hair when we don’t take the proper steps to protect our hair.  Anytime you’re using heat on your hair, it’s important to make sure you’re maintaining your hair’s health as much as possible.  We realize, that we’re really not taught how to protect your hair from blow dryer damage so we’re sharing how you can do that now.

Use the Right Heat Setting
When using a hair dryer, it’s important to understand that there are different heat settings.  Experts suggest that you consider your hair type when selecting your heat setting.  If you have very fine hair, you’ll want to air on a cooler heat setting and work your way up as you have thicker hair.  Why is this?  When you use too hot of a setting for your hair type it can put too much stress on your hair that can lead to a lot of damage.  Take note of your heat setting, it’s better to start cooler and slowing work your way up rather than the reverse.

Use Products
Do you use hair care products before drying your hair?  Heat protectant products are extremely under utilized with the blow drying process.  Before using your blow dryer make sure that you apply a heat protectant product to your hair.  These types of products are specifically formulated to ‘coat’ your hair and really protect it from the heat.  This can help you avoid damage to your hair that’s often caused by heat.  You’ll likely notice a difference when you begin using a heat protectant product in your hair versus when you didn’t.

Woman blow drying hair

Don’t Get Too Close
Look, we get it – we think the closer we hold the blow dryer to our hair the quicker it will dry our hair.  While they may help – it can wreak havoc on your hair’s health.  Instead of holding the blow dryer right up against your hair keep a bit of a distance with it.  Holding the blow dryer away from your hair (so it’s not directly on the hair) will keep from your hair getting too hot and being put under too much stress as it does when you do hold the blow dryer too close to the hair.

Use a Quality Blow Dryer
There’s a common misconception going around…that is that all blow dryers are created equally.  But truthfully, blow dryers are like anything else in life – to really have the best product you want to look for a high quality product.  Opting for a blow dryer that has different heat settings is key, along with the overall quality of the product.  It’s been found to help keep your hair protected as you use it and they often last longer.

Woman with hair bun

Try These Post Workout Hairstyles

Woman with hair bun

Do you work out in the morning or on your lunch break?  Working out is a great habit to get into, but let’s face it: if you want to run errands to go back to the office after it can be difficult to style your hair so it doesn’t LOOK like you were just working out. Working up a sweat can definitely put a damper on your hair, but we got to thinking… there must be some way to style your hair so it can look great even after you’ve been to the gym. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, you’re in luck because we found some!  Try these post workout hair styles.

The Bun Hair Style
One of our favorite go to hair styles to try post workout?  Throw your hair up into a bun!  Bun hair styles are great for pulling your hair back after you’ve worked up a sweat since the pulled back style of the hair allows you to hide any greasiness that may have come about during your workout session.  In addition, it’s often easier to style your hair in a high bun when your hair isn’t freshly washed – bonus, right?  Of course we can’t forget to mention how easy it is to throw your hair up in a bun hair style.  We know after your workout you want to get your hair done pretty quickly – which is what makes the bun hair style so perfect for a post workout look.

Woman with fishtail braid

The Fishtail Braid
Another one of our favorite hair styles that’s absolutely perfect for a post workout hair style has got to be the fishtail braid.  We know you don’t want to sacrifice your style and hair look just because you hit the gym first, and let’s face it – braids are kind of everything right now.  Braids are fun regardless, and since they’re so on trend right now it’s even more perfect.  The great part about a hair style like this is it doesn’t have to be perfect to look great.  And similar to the bun hair style – it actually turns out better when your hair isn’t freshly washed.  You can just add in a bit of volume at the roots and leave some pieces framing your face to lead into a gorgeous fishtail braided hair style that keeps your hair back but also looks chic.  No one will know you came right from the gym.

The Half-Up Top Knot
Top knots have been trendy hair styles for a while, but there’s been a new take on the traditional top knot that’s gained popularity…it’s the half-up top knot style.  It’s essentially the half-up hair style that we all know and love, but instead of just keeping the hair in a ponytail you tie it up in a top knot style. It’s trendy and PERFECT to style your hair after you’ve just worked out.  Why?  You’re pulling back the area of the hair that likely got sweaty while you worked out, so you can hide that but also rock your hair down a bit.


Tips For Curling Your Hair Like A Professional

Woman curling hair

Do you like curling your hair?  So many women love the look of curled hair, but can get frustrated when trying to actually achieve the look.  Of course, our favorite celebs make it look so easy to have gorgeously curled hair – it helps to have a team of professionals on staff, right?  Well, the good news for you is we’ve found some of the tips the pros use to curl hair and we’re sharing them with you!  Yep, we’re sharing tips for curling your hair like a professional – so you can start to curl your hair to look like your favorite celebs.

Use the The Right Size Curling Iron
Naturally, to get that gorgeously curled hairstyle you’re going to want to make use of a curling iron.  They’re great tools to use to accomplish a curled look, but even if you’re using a curling iron you may feel like you’re not getting the look you want.  Why?  It could be because you’re not using the right size curling iron.  When looking to use a curling iron you want to consider the size of the barrel of the curling iron, the size of the barrel will be a direct indication of the size curls that you’ll achieve from using it.  So the smaller the barrel size the tighter the curls and the reversed for the larger barrel sizes.

Curling iron

Prep Your Hair
When really achieving a professionally curled hairstyle look, you want to make sure that you’re prepping your hair properly.  Yes, this means you’re not going to want to just jump to using a curling iron to your hair right away.  For starters, make sure that your hair is completely dry before doing anything.  But before drying, experts suggest adding in a heat protectant product to make sure that you’re keeping your hair’s health protected.  In addition, adding a bit of gel/cream/mousse to your hair when it’s wet will help your hair hold the curls once you begin the actual curling process.

Get the Process Down Pat
For the best results when curling your hair you’re going to want to start using the process that the experts do.  What is that process?  After you curl your hair and it’s completely dried, begin by sectioning your hair by pulling it all up and just leaving a section at the nape of the neck.  This will allow you to curl your hair in chunks and have more control over the curling process.  In addition to curling your hair in sections, experts suggest curling the pieces in different directions.  Curling your hair in different directions as you go through curling your hair will give it a more natural look and that effortless curled hair that the professionals always seem to achieve so easily.  Finally, after you curl all your hair allow your hair to cool down before touching it.  Allowing your hair to cool will make sure that the curls last, once it’s been cooled you can go about styling your hair how you please.