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woman with ponytail

These Hairstyles Could Damage Your Long Tresses

woman with ponytail

If you’re a long haired beauty you know that having long tresses requires something completely different than short tresses.  That being said, there are also certain hairstyles that could be doing your hair more harm than you realize.  You know by now, that here at Lionesse we’re all about keeping your hair just as healthy as it is gorgeous.  And really to have those gorgeous long tresses that you want, you have to make sure that you’re keeping your hair’s health a priority.  You know we’re also all about keeping you informed and knowledgeable so without further ado, these hairstyles could damage your long tresses…

Wearing The Same Ponytail All The Time
Look, we get it.  Sometimes when you have long hair you just want it out of the way so throwing it up in a ponytail is an easy option.  We’re not saying you can’t wear your hair back when you’re heading out to the gym, or for a run, or even during your daily life every so often.  But it is advised that you don’t wear your hair in the same type of ponytail hairstyle every single day.  The reason being is when you do wear your hair in the same ponytail too often it can start to cause a lot of damage to your hair.  Often times, when you have long hair, it’s pretty heavy, and can cause a lot of stress on your scalp.  In addition, where you wear the rubber band tying your hair back can begin to cause your hair to have a lot of breakage when worn in the same area too often.

Wet Hairstyles
If you have long tresses, it’s likely that drying your hair with a hair dryer can be a task all its own.  So we get that it’s easy to want to just throw your wet locks up into a bun or ponytail to let it air dry.  The problem with that is when our hair is wet, it’s in an incredibly fragile state, so then adding the weight of your hair and tying it back into a rubber band is NOT helping your hair in any way.

woman with tight braid

Braids That Are Too Tight
Listen, we’re ALL about braids and rocking braids in fun different ways.  However, there can be risks involved with braids if they’re not done with your long tresses in mind.  The thing about braids, is similar to ponytails when you have long hair, it’s a lot of added weight to the hairstyle.  The weight isn’t the single problem, though.  It’s when you create braided hairstyles that are too tight that cause problems with your long tresses.  When you wear braids that are too tight it puts a lot of stress on your scalp and can do damage to the hair follicles, the tightness plus the weight really can wreak havoc on your hair’s health.  In fact, some experts suggest that wearing braids that are too tight, too often can actually lead to hair loss occurring.  Again, it’s not that you can’t wear braids and we think you should totally try this trend out!  It’s about making sure that you’re not creating braids that are super tight and causing too much stress on your scalp.

woman dyeing hair

Be Cautious With At-Home Hair Treatments

woman dyeing hair

While we’re all about doing as much as you can yourself when it comes to your beauty routine, we’re also all about making sure that you’re doing these things in a way that will ensure that you are doing them safely.  The truth is, you need to really be cautious with at-home hair treatments.  While many of the at-home hair treatments have been designed specifically for at-home use (obviously), it’s also really important that you know a few things before you go about using them because if they’re not done properly they can do quite a bit of damage to you and your hair.

Chemicals Are Chemicals
While most at-home hair treatments aren’t usually quite as strong as the professional grade options, they’re still made with chemicals.  If you’re considering an at-home hair relaxer it’s important to realize that there are chemicals used in this process, even the at-home treatments.  Many professionals are able to do test strands with relaxing products to make sure that your hair will adapt to the chemicals ok, but when doing this process at home you’re not able to do that in the same way.  Really make sure that you’re comfortable with the at-home product that you choose, and as professionals for their opinions before diving into an option you choose to use for your at-home treatment.

Read ALL The Directions
At-home hair dyes have been around for a while, there are so many different brands and options it can seem like an easier and more cost effective option than heading into the salon to get your hair colored.  But the truth is, coloring your hair is much more than just placing hair color on your hair and rinsing it off.  If you’re thinking about using at home hair dyes, it’s crucial that you read ALL the directions before doing anything.  So many things can go wrong when it comes to at-home hair dyes, it’s not worth risking anything.  However, many suggest that if you’re looking to achieve a hair color trend that’s more complex like ombre or highlights, it’s best to seek the help of a professional to make sure that your hair is done properly and the health of your hair is maintained.

woman drying hair

Watch The Heat
When it comes to using at-home treatment products like hair dryers and other items, we have to get real about the severity of problems that can be caused if you use these tools improperly.  Heat can be incredibly damaging to your hair and scalp.  If you ever feel like when you’re drying your hair your scalp gets uncomfortably hot or you notice that your hair becomes dry and brittle it can be because the heat setting is too high.  Many people tend to get themselves in trouble with these at-home treatments because they have the heat settings too high and are in a hurry to get their hair done so they can get out the door.  Take your time, and remember that the risks of damaging your hair and scalp aren’t worth being in a rush for.

baby near outlet

Don’t Forget About Safety

We’re all about having fun with your hair styling tools and irons, but we also want to make sure everyone’s using these things safely.  The downside of using heated styling tools is that they do pose a risk, especially if you have kids in your home.  It’s important that you don’t forget about safety when it comes to using these types of hair styling tools and items.  There’s nothing more frightening than a child’s safety being at risk because of these types of tools.  We’re talking about preventing burns by irons in kids, it’s a big safety issue and we want to ensure that everyone in your household is staying safe.

bathroom storage

Reconsider Where You Keep Your Irons
We get it, when you’re in the habit of styling your hair in your bathroom or room it’s all about convenience.  However, the downside of this is often the places that are convenient for us can be where kids can reach them the easiest.  When you aren’t using your irons, experts suggest that you store them away OR keep them in a place where kids can’t easily reach for the cord to turn them on or hurt themselves if the irons are on/still warm.  It’s said, though, that if you can tie the cord up and store them away when they’re not in use it’s the safest option for the kids in your home to not be able to access them as easily.  It’s a must to at the very least, unplug your irons when they’re not in use.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings When Using Them
Understandably, when you’re a mom with little kids around you’re likely doing your hair between moments of doing things for the kids.  The unfortunate part of this, is these are often the times that kids are at risk.  Experts suggest being really aware of who’s around you when you’re using these heated styling tools.  Because even the most experienced iron user can sometimes slip and drop these items, and if there’s a child under you, they can be at risk for a burn.

outlet cover

Install Outlet Covers
Another big tip from experts on preventing burns from irons with kids is to place the plastic covers over electrical outlets.  This is a big help because if you have an iron out, it can prevent the children from being able to plug them in or get themselves in trouble with the outlet altogether.  After you use your irons, unplug them and reinstall the outlet covers.

Of course, also getting in the habit with your kids to talk to them about staying away from irons because they can be dangerous also plays a major role in this.  Communicating with your children about their safety can be really helpful in making sure that everyone stays safe.  While accidents happen, it’s been said that getting into these habits and adapting these things can help tremendously when it comes to preventing burns from happening as a result of heated hairstyling tools.

woman straightening hair

Selecting A Flat Iron That Works For Your Hair Type

woman straightening hair

When it comes to taking care of your hair, considering your personal hair type plays a major role in the products you use as well as the tools you use.  While you may not actually realize how much of an impact your hair type has on the way you style your hair, it’s something you need to start considering more.  Much like when we take care of our skin, our skin type has a major impact on the product and how they react to us – the same thing applies to our hair.  We’re talking about tips to consider when selecting a flat iron that works for your hair type – instead of against it.

Consider The Size Of The Plates
Experts suggest that you consider the size of the plates on the flat irons in relationship to your hair type when purchasing a flat iron.  In general, it’s said around a 1.25” size plate is the most versatile.  However, if you have very thin hair, short hair or want to use the flat iron to create curls going smaller is advised.  If you have long hair, or very thick hair going bigger will be a better bet.  Essentially, relate the amount of hair you’re looking to straighten to the size of the flat iron plate.

woman straightening someones hair

Consider The Temperature Rankings Of The Iron
While you may think heat is heat, and you want hot heat when using a flat iron… that’s not necessarily the only thing you need to know in terms of flat irons.  It’s said that some hair types don’t do well with flat irons that are too hot and vice versa.  Experts say that those with very thick hair need to look for flat irons with higher temperature settings, while those with thin hair need to look for lower.  In addition, if you color your hair, consider using a flat iron with a lower temperature setting because the heat can fade and even damage your hair color.

Consider the material of the iron
There are three major plate materials used in flat irons today, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.  Ceramic is the most popular material because it’s been found to distribute heat evenly and quickly.  Tourmaline is one of the newer material types to be used in flat irons, the biggest benefit or tourmaline is the fact that it’s able to help users have less frizz and straighter look for their hair.  Finally, titanium is said to transfer heat the quickest.  Typically, it’s said that titanium is best for those with thick or very coarse hair because of how quickly the iron heats.  The other two plate materials are said to be great for every hair type, as long as they’re used with caution.

Many experts suggest investing in a high quality flat iron to be a great investment.  Typically, they’re created with more of a protective coating on the plates to minimize damage to the hair.  Of course, don’t forget to use quality hair care products that are designed for your hair type as well!

Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity Hairstyles We Adore

Let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of looking at our favorite celeb’s hairstyles and thinking of ways to try them out ourselves.  It’s really no wonder, though… they have access to the best experts in the hair world that help them achieve these flawless hairstyles we fawn over.  Celebs are constantly changing things up on us and keeping things interesting, it seems like every year we have new favorites that we see and adore.  We’re talking about celebrity hairstyles we adore to go through some of our favorite hairstyles we’ve seen on celebs in 2016, because who doesn’t like taking a little look back?

Chrissy Teigen

Featureflash Photo Agency /

Chrissy Teigen
She’s a gorgeous model who is just as famous for her funny banter as she is her flawless beauty.  We love watching Chrissy Teigen with her just as stunning husband, John Legend.  Really, is there a more beautiful couple? Ok, ok back to hair.  Chrissy has made those gorgeous, big lose waves popular and it really became her signature hairstyle for a while.  This year, just before she gave birth to her first child, Chrissy shocked us all and went in for the chopped hairstyle.  Yep, the woman who was famous for her gorgeously long hair chopped it off into a lob style.  But you know what?  We adore her shorter hair.  It was a great change for Chrissy, that felt fresh and edgy at the same time.

Scarlett Johansson

Helga Esteb /

Scarlett Johansson
Another celeb that’s rocked the long, wavy hair for quite a while.  Scarlett shocked many of us this year when she really chopped her hair off into a full on pixie cut this year.  Again, just like Chrissy, Scarlett’s dramatic hairstyle change was fun, edgy and totally refreshing.  In addition to going shorter, she also went lighter with her color into a very light almost platinum blonde hair color.

Beyonce is yet another celeb that’s long rocked the long, wavy hairstyle flawlessly.  But this year she stepped out in a bob length hairstyle with some gorgeous texture in her look.  We were all about Bey’s more natural hairstyle, the embrace of her hair’s natural texture and the total transformation on the length had us in awe and we loved it!

Taylor Swift

Jaguar PS /

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has always been known for her bright blonde hair color and medium length hair.  We could always count on Taylor to be the gorgeous blonde walking the red carpet.  But this year, she switched things up and actually went darker with her hair, going for a more strawberry blonde color and chopping the length a bit into more of a lob style.  It was an unexpected change, especially from the famous blonde but we thought it was fun, fresh and different for the singer.

Clearly, going shorter was quite the trend this year.  Celebs were in full force with the lobs, bobs and pixies to create a totally different hairstyle.  We haven’t seen this much short hair changes in quite a while, but we’re all about it!

Do you have a favorite celebrity hairstyle you adore?

Rose gold hairstyle

Fall Inspired Hair Colors

Every time a new season approaches, it comes to us with new trends in the beauty and fashion worlds.  Fall is always loaded with gorgeous trends for hair, makeup and style and this fall is no different.  You know we’re all about hair and beauty around here, so we had to give you the scoop on the latest hair color trends happening this season.  We’ve got some super unique and gorgeous colors that you’re going to want to learn ALL about as we embrace the fall season.  We’re sharing chocolate mauve and other fall inspired hair colors to help you get some fun fall hair inspiration!

Rose gold hairstyle

Rose Gold
If you’re looking for something a little more different than the chocolate mauve hair color, rose gold could be the answer you’re looking for.  Celebs like Eve have stepped out in this beautiful rose gold hair color, also known as dusty rose or pale pink.  It’s a great way to add some warm undertones to your already blonde hair.  But it also works on those that aren’t naturally blonde!  Most ladies are leaving the roots darker, giving a slight ombre effect and giving the rest of your hair that rose gold hue.  A different take on the more traditional blonde hair color, you’re sure to have some fall love with this hair color trend.

Chocolate Mauve
Ok, so chocolate mauve is probably the biggest hair color trend of the season.  Countless articles and bloggers are buzzing about this gorgeous new hair color trend to sweep the locks of women everywhere.  If you’re not quite sure what this chocolate mauve hair color actually is, essentially it’s starting with a base of natural brown tones that are then mixed in with purple, red, and orange hues strategically blended throughout the hair color.  Think the balayage hair trend taken up a notch with different colors incorporated, and that’s the chocolate mauve.  It’s an incredibly gorgeous color that’s perfect for fall, it’s literally incorporating the traditional fall colors right into your hair!

bronde hair color

Torn between going blonde or brown?  Well, now you don’t have to choose with this hair color trend!  Bronde is quickly growing in popularity this fall season and is literally the combination of blonde and brown hair colors.  The great part of this hair color trend is it’s a gorgeous transition option, it adds a lot of warmth with the brown hues for fall, but also won’t feel really dark as we move into the cooler temperatures.  Most of us tend to lean towards darker hair colors and makeup in the fall/winter months.  This bronde hair color trend is a great way to update that dark vibe we all are drawn to, but still feel fall-appropriate and on-trend.

There’s a major range in hair color trends this season, we love all the options there are to choose from if you’re eager to stay on-trend with your hair color.  Of course, we’re always about getting inspiration for fall, from fall!

Woman with frizzy hair

Daily Care For Frizzy Hair

Woman with frizzy hair

If your hair tends to get frizzy, we don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is.  It’s one of those hair struggles that so many of us deal with on a regular basis but kind of chalk it up to it just being a part of life.  While we realize many of you probably feel like you just have to deal with frizzy hair, that wasn’t good enough for us so we set out to discover some tips for coping with frizzy hair.  We found some great daily care for frizzy hair tips that we just had  to share with you, our fellow frizzy-hair people to kick that frustration to the curb.

Careful How You Wash Your Hair
Experts suggest that caring and really taming frizzy hair starts in the shower, and HOW you’re actually washing your hair.  It’s suggested that if you’re prone to frizzy hair you use a shampoo/conditioner combination that’s sulfate-free.  These sulfate-free products are known to be more gentle on the hair and less drying, and you’ve probably noticed that when your hair is frizzier it’s often drier as well.  In addition, experts suggest that you actually rinse your conditioner out of your hair with cool/cold water.  It’s said that cold water helps to encourage your hair follicles to close, reducing frizz – the exact opposite happens with hot or warm water.

The Follow Up Wash Treatment
Ok, so we get you’re likely in a hurry after getting out of the shower and you just want to get your hair as dry as quickly as possible but when we rub and are rough on our hair with towels to dry them off it can actually promote frizz to occur in our hair.  Instead of rubbing, experts suggest that you gently squeeze the excess water from your hair with a towel to keep things calmer for your hair.  In addition, it’s not a bad idea to add a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your hair to promote more moisture in your hair.

Maintain Your Hair’s Health
Getting in the habit of showering and post showering points is going to be incredibly helpful to reducing a lot of frizz from occurring on a daily basis for you.  However, it doesn’t just stop there.  It’s also suggested that in order to truly keep frizzy hair in check we need to maintain healthy hair.  To truly maintain and achieve healthy hair that means we need to get in the habit of doing deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis and of course not showering/washing our hair EVERY single day.  These things will help to avoid our hair from becoming too dry and allowing it to repair itself, minimizing a lot of frizz that tends to occur.

The good news is that the daily care for frizzy hair isn’t overly complicated and are things that don’t take a lot of time for you to do.  As you start incorporating these trusty tips, you will likely begin to notice the frizzy hair decrease for you.

Woman getting her hair styled.

How To Stretch Your New Hue

Woman getting a hair color treatment

Since we’re in the full swing of fall, you’ve probably headed into the salon (or you’re about to) to switch up your hair color for the season, it’s one of the most exciting things about the change in season – don’t you think?  Anyways, we’re all about rotating and having fun with your hair color but we’re not always about needing to head into the salon all the time to keep your hair color looking fresh and gorgeous.  We figured you weren’t about all that upkeep either, so we’re sharing how to stretch your new hue to help you elongate your time between color touch ups.

Be Aware of the Weather
One of the quickest ways to fade any hair color is by being in the sun too much.  That’s right, the sun can actually fade your hair color rather quickly.  So if you know you’re going to be outside for quite a bit of time you’ll want to consider covering your hair with a hat or bandana of sorts to block the sun from drying out and fading your fresh hair color.  This does still apply during the fall and winter months, don’t forget the sun shines ALL year round!

Use the Right Products
Don’t underestimate the power of quality hair care products, especially when it comes to colored hair.  Experts suggest that when using hair care products you opt for those that have been created to suit your hair’s type and potentially your hair color – they can really help to elongate the time between colorings.  In addition, maintaining healthy hair through the use of quality hair care products is a great way to keep your hair in tip top shape.  Often, your color fades and breaks off when our hair isn’t healthy and very dry – so combat those factors by keeping up with your hair care routine.

Woman getting her hair styled.

Avoid Too Much Heat
Another thing that can dry and fade your hair and hair color is the heat aside from just the sun.  This goes for heated hair styling tools and hot water.  If you truly want to stretch out your new hue, you’ll start easing back on how much heat you’re exposing your hair to on a daily basis.  Instead of showering in hot water, tone it down a bit so it’s not quite so hot.  And while we’re all about using those heated hair styling tools to create gorgeous hairstyles to really play up your new hue, avoid using them daily to give your hair a break in between styling.  It will do wonders for your hair and really help you stretch out your time between touch ups.

Don’t Wash Daily
Similar to all the other tips, experts suggest that you don’t wash your hair every single day.  When we do wash our hair we’re stripping our hair of its natural oils, by washing our hair everyday we’re over-stripping our hair of those oils and can lead to our hair becoming more dry and brittle – in turn negatively effecting how long our hair color lasts for.


Halloween Hairstyles

It always seems like once the calendar turns to October most of us have Halloween on our minds.  We start seeing more and more decorations, and of course the rush to figure out what you’re going to dress up as becomes more serious.  One of the hardest things with any costume can be the actual implementation of making that costume come to life, and of course, a big part of that is the hair (and makeup) aspect of your costume.  We know you don’t want to be spending hours and hours trying to get your hair together for Halloween, so we’ve discovered a few easy Halloween hairstyles that are easy to achieve on your own.

Goddess hairstyle for Halloween

Goddess Hair
There’s something so fun and gorgeous about Goddess Halloween costumes, and it’s a bonus that you can achieve the hairstyle pretty easily but still have a really beautiful outcome.  One of our favorite ways to rock the goddess hairstyle for Halloween is simply by creating a bold braided hairstyle.  You can create a French braid that works all the way to the bottom of your hair, or even just do a simple low ponytail braid.  If you don’t have really long hair, or thick hair you can create a more defined braided hairstyle by adding some clip in extensions to really add some OOMPH to the hairstyle.  Top it off with a gold leaf headband and you’re all set – it’s really that simple.

Galaxy hairstyle for Halloween

Skeleton Hair
It seems like this year on social media, we’re already seeing a ton of skeleton makeup looks and we’re thinking that’s going to transition for Halloween this year.  If you want to go with a fun skeleton costume, of course you can have a BLAST with makeup (just see social media for inspiration, seriously).  But don’t forget about the hair!  What we really love about skeleton costumes this year is the incorporation of colors and vibrancy, kind of a modern take on the traditional Halloween costume.  In fact, that color is transitioning to the hair and kind of bringing in the popular galaxy hair trend.  Now if you don’t actually have galaxy hair, you can fake it with temporary hair spray dyes and try it out for a night or two.  The key is to get the color evenly and vibrant, and of course make sure you style your hair in a gorgeous loose wavy hairstyle to let the colors be the focal point.

Gatsby hairstyle for Halloween

Gatsby Hair
We’re always fans of the Gatsby inspired looks, there’s something that’s just so glamorous about it and what better time to feel and be glam than on Halloween.  If you’re thinking about going Gatsby for Halloween it’s all about getting those glam hair accessories (typically a headband).  Pull your hair back (after you’ve curled it) into a low side bun.  Once you’ve done that, secure a rhinestone or a feather headband to your head in a way that goes across your forehead and to the back of your hair, so it rests just above the bun.  It’s an easy way to create the look, but doesn’t hold back in glam!

Do you have a favorite Halloween hairstyle?

Flat iron versus curling iron

Flat Iron Versus Curling Iron Style

Flat iron versus curling iron

When it comes to styling your hair there are SO many options, in addition there are a ton of different hair styling tools available to us now to create all those gorgeous hairstyles.  If you’re like us, you’ve wondered really what the differences are between some of them – since so many of them are able to be used in so many different ways.  If you didn’t go to cosmetology school…it’s really confusing.  Which is why we’re talking about flat iron versus curling iron style – in case you’re not totally sure what their differences are.  We always have you covered on the info for beauty!

Flat Irons
Traditionally, flat irons are known for creating straight haired hairstyles.  Most of us understand the concept and how to use a flat iron in the traditional sense, however flat irons can also be used to created curls in your hair.  Mind blown?  It’s not something that many people use their flat irons for, but you can actually achieve incredible curls with a flat iron.  The great thing about using a flat iron to create curls is you don’t have to hold the hair in the flat iron for very long to create the curls, in fact it’s typically best to work quickly and NOT hold the hair in the flat iron for long periods of time.  The other major difference found when using a flat iron to create curls is that you typically achieve curls that aren’t quite as tight as when using a curling iron.  Flat irons are great for creating those beachy waves that are desirable to so many women.  Of course, since flat irons are designed to really be used to create straight hair looks it takes a little bit of finesse to get the hang of using a flat iron to create curls in the hair.  But once you’ve got the system down you’re golden.

Curling Irons
Of course you know that curling irons are traditionally used to create…curls.  The great part of curling irons is you have a lot of versatility when it comes to the size and type of curls you create with them.  They’re much more versatile in that way than flat irons for creating curls.  The downside is curling irons, when not used properly can cause damage because you typically need to hold them on the hair a bit longer to create the curl than with flat irons.  Now, there are a ton of different sizes of types of curling irons available so it really comes down to figuring out what size and type best fits your needs and your hair’s type.

There’s really no one option being better than the other in this situation, because they both have their pros and cons.  If you’re looking to figure out if a flat iron or curling iron is the better fit for your needs it really comes down to figuring out which options you need or will utilize the most.  You know what you use the most often, so the battle is really up to you!