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Blue Hair Inspiration

Woman with blue hair

Blue Hair Inspiration

Woman with blue hair

Looks like the next big color trend in hair is set to go full-tilt blue, and for anyone who remembers– celeb Demi Lovato made the transition back in October 2013. The Smurf-blue tresses, for anyone who is interested, are all over Pinterest, and in a variety of forms, if you’re interested. While Lovato credits her particular method of Unite Blonda Shampoo for prep and multi-dyes of different blues and greens for success, it’s not the only way to go blue. Since that time, Lovato has done practically everything possible that can be done with blue to hair, and she’s rocked every style.

Who’s Gone Blue?
Among the all-blue celebs who’ve picked blue for their signature hair tone are Kelly Ripa, Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kat Von D., Gwen Stefani, T.R. Knight, Kells, Juliette Lewis, Katy Perry, Kate Winslet, Rita Ora, Cher Lloyd and Kylie Jenner.

Semi Blue Too?
Others who have either streaked blue, dip-dyed blue or added blue extensions are Selena Gomez, Jessie J., Lily Allen, Liza Minelli, Adrien Brody, Adam Lambert, Jaime King and Ke$ha, just to name a few.

Woman with semi-blue hair.

Get the Look
Going blue involves making some decisions before you begin. First and foremost, you must understand that the only way to go blue and look blue is to begin with a blank canvas–or more specifically, a no-color slate. This means anyone with dark blond, brown to darker hair coloring must first remove the color by bleaching their hair. Once bleaching has been successfully completed, practically any color applied to it next will “take.” This being said, even though bleached white hair is absolutely prime for immediate absorption of any color deposit, due to the chemistry involved, the bold blue color you first produce will fade over time, and eventually become a color you’ll want to do something about.

Get the Color
You’ll need to choose the shade of blue, too. You can go baby blue, a cold gray-steel blue, royal blue, teal blue, navy blue, and many other shades. Just keep in mind that the darker you go, the quicker you’ll lose that color when shampooing. Manic Panic sells both the bleach and all the vibrant colors in their High Voltage line, which are formulated to glow in the dark. The company features ten different shades of blue, so do some homework before diving into a specific color you might see at a brick and mortar store. Other leading brands are Amplified Hair Color, Jem Amplified Hair Color and Manic Panic Dye Hard, which glows in the dark. Make sure to apply petroleum jelly like Vaseline to any area of skin that could come in contact with the dye, for obvious reasons. Try leaving the dye on as long as possible, even all night works. The longer, the better!

Keep the Color
Try to wash your blue hair less often, and only use super gentle shampoo and conditioner. Avoid hair products like gels and hairspray that can remove color. You might try dry shampoo, however, the darker your blue is, the lighter the dry shampoo will (temporarily) turn it.

You can DIY with your own mix of powder lightener and 40 volume creme developer. Your hair will turn a lot of colors like orange and yellow before it hits white, and sometimes you’ll need to bleach your hair a few times before you get that desired neutral white you’re wanting. Just remember the whiter your hair, the truer your blue will be. Bleaching to white will really dry out your hair, so you’ll need to apply some TLC conditioner to it, after.

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