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Bobs & Choppy Crops


Bobs & Choppy Crops

crop cut bob

Hair trends are constantly changing and evolving with time.  Every time we welcome  a new  season, year, or shift we also have the opportunity to welcome new trends. The past year or so it’s really been all about the bobs & choppy crops. Have you noticed? Short, chopped hair has been showing up on the locks of celebs and ladies everywhere. It’s a refreshing change, and with the warm weather approaching it seems like the perfect time to lighten up your hair with a bit of a chop hair style. Of course bob and crop hair styles are a bit different this time around, so we’re diving into some of our favorites to give you a little crop-spiration.

Layered Bobs
Traditionally, bob hair styles have always been about short hair length that’s left in one distinct layer. However lately it’s been about adding some texture and layering into the bob look. Bobs worn with layers added to them add a choppy type of feel to the look that gives the traditional bob an updated twist. While layers have always been something that’s more prominent in long hair, ladies rocking the layered bobs are showing us that layers aren’t just for long hair anymore.

Pin Straight Crop
It seems like every other day a different celebrity is sharing on social media a freshly cropped hair style. If you’ve been wearing your hair long or longer for a while, going for a choppy cropped hair style is such an easy and fresh way to completely change your look. Celebs like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have been a few of the celebs that have been making the pin straight cropped hair look a major trend right now. Lengths vary on this look, whether opting for a traditional bob length or airing more on the lob length. Wearing the single layered look pin straight with a deep center part isn’t necessarily a new look, but it’s having a major moment in the beauty world, and a fuss free way to wear a cropped look this summer season.

crop cut

Texturized Bobs and Crops
Another popular element we’ve been noticing in the bobs and choppy crop hair looks is incorporating great texture into the hair. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with layers or length, whatever the layer situation for the bob/crop style you choose and regardless of length, you can add some gorgeous texture into the hair. Using texturizing products and creating an ‘undone’ type of look and feel to your hair with a cropped length is incredibly updated. Generally, short hair has been synonymous with being more of a streamlined hair style. But adding beachy, easy going texture into the hair adds a much more relaxed and updated twist to the shorter hair.

There are so many fun and chic ways to rock bobs and choppy crops this season. It’s all about finding something that resonates with you, your style, and makes you feel gorgeous!

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