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Braids, Knots & Down-Dos

Floral braids

Braids, Knots & Down-Dos

This season’s trends are covering a huge variety, we really have it all this spring. That holds true in hair trends, too. We’re seeing everything from neon color highlights to fun braids. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. A lot of the trends come back to embracing the natural texture of your hair, playing things up with fun accessories and ultimately have fun with your gorgeous hair. While the variety is amazing, it can be a tad overwhelming to hear that so many styles are “in.” You’re probably thinking “well then where do I start?” Let’s break down some of the most popular hairstyles to get your creative juices flowing.

Braided ponytail

Braids, Braids, Braids!
Braids are everywhere this season. The braids that were all over the Spring 2016 runways were more on the functional side than we normally see for the spring season. Generally, we see braids with a looser, more boho-vibe but this season they’re more modernized and tight. While braids were worn all different ways, there seemed to be a common theme of ponytail braids worn either as a low ponytail or high giving a modern dramatic look. The other incredibly popular way braids have been seen for this season is as a headband. Think modern milkmaid braids. I know, milkmaid braids don’t sound all that modern but since we haven’t seen this hairstyle in a bit it feels fresh again. The point is, if you love braids, this is the season to rock them! Have fun and experiment with different ways to incorporate braids into your usual hairstyle (maybe a little peek-a-boo braid?).


Topknots have been making headway for a couple years now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. While the past season’s topknots were more about a tighter, sleeker look this season knots and topknots alike are more about the unstructured look. In essence, the less ‘perfect’ the better. Whether you wear a knot as a topknot (aka high up on your head) or as a low knot they look and feel current when there’s texture to your hair. So in other words… don’t stress if you have a few little bumps – embrace them!

Floral braids

Down Do’s
We don’t always want to wear our hair up, and there’s no shortage of down do’s this season. It’s looking like the revival of the headband is making way this season. (Along with other hair accessories) Headbands and hair accessories have always been easy go-to items to help jazz up your hair when wearing it down. Want to spice up your usual hair straight and down look? Add a headband! Can’t get much easier than that, right? Additionally, since this season is all about embracing the natural texture of your hair go with the flow and have fun leave the hot tools alone when you feel like it.

There are a ton of options this season when it comes to hair, you don’t have to embrace all of them pick and choose which trends you’re drawn to and rock them out.

Which of these trends will you be trying?

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