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Caring For Your Mermaid Hair

Woman dressed like a mermaid.

Caring For Your Mermaid Hair

Once you’ve gotten your gorgeous new mermaid hair color incorporated into your summer style, you probably love it so much you want to take care of it as best as you can. That’s why we at Lionesse put together this mermaid hair guide to give you some helpful advice and tips on how you can keep the look you want and love for as long as possible without your hair fading or changing too quickly.

Woman using a shampoo

Use Color Safe Shampoo
Using a color safe shampoo will ensure your hair color doesn’t wash away before its time. This is usually done by removing sulfates from the shampoo products, which strip the hair of color, and replacing those ingredients with other ingredients that are color safe. This is the first step to hanging onto your gorgeous color. You should also only wash your hair as often as necessary, not every day, to avoid washing the color away too soon.

Woman wearing a swimming cap in a pool

Avoid Chlorine
Whenever possible, avoid chlorine. If you have city water at your home, chances are, you will have chlorinated water supplies running to your home. In this case, there’s not much you can do in terms of showering – but you can use a chlorine fighting shampoo instead of a color treating shampoo a couple of times per week rather than allow the chlorine to destroy your hair. If you are going to be going in chlorinated pools, use a product meant for swimmers on your hair to protect it from the chlorine. You could also wear a swimming cap, if you want to really protect your hair. If you do happen to get chlorine on your hair, use a clarifying shampoo in the shower later on that day when you get home and take your shower.

Woman using a moisturizer

Use UV Protection On Your Hair
Using UV sun protection every time you step out the front door (or back door) to spend time in the sun is super important – not just for your body, but for your hair as well. Opt for a good quality hair sunscreen product, and you can’t go wrong.

Woman wearing a hat sipping cocktails in a beach

Wear Hats
Whenever possible, wear a nice floppy hair to deflect the sun and protect your beautiful hair from the sun’s harmful rays.

Woman using a flat iron to style her hair

Use Caution When Styling
As you’ve probably noticed, once you had your mermaid hairstyle completed, your hair now feels much more fragile and delicate, which calls for the need to be extra cautious when styling or fixing your hair, to avoid breakage and split ends.

Woman applying hair conditioner

Use Leave In Conditioner and Moisturizer
Once you get out of the shower and have washed your hair and conditioned your hair, you will want to take things one step further and apply a leave in conditioner all over the hair, massaged in, followed by a hair moisturizer to really infuse the hair with moisture and protection against the day to day wear and tear on your hair, the environment’s role on your hair, and styling the hair every day.

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