Lionesse Flat Iron | Combine Hair Products for the Best Effects
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Combine Hair Products for the Best Effects

Woman applying hair conditioner.

Combine Hair Products for the Best Effects

You have a cabinet full of hair products, and they all do something different. If you want sexy waves, you might reach for a texturizing spray. If you want a slick-backed look, you might go for the gel.

While you might get some limited results with these products, you’ll need to think bigger if you want to get healthy, gorgeous hair. You’ll need to address the health of your hair while also manipulating its style.

Woman flat ironing her hair

Here are a few great product combinations you should try to get beautiful hair:

Heat Protectant and Argan Oil
You can’t always tame frizzy hair with some gel and a round brush. Frizzy hair can be the result of damage to the shaft, which you can smooth out with some Argan Oil. The oil will also give your hair a glossy finish that will make the styling look more professional. The combo with the heat protectant helps to prevent further damage from blow drying.

Leave-In Conditioner and Wax
Work pea-sized portions of each of the leave-in conditioner and the wax together, evenly spread throughout damp and air dry. Word to the wise, start at the ends of your hair (or half way down the hair shaft) and work your way up!

Detangler and Voluminizer
You can’t add volume to your hair if you can’t comb through your hair. If you do manage to create volume, you’ll have a tangled mess piled on top of your head. Use the detangler to make your hair easier to brush and to manipulate, and then use the voluminizer to get the height you want. The voluminizer will also enhance your hair’s natural texture.

Dry Shampoo and Voluminizing Hairspray
When you style your hair, you don’t want to wash it every day and go through the entire process again each morning. Yet you don’t want to leave your hair unwashed or else it will become dirty and oily. Dry shampoo helps to keep your hair clean without ruining the style. Voluminizing hairspray can provide a spot fix to breathe new life into a style that’s falling limp.

Volumizing Spray and Texture Wax
Lightly spray “chunks” of damp hair with a volumizing spray – blow dry well, then take these sections and work the texture wax through with your fingers. This creates a great, natural looking hold that won’t get too piecey or too crunchy.

Experiment with some other product combinations to help you find ways to promote the health of your hair while also creating the style you want. These are just a few combinations to help you get started. Take a look at what’s in your beauty cabinet and find other combinations to get new results.

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