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Cute Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

woman holding hair in the street

Cute Hairstyles For Girls With Curls

woman holding hair in the street

Are you a girl with curls? Coming up with new and different hair styles, regardless of your hair type, can be difficult after a while. We all tend to get into ruts with our hair, wearing it the same way every day (or few days). As we begin to enjoy the summer season, we can’t help but have the desire to give you a little dose of inspiration for your hair. We found some cute hairstyles for girls with curls, that are easy to wear and will keep you looking stylish and gorgeous all summer long.

Half up Bun
We didn’t want to include two bun hair styles, but they’re both so different (and cute) we couldn’t resist. Half up top knot styles have been trending for a little while now, but we’re giving that look a twist for all the curly hair ladies. Pulling your hair back into a half up style, create a bun. The bun can be as tamed and formal or messy as you like. When pulling your hair back leave one or two pieces of hair around the face out to frame the face and create a ‘bang’ type of look. It’s a super simple look, that’s loaded with style.

woman with side braids

Side Braids
To be honest, we can’t get enough of all the braids ladies are rocking these days. Braids are such a great way to change up your hair style and keep your hair pulled back in a really functional way. One of our favorite braided looks for curly hair ladies is the side braid style. Wearing all your hair down and embracing all the curls in their natural glory, create a side part. With the section of hair that’s on the smaller side of the part, create one or two French braids starting at your hairline and working your way back to about your ear. It’s easy, but a sure fire way to create an edgy and different look with your curls. Perfect for a night out, or wearing it to the office.

Low, Messy Bun
Messy buns aren’t anything new, but when you wear them in a low bun style it takes a chic update. Regardless of the occasion you’re styling your hair for, low messy buns are perfect for embracing and really working with your naturally curly hair but also wearing it back and out of your face during the summer heat. All you need to do is pull your hair back and down and secure it into the low bun style. To add the ‘messy’ element to the look, leave some pieces near your face out to frame your face and create a stylish ‘undone’ feel.

To be honest, there are countless cute hairstyles for girls with curls but we decided to stick to a few of our current favorites to get you started. These are sure to give you a stylish upgrade, but also keep your hair styles easy and stress free to style.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle for girls with curls?

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