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Easy Holiday Hairdos

Easy Holiday Hairdos

Within the myriad of responsibilities and deadlines that multiply exponentially at this particular time of year, don’t you dare forget about you. In terms of all the most important seasonal specialties, you factor in there, and prominently. One of the best gifts you could ever possibly give to your family and friends–the people who care about you–is the gift of you. Now, while that certainly has some grounding in the special time that you purposely set aside to spend together having fun and celebrating the holidays, it won’t happen if you’re not up to it. One of the biggest mistakes people make–and during the holidays especially–is self-neglect. Contrarily, one of the nicest things people can do for others is to show up looking fantastic, and as well-rested and de-stressed as humanly possible. There is just something about the general condition of others and how it can affect our mood. When you are around friends and family who appear to have put some effort into their appearance, it makes you feel better. So what ideas do you have, in planning your holiday looks, and how realistic are they? Believe it or not, there is a whole lot of mileage you can get out of a few hairstyle changes that will make sure you rock every party, event, school and work function on your calendar this year.

Go Big or….?
Why not? It’s the holidays! Why not allow yourself the freedom of doing more than switching the direction of which you wrap your hair around the barrel of the curling wand. There are so many innovations that have been hitting the Internet and salons everywhere, to continually deliver new style and impressive beauty in a distinctive holiday measure that goes a little further than simply transitioning from a half-up to a ponytail with a red bow around it. Wanna know more? Here are a few of the nicest trending hairstyles for this holiday procession:

Bob hairstyle

Going Ornamental
This hairstyle is definitely for a dramatic entrance, but you can be sure that it will be copied. It begins with a bob–preferably jaw length on down to just below the shoulders, although with a high ponytail, it could rock some uber-long ends, as well. When you’re out shopping–and particularly at those big box arts and crafts stores–you are going to be looking for smallish, but statement-making items that could be or could double as holiday ornaments. Now, what a holiday ornament might be is all up to you. Whatever you end up buying, make sure they are no bigger than one inch in their largest diameter, and you’ll need a minimum of 8, with a maximum of around 15–some will depend on how thick your hair is. Take ‘em home, and prepare your ornaments by using a hot glue gun to attach each one to its own elastic hair band–you know, the smaller ones that are about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter? Once you’re done, just set them aside for the next occasion requiring a hairstyle.

  • Begin by evenly sectioning the hair in half, then sectioning the halves into halves and so forth, proceeding until you have reached the number of equal-in-size sections equaling the number of ornaments you have waiting.
  • Fully straighten your hair.
  • Here is where you can be creative: Using the elastic bands glued to the ornaments, proceed to gather each section of hair, securing with the ornamented elastic band. The gathering points can be at the same place, forming a visual horizontal line of ornaments, or they can be staggered. Suggested levels are midway down and one or two inches above the ends.
  • When your gathers are midway down, you can finish off with some beachy waves that begin at the ornament and proceed down to one inch from the ends.
  • If you use hairspray, be careful if you need to protect your hair ornaments.

Dip dye hair.

Dip Dye the Dark
This one is the least permanent when rendered to darker shades, so if you have light colored hair, and especially if it has been chemically processed, this may be a color you’ll be living with for a while, but this aspect is up to you. Dip-dying the ends of hair is a fun trend that can be accomplished from different dye solutions that include manic panic (permanent) to Kool Aid. Go full on with one color, all the way around, or alternate colors, all the way around. This is one to try out first, before the day of. Just sayin’. But it’s a lot of fun, and will share a lot of holiday spirit.

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