Lionesse Flat Iron | Easy, Youthful Hairstyles to Create with Your Flat Iron
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Easy, Youthful Hairstyles to Create with Your Flat Iron

Easy, Youthful Hairstyles to Create with Your Flat Iron

Creating a perfect, easy and youthful hair style doesn’t have to be difficult or thought consuming. All it takes is a creative mind, or even some inspiration from pictures on the internet. Imagine what a woman of a younger age would do with her hair, and base the style off of that. Really, it’s about using common sense mixed with creativity to develop a cute style that works for you.

Lionesse Flat Iron would love to help you learn some of the easiest styles you can create with your flat iron today. This simple how-to is a starting point, and from here, you can develop your style and play around with variations to keep a fresh, new look all the time.

Sleek straight hair style

Sleek, Straight Style

The easiest style to complete with a flat iron is to simply straighten your hair. Sleek, straight hair feels good, looks good, and is youthful. All you need is a heat protecting spray, your flat iron, and about ten minutes of time, depending on your hair type and flat iron’s quality. If it’s time to get a new flat iron, opt for a Lionesse flat iron for the ultimate in hair straightening capability and quality.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron along 1 inch sections of your hair until you’ve completed your entire head. Voila! Simple, easy, and very effective, this style will have you looking youthful and sleek in no time at all!

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman Studio shot of young beautiful woman on white background. Professional make up and hair style.

Soft Waves

Many women are unaware that they can use their flat iron to develop gorgeous, luxurious waves. It’s rather simple, and all it requires is your flat iron, heat protecting spray, and some hairspray.

Simply spray your hair with the heat protecting spray, and run your flat iron over the hair once to make sure it’s all smooth and straight. This should be done in one inch sections, to ensure everything is evenly straightened. From there, you will again take one inch sections, and run the straightener down towards the bottom of the hair, stopping at about chin length.

Now comes the fun part! While the hair is still clamped between the iron, twist the iron as if you are pulling it backwards 90 degrees. Then, while it’s still facing backward, you will pull down gently as if you were straightening the hair. Once you reach the bottom, remove the flat iron from the hair to see your beautiful soft waves. Spray with hair spray and repeat for the remainder of your hair. This look is great for women of any age and looks youthful and pretty!

Beautiful tight curls

Tighter Curls

You can use the same variation as above to create tighter curls that last all day long. Follow all of the same steps as the above instruction for waves, but when it comes time to actually produce the wave, you are going to make sure your flat iron is upright and twisted in the opposite direction rather than simply facing backwards. From there, you will pull the flat iron downwards, producing more defined, bouncy curls. You can experiment with what direction you like pulling the iron in for different looks. Tip: use smaller pieces of hair to create a fuller head of curls. Spray with hairspray to complete your look.


As you can see, these styles are simple, and rather easy to complete. With a little practice, you will have the art of looking youthful down in no time at all! Try each style out every day and find the one you love, and perfect it. Hair is all about creativity – harness the creativity within and develop your youthful style.

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