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Extensions & Wigs

Hair extensions.

Extensions & Wigs

Bored with your hair length or color, but don’t want to commit to anything too drastic? Extensions and wigs are here to help!

Fake hair is useful for many different people: maybe you can’t rock pastel hair at your office job, maybe you’re bored with your bob style, or maybe you just want to add some Disney princess-level volume to your hair. Whatever your reason, there’s an option out there for you. Here are some of the most popular fake hair options out there.

Hair extensions.

Clip-In Extensions
The best option for beginners looking for some length or extra volume, clip-in extensions are customizable lengths of human or other types of hair that clip into the roots of your hair. Clip-in extensions are most commonly used to add length by extending the look of your hair, but can also be used to add volume to hair that’s already long. There are options for every budget, so whether you’re looking to spend $20 or $200, you have options.

To get the best fit for your clip-in extensions, make sure to go to your hairstylist: not only will they be able to clip in your extensions, but they’ll be able to do the necessary trimming and placement that only a pro can really do. However, you can find clip-in extensions that are ready-made for updos, like bun clip-ins or ponytail extensions that are easy to use and generally pretty natural looking.

Tape-In Extensions
If you’re after super long-lasting length, tape-in extensions might be your best bet. Similar to clip-in extensions, these are long pieces of human or other types of hair used to increase length and volume. But instead of fastening in with clips, a super-strong adhesive is used to “sandwich” the extension pieces between the natural hair on your head. This strong adhesion is what makes these extensions very long-lasting and great for those of us who travel, are active, or just don’t want to deal with clip-ins.

These extensions are upwards of $300, plus your stylist’s application fee, but they’re worth it if you want long-lasting length and volume. Make sure to wait until your scheduled removal appointment to take these out–otherwise, you might end up with less hair than you started with!

Woman wearing a wig

If you’re trying to go the other way around–from short to long, instead of long to short–but don’t want to commit to the Big Chop yet, wigs may be your best option. If you like changing up your look on a weekly, or even daily basis, wigs allow you flexibility and lots of choices in deciding who you want to be.

The best types of wigs are lace-front wigs, which allow for completely natural-looking parts and a more comfortable fit on the head. These wigs are attached with a strong adhesive to your natural hairline, and come off easily at night with a little oil. So whether you’re feeling like a short, retro bob, or want long, pastel mermaid hair, wigs are an awesome choice for a more dramatic, fun look.

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