Lionesse Flat Iron | Eye Shadow Tricks to Use on the Hair
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Eye Shadow Tricks to Use on the Hair

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Eye Shadow Tricks to Use on the Hair

There are many things the beloved beauty product we all know and love as eye shadow can do. It’s not merely for eyelids anymore! From hair tricks, to beauty tricks and more, there are so many cool uses for this versatile beauty product – especially when it comes to the hair – that most people haven’t ever heard of. Today, Lionesse clues you in on some of the eye shadow tricks and tips you can use for your hair – and some of them might really shock you, while others will make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Hiding Roots
Whether you’re aware or not – perhaps, you’ve even tried this yourself at home without actually knowing this is a thing – eyeshadow hues that match the color your hair can be used to hide roots which have grown out too far, and are in need of a touch up, or they can cover areas of the head which are beginning to bald due to medical reasons or age. Be sure you use a color that matches the remainder of your hair for the most natural look to hide those roots until you can get the perfect touch up.

Woman coloring her hair

Covering Greys
When you are dealing with greys, they can be unpredictable. Unpredictable grey hair can pop up at any given moment, and can really be annoying when you have last minute things to attend to. If you happen to notice a grey or two when you’re getting ready to head out, use a shade of eyeshadow that matches your hair color as closely as possible, run your fingers over the product, and then run the product over your fingers where the shadow has been applied to cover the product. Spray with hairspray to hold in place.

Pigments to Add Color (Like Hair Chalk)
If you love hair chalk, but recently ran out of your favorite – or perhaps you’d like to try a new color – you can always opt for eyeshadow pigments to complete the task. Pigments can be added to the hair in various colors to achieve the same look and effect as hair chalk, to implement some fun shades of color into the hair for that dramatic pop we all love. Opt for small strands of hair, or large chunks of hair. To get the look, you can use 2-day old hair (meaning, you haven’t washed the hair in 2 days or so) and hairspray the pieces you want to apply the pigments to. Brush the hairsprayed hair out a bit to make it soft again, and apply the eyeshadow to the hair using a cosmetic brush or by running the hair directly between your finger and the pigment. It’s recommended that you don’t use the pigment for your eyes again if you do choose the second method, as there will be hairspray in the product, which could cause irritation to the eyes. It should be reserved for hair use only if you choose the second option.

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