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Fall Hair Color Predictions

Woman dressed for fall season.

Fall Hair Color Predictions

Every year, hair stylists and those of us with a bit of a hair obsession begin the quest of trying to guess what the new styles, cuts, and colors of choice will be for the coming season. Now that summer is almost over and is quickly coming to a close, it’s time for us to begin thinking about what we assume the hair colors of this fall 2015 will be. Let’s take a look at what we’ve come up with. Some are traditional fall favorites which we can never seem to get away from, while others are new innovations and concepts that haven’t been done before.

Light brown hair with highlights

Light Brown with Highlights or Lowlights
Light brown is a great way to transition into an early fall color without going too drastic in terms of change. Perhaps you had some sort of a blonde shade for the summer; now’s your chance to change it up while still staying light toned. Add in some highlights or lowlights for a warm effect.

Auburn hair color

Red is one of the beautiful, brilliant colors of fall – and why shouldn’t it be? It’s beautiful. This fall, we believe auburn will be a favorite among those who have brown and are looking for a change, and those with fair skin – as it would look divine on them. This cross mix between red and brown is absolutely brilliant for the cool fall months, and will look fabulous to enter into the season.


A great way to fade from summer to fall is to opt for ombre hair. With this beautiful style, you can fade from the color you currently have to a lighter shade at the bottom, or vice versa – though people generally tend to go dark to light. It adds a neat style that incorporates the lighter shade you love with the darker shade that says, “I’m ready for fall!’ at the top. We love this style, and we just don’t really see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Plum highlights

Plum seems to be making it’s way back into the hairstyle realm, and we are glad to see it! Plum is somewhat of a cross between a brunette and purple hue, although there are different plum shades. A true plum incorporates a purple sheen when in the light and brownish red when indoors. Plum hair looks awesome on it’s own or with a few chunky blonde highlights in the bangs for edgy color.

Rose gold hair color.

Rose Gold Hair
Rose gold hair is absolutely stunning, and will allow those who rocked a much lighter version of the shade in forms of platinum and etc. to darken their blonde for the cooler months, while still keeping a brilliant, beautiful color that’s fall appropriate. Rose gold hair color looks very similar to the actual precious metal in the rose gold hue – it incorporates the slightest pink tone with the golden color and a little bit of brown all into one, providing a golden hued glow. This hair color is said to look perfect on women of all skin colors, yet it looks exceptional on women with olive or tan skin tones.

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