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Fall Hair Trends for Guys

Man with stylish haircut.

Fall Hair Trends for Guys

Generally speaking, when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles, women seem to have an incredibly huge advantage over men, at least in terms of the variety of currently popular trending options from which to choose. This does not mean that guys want, just as much as women, to sport a hairstyle that is unique, in style and gives them a flattering look. There are some good options for guys who are looking to change it up with a different hair look, and what follows are elements to consider. Some are more conservative, or conventional, while others reveal a more artistic, free form expression.

2015 Undercut

The 2015 Undercut
This hairstyle is unique and leaves the long hair at the top of the head. The sides are cut shorter, but the underneath, or undercut is visibly more closely cropped. The longer hair left on top can be styled in different ways, with a popular method being voluminously edgy and spikey–kind of playful and daring. The front effect of this hairstyle involves angled fringing, and the back is cut to purposely add texture. Anyone who is familiar with the matte pomp might recognize the similarity this style shares with it. And by blending in a bit of texturizing product, you can use your blow dryer to create as much height as you like. By using the dryer in styling this hairstyle, you won’t be weighing your hair down with too much product, either. For a good grip on how you can manage this cut at home, get your hair stylist or barber to walk you through it, letting you perform your own drying with their supervision.

The Now Styles Need to Start With a Good Cut
2015 is ushering in Fall hairstyles that reveal more hair, or at least longer lengths than before. And the length is all on top now, styled with a variety of finished looks, featuring waves, twists and accents. Fades are just as big as they ever were, and when created by a good professional, it makes all the difference. The best cuts leave you with having little to do to your hair before heading out, because the pros have techniques that do all the work for you.

Young guy with sexy haircut.

Common Elements of Current Men’s Hair Design
For one thing, men’s hair cutting methods has produced styles that are a lot easier to manage, and have looking top shape. With the basic formula being the starting point of long on top, short sides and back cut, extra effects can be introduced like fades, that can be with or without a razor part. Side parts and vintage pomps are still hot. A good matte product will enable the best “fresh out of bed” look. The best part is that the current men’s hair trends do well on all hair types.

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