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Flight Attendant Beauty Secrets

Flight Attendant Beauty Secrets

Flight attendant

Let’s face it, we’ve all thought and wondered how flight attendants keep their skin healthy when they travel all the time.  Those of us that don’t travel often, quickly face the struggles of extreme dryness that seem to attach our skin as we’re mid-air.  So how do these flight attendants do it?  We knew they all had to be following some sort of beauty secrets only flight attendants know about so we went on a search to find out what they are.  Sure enough, we found some great info on flight attendant beauty secrets and naturally we’re sharing them with you!

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture
Since we all know flying in airplanes is incredibly dry, it seems like no matter how much you drink on the plane you feel super dry.  Your skin, hair, etc. all feels instantly dry upon take off.  Well since flight attendants are in the area ALL the time, they’ve likely had to come up with ways to fight the extreme dryness.  Naturally, moisturizing is a HUGE part of their beauty routine.  They don’t leave anything out when it comes to moisturizing either, from hair to face to hands no space is left without moisture.  This is important because not only does being consistent with really great moisturizing products help your skin, but it will help avoid your makeup from flaking off throughout the day.

Woman wearing red lipstick

Red Lips are an Instant Game Changer
Another consistency we noticed in our research was the mention of red lips.  If you notice when you’re flying most flight attendants do tend to keep their makeup looks natural, but they add the pop of the red lip.  The great thing about a bold lip, like the classic red lip, is that you can just have mascara and a little bronzer/blush on and when paired with a red lip you look instantly pulled together and gorgeous!  It’s a great way to keep your makeup look easy and quick, but not lack in professionalism or beauty.

Don’t Be Stingy with Water
As we said, flying tends to increase the feeling of dryness in your skin and body overall.  In addition, we’re all exposed to different elements and bacteria when traveling.  Flight attendants suggest and live by drinking a LOT of water.  It’s great to not only keep you from feeling extremely dry, but also giving your body what it needs to help keep it as healthy as possible.  Many things that we found with flight attendants talking about water is making sure not only that you’re just drinking during the flights but before and after as well.

Woman getting an exfoliation treatment

Exfoliate, Everything
Again, since your skin is exposed to different elements in the air flight attendants have found that exfoliating is a huge part in keeping the skin all over looking and feeling healthy.  Since flight attendants use their hands often, they’re sure not to skip exfoliating their hands.  It’s really all about making exfoliating an important factor in your beauty routine, don’t skip it!

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