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Goth Hair Colors

Redhead with dark eye makeup

Goth Hair Colors

When you think about goth the first color that comes to mind is probably black, right? While black clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry and other accessories might be the mainstay in goth style, one way you can let your freak flag fly is by changing the color of your hair. Depending on what type of look you’re going for, you can make just about any hair color work with a gothic look. Let’s take a look at some common hair colors and how you can make the rock!

Blonde goth woman

Speaking of contradictions, what better way to contradict the goth look than by sporting Barbie-doll blonde hair? Blonde hair has many negative connotations (think blond jokes) but it is a strong color. It represents happiness and cheerfulness, possibly the greatest contradiction to the black of the goth style. It takes a confident goth to rock the blonde look, but those that can pull it off really make it look great!

What better color to match with black than fire-engine red? Not only does red stand out against black clothing, but it expresses many emotions. Red hair can show anger and rage and evoke the feel of flames, fire, and even vampirish blood! You can also go for a more natural red hair color if bright red is a little too much. This will be less attention-drawing, but will still stand out nicely against a black wardrobe.

Woman with green hair.

Think Poison Ivy, or Frankenstein. Green is the color of money, but it is also the color of balance and harmony, spring, renewal, and growth. It is generally seen as a positive color, evoking pleasant emotions, so it might be a bit contradictory to the goth outlook, but hey, sometimes opposites attract!

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is generally a calming color, but like red, it contrasts well with black, and a deep dark blue can really look great against a black outfit. Light blue colors won’t work as well, let’s leave that shade for the old women.

Goth woman

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Black it the color of goth, and if you want to stick to an all black theme, you might as well go with black hair as well as black clothes. The good news is almost any hair color can be dyed to dark black.

Whatever color you choose, wear it with confidence!

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