Lionesse Flat Iron | Hair Crimping for 2015
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Hair Crimping for 2015

Hair Crimping for 2015

Hold on, wait, wait, wait! Don’t throw away that crimping iron! You’re going to need it, after all these years, yes–you read that correctly. Did you part with it, envisioning a futuristic world devoid of crimps altogether? No Worries. If you are starting to feel like your decision to toss that very specific heated hair tool is going to wind up leaving you in the fashion dust, think again! New versions of the once “everything” hair style are breaking ground and being met with nothing but rave reviews from the top salons and hair designers of 2015. What this means is that you can buy a new one, and chances are it’ll be much safer and kinder to your hair.

Woman with crimped hair

Many Tried, and Many Failed
Numerous crimping comebacks have been attempted by others in the years following the crimping craze swan song, and until now, all have failed. Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman claims to be the one responsible for finally succeeding with a spin he placed on the decades-old wild style. Souleiman’s idea was to avoid any reference to the crimped hair of the 90s, making his version much tamer, controlled and intentional – the opposite of the yesterhair of the 90s. So, while busy at work backstage for Stella McCartney’s 2015 Spring show, he managed to introduce crimped hair back into these hair-happy times. Then, what he did was to perfectly part, then smooth the hair flat with a light oil. He next came back and using a mini-crimper, he crimped a few small, rather random sections of the hair. To finish it off, he pulled it all back – crimped and straight hair together – into a tight, low ponytail.

Crimped hair

The Key to Modern Crimping
Crimping offers a lot of distinction and fun for a myriad of modern hair looks, with the focus on leaving sufficient uncrimped sections to guarantee you won’t look like you emerged from a 90’s deep freeze cryo-chamber.  It’s the blending of straight with crimped strands that works on all styles, whether part up and part down, ponytails braids and more.

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