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Hairstyles for Back to School

Young girl with bangs

Hairstyles for Back to School

Switching into Back to School mode after a long stretch of more relaxed summer schedules requires a lot more than simply setting your smartphone’s alarm to sound at a significantly earlier time in the morning. There are numerous occasions when everyone seems to take extra time and effort for looking their best, but none more significant than when it comes to preparation efforts for returning to school with a really killing look that will adequately remove any doubts about your advanced fashionista status on everyone’s mind, and sealing the deal for the whole year. And when it comes to the most important aspect of your entire look, it’s got to be your hair.

New Year, New “Do”
There’s never a better time to show up with a fresh new coif than at the start of a brand new school year. Here are some styles for thought in choosing the perfect do for the 2015-2016 school year.

Young woman with braided ponytail.

Cinching the Deal With Braids and Ponytails
For anyone choosing to stick with mid length and longer tresses, one way to jazz it up anytime is by hiding the rubber and elastic bands that are used to gather sleek ponytails securely or to finish off with braids at the ends. Proceed just as you normally would, in securing your braid or ponytail with a clear elastic stretchy band, but then take a small section from the hair to wrap around the band, securing it with a small bobby pin. Luxe, for sure.

Fishtail braid

Fish Tales
The popularity of the Fishtail braiding technique is still huge, and this gorgeous braid is so easy to do, in many ways much easier than conventional three-strand braiding. The Fishtail braid is especially flattering when done off to one side. And while you can easily gather all of your hair up into the braid, a much more softly romantic effect comes from leaving a few random wisps hanging out.

Young girl with ponytail.

Ponying Up
Ponytails are back, or may have never gone that far, but the many ways they’re being worn has expanded, for sure. The Classic, Side, Half Ponytail, Twirled Half and the Layered Ponytail are further open to unique and personal effects by whether you choose to make it look all neat and sleek, or and messy. Straight ponytails are best achieved by first straightening the hair. Messy ponytails are kind of self-explanatory, and actually, messier looks are best achieved (and hold best) the next day, not the same day you wash your hair.

Young girl with pixie cut.

Going Short
The trendy Pixie cut is every bit as popular as ever, with a whole lot of power to give you a variety of looks, from one simple, short cut. You can rock your return to school with a fresh and fringy appearance that is most pronounced in the front, although the cut looks great when you’ve used the right products and methods to get that “just out of bed” texture. You can change up this look with just the right accents, from sparkly barrettes and cute headbands.

Young woman with bangs

She Bangs!
Bangs are back! From wisps to thick, blunt edges, bangs are a fall favorite right now. Tip: Always start with a longer look than you’d like, especially if your hair is wet – you can always cut more but you can’t back track with bangs.

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