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Hairstyles for Short Hair

Woman with short hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Woman with short hair

There’s a lot of misgivings about how once you go dramatic with a short haircut, you are, at the same time, simultaneously cutting out all your styling options and forever relegating yourself to one or two styles at best. With a lot of credit where credit is due–some bobby pins nicely spray-coated by dry shampoo and some rad texturizing formulations make short hair something to totally rock.

What Short Hair Means
Funny how the mention of “short hair” conjures up a whole myriad of concepts about what “short” really means. In all fairness, “short hair” probably best begins at a jawline point and can go all the way up to close-cropped tresses that make “pixie” cuts appear super long. Ultimately, the exact length of your “short hair” will never matter as much as what you wind up doing with it. With a rich slurry of amazing products and techniques for everything pixie to short-ish hair, there is literally no end to what you can come up with, to rock any occasion.

Halle Berry.

DFree /

Celebs Know About Secret Versatility of Shorter Hairstyles
When it comes to short cuts, there are no shortcuts to simplify the responsibility that even the shortest styles transport. With tons of tips from the short-cut celebs like Halle Berry, with her wildly-worked hair flair atop her Hollywood head, she’s trading in her former volume for silky smooth layering cut to frame her face, creating a gorgeous long-swept fringed effect. Michelle William’s creatively blended top jagged cut pixie layers convey the perfect artistry for sophisticated dressing effects. These cuts with long measures of choppy tops and cut short bottoms make for easy transition to formal style with a little texturizing and some good hairspray–and you’re done!

Short Color-Rocking Hair
Short hair is an excellent way to show off some major color dimension, from modern balayage, to progressive ombre. It’s all in the precision that goes into layering throughout the layers, and some beachy wave spray. Chelsea Kane’s rich color effects come to life with a sophisticated cut that separates while blending ice blonde streaks with significantly darker strands for color that’s all simpatico.

Charlize Theron

Helga Esteb /

Pixie Power
Charlize Theron has been sporting shorter cuts for her lovely blond tresses for a while, but she’s taken it to a different level in chopping off even more, to pixie length with long bangs, and turning toward a diminished volume in favor of straight soft lines. Her edges are less jagged-cut for edges that fall together and move together. It’s a fine, formal hairstyle. Sami Gayle’s pixie is all about head-turning drama, with its obviously disproportionate-cut staggered lengths. This cut is ideal for anyone with a round face (and a little black dress!) In an entirely different, more windswept look that’s every bit as formally fashionable, Audrey Tautou rocks the pixie with a fully razored style that’s cut short near the head in the back and sides. The many top layers are jagged-cut and beautifully blended in a way that makes this cut great for any face shape, and a lovely go-to-do for anything dressy.

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