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Hairstyles Inspired by Princesses

Woman sitting on a log

Hairstyles Inspired by Princesses

Woman sitting on a log

Most girls grow up watching the popular princess movies, and if we’re honest, we didn’t just watch the movies but we were also decked out in clothes and accessories that had our favorite princesses on them, played with the dolls/ toys that looked like them, and well… the list could go on. One thing that was always a common theme among princesses is they all had amazing hair. It’s no wonder even as we get older we have hairstyles inspired by so many of our beloved princesses. Let’s go through a few of the most popular hairstyles that are very princess-esque in inspiration, shall we?

Ariel’s Voluminous Waves
We think every girl can agree Ariel had amazing bouncy wavy hair that just seemed to float (pun intended) around. As we take a look at a lot of the hairstyles that are popular lately, soft, bouncy waves are high on the list of trends. It’s not surprising this hairstyle is so popular since it’s such a versatile look and pretty easy to achieve.

Tips for achieving this look: Dry your hair using a large round brush to add volume. Then us a large barrel curling iron on the bottom half of your hair to achieve the bouncy, more relaxed curled look. Comb through the curls so they’re not too tight, spray some hairspray and you’re done!

Side braid.

Elsa’s Side Braid
Let it go! Let it go! Who can think of Elsa and not sing that song to yourself? Anyways, Elsa wore an incredible side braid in the movie. Ironically (or not so ironic), this season is ALL about braids. Braids are a great way to tame your hair when it’s not behaving so well (hello, bad hair day hairstyle!), and they’re a great way to style your hair to keep it off your neck as the weather gets warmer. While braids are making a HUGE stamp on this season the side braid is a classic go to that always feels modern.

Tips for achieving this look: The great part about braids (especially this season) is they’re that perfect effortless look! No need to be perfect here, which is also why they can be a great go-to for second-day hair. To recreate Elsa’s look, simply part your hair to the side, loosely braid it over your shoulder and secure with a rubber band. Feel free to pull at the braid a bit to give it that more ‘undone’ look. But really, it’s that easy!

Pocahontas’ Straight Locks
While the bouncy waves are popular, the super straight hairstyle is back on the season this season. Kourtney Kardashian has been rockin’ the pin-straight hair quite a bit in recent months. With a center part, this look is undeniably Pocahontas inspired. It’s elegant and sleek and perfect to add a little boho vibe to your look.

Tips for achieving this look: After blow drying your hair straight, run a flat iron over your hair to straighten it and smooth it out even more. Finish the look with a great shine serum to add a great dimension to the look and pull it all together.

Do you have a favorite hairstyle inspired by princesses? Which of these will you recreate?

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