Lionesse Flat Iron | Hairstyles That Help You Travel With Confidence
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Hairstyles That Help You Travel With Confidence

woman on beach with top knot

Hairstyles That Help You Travel With Confidence

woman on beach with top knot

If you have any trips coming up in the near future, or if you’re a frequent traveler you know that creating a hairstyle that accommodates traveling can be difficult to accomplish.  Sometimes it can feel like your hair ends up ‘eh’ and just not leaving you feeling like your best when you arrive at your destination.  Since we’re always all about looking and feeling your best, we discovered some hairstyles that help you travel with confidence.  Say goodbye to just dealing with hair that you’re not happy with after you travel, and hello to confidence when upon your arrival!

The Always Chic, Topknot
Topknots have really become a thing in the past couple of years, whether you’re headed to the gym or out on the town, it’s one of those hairstyles that you can transition to accommodate what you need it to.  Well, the good news is it’s also one of the most perfect hairstyles for traveling.  Think about it, your hair is up and out of your face so you don’t have to deal with it getting gross throughout your travels but it’s also incredibly chic.

woman with braid on beach

Braid It!
Another popular hairstyle that’s perfect for traveling is a braid.  Now braids can be worn so many different ways, it’s kind of up to you with how extravagant you want to get with your travel braids.  Honestly, even just braiding back your bangs into a small braid and pinning it back can be a great look that’s effortless, doesn’t take a lot of time, and will have you looking great when you arrive at your destination.  If you don’t really want to leave the rest of your hair down from the little braid, even pulling it back into a low ponytail braid will give you the same versatility and look.

Add Accessories
Into topknots and leaving your hair down, but feel like it’s still a little ‘eh?’  You’re in luck because hair accessories can truly transform an entire hairstyle with ease.  Adding a headband, or even a scarf to any simple hairstyle can help you feel better about your hairstyle but still keep it easy and functional for traveling.  Really want to keep it easy?  Add a hat to your hairstyle, that’s about as easy as you can get!  The great part about accessories in your hair is they have a way of making hairstyles look much more intricate than they actually are, so if you have an event of function to attend right after you arrive somewhere this is perfect for you!

When it comes to creating hairstyles that are perfect for traveling, it’s really about keeping things easy but not slacking on the style.  We know we want to feel great when we arrive to our destination, so we know you do too.  It’s important to not make it TOO complicated, so you can actually enjoy your travels and not feel like you have to worry about your hair throughout the trip!

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