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Halloween Hairstyles

Woman with Halloween hairstyle

Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is upon us again, and there are so many fun ways to get geared up for the holiday that it can be difficult to determine just what you want to “go as.” Sometimes, the best decision process involves a narrowing down of the options, and the best narrowing down of options has to do with defining costume choices by categories. For instance, there are numerous costumes that require the wearing of a mask or head, or something that either covers the head or obscures a part of the face. These are the costumes that adults, particularly don’t like wearing, and they end up becoming halfway disassembled early into the evening, as a result, due to their awkwardness and the discomfort they produce.  If you would be likely to get fed up with such elements of a costume, then you could dismiss such types from the range of possibilities. Especially when you’re going to a party or function where you know food and drinks will be served, it can be really frustrating to try to eat and/or drink with many types of costumes, so that will rule out a certain type, as well. You just continue to rule out until you have that light bulb moment when you “feel” your costume, coming on.

Woman dressed for Halloween

Your Hair Provides Many Possibilities
Changing your hair and applying exaggerated makeup can be a highly effective Halloween get up, and is open to going in many directions, from being more zombified or Bride of Frankenstein, to some form of alluringly elegant Elizabethan ambiance. When eating and drinking, it’s good to be wearing makeup that is not water based, so your look will remain intact as you sip, and if you accidentally spring a leak. Your hair can do even more than your makeup, actually, with a myriad of forms it can take on. While some Halloweeners don wigs for the date, wigs can be uncomfortable, itchy and downright hot to wear for long. By styling your own hair to wear for the evening, you’ll be more comfortable, cooler and consequently, happier.

Coloring and More
There are advantages to both short and long hair, when it comes to Halloween hairstyles. A simple way to easily acquire Halloween hair is to buy a bunch of small plastic Halloween-themed trinkets and pre-glue or securely attach to covered rubber bands, bobby pins or clips to add all over your hair, at the ends–or maybe in a pattern of sorts. With shorter hair, you can always tease and spike it, and coloring effects can include stripes, all one color, tipped ends and more. If you use the spray-on color that’s sold for these purposes, make sure to spray it on outside, because it will otherwise leave the color all over the room, as you will find out later. Longer hair can be straightened and painted with more geometric designs, or curled and colored with one or several colors. The thing is to plan first–you’ll like the results much more this way. Long hair can be teased also, and taken really high, with the right products. You can braid long hair in a myriad of patterns, or create a retro look with the 50s flip, or go much further back to Victorian era hairstyles, or the romantic curls and braids of mythological goddesses. Hair, done right, can be a fabulous Halloween costume!

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