Lionesse Flat Iron | Have You Introduced Your Man To Beard Oil?
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Have You Introduced Your Man To Beard Oil?

man beard

Have You Introduced Your Man To Beard Oil?

man beard

Have you introduced your man to beard oil? If not, why not?! While yes ladies, we do take up a huge part of the beauty industry for our products the guys need some products as well. Beard oil has been a growing trend in men’s hair care routines. Since beards are continuing to rise in popularity, we wanted to be sure to share some of the benefits of using a beard oil. There are some pretty great benefits to introducing your man to a beard oil, that you (and he) may not even be aware of.

Makes the Beard Softer
Oils have been popular in use for women’s hair for years, and they’re being used in skin care now more than ever before as well. Why so much use? To put it simply, oils help to create a much softer and smoother feel to hair (and skin!). That being said, introducing your guy to beard oil will help to soften up the hair in his beard. If he tends to have rough and stiff beard hair, incorporating a beard oil is a great way to soften things up incredibly easily.

Helps to Shape the Hair
The process of growing out a beard can get a bit unruly at times. All guys have hair growth phases with their beards, and even when it’s grown to the length they want there are times the hairs can end up a bit disheveled because, well…life. Regardless of the reason why the beard hair ends up unruly, it’s usually difficult to get it tamed. That is, until beard oil became a thing. Beard oil is a great way for your guy to style or tame his beard hair to create a more streamlined look. To keep the beard under control and looking its best at all times, having your guy add a little beard oil is a simple fix to help him accomplish that.


Treats the Skin
Remember there IS skin under that beard! Truthfully, the skin under beards is more likely to experience irritation and dryness because it’s under the beard hair. Applying a beard oil helps to add more moisture and hydration to the skin under the beard in a natural way. Since oils are great for adding moisture to hair and skin, it’s a gentle and healthy way to do that. Most oils contain great vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to the hair and skin, and when applying oils to the beard hair they’ll naturally end up on the skin underneath as well.

They Smell Great
Most beard oils contain a fragrance of some kind. Which, put simply, helps your guy to have a great smelling beard! Ok, it’s not just his beard that will smell great but it’s a great bonus.

Whew! Who knew there were so many incredible benefits to applying a beard oil? Well, now you do! So if your guy has a beard and isn’t using a beard oil go let him know what he’s missing out on.

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