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Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles


The holiday season is quickly approaching (although, it’s kind of already in full swing).  Odds are you’ve started to get invited to different holiday events and you’ve been thinking about what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to look for the occasions.  There’s something about the holiday season that leaves us all wanting to look and feel extra special.  It’s the time of year where everything feels a little more glamorous and it’s okay to be a little over the top for certain events.  So naturally, you want to have holiday hairstyles which click with that, without having to feel like you’re spending hours doing your hair.  You’re in luck because there are a few holiday hairstyles that are easy and will look amazing at any holiday event.

Half Up Hairstyle
Before you roll your eyes thinking this isn’t anything new hang with us for a second.  For the holiday season, one of the really fun ways to make a half up hairstyle a bit more festive is by adding some fun accessories.  You can pin your hair back into a half up style in a higher pony style OR straight back for something a little more subtle.  Regardless, we’re suggesting to add a cute little bow to the look where you tie the rubber band.  Have fun with different bows, opting for red to really embrace the Christmas spirit or even a bow that’s got some glitter to it.  It’s a surefire way to take a typical hairstyle and make it into something that feels super fun for the holidays.

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The Side Pony Braid
Sure you’ve seen the traditional side ponytail braid, it’s a staple.  But we’re talking about switching things up a bit here.  There’s something about braids that instantly make any hairstyle feel a little more special.  For this holiday hairstyle, we’re talking about creating a French braid down one side of your hair starting from your part and then leading into a low ponytail.  You can have fun with different braiding techniques here, and lead the braid into a ponytail that’s got some volumized curls to really add to the holiday aspect of the hairstyle.

The Low Bun
Another one of our favorites for the holiday season has to be the low bun hairstyle.  Add some texture to your hair with some texturizing product and add some loose curls before getting started.  We also suggest leaving a few pieces around your face down to really frame your face.  Part your hair however you like and pin your hair back into a bun straight back or off to the side.  The less ‘perfect’ it is the better – it kind of adds to the effortlessness of the look.  If you want to make it a little more holiday inspired, add a glitter headband or even a pin to the look to add a little glitz and glam easily.

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