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Hottest Celebrity Hair Styles

Hottest Celebrity Hair Styles

Young woman at the salon getting a celebrity inspired hairstyle: a LOB

It seems as though hair styles are constantly changing – and it can be hard to keep up. For some women, opting for a new ‘do can be a scary experience. We at Lionesse understand your fear. For women who have long hair, especially, it can be terrifying to imagine someone putting their hands on your hair, and not quite knowing what the outcome will be. If you are in the market for a change, we have got the hottest new celebrity hairstyle for you – and it’s a big change, so if you aren’t ready, maybe you could just read about it and take it into consideration for next time when you’re feeling a bit more daring.

Camilla Alves, actress and Hollywood film star, is currently rocking what is said to be the hottest hair in the celebrity world. Known as a fox lob, this style is making its way onto many of Hollywood women’s heads – and with good reason. The longer version of the fox lob looks flattering on all face shapes, and body types. It provides something edgy and stylish, while being short and easy to maintain. It gives an elegant feel for times where dressing up is necessary, and provides a casual look when you want to wear your favorite Pink sweatpants and lounge around. Whatever your style, the fox lob is something of a true trend – and we don’t foresee it going anywhere any time soon.

Stars such as Miranda Lambert, Anne Hathaway, and even Beyonce are all currently rocking the fox lob beautifully. They have been seen out and about and even at awards ceremonies within the past month wearing this style, and it simply works. We love it because it can be worn curly, straight, and wavy. The chin length new day take on the bob is truly fantastic. This look would even work well on a woman of any age – and would provide a more youthful appearance to those in their 40’s and older, looking to give themselves a more youthful look and style.

If you’re thinking of giving yourself a new style and look, this hairstyle should definitely be at the top of your list. It’s not too short, and provides you with the ability to still do things with it, such as parts, straightening, wearing it curly or wavy, and even complete a small ponytail or even a slicked back look. Whatever your style, this hair just works. Always be sure to seek out the help of a professional. Never try to take matters into your own hands, so to speak, unless of course you are a hairstylist. Even then, it can be tricky to complete a look on yourself!

For those of you with longer hair, would you consider giving this cut a shot? Why or why not? Is fear holding you back? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below, and we will do our best to reply to you as we can.

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